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Star Credit Card Benefits

Should You Get The Military Star Card?

If the service member and/or family is trying to find a card that can help them start their credit history or get it back on track, or improve their credit score, this is an excellent choice. You can easily grow your credit score over time with consistent and on-time minimum payments due each month. Keeping your balance low also helps increase your FICO score.

The cards APR is a reasonably low variable rate applied to all purchases made through one of the AAFES shopping exchanges. Military clothing plan purchases are charged a 0% APR. If it is necessary to carry a balance, there is no threat of being carried away by a high interest rate.

The card never requires an annual fee or imposes foreign transaction or late fees.

As an additional amenity, beginning in 2015, your Military Star credit card may be used to purchasevacation packagesthrough the Morale, Welfare and Recreation department of the military.

Not only do individual members benefit from the Military Star credit card, but so does the entire military community. A significant portion of star card earnings are returned to the community to fund Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs for service members and their families.

The Exchange Credit Program makes special deployment benefit payment and interest arrangements for military members who are deployed. Proof of deployment orders must be sent to ECP. The servicemembers account must also be current and in good standing to be eligible to receive the deployment benefit.

Is The Military Star Card Worth It

In general, no, the Military Star Card is not worth it. There are much better credit cards available to military servicemembers and military spouses.

If you are considering opening a Military Star Card, I recommend you first check out the best credit cards for military servicemembers and military spouses. Don’t waste a credit card application on a less than useful card like the Military Star Card!

You should also check out the best credit card bonuses available this month. There are usually some fantastic deals available that allow you to earn an effective 20% or more cash back on purchases after you meet the required minimum spend.

Will My Command Be Notified If I’m Late With My Payment

Possibly. The Military Star card is part of the military exchange program, and so it acts differently than regular credit cards. If you exceed your credit limit or do not pay your bill as required, your command may be notified, your pay may be garnished, and/or your income tax return may be seized.

In theory, none of these things would happen until the Exchange Credit Program had made a good faith effort to contact you, but I have heard numerous reports of these things happening over very small balances that the customer didn’t even know they had.

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Is It Possible To Receive A Military Star Card If I Have Terrible Credit

Apply for a MILITARY STAR card and set up auto-deductions, allotments, or other automated payment methods to keep your debt paid on time if you have poor credit or no credit history. However, buying perishable things on credit is a terrible idea since they will be gone long before you pay off your credit card bill.

% Interest On Military Clothing


When you purchase clothing on base at the Military Clothing Shop, you do not need to pay interest as long as you make 12 minimum monthly payments.

All active-duty Soldiers, Airmen and Marines, as well as Guard and Reserve members can now purchase up to $1,000 in qualifying merchandise on their MILITARY STAR® Military Clothing Plan interest free

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Military Star Card Pricing

The card comes with a low interest for Retail Plan purchases, and 0% for Military Clothing Plan purchases. The interest rate is variable and will adjust based on changes in the Prime Rate.

Your interest charges may also be temporarily reduced based on military activation or deployment. At the end of your activation or deployment, the interest charges or return to the rates in effect at the time of your return.

To be eligible for the interest rate reduction, either you or your representative must provide a copy of your activation or deployment orders, either by email, fax, or physical mail.

Your monthly payment will be the greater of 2.777% of the unpaid balance, or $10. For purchases under the Military Clothing Plan, the minimum payment will be 12.5% of the unpaid balance.

For example, if your card has a balance of $1,000, comprised entirely of regular purchases, the minimum monthly payment will be $27.77 .

If youre charged interest, the charge will be nothing less than $0.50. However, if you pay your balance in full by the due date each month, there will be no interest charged on your purchases during that billing period.

The due date is at least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle. Other fees to be aware of include:

  • Annual fee: None
  • Returned payment fee: $25
  • Penalty rate: 20.24%

Is It Possible To Use A Gift Card From An Exchange For Gas

This means that a Soldier, Airman, Sailor, or Marine can use an exchange gift card for almost anything, even in a war zone. And, because AAFES operates thousands of facilities, including fast food restaurants, movie theaters, and gas stations, the recipient has the freedom to choose which product or service best meets his or her needs.

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What Can I Do With The Points Ive Earned With My Military Star Card

You can also earn points at Army & Air Force Exchange Service food courts, Express® locations, mall vendors and more. For every 2,000 points accumulated, youll automatically earn a $20 MILITARY STAR Rewards Card which can be redeemed for merchandise or services anywhere an exchange gift card is accepted.

What Can I Use The Points For

Military Star Card – Should You Have One?

Cardholders receive two points for every $1 spent. Once 2,000 points are earned a $20 gift card is automatically provided to the service member.

Cards can get redeemed at a number of merchandisers or services. You will need to check with the individual retailer in order to confirm eligibility. A popular option is to redeem points at places like myNavyExchange.com, shopmyexchange.com, and shopCGX.com.

There is no set limit to the number of cards a military family can earn in a year. However, reward points cannot get directly credited into an account, applied to a previous purchase, used to purchase another type of gift card, or redeemed for cash.

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Is It Worthwhile To Buy The Military Star Card

Especially though the MILITARY STAR Card is exclusively accessible to military personnel, it provides one of the greatest overall credit card packages available, even when compared to big bank credit card offerings. The card is too wonderful to pass up because of its low interest rate and rich rewards and discount programs.

Benefits Of Your Military Aefs Card

Here are some of the benefits of your Military Star Card:

  • You can use Aafes Star Card to build your credit score over time. Check with the customer service agent to ensure they report your transactions to the three major credit bureaus.
  • A purchase exchange is a great way to earn a relatively low 10.24% APR on purchases from qualifying retail plans.
  • There is a 0% APR on qualifying purchases on the military apparel plan, so you wont have to pay high interest if you have a balance.
  • No foreign transaction fees or annual fees apply.
  • You can still use your credit card if it offers funds, but you wont have to make monthly payments. You will also benefit from a temporary interest rate of 6%. As long as you have a balance in your account after the implementation is complete, the interest rate on your account will revert to the current credit agreement for the exchange credit program.

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Where The Military Star Card Can Be Used:

  • Army and Air Force Exchange Service
  • Armed Forces Recreation Center resort hotels
  • Army lodging, Morale, Welfare and Recreation
  • On-base Boingo Wi-Fi service subscription
  • Armed Forces Network equipment
  • Some on-base mini-mall retailers *

* On-base locations only.

The Military STAR card can be used at the exchanges of all branches of service and online at the exchange websites.

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Rewards And Discounts For Military Cardholders

Monday Motivation Red, White, And Blue

Military Star Card holders can receive the following rewards and discounts when using the card:

  • You can earn two points per dollar at exchange offices and resort hotels in the Armed Forces Recreation Center.
  • The bonus points layout is the same for all three exchanges. You can shop at: shopmyexchange.com, myNavyExchange.com, and shopCGX.com.
  • In addition to food courts and express outlets, you can accumulate vendor points in malls and other outlets.
  • Rewards Program participants must have a checking account to be eligible. Upon approval of your account, reward points will accumulate.
  • Two thousand points on one check will earn you a $20 MILITARY STAR Rewards Card.
  • It has a conversion rate of $1 in rewards for every $50 spent, or 2% in rewards.
Official Site

Dallas, TX 75265-0410

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How Do I Pay Off My Military Star Card Online

By using your , you can pay your bill, shop through exclusive deals, and check your balance. You can also do it through the MILITARY STAR app.

Youll want to make sure to keep your payments current to avoid delinquency. The low APR and generous terms are great ways to help your financial situation, but fiscal responsibility is still the key to avoiding unnecessary fees or debt.

The benefits surrounding the MILITARY STAR card and attractive terms can be a great addition to the financial tools of many military families. Be sure to complete your due diligence before signing up.

How Does The Military Star Card Work

The Military Star Card is comparable to signing up for another line of credit. There is an application process designed to confirm eligibility. Once this information is acquired the ECP then gets back to you with a line of credit being offered.

Of course the major exception to the Military Star Card compared to other credit cards is that you must represent a member of the U.S. Military. ECP has stated that its mission is to become the one card solution for all purchases after credit is received.

The rewards program of the Military Star Card is pretty cool. It provides two points for every $1 spent out of your own pocket. Every 2000 points acquired equals a $20 rewards card. Furthermore, the points start accumulating immediately which is a nice feature compared to some credit cards that require you to wait or set other restrictions.

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The flexible terms of the credit is designed to help military personnel and family members safely build credit. The multiple discounts and benefits also featured through the card is outstanding.

The ECP provides all cardholders with 24/7 access to the Exchange Contact Center. The customer service line has been established to help serve the unique needs of U.S. Armed Forces members.

Military members are allowed to authorize additional users of the card. The eligibility of this opportunity is limited to dependents , at least 18 years old, and with current Exchange privileges.

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Where Can I Use My Military Star Card

The Military Star Card is restricted to use only at base or post facilities. It can be used at any shops, stores, and food establishments run by AAFES, NEX, or the MCX.

This location restriction makes this credit card extremely weak compared to other credit cards available to military families. For example, you cannot use the Military Star Card online, other than shopmyexchange.com, myNavyExchange.com, and ShopCGX.com.

If you compare the Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card vs. the Military Star Card, you can see how weak the Military Star Card is:

Learn how to apply on our partner’s secure site

  • Earn $200 cash back when you spend $500 in 3 months
  • 5% cash back on travel purchased through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal
  • 3% on dining at restaurants, takeout, and delivery
  • 3% back on drugstore purchases
  • 1% back on all other purchases
  • 5% on up to $1500 of purchases in specific bonus categories each quarter

Premium travel rewards credit cards such as The Platinum Card® from American Express, the American Express® Gold Card, and the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card waive the annual fees for military servicemembers and military spouses.

Learn more about how to maximize your military credit card benefits granted to you by the Military Lending Act and Servicemembers Civil Relief Act in my Ultimate Military Credit Cards Course. Over 8,000 active duty, Guard, Reserve, and military spouses have graduated from this 100% free course.

Please Add Apple Wallet Functionality

Military Star card review

I am able to log in with Touch ID on my iOS device, but wish I could have access to my card in Apple Wallet. I live in an area hundreds of miles from any exchange or commissary, so never cary the physical card on me. It would be nice to be able to pay with my Star Card when I randomly travel to an area that has them. Aside from that issue, Im happy I can at least pay my bill from the app.

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Would It Be A Good Idea To Get The Military Star Card

For some military families, the Military Star Card can be a good choice, for others, it might not be. It is a credit card and needs to be used wisely. Getting this type of card could lead to more debt and overspending.

Having this type of rewards card means you will want to use it more often than others. If you do decide to get this card, make sure not to put yourself in a bad spot financially. Have a plan for paying the balance off on time.

If you do get the card, make sure you keep within your budget and enjoy the rewards. Make sure to not use the card as a way to spend extra money you dont have. Treat the Military Star Card like you do any other credit card. Take care to not misuse it or get behind on your payments.


How Do I Apply

Are you interested in the Military Star Card? You can apply by visiting the official website of the Exchange Credit Program.

The website also includes an official disclosure of the crediting agency, your privacy rights, FAQs, as well as terms and conditions.

Please allow some time for the ECP to review your application. Personal information and additional documentation is needed to submit an online application.

Then, the agency will determine your military status, review any dependents you wish to include with the card, as well as your credit score history. Military confirmation and credit score are the two most important determining factors. Verification of income, employment, and other related information is done so via a third party.

While a less than stellar credit score can prevent you from getting accepted it will not dictate your interest rate as that number is fixed among all cardholders.

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Is It Possible For Military Star Card To Deduct Your Taxes

In the event of bankruptcy, debts incurred on a Military Star Card will be discharged. Filing for bankruptcy will safeguard your tax return from being offset by the federal government. The IRS will not be able to offset your tax refund once your debt from your Military Star Card is discharged in bankruptcy.

Military Star Card Accepted At Commissaries

Honor Flight service project card designs

To see photos related to this release, visit our Flickr page.

The Defense Commissary Agency is rolling out acceptance of the MILITARY STAR card in all its stores to offer greater convenience to service members and their families and further strengthen funding of critical military quality-of-life programs,said Command Chief Master Sgt. Stuart Allison, DeCA senior enlisted advisor.

Being able to use the MILITARY STAR card at the commissary is a big win for shoppers, Allison said. Having one convenient payment method specifically for the military community demonstrates the commitment DeCA and the exchanges have for meeting the needs of service members and families in the most cost-effective way possible to maximize the value of each benefit.

  • Two points per dollar on purchases and a $20 gift card after 2,000 points earned.
  • One of the lowest APRs among retail-issued cards no matter the cardholders credit score.
  • Fair and flexible terms such as no annual, late or over-limit fees.
  • 10 percent discount on first day of use, including at the commissary.
  • Reduced interest deployment plan with no payments required for eligible customers.

Customers can go to the for STAR card FAQs and see a .

Customers with further questions about the card should contact the MILITARY STAR card customer contact center at 1-877-891-7827 or visit MyECP.com.

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How To Register For Your Card At Wwwmyecpcom

Here are the steps to register for a Military Star Card:

  • Visit the Military Star Card website to register. To apply, follow this link: www.myecp.com.
  • You can navigate the Aafes Star Card homepage by clicking on this link.
  • On the home page of the website, click on the Login menu.
  • Do you see a register here link under the word New to MyECP? Please register here. » Click on this link.
  • On the website registration page, enter the details asked in the form to validate your Military Star Card.
  • After validating your card credentials, enter the chain code on your registration form and click Continue.
  • Then create your access data for your future Myecp Login and confirm them.
  • After creating your access data, click Next and answer the security questions.
  • Confirm your registration information to register for the Military Star Card.

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