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Which Military Branch Travels The Most

Which Us Military Branch Pays The Most

Which Branch of the Military Should I Join?

The U.S. military offers a wide variety of jobs that allow you to build a great career while serving your country. Compensation includes base pay, housing allowance, food allowance and many other special military pay which can be tax-free income. If you are considering a U.S. military career, income could be a compelling factor in your decision. In this article, we answer which U.S. military branch pays the most, which promotes the fastest and list the different pay grades and titles.

Should I Join The Army

The Army is the oldest branch of the US Military, and as such, has quite the history.

Unlike with the Navy, soldiers in the US Army are strictly stationed on land military bases all over the world.

The vast majority of bases are here in the US, and they include places like:

  • Fort Benning Georgia
  • Fort Campbell Kentucky
  • Fort Bragg North Carolina

If you join the Army, theres a good chance you will end up at one of these bases.

to learn how to join the US Army.

Why People Choose Army

Eventually, maximum people who select to recruit in Army do so since they want to be the share of a ground force defending the U.S.A. otherwise its interests overseas.

The requirements of the 21st era dictate a small, more targeted force though conventionally Army moved into big units.

Persons who recruit in the Army requisite to be ready to move on the land, no matter what kind of terrestrial it is. In interchange, they might get the chance to spend lots of time outdoors plus travel widely about the world.

Because of the nature of the training plus deployment, Service associates get plenty of opportunities for traveling and also relish lucrative healthcare.

The Navy offers enlistment pathways for persons with and without previous military service.

If you are totally novel to military service, entrance credentials include legal, medical, and moral standards, in addition to loyalty to zero-tolerance alcohol and drug policy.

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Its A Full Time Job In Music

In addition to a handful of âpremierâ bands , there are over 60 additional instrumental ensembles that need staffing.

According to Sergeant 1st Class Bradford Danho, a saxophonist in the Jazz Ambassadors, the official touring big band of the U.S. Army, âMy job is literally to play the saxophone for a living. We get to play jazz and represent the Army to people all over the country. It truly is a great opportunity!â He holds a B.M. in Music Education from the The Hartt School and an M.M. in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas. In fact, all of the musicians interviewed for this article had equally impressive credentials as well as an interest in pursuing a life in performance.

While the repertoire is not always as varied since many performances revolve around ceremonies of one kind or another, if you want to spend your life playing music, this could be a good option.

Which Military Branch Has The Best Pay And Benefits

Which Military Branch Travels The Most? With A Complete Guide

By Own Your Own Future

Honor. Pride. Sense of duty. These are just a few things that come to mind when thinking about members of the United States military. But for some people, its a job like any other. Think about someone who loves military planes. They dont care about serving, but they do care about working on these marvels of engineering. And the military is the only way for them to do so.

Other people are just looking for a job that pays well and offers good stability with great benefits.

So, if youre thinking about joining the military and money is your primary motivator, youre probably wondering which branch pays the most. That way, you can prepare to join that specific branch to get that sweet, sweet dosh.

Getting into the military is no easy feat, and thats why preparation is crucial. Some branches have grueling physical tests, others have high academic requirements, which is why its so important to know what youre getting into before making any decisions.

In this article, you are going to learn which military branches pay the most, and how to get into them. We will also look at how you can best prepare for the admission test, and how to get a long, fruitful career in them.

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Your First Duty Station

This is where you will start your career in the military. Youll be assigned to a unit, and youll start working towards your career goals.

This is when you will actually start earning money. Youll be paid based on your rank and your job.

The higher your rank, the more money youll make. And if you have a dangerous or difficult job, then youll also get hazard pay or combat pay, which is extra money that is added onto your base pay.

How Long Do I Have To Serve If I Join

Most first-term enlistments are four years of Active Duty, followed by four years in the Individual Ready Reserve . In the IRR, you don’t train, and you live at home maintaining a regular job, but you may be called to duty, if necessary, until your term expires. Some service branches also have an annual muster requirement to check in on basic health and fitness. Service commitment really depends upon the Service and the career to which you’re applying. A local recruiter has all the details you’ll need about terms of service.

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The Air Force Is For You If:

This branch is great for you if you love technology and want access to some of the most highly advanced applicable training for future professions after a career in the military. The Air Force is also great for those of you that love nice amenities and some of the best deployment cycles out of all of the other branches of service.

Enlisted Members Versus Commissioned Officers

Best Military Branch to Join | Former Military Recruiter Shares How to Decide!

In addition to deciding on a military service, if you have a four-year college bachelors degree , you should decide whether you want to join that service as a commissioned officer, or whether you wish to join as an enlisted member. Commissioned officers make a lot more money than enlisted members. Additionally, their “quality of life” is generally better . However, they have a much greater degree of responsibility.

The competition for commissioned slots is tough, and merely having a college degree is not enough. Factors such as college grade point average and officer accession test scores are given much weight. It’s also much harder to get approved for waivers for commissioned applicants than it is for enlisted applicants.

If you decide you wish to apply for a commission, ask the recruiter to refer you to an “Officer Accessions Recruiter.”

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Cool Jobs In The Marines

Like the Navy, jobs in the marines are divided up into MOS, or military occupation codes.

Just like with the other branches, your job will completely depend on what your ASVAB score is.

A lot of guys that sign up for the Marines sign up for one job only: Infantryman.

This is the most common job in the Marines, and puts you on the front lines of most foreign conflicts.

With that said, there are plenty of other job opportunities in the Marines.

Some of the more rewarding and marketable ones include:

As I mentioned earlier, most Marine recruits sign up for the infantry.

But its always a good option to keep your eyes peeled for jobs like the ones above, especially if youre considering your options after enlistment.

How Can You Prepare For Military Deployments/travels

You may need to have a plan for travel and living accommodations if your loved one joins the Navy. Traveling for visits or preparing for your service members deployment can be difficult without the right help. Injury and illness can cause military families to need emergency travel services. You should not be separated from your loved ones during the recovery process. Travel assistance is available to families of service members injured during deployment. These companies are committed to keeping families together during difficult moments.

You wont want to deal with the stress of planning travel arrangements when your loved one is injured. Through emergency travel assistance, this burden can be handled with the care and competency you deserve.

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If You Love To Travel Which Military Branch Travels The Most

As the Army has headquarters all over the world, The Army is faultless for those that are seeing experience novel places plus travel the world.

Along with world travel, the Army has an excessive amount of career opportunities for those seeing to build a prosperous military career.

If you want to travel, U.S. Navy is the division for you. More than 99% of the professions in the Navy do sea responsibility, meaning you would be on a ship, as well as ships that go to sea.

They do not spend the whole time at sea. In addition, they do visit numerous other ports, several in the U.S.A., and however maximum are in other nations.

The Navy is perhaps the finest place for people who like traveling. There are merely a few jobs in the Navy that will not spend a noteworthy quantity of time on the sea.

This may be great if you are single. However, it may be something you will want to consider if you are a family person.

In the Military, anticipate spending a noteworthy time away from home. The regular Navy recruited person could spend a noteworthy quantity of time every year on the sea.

On any specified day, 40 percent of Navy staff are allocated to a ship otherwise submarine, and 35% to 45% of those vessels would be positioned to sea.

The Navy, whereas not as stiff as Marines also Army, has several deep-set traditions and customs. For the sailor, the Navy owns special task forces: Navy E.O.D., Navy SEALs, SWCC, plus S.A.R. Swimmers.

Types Of Military Service

What Are the Branches of the US Military?

There are many ways to serve your country in the Military. Service members are assigned jobs based on their abilities, test scores and service needs. Many of the jobs available have civilian equivalents and offer training that translates to a future civilian career.

Each Service has a corresponding Reserve component, and most states and territories have an Army National Guard or Air National Guard unit.

Annual Pay For Each Rank

The U.S. Armed Forces provide housing for all of its service members. If housing isn’t available on base, the service member will receive a housing allowance based on the pay grade and duty station. Service members are also paid a Basic Allowance for Subsistence based on whether you are an officer or enlisted service member. Special military pay can also be added to compensation, depending on the career field and location. For example, military personnel may receive hazardous duty pay, submarine pay, flight pay or career sea pay.

Here is a look at the different pay grades for military personnel Military Pay Tables 2021:

Military rank

Should I Join The Marines

The US Marine Corps is actually a department of the Navy, and some Marines like to call it the mens department

Men and Women that serve in the Marines operate both on land and on sea-going ships, and historically have been tasked with responsibilities like:

  • Seizing and / or defense of Navy bases and supporting Naval campaigns
  • Development of amphibious landing tactics in conjunction with the other service branches.
  • Asymmetric warfare

Some guys that join the Marines have their sights set on it from a very young age, and its not necessarily the branch of the military that you just join up for fun.

to learn how to join the Marines.

You Get To See The World

Career musicians in military bands tend to travel extensively.

As a saxophonist with the Jazz Ambassadors, Bradford Danho has performed in every state except Hawaii.

Victoria Chamberlin says, âI wouldnât have had the opportunity to live in Europe and Asia and immerse myself in another culture without the military.â

Alexis Sprakties recalls a memorable international trip: âOnce I had the opportunity to play with my woodwind quintet at the border between North and South Korea and a North Korean guard listened from the other side of the fence. one of the most appreciative audiences I have ever had!â

You Can Have A Life Outside Of The Military

U.S Army CBRN-Last defense against Weapons of Mass Destruction

Most of the individuals interviewed for this article pursue music as well as other activities outside of their military duties. Some gig with local symphonies, teach lessons, or are adjunct professors at local schools and colleges. The more a person travels, the harder it is to be highly consistent with outside music and other activities, but most military musicians are able to participate in some way.

Navy Musician 1st Class Jenny Stokes, who received her B.M and M.M. in Bassoon Performance from New England Conservatory, is able to pick up her kids from school. Army Sergeant First Class Alexis Bainbridge Sprakties, B.M. Horn, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music M.M. Mannes School of Music The New School D.M.A , University of Colorado Boulder College of Music, has an active freelance and teaching career on the side in addition to being a regular substitute with the Virginia Symphony and a high school clinician in the D.C. area.

That said, military responsibilities must come first. âIf you agree to take a job as an adjunct professor or have a large lesson load, you have to make sure the people in that community understand that if a mission comes up last minute, you must complete that mission regardless of prior commitments,â says Army Staff Sergeant Victoria Eastman Chamberlin, B.M. Oboe Performance, Mansfield University M.M. Oboe Performance and Orchestral Conducting, University of North Texas, and oboist in the 8th Army Band in Seoul, South Korea.

What Are The Branches Of The Us Military

What is the military? In simple terms, the U.S. Armed Forces are made up of the six military branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, , Navy and, most recently, Space Force.

There are three general categories of military people: active duty , reserve & guard forces , and veterans and retirees . And of course, there are the millions of family members and friends of military members, past and present.

But you’re here to learn more about the military. There is much to learn. So first the basics.

Whats A Typical Day In The Navy Like

Like all of the other branches, a typical day in the Navy will depend heavily on what your rate is and where youre stationed.

For arguments sake, lets take the typical day of a popular rating in the Navy: Boatswains Mate .

Assuming he or she is on a ship, a normal day could look something like this:

0600 0745: Wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast.

0745 0800: Muster. Youll gather around with your fellow sailors and discuss the days work ahead.

0800 1200: Go to work. For a BM, this can range from things like painting the outside of the ship, to standing watch on the bridge of the ship.

1200 1330: Eat lunch. Lunch times are considerably long, but the reason for that is lines are often very long. I.E. you could be standing in line waiting to get food stacked on your tray for 30 40 min.

1330 1700: Back to work, typically whatever you were doing that morning.

1730 Knock-off, which is Navy slang for stop working.

1730 1900: Eat dinner

Throughout the day, you may also be involved in ship maintenance tasks like sweeping, cleaning, and other assorted jobs.

Do Any Services Have Higher Allowances

No. Allowances are the same in all six branches of service. This includes BAS, COLA and BAH.

BAH is the only allowance that may vary. However, since DOD specifically calculates BAH to offset housing costs, you wont have a relative advantage to your income by living in a higher BAH area since your housing cost will also be higher.

In the Navy, for example, you might live coastally, which tends to have higher BAH rates, but your housing costs will likely absorb this extra money not your bank account.

Branches That Promote The Fastest


The U.S. Army is generally the branch of the military that promotes the fastest. That said, your military job and the level of advanced education you have will impact your ability to be promoted. A college degree can help you get promoted more rapidly, regardless of the branch you’re in. However, specialized career fields often don’t promote quickly. The military typically promotes personnel when those in higher ranks are promoted or retire or when they need more people in a particular field.

It Is Unlikely That You Will See Combat

Army Staff Sergeant Derek Stults, B.M. Performance and Education, the Hartt School M.M. DePaul University Professional Studies Diploma, Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, is a percussionist with the Concert Band within the U.S. Army Field Band. âAlthough I went through basic training, I was not required to go through any other combat instruction,â he says. âThe military would exhaust every other resource that they have before calling me into combat.â

Thatâs not to say that you would never enter a war zone. âAll marines, soldiers, and airmen that arenât in a MACOM band or a premier band can be sent to a war zone to hold a gun,â says Petty Officer Third Class Ret. Joe Petrocelli. âThe Combat Zone airmen and soldiers would generally still play some ceremonial music, but would have to stand guard and the like.â On the other hand, members of the âPresidentâs Own Marine Bandâ and the Coast Guard Band do not even go through basic training, and without combat training it is highly unlikely they would be deployed to fight.

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