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What Does A Human Resource Specialist Do

MOS 37F Psychological Operation Specialist

Human Resource Specialists are available to ensure soldiers are being taken care of.

This job ranges from making sure soldiers have opportunities to vote to processing human resource documentation.

Soldiers may work in Human Resource centers alongside civilians or be in a deployed unit.

Specialist will advise commanders, staff and unit soldiers on all human resource issues.

This position will help with not just assisting personnel actions that involve soldiers, but their families as well.

Soldiers in this MOS oversee all strength management and strength distribution actions.

It is their job to know how many soldiers are deployed and if there are an adequate amount of soldiers.

Documentation processing is a large portion of this job.

They maintain all officer and enlisted personnel records.

Human Resource Specialist assist soldiers with career development.

They keep track of soldier career progress and help with applications on training.

When a soldier needs to travel, go to their new duty station, or needs to come in or out of the unit, the Human Resources Specialist will initiate the paperwork process and forms.

Part of their position may be creating ID cards for new soldiers.

The specialist will draft request for personnel actions.

This can include processing recommendations for awards and decorations or specialized training.

Working in this MOS requires individuals to be comfortable working on computers.

Is A Major A High Rank

Major, a military rank standing above captain. It is the lowest field-grade rank. … The rank of major has always been below that of lieutenant colonel. In a regiment commanded by a colonel, the major was third in command in a battalion commanded by a lieutenant colonel, the major was second in command.

Basic Allowance For Housing

Basic Allowance for Housing is a monthly payment meant to subsidize a servicemember’s housing while deployed. The amount of BAH received each month depends on the location in which they live.

The average Basic Housing Allowance for a Specialist with dependants is $1,624.68, or $1,276.47 with no dependants.

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  • Highest rating: 4
  • Summary: Specialist is a junior enlisted rank in the United States Army, equivalent in salary to a Corporal. Specialists have basic management duties and may command

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  • Highest rating: 4
  • Summary: Specialist 9 rank insignia , Specialist 8 rank insignia Photo of a U.S. Army Specialist 7.

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What Is A Specialist In The Us Army

Medical Specialist Corps officer selected among honorees of 2020 AMSUS ...

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Knowing the duties and benefits for different U.S. Army ranks can help you determine which role is right for you. Regardless of the U.S. Army rank that you aspire to, knowing all its requirements is likely to increase the odds of you reaching it. Becoming a specialist in the U.S. Army is an important career step, but it requires research and discipline. In this article, we discuss what an army specialist is, what their job duties are, how much they earn and how to become one.

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Army Ranks: Junior Enlisted

The term as a military rank seems to come from the 16th century when individuals had the privilege of enlisting or making private contracts to serve as private soldiers in military units. Before then, many soldiers were forced into service by royalty or feudal lords.

Some sources claim that the use of “private” as an official “rank” dates back to the 18th century, when the French Army, under Napoleon, established the permanent rank of Soldat.

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What Does A Combat Medic Specialist Get Paid

Like other Army MOSâs, a Combat Medic Specialist will get paid based on rank and time in service.

During the first few months of training, individuals can expect to make a base income of around $20,000.

As training and certifications are complete, that amount will go up.

The table below can be followed to get an idea of Army base pay.


The Army provides benefits in addition to the base pay table above.

For those who are living on base, the Army pays for housing and food.

Tuition assistant programs are available that allow most individuals to attend college for very little to no out of pocket cost.

The Army also provides medical and dental, paid sick time, paid vacation, and low-cost life insurance options.

Recruiting bonuses and special pay options are available for certain positions/scenarios.

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What Is Highest Rank In Army

What Is the Highest Military Rank? The highest military rank is O-10, or “five-star general.” It is symbolized by five stars for each of the military services. Although it is currently a part of the military service rank system, no officer has been promoted to it since World War II, when the rank was created.

Salary And Job Outlook

MOS 68J Medical Logistics Specialist

The monthly base pay for an Army specialist ranges from $2,088.90 to $2,535.60, depending on length of service at that rank. That translates to $25,067 to $30,427. Specialists receive a housing allowance, which varies according to the cost of living in the area to which they are assigned. They also receive medical, dental and vision benefits. Specialists can receive extra pay for drill duty or hazardous duty. There may be re-enlistment bonuses available, depending on a soldier’s MOS and the needs of the military.

The number of recruits needed varies from year to year, according to several factors. The size of the military changes depending on whether the nation is at war or at peace. It depends on the federal budget, allotment for military spending and the state of the economy overall. When unemployment numbers are high, there tend to be more people trying to enlist in the armed forces.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics only makes employment projections for civilian jobs. Nevertheless, the bureau predicts that opportunities in the military should be good through at least 2026.

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Army Ranks For Enlisted Personnel

There are 13 enlisted Army ranks: private, private second class, private first class, specialist, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, sergeant first class, master sergeant, first sergeant, sergeant major, command sergeant major and sergeant major of the Army.

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In general terms, these Army ranks are broken down into three groups — Junior Enlisted , NCOs and Senior NCOs .

Be Promoted To Specialist

Private first class soldiers can gain promotion to specialists after at least two years of successful service. Privates who constantly demonstrate their abilities and keep a strong overall performance record are typically promoted to specialists right after completing the minimum two years of service. Those who have performed less adequately or inconsistently can expect to spend more time as a private first class before earning the promotion.

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Years Of Experience And Salary

The salary for an E-4 ranges from $25,668 to $31,158 annually, depending on years of service. In the military, the monthly paycheck is only part of the compensation. Soldiers receive medical, dental and vision benefits, a housing allowance adjusted for cost of living and a pension after 20 years of service. In career fields with a high need, the Army may offer a reenlistment bonus. Soldiers also receive a bonus for hazardous duty.

When Did The Specialist Rank Change From Sp4 To Spc


While the official abbreviation was changed from SP4 to SPC upon the elimination of the SP5 and SP6 ranks, the SIDPERS database was initially authorized to continue using SP4 until such time as the change could be made at little or no additional expense in conjunction with other system upgrades.

Whats the difference between a corporal and a specialist?

For other uses, see Specialist. Specialist is one of the four junior enlisted ranks in the U.S. Army, just above Private First Class and equivalent in pay grade to Corporal. Unlike Corporals, Specialists are not considered junior non-commissioned officers .

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How You Will Be Evaluated

You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

Once the announcement has closed, a review of your application package will be used to determine whether you meet the qualification requirements listed on this announcement. If you are minimally qualified, your résumé and supporting documentation will be compared against your responses to the assessment questionnaire to determine your level of experience. If, after reviewing your résumé and/or supporting documentation, a determination is made that you have inflated your qualifications and/or experience, you may lose consideration for this position. Please follow all instructions carefully when applying, errors or omissions may affect your eligibility.You should list any relevant performance appraisals and incentive awards in your resume as that information may be taken into consideration during the selection process. If selected, you may be required to provide supporting documentation.

Become A Private First Class

You gain the rank of private first class by completing at least one year of private first class duties and sustaining a high performance level. The rank of private first class implies a greater level of individual responsibility because you attain it as a request from a superior officer who recognized your strong work.

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Qualificationstraining And Duty Stations

To enter into this MOS, recruits must receive a minimum score of 100 on the General Technical and 90 on the Clerical portions of the ASVAB test.

You must also be able to meet secret security clearance as the information in this MOS can be private and sensitive.

Once all entry testing is complete, recruits will attend 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training .

When BCT is complete, recruits will head to Advanced Individual Training for 9 weeks.

This training is a combination of hands on and classroom instruction.

There may be opportunities for advanced training depending on the type of unit that the individual is assigned to.

The advanced training may include postal operations, air assault or airborne school.

Skills that are helpful in this MOS:

  • Communication and people skills

What Rank Is A Specialist In The Army

What is a 12p Power Production Specialist

Specialist is the 4th rank in the United States Army, ranking above Private First Class and directly below Corporal. A specialist is an Enlisted Soldier at DoD paygrade E-4, with a starting monthly pay of $2,263. How do you become a Specialist?

What is the highest rank in the military for Spokespersons?

The sergeant major of the Army, the sergeant major of the Marine Corps, the master chief petty officer of the Navy and the chief master sergeant of the Air Force are the spokespersons of the enlisted force at the highest levels of their services. Army: * For rank and precedence within the Army, specialist ranks immediately below corporal.

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How Much Money Does A Specialist Make In The Army

Starting pay for a Specialist is $2,330.40 per month, with raises for experience resulting in a maximum base pay of $2,829.00 per month. You can use the simple calculator below to see basic and drill pay for a Specialist, or visit our Army pay calculator for a more detailed salary estimate.

How do you address a specialist in the Army?

Enlisted Soldiers and NCOs: Address specialists as Specialist . Address sergeants, staff sergeants, sergeants first class, and master sergeants as Sergeant . Address first sergeants as First Sergeant .

Different Army Military Occupational Specialties

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

As the largest military branch in the United States, the Army is made up of several specialties and branches that all serve to protect the country and its citizens. Each job in this branch offers professional training, skill development, leadership opportunities and career advancement. If youre interested in joining the Army, learn about some common occupations you can pursue to help you determine if a military career is right for you. In this article, we will look at what an Army military occupational specialty is and outline 15 of them.

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Recruits With College Degrees And Officer Candidates

New recruits enlisting into the United States Army who have earned a four-year degree, and as of 2006 those with civilian-acquired job skills, will enter as a Specialist.Typically, newly recruited Officer Candidates hold the rank of Specialist when enlisted and during BCT/AIT prior to their official enrollment into OCS they will be promoted to the Pay Grade of E-5 but hold a rank of Officer Candidate , not a Sergeant .

How Much Does An E

Army Specialist Decal Sticker

E-4 is the 4th enlisted paygrade in the United States military, with monthly basic pay ranging from $2,330.40 for an entry-level E-4 to $2,829.00 per month for E-4 personnel with over 40 years of experience.

Can a specialist be promoted to sergeant?

Starting July 1, all soldiers with the rank of specialist who complete the Basic Leader Course, or BLC, and are recommended for advancement by a promotion board will be laterally promoted to corporal. Previously, specialists were promoted straight to sergeant in most cases, skipping the corporal rank.

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What Are The Job Functions Of A Combat Medic Specialist

A Combat Medic Specialist, or Health Care Specialist, is similar to a civilian EMT.

These professionals work on the battlefield and in Army hospitals/medical facilities all over the world.

Combat Medic Specialists assist soldiers, their families and even civilians.

This job is both physically and mentally demanding.

Soldiers are required to physically move the injured to safe locations.

They are also required to perform under pressure, while possibly under fire.

They are skilled in emergency medical techniques and patient-care techniques.

Soldiers will understand the principles of Basic Life Support and Basic Emergency Medical Technician skills and apply them when assisting patients.

Combat Medical Specialists perform advanced medical care on the battlefield or in any location that requires it.

They can provide limited primary care, emergency care, trauma care or Tactical Combat Casualty Care.

Specialists are required to administer emergency medical treatment to battlefield casualties and will use proper battlefield medicine principles to accomplish this.

They can work with outpatient and inpatient treatment and care.

Specialists will complete ambulance operations and transport patients.

In an emergency situation, Specialists will assess the situation.

This includes communicating with the victim if they are able to respond.

They will use their training to find the injury and apply techniques to attempt to resolve the issue and make the patient stable for transport.

What Is A Us Army Specialist

An army specialist is a junior enlisted rank in the U.S. Army and is equivalent in pay to a corporal. The rank of specialist is an E-4 position that typically involves basic management duties as well as commanding lower-ranked soldiers. The rank just below specialist is private first class, and the rank just above that is corporal.

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Earn A College Degree

Alternatively, you can directly earn the specialist rank by graduating with a four-year college degree. Soldiers who show exceptional results and discipline levels can earn promotions to specialists directly from ranks like private and private second class. They usually do this after completing the Advanced Individual Training, and a group’s commander has the authority to promote up to 10% of the privates under their command.

Things You Can Do To Improve Chances For Rapid Promotion To Spc And Most Important To Prepare For Promotion To Sergeant

MOS 25B Information Technology Specialist

a) Gain reputation as a dependable, professional soldier by displaying self-discipline and proper conduct on and off duty:

  • Act like a mature, responsible adult, not like a troubled teenager
  • No drinking and driving. If youre able to drink legally, always travel with a designated driver. When in doubt, take a cab
  • No drinking unless of legal age, regardless of location
  • Choose your friends wisely avoid those who use drugs, abuse alcohol, and cause mischief
  • Do not use drugs or patronize establishments that are popular with drug users or are known as hangouts for gangs
  • Dont join organizations or groups that engage in activities that can bring discredit upon you or the Army
  • Be at the proper place at the proper time and in the proper uniform everyday to accomplish assigned duties
  • Always tell the truth to your chain of command

b) Gain reputation as a professional soldier by maintaining the highest standard of military appearance:

  • Remember a good soldier never needs a haircut or is unshaven get a proper military haircut weekly
  • Wear and maintain your uniforms IAW AR 670-1
  • Always wear what you’re authorized, nothing more
  • Rotate one set of OCPs from your wardrobe quarterly
  • Have your friends check you and your uniform before you go to formation
  • When youre out in public, wear your uniform properly. Never forget you are representing the entire U.S. Army

d) Gain the reputation as being physically fit and able to accomplish the most strenuous activities required of your MOS:

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Us Army Ranks And Insignias

Founded in 1775, the Army is the oldest branch in the U.S. Armed Forces.

U.S. Army ranks and insignias are divided into three categories: enlisted personnel , warrant officers and commissioned officers .

A service members rank and insignia indicate their pay grade, as well as the level of responsibility they hold.

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