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What Do They Do In The Army

Electronic And Electrical Repair

Army Basic Training: ‘Typical Day in Basic Training’ (Episode 3)

Aircraft electricians ensure the electrical systems on airplanes and helicopters are maintained and repaired properly.

Avionic mechanics perform maintenance on tactical communications-security, navigation and flight-control equipment.

AH-64A armament/electrical systems repairers perform aviation unit, intermediate and depot maintenance on the electrical, electronic, mechanical and pneudraulic systems associated with the AH-64A Apache helicopter.

AH-64D armament/electrical/avionic systems repairers supervise, inspect and perform maintenance on the armament, electrical and avionic systems of the AH-64D helicopter.

Avionic communications equipment repairers perform intermediate and depot maintenance on aircraft communications equipment.

Aircraft armament/missile systems repairers supervise, inspect and perform maintenance on armament, electrical and avionics systems of the OH-58D, a light-armed scout helicopter.

Radio/communications security repairers maintain radio receivers, transmitters, communication security equipment, controlled cryptographic items and other associated equipment.

Military intelligence systems maintainer/integrators maintain and repair command/control subsystems, receiver subsystems and related equipment.

Air traffic control equipment repairers maintain and install air traffic control communications, navigation aids and landing systems.

Electronic maintenance chiefs supervise, monitor and direct the electronics mission of the Army.

It Will Destroy Your Soul

David Wong published an outstanding article on Cracked.com called 9 Types of Jobs that Will Destroy Your Soul that aptly describes the roles people play in the workplace. I must warn you that the language is rough, but every word of it is true. Every soldier has experienced at least seven of these roles at some point during his military career. I will not re-write what the article says, but I will tell you that every soldier can, at any moment, become:

  • The punching bag: A person who bears the brunt of complaints, but can do nothing to help.
  • The walking dead: A person who will face sleep deprivation and irregular hours.
  • The laughingstock: A person whodoes a job that everyone makes fun of.
  • The cog: A person who performs endless tasks with mindless repetition.
  • The rat in a cage: A manager responsible for those he has no authority over.
  • The assistant cromulationist: A highly-specialized job that is impossible to explain.
  • The Bob: A person who makes everyone elseâs job harder.
  • The girl: A.K.A. the âlone representative of your gender in the workplaceâ .

The article is hilarious. If you are a civilian, you will appreciate it, but if you are a soldier, youâll relate to it because you will live it every day.

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Who Does The Army Engineer Corps Hire

Obviously, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employs many different types of engineers, including civil, mechanical, environmental, chemical, structural, and electrical.

Then there are related occupations like architects, engineering technicians, survey technicians, and carpenters. Most construction personnel are private contractors but need employees to inspect and monitor construction operations.

They need realty specialists, contract specialists, accountants, and lawyers to handle a global engineering enterprise’s financial and legal aspects.

They retain control of various locks, dams, and other structures and hire operators to manage the day-to-day functionality.

Their environmental and recreational duties call for ecologists, natural resource specialists, environmental biologists, wildlife biologists, fish biologists, and park rangers.

And as with every enterprise, they need administrators, information technology professionals, and other support roles.

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How To Become An Army Engineer

To become an engineer with the Army you must complete a series of steps. The exact steps vary depending on whether you are enlisting in the Army, becoming an officer, or joining the Army Civilian Service. For example, if you want to pursue a specific role such as a Special Forces engineer sergeant, you may need to complete additional training to qualify. If want to enlist, you must complete the following five steps.

While specific steps for becoming a U.S. Army engineer officer are not outlined below, individuals interested in this path should consider enrolling in one of several U.S. military academies, participating in ROTC at a U.S. college, or earning a bachelor’s degree and completing the Army’s Basic Officer Leadership Course.

Media And Public Affairs

funny military pictures

Visual information equipment operator/maintainers work with equipment such as Teleconferencing VI and are primarily responsible for supporting Army operations with visual information equipment and systems.

Combat documentation/production specialists primarily responsible for supervising, planning and operating electronic and film-based still, video and audio acquisition equipment in order to document combat and non-combat operations.

Civil affairs specialists supervise, research, coordinate, conduct and participate in the planning and production of civil affairs-related documents.

Multimedia illustrators supervise, plan and operate multimedia imaging equipment in order to produce various kinds of visual displays and documents.

Human intelligence collectors use aerial photographs, electronic monitoring and human observation in order to gather and study required information to design defense plans and tactics.

Translator/interpreters convert written or spoken foreign languages into English and other languages. They usually specialize in a particular foreign language.

Cryptologic linguists detect, acquire, locate and identify foreign communications using signals equipment.

Journalists write and photograph the Army’s activities for use in internal and external news media.

Broadcast journalists operate radio or television broadcast teams or the Armed Forces Radio Television Service.

  • Cornet or trumpet player
  • Electric bass guitar player

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Ready To Start Your Journey

Civilian military jobs with the Army Civilian Service do not serve as active-duty military members, but their roles may support military operations. They may also design bridges or buildings that adhere to strict environmental standards using durable materials. The Army Corps of Engineers, consisting primarily of civilian Army engineers, offers a unique work environment that gives you the opportunity to make a difference in exciting locations around the world. Read on to discover more about becoming a U.S. Army engineer.

What Is The Problem That Needed To Be Solved

It took some MacGyvering, but the problem here was not unlike the one shown in the movie Apollo 13, where NASA engineers had to fit different parts together in order to save the lives of astronauts in space figuring out how to put a square peg in a round hole, as the story went.

In 2022, engineers had to essentially do that, and much more, to make JDAMs work on Russian jets with the minimal modifications.

The standard bombs used by the United States and Russia are very different in design, as are the devices used to attach them to warplanes and drop them over targets.

American-made bombs have two small steel lugs that secure them to racks designed to hold them snugly at high speeds and to quickly push them clear of the planes fuselage when a pilot presses a button to drop.

The U.S. military solved the hardest part of this problem months ago, when Ukrainian pilots first started shooting the American-made high-speed anti-radiation missile, or HARM. An adapter was created to connect a device called a pylon and other parts that hold the weapon to the jet.

At Ramstein Air Base in Germany, a U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard team called Grey Wolf provides support to the Ukrainian Air Force, including on tactics and techniques, a military spokesman said.

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Why Do Salvation Army Help

They are basically the Army of Jesus Christ, who are here to spread His words, their mission is to go around helping the poor and the needy, they are not just there to raise money during the season of Christmas. And they do not just help the people who are at the front lines ie the homeless, they help everyone who is in need. Remember that Jesus Christ said that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven. The Salvation Army are also known as the Knights of the Round Table, who are the soldiers of Jesus Christ..

Do You Get Paid In The Army Reserve

What Army Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp

Army reserve members are compensated in a manner similar to active Army members. But it does depend on the type of duty they perform. A soldier in Army reserve can be paid once a month, as well as when on duty . Army Reserve duty also includes weekend duty. A full duty day is duty that requires an Army reserve soldier to be away from his or her duty station for duty. That duty would be duty with a unit and duty at his or her duty station..

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Do All Officers Outrank Enlisted

Enlisted service members are known as the foundation of the military. Warrant Officers outrank all enlisted members, but are not required to have a college degree. COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. Commissioned Officers outrank Warrant Officers and enlisted service members, and must have a minimum of a four-year bachelors degree

Military Discounts On The Las Vegas Strip

HyperX Esports Arena at Luxor: Luxors Esports arena offers gaming by the hour for a set price and offers a military discount of 15%.

Bodies The Exhibition at Luxor: Bodies leverages 13 whole-body specimens and 260+ partial body specimens to provide a look under the hood of the human body. They also offer a $7 military discount, which is redeemable at the box office.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor:Another educational attraction at Luxor, Titanic offers a $7 military discount at the box office.

Big Apple Coaster at NYNY: Sending riders twisting, turning, diving, and even upside-down, the rooftop coaster at New York New York is plenty thrilling. Adding to the allure is the $5 discount available to members of the military redeemable at the box office.

Customers with a Military ID can buy up to 4 tickets.

Adventuredome at Circus Circus: On the topic of rides, Circus Circus indoor theme park offers a military discount of $2 per person when purchasing tickets in person.

PrincessDiana Las Vegas: Members of the military can explore artifacts from the life of Princess Diana at a $4 discount. The attraction is located in Crystals, which is in front of Aria.

Topgolf behind MGM Grand: Youve likely heard of Topgolf before, but the version in Vegas is next level. Multiple bars, video poker, hundreds of screens, a two-level pool, and oh yea golf, are sure to keep you busy.

As part of their Heroes Program, Topgolf offers a 10% military discount on gameplay.

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Is It Hard To Be An Army Officer

Being an army officer is not easy. You have to be physically fit, mentally sound, emotionally robust, technically sound, politically aware, socially effective, good in English, endowed with the right attitude, well read and analytical. There is no short cut. You may have to work very hard if you want to be an army officer. But, the satisfaction nothing can give you is incomparable. You are in command. You are brave. You are respected. You are looked up to. You are, in a word, respected..

Is The Uk Currently At War

10 Of The Craziest Military Training Exercises

Yes, the UK is currently at war. It has been involved in fighting campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has also supported NATO forces in fighting campaigns in Kosovo and Libya. The UK has been involved in the fighting campaign to remove ISIS from Syria and Iraq as well as fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The UKs armed forces are currently part of the 62 nation coalition against ISIS. The UK has also been involved in non-fighting operations such as disaster relief and peacekeeping tasks..

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Related Occupations: What You Need To Know

Serving a career in the Armed Forces can be a great way to learn a skill or trade that can then be used to get a job after retiring from military service. With the education benefits available to all service members Tuition Assistance and Tuition Top-Up it can be easy to get a postsecondary education all the way up to a four-year college degree while serving. One could also go back to school after military retirement and use the GI Bill for an advanced degree.

Here is a sampling of jobs in the Armed Forces that directly convert to the civilian sector, along with information on median salary, growth potential, and the education or training required by most companies to compete for these positions.

What Do Soldiers Do All Day

A soldiers day can be both boring and terrifying. Boring: During the day, soldiers tend to do a lot of standing around and watching. As long as there is no attack or no other emergency, there is not much to do. When soldiers stand guard, they just stand and wait for something to happen. They dont do much else besides stand guard. Terrifying: Soldiers may have some time to sit around, but that doesnt mean they are not exposed to danger. One of the most frightening parts of being a soldier is the uncertainty of what each day will bring. A soldier might have some down time between missions, but no one knows when the next mission will start. Soldiers are on high alert throughout the day..

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What Do Uk Army Officers Do

The Army is made up of 3 branches: The Army, The Royal Navy and The Royal Air Force. Army Officers are responsible for Logistics, Planning and Leadership for both themselves and their team. They manage and maintain all land-based units and equipment and plan and direct tactical manoeuvres. Army Officers also command and control military operations and everything else in between..

Do Officers Get Deployed

A Typical Day in Army Basic Training

Guidance officers are responsible for helping shape the future leaders in their schools. They help in educational development, in nurturing students social development, in supporting students social development, in supporting childrens personal growth, and in encouraging positive relationships in schools. They play a vital role in shaping the future leaders of the country..

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What Are The Duties Of An Army Officer

An army officer usually has a number of duties. He may be working as a commanding officer commanding a battalion, a company, a ship, a section, a platoon or a squad. In addition to commanding soldiers, he will also be responsible for their training and well-being. He should make sure that their training is complete and update their knowledge and skills as the technology and warfare change. He should also make sure that they remain fit and healthy..

What Do Army Officers Do

An army officer is often the public face of the armed forces, so it is important that they are well trained in their particular duties. These vary, but could include logistics, training, operations, intelligence, operations planning, and even psychological operations. Commanders can be found leading battalions of infantry or armor, artillery, helicopter wings, air defense, special operations, and even naval vessels. The job description of an army officer is quite varied, which can make it very attractive to people with many different skill sets..

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What Do Related Occupations Make

While some of the jobs in the Armed Forces are unique and not found in the civilian sector, many do crossover. As the chart below illustrates, the annual salary of three sample military jobs – Pilot, Mechanical Engineer and Electrician – fall around the median salary point when compared to their related civilian equivalents. Nurse and Truck Driver are closer to the Top 10 percent.

The above figures for the first three positions uses an officer O-3 with over 6 years as a standard for Base Pay and an average BAH. For the last two, an enlisted E-6 with over 6 years is used as the standard.

Pay About This Section

Why do people (high ranking officers) in the military think they are ...

Basic pay is based on rank and time in service. Pay bands are the same for all branches. Members of the Armed Forces may receive additional pay based on their job assignment or qualifications. For example, they receive additional pay for foreign, hazardous, submarine, or flight duty, or for being medical or dental officers. Retirement pay is generally available after 20 years of service.

Military pay tables and information are available from the U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

In addition to receiving basic pay, members of the military are either housed free of charge on base or they receive a housing allowance.

Members who serve for a certain number of years may receive other benefits. These benefits may include educational benefits through the Montgomery GI Bill, which pays for a portion of educational costs at accredited institutions medical care at military or the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and guaranteed home loans.

Military personnel on active duty typically work full time. However, hours vary with the persons occupational specialty, rank, and branch of service, as well as with the needs of the military. Personnel must be prepared to work additional hours to fulfill missions.

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Fight The Nations Enemies

The British Army has many uses, though it is primarily a war-fighting organisation to protect the nation and, if required, fight the nations enemies with absolute commitment. Within hours soldiers from the Air Assault Brigade Combat Team can react to a potential adversary through to a full response from the Warfighting Division with thousands of soldiers and vehicles under command. Operations could be conducted independently, with NATO, or with key allies like the US and France.


The Lieutenant Colonel Phase

Your assignment might be as a Battalion Commander in charge of hundreds of soldiers or a general staff officer in a division or corps. Outstanding performance will merit more and more challenging positions. Some officers are selected for the Army War College, where they become “experts” at their profession. Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel takes about 17 years.

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