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What Is Military Service Number

How Can You Check The Status Of Your Request

By the Numbers: Army recruitment shortfall l ABCNL

Allow the National Personnel Records Center enough time to receive and process your request. Afterward, you can check your status online on eVetRecs using your request number.

If you do not know your request number, use the Online Status Update Request form on the National Archives official site and provide the following information:

  • The name, address, and phone number of the requester
  • The veterans branch of service this information can help staff find the request on the NPRC online system

You can also call NPRC Customer Services at 314-801-0800. Avoid checking the status of your request until 90 days have passed to avoid further delays.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service

Thats why so many lenders and merchants use the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service. We perform military verification searches for clients, and we offer batch pricing for those who have a large number of clients to search every month.

We get results to you regarding which of your customers is or was in the service on a particular date, usually within 24 hours of your request. Its fast, its easy and its so much cheaper than risking a lawsuit for violating the SCRA.

Military Service Number Assigned By The United States Armed Forces 19181974 / From Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

Service numbers were used by the United States Department of Defense as the primary means of service member identification from 1918 until 1974 . Service numbers are public information available under the Freedom of Information Act, unlike social security numbers which are protected by the Privacy Act of 1974.

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Geographical Codes And Regular Army Distribution

State Geographical Codes were used as the first two numbers of an Army or Air Force enlisted service number to indicate where a soldier had entered the U.S. military. For instance, the service number “12 345 678” would have a geographical code of 12 and a personal identification number of 345,678. A comparison of the state codes between the Regular Army, World War II draft force, and Korea/Vietnam draft force is as follows:

37 55

In 1940, when the United States Army expanded its service numbers beyond ten million, the range of 10 000 000 to 10 999 999 was reserved for Regular Army enlisted personnel who joined from recruiting stations outside the United States. With 999,999 service numbers available in this range, the Regular Army was able to issue service numbers to extra-US enlistees, without repeating numbers, until the disestablishment of service numbers in 1969.

In general, both the Army and Air Force made every effort to avoid repeating service numbers although some mistakes did occur. The final breakdown of Regular Army service numbers by time period was as follows:

Geographical Code
420 001 – 597 661 597 662 – 999 999

Basic Training soldiers on July 1, 1969, were required to memorize both the Service Number and the Social Security number to accommodate the changeover to using only the Social Security number.

Apply For The Records Of Someone Who’s Deceased

Army Service Numbers 1881

You can apply for a copy of someone elses service records if any of the following are true:

  • you were their immediate next of kin when they died, for example their spouse, parent or child
  • you have a family or general research interest – youll only have access to limited information if they died less than 25 years ago, unless youve got consent from their immediate next of kin

You can apply for records if they were in the Royal Navy , British Army, Royal Air Force or Home Guard.

If youre acting on behalf of the person, for example you have lasting power of attorney, follow the instructions for applying for your own records.

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Once Ive Signed In To Milconnect How Do I Request My Dd214 Or Other Military Records

Follow these steps to submit a military records request.

  • From your signed-in homepage, click or tap on Correspondence/ Documentation. Then select Defense Personnel Records Information from the drop-down menu.

  • Choose the Personnel File tab.

  • Select Request My Personnel File.

  • Fill out the form. In the Document Index section, check the boxes next to the document youd like to request.

  • Click or tap on the Create and Send Request button.

  • New York Joins Growing Number Of States Lifting Mask Mandates

    Pentagon leaders are concerned about how the change could affect military readiness, said two senior defense officials, both of whom are not confident the majority of troops would continue to get vaccinated without the mandate.

    Service members often live and work in close quarters like ships and barracks, making infectious diseases more worrisome. The lack of a vaccination mandate would most likely affect troop deployability and readiness, the officials said. Not only would illness make some troops nondeployable, they said, but some countries will not admit people who refuse to be vaccinated, so unvaccinated troops could not necessarily participate in exercises or be stationed overseas.

    Pentagon deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh declined Wednesday to provide specifics about how revoking the mandate could affect troops and operations, including whether unvaccinated troops would be deemed deployable.

    We dont comment on pending legislation, she said, adding that she would not get into hypotheticals. Austin supports keeping the vaccination mandate, she said, and when she was pressed, she said repealing the vaccination mandate would affect readiness.

    Singh said that 691 service members, Defense Department civilians and dependents have died from Covid.

    The vast majority of active-duty service members are vaccinated only about 2% have not gotten both doses of a vaccine but ending the mandate would mean new recruits would not need to get vaccinated.

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    What Is My Military Service Number

    Service numbers and social security numbers are used at National Personnel Records Center as part of the identifiers used to store and locate records. Social Security Number . Always include the veterans social security number on a request.

    How do I find my military service number?

    You can request your military records in any of these ways:

  • Mail or fax a Request Pertaining to Military Records to the National Personnel Records Center .
  • Write a letter to the NPRC.
  • Visit the NPRC in person.
  • Contact your state or county Veterans agency.
  • Hire an independent researcher.
  • Is your service number on your DD 214?

    Beginning in 2002, the military began a further effort to protect the use of social security numbers, even within the military itself. New regulations declared that on all but the most official of documents social security numbers would only list the last four digits.

    Is a DoD ID number the same as a service number?

    The DoD identification number is a unique 10-digit number that is assigned to every person with a direct relationship with the department. The new number also will be the service members Geneva Convention identification number.

    How do I find my dad military service number?

    Where To Access A Veterans Official Military Personnel File

    By the Numbers: BTS military service

    The OMPF contains information about a military members history, including separation details .Retired personnel can request copies of DD 214 and other service records from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

    The NPRC houses over 70 million Official Military Personnel Files from the Air Force, Marine Corps, and other branches. These records include DD 214s, DD 215s, and other forms.

    Military records before World War I are stored at the National Archives in Washington, DC.

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    Request For Alabama National Guard Records

    If you served in the Alabama National Guard you can request your NG records by visiting and providing the information requested. You can request the following documents: NGB 22, NGB 23, DD 214, Retirement Letter, Medical Records, Discharge Order, and DD 1883/2556-5 . Normally it takes three weeks to process your request.

    Geographical Codes And Service Number Distribution

    State Geographical Codes were used as the first two numbers of an Air Force enlisted service number to indicate where an airman had either enlisted from or had been drafted. For instance, the service number “12 345 678” would have a geographical code of 12 and a personal identification number of 345,678. The Air Force used geographical codes for Regular Air Force personnel and personnel who were issued service numbers in the 50 million range. The Air Force did not actively assign any 30 million draft numbers and the sixty million range was issued without regards to geographical regions. In all, a comparison of the state codes is as follows:

    17 55
    Geographical Code

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    Service Numbers And Social Security Numbers

    Service numbers and social security numbers are used at National Personnel Records Center as part of the identifiers used to store and locate records.

    Social Security Number . Always include the veteran’s social security number on a request.

    Service Number . Also include the veteran’s service number on a request if service was during the period when service numbers were assigned as personal identifiers. The military services discontinued using the service number as an identifier and began using the social security number on the following dates:

    Branch of Service

    How To Do Military Verification Searches

    Service number (United States Army)

    It is recommended that lenders and merchants routinely do military verification searches for all their customers. Although the customer should let creditors know when they go on active duty, they are not always able to do this in a timely manner, due to the nature of their service, and the SCRA says they have 180 days after their deployment ends to file for the special rate.

    As a lender, it may be challenging for you to receive a request like this from a service member and retroactively calculate how much you owe them in interest rates and fees. It is easier and safer to do regular military verification searches.

    However, these searches can be time-consuming and sometimes fruitless.

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    It’s Your Country Take One Minute To Protect It

    When you register with the Selective Service, you’re helping ensure a secure future for your community and the United States of America.

    While there is currently no draft, registration with the Selective Service System is the most publicly visible program during peacetime that ensures operational readiness in a fair and equitable manner. If authorized by the President and Congress, our Agency would rapidly provide personnel to the Department of Defense while at the same time providing an Alternative Service Program for conscientious objectors.

    Federal Law requires nearly all male US citizens and male immigrants, 18 through 25, register with Selective Service.

    Air Force Officer Service Numbers

    The first regulation of Air Force service numbers applied to numbers held by Air Force officers. In 1947, thousands of officers had automatically transferred from the Army Air Forces into the Air Force, with over a third of this number inactive members of the Officer Reserve Corps. The first Air Force officer service numbers ranged from 1 to 19,999 and were reserved for Regular Air Force officers who had “crossed over” to the United States Air Force.

    The first USAF regular officer service number went to the most senior general officer on active duty when the transition to USAF service numbers began. 1A was Joseph T. McNarney. Other notable low numbers were: 2A George C. Kenney, 3A John K. Cannon, 4A Hoyt S. Vandenberg, 5A George E Stratemeyer, 10A Nathan Twining, 26A Curtis Lemay.

    After the initial issuance of the first Air Force officer service numbers, the service numbers were increased with the second range extending from 20 000 to 99 999. These numbers were set aside for past, present, and future Regular Air Force officers with this range being used from 1948 until the discontinuation of Air Force service numbers in 1969.

    In 1969, when the Air Force discontinued service numbers, the officer cap of 3 999 999 had not yet been reached. Thus, there were never any higher Air Force officer service numbers created. After 1969, the Air Force converted to Social Security numbers for service member identification.

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    Requesting Records From The National Personnel Records Center

    Veterans and authorized representatives can file a military records request online through eVetRecs or mail the Standard Form 180 to the NPRC. The National Archives in Missouri houses most, but not all, records of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

    NPRC Fax Number:

    PHONE: 314-801-0800

    Korean War Service Numbers

    How to Verify Someone’s Military Service

    At the end of the Second World War, the United States Army was reorganized into the following components:

    • Regular Army: The voluntary force of the United States Army
    • Army Reserve: The combined force formed from the older Enlisted and Officer Reserve Corps
    • Army of the United States: The peacetime draft force
    • Army National Guard: State military forces

    51: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont

    52: Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia

    53: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

    54: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

    55: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming

    56: Arizona, California, Idaho, Georgia, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington

    Service numbers beginning with 57, 58, and 59 were not assigned a specific geographical region and were used for enlisted personnel in the Army Reserve or those assigned to special duties. When the Korean War began in 1950, this service number system was used throughout the conflict and through the remainder of the 1950s. The Regular Army service number system, ranging from 10 to 19 million, remained unchanged.

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    Service Members Kicked Out Of The Us Military For Refusing Covid Vaccine Could Be Allowed To Rejoin Officials Say

    Service members who were kicked out of the U.S. military for refusing the Covid vaccines could be allowed back in uniform if the vaccination mandate is lifted, according to two U.S. military and two senior defense officials.

    On Tuesday, the House and the Senate released language to be included in the National Defense Authorization Act that would require the Defense Department to lift the mandate. The NDAA, the annual bill that authorizes the military’s budget, must be passed before the end of the year, and Democratic leaders let Republicans include the language to ensure its passage.

    Pentagon leaders are discussing whether service members who were separated can rejoin if the NDAA is signed into law, the four officials said. They said that requests to rejoin would most likely be handled case by case but that if service members left under good circumstances meaning they did not leave via other than honorable discharges they might be allowed to sign back up.

    Service Number Prefix & Suffix Codes

    Service number prefix and suffix codes were one and two letter designators written before or after a service number a service member could only have one code at any given time. The purpose of these codes was to provide additional information regarding a military service member with the very first prefix codes created by the Army in 1920 and greatly expanded over the next thirty years. The Navy created the first suffix code “W”, written after the service numbers of female enlisted personnel, but it was the Air Force that made the greatest use of suffix codes until 1965 when the Air Force switched to using prefixes. Some prefix and suffix codes were also re-introduced, with different meanings, by various branches of military. In the modern age, the only code that survives is the suffix code “FR”, written after the social security numbers of Regular Air Force personnel.

    Service Number Code

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    Cdc Director Walensky: ‘you Need To Get Your Fall Booster Vaccine’

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered in August 2021 that all active-duty National Guard and reserve service members be vaccinated for Covid or face separation. The NDAA language would direct Austin to rescind his order. It is very unusual for Congress to intervene and overturn a standing lawful order, two senior defense officials said, noting they could not immediately recall any precedent.

    After Austin issued his mandate, thousands of active-duty service members were separated for refusing Covid vaccination.

    In many cases, the official reason for separation was failing to follow a lawful order. But if enlisted service members who were separated have no other bar to re-enlistment, still meet the age and fitness standards and want to rejoin, they could be allowed back in if the mandate is repealed, said a U.S. military official and a defense official. The officials said that enlisted service members might not be able to get back in at the same pay grades or ranks but that such decisions would be made case by case.

    Officers would most likely be held to a different standard, the two officials said. If they left for failing to obey a lawful order, even if it is no longer a lawful order, they might not be allowed to reinstate their commissions.

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