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The Drive South And Pusan

Day in the Life: Army Ranger | U.S. Army

The , the first significant US engagement of the Korean War, involved the 540-soldier , which was a small forward element of the which had been flown in from Japan. On 5 July 1950, Task Force Smith attacked the KPA at but without weapons capable of destroying the KPA tanks. The KPA defeated the US soldiers the result was 180 American dead, wounded, or taken prisoner. The KPA progressed southwards, pushing back US forces at , , and , forcing the 24th Division’s retreat to , which the KPA captured in the the 24th Division suffered 3,602 dead and wounded and 2,962 captured, including its commander, Major General .

By August, the KPA steadily pushed back the ROK and the southwards. The impact of the Truman administration’s defense budget cutbacks was now keenly felt, as US troops fought a series of costly rearguard actions. Facing a veteran and well-led KPA force, and lacking sufficient anti-tank weapons, artillery or armor, the Americans retreated and the KPA advanced down the Korean Peninsula. During their advance, the KPA purged South Korea’s intelligentsia by killing civil servants and intellectuals. On 20 August, General MacArthur warned North Korean leader Kim Il-sung that he would be held responsible for the KPA’s atrocities. By September, UN forces were hemmed into a small corner of southeast Korea, near . This 230-kilometre perimeter enclosed about 10% of Korea, in a line partially defined by the .

Global War On Terrorism

While the Ranger Regiment has traditionally been considered an elite light infantry force, its operations in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2001 to 2012 demonstrated its ability to conduct a full range of special operations missions.

In October 2007, a D Company was added to each of the three battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

By 2012, the 75th Ranger Regiment was conducting sustained combat operations in multiple countries, deploying from multiple locations in the United Statesan unprecedented task for the regiment. Rangers conducted combat operations with almost every deployed special operations, conventional, and coalition force in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Ranger Regiment executed a wide range of operations, including airborne and air assaults into Afghanistan and Iraq, mounted infiltrations behind enemy lines, complex urban raids on high-value targets , and rescue operations. Ranger battalion operational tempo while deployed was high. During one Afghanistan deployment, the 1st Ranger Battalion conducted more than 900 missions, captured nearly 1,700 enemy combatants , and killed more than 400 fighters.

Army Times reported that in December 2016, the first female officer completed RASP, making the 75th Ranger Regiment the first special operations unit to have a female soldier graduate its selection course.

Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan

Un Forces Invade North Korea

On 27 September, MacArthur received the top secret National Security Council Memorandum 81/1 from Truman reminding him that operations north of the 38th Parallel were authorized only if “at the time of such operation there was no entry into North Korea by major Soviet or Chinese Communist forces, no announcements of intended entry, nor a threat to counter our operations militarily”. On 29 September MacArthur restored the government of the Republic of Korea under Syngman Rhee. On 30 September, US Defense Secretary sent an message to MacArthur: “We want you to feel unhampered tactically and strategically to proceed north of the 38th parallel.” During October, the South Korean police who were suspected to be sympathetic to North Korea, and were carried out until early 1951. The Joint Chiefs of Staff on 27 September sent to General MacArthur a comprehensive directive to govern his future actions: the directive stated that the primary goal was the destruction of the KPA, with unification of the Korean Peninsula under Rhee as a secondary objective “if possible” the Joint Chiefs added that this objective was dependent on whether or not the Chinese and Soviets would intervene, and was subject to changing conditions.

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Scottish Troops To Pioneer Armys New Ranger Regiment

Future Soldier reconfigures Army for future wars backed by £8.6bn additional investment in Army equipment

25 November 2021

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has announced today that The First Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland will lead the British Armys new Ranger Regiment.

This boost for Scotland comes under new plans announced as part of Future Soldier, the Armys most radical transformation in over 20 years.

1 SCOTS will become 1st Battalion, The Ranger Regiment and will operate alongside three other battalions.

The Ranger Regiment sits at the heart of the Armys new expeditionary posture and will be routinely deployed alongside partner forces around the world to counter extremist organisations and hostile state threats. It is part of the newly established Army Special Operations Brigade. Training and selection will commence from the 1st December 2021.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said:

Future Soldier is reinforced by the ambition outlined in the Defence Command Paper to transform the Army into a more agile, integrated, lethal, expeditionary force.

We have underpinned this generational work with an extra £8.6bn for Army equipment, bringing the total investment to £41.3 billion.

Our army will operate across the globe, equipped with the capabilities to face down a myriad of threats from cyber warfare through to battlefield conflict.

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said:

Major General Bill Wright, Scotlands Senior General Officer said:

So Who Gets To Call Themselves Army Rangers

U.S. Army Ranger from the 75th Ranger Regiment during a training ...

In the minds of many who served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, only an assignment to the storied 75th earns you the right to call yourself an Army Ranger, and all those who completed Ranger School without such an assignment are seen only as Ranger qualified. This sentiment can be found elaborated upon in an article originally published in the Havoc Journal in September of 2019 called, The Scroll of Truth: Having a Tab Doesnt Make You a Ranger.

Sorry everyone, having a Ranger Tab means you went to a school that qualified you to wear a Ranger Tab, it doesnt make you a Ranger. You have to serve in the Ranger Regiment to be a modern Ranger, the article reads.

So is it really that simple? Well, like most online debates, it all depends on who you ask, but for the record, even the Army itself seems to be unsure about who gets the right to call themselves Army Rangers and who doesnt.

In a great article dissecting the current political turmoil this debate has stirred up, former Army Ranger and Green Beret turned investigative journalist Jack Murphy points out that selective use of the title seems to be more about form than function. As Murphy points out in the article, senior Army officials as well as many within the media were quick to credit the first female Soldiers to complete Army Ranger school as legitimate Rangers, despite never being assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment.

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Easter Offensive And Paris Peace Accords 1972

Vietnamization was again tested by the of 1972, a massive conventional PAVN invasion of South Vietnam. The PAVN quickly overran the northern provinces and in coordination with other forces attacked from Cambodia, threatening to cut the country in half. U.S. troop withdrawals continued, but American airpower responded, beginning , and the offensive was halted.:60637

The war was central to the as Nixon’s opponent, , campaigned on immediate withdrawal. Nixon’s National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger, had continued secret negotiations with North Vietnam’s and in October 1972 reached an agreement. President Thieu demanded changes to the peace accord upon its discovery, and when North Vietnam went public with the agreement’s details, the Nixon administration claimed they were attempting to embarrass the president. The negotiations became deadlocked when Hanoi demanded new changes. To show his support for South Vietnam and force Hanoi back to the negotiating table, Nixon ordered , a massive bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong 1829 December 1972.:64963 Nixon pressured Thieu to accept the terms of the agreement or else face retaliatory military action from the U.S.

Navy Seal Parachute Jump School

This is based in San Deigo, California. The parachute jump school involves a series of jumps involving static line parachute jumps, High Altitude Low Opening free fall jumps, and High Altitude High Opening free fall jumps.

This program only lasts three weeks, but the vast amount of skill and determination required is why many drop out at this point.

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Jblm Main And Jblm North

JBLM has more than 25,000 soldiers and civilian workers. The post supports over 120,000 military retirees and more than 29,000 family members living both on and off post. Fort Lewis proper contains 86,000 acres the covers 324,000 acres .

JBLM Main & North have abundant high-quality, close-in training areas, including 115 live fire ranges. Additional training space is available at the Yakima Training Center in eastern Washington, including maneuver areas and additional live fire ranges.

In 2009, the former Fort Lewis Regional Correction Facility was remodeled and renamed the . The facility houses minimum and medium security prisoners from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Fort Lewis was originally established in 1917 with the passage of a bond measure to purchase 70,000 acres of land to donate to the for permanent use as a military installation. A portion of the initial land was taken from the ‘s reservation. In 1927, Pierce County passed another bond measure to establish a military airfield just north of Fort Lewis. The airfield, called Tacoma Field, opened in 1930 and was renamed McChord Field in 1940. McChord Field separated from Fort Lewis when the U.S. Air Force was created in 1947 and was subsequently renamed McChord Air Force Base. The two bases operated independently of one another for more than 60 years before merging in 2010.

When ended in 1918, the Nisqually people petitioned for their land to be returned to them, but the request was denied by the , .

Rudders Rangers And The Boys Of Pointe Du Hoc: The Us Army Rangers Mission In The Early Morning Hours Of 6 June 1944

What does it take to be an Army Ranger?

Pointe du Hoc, a prominent position along the coast of Normandy, was a focal point of the amphibious assault by U.S. forces during the early morning hours of D-Day, 6 June 1944. The cliff top is located between Utah and Omaha Beaches and sits atop overhanging cliffs up to 100 feet in height. The careful and thorough planning of the Normandy invasion determined that several key missions would require painstakingly accurate execution in order for the invasion to go as planned, and one of those missions was the capture of Pointe du Hoc. As such, Allied planners named Pointe du Hoc one of the most dangerous German defensive positions on the Norman coast.

Early on in the war, following their defeat of France in June 1940 and occupation of the northern part of the country, the Germans came to understand the strategic importance of Pointe du Hoc. As a part of their defensive system along the Norman coast known as the Atlantic Wall and established under the direction of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the Germans installed a battery of 155mm guns on top of the cliff. The guns had a range of approximately 20,000 yards and could cover both Utah and Omaha Beaches with artillery fire. Defended by elements of the 716th and 352d Infantry Divisions, along with artillerymen, Pointe du Hoc became a heavily fortified bastion for the Wehrmacht that threatened the lives of the thousands of American soldiers who would soon be landing on the nearby beachheads.

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Three Types Of Missions:

Special Operations Raids

Raids designed to seize, destroy, or capture enemy goods and locations. Rangers deliver maximum surprise and shock.

Forcible Entry Operations

Joint forcible entry includes taking over airfields and is a traditional element of Ranger operations.

Special Reconnaissance

Gathering intelligence on enemies is crucial to many Ranger operations, and is a critical part of Ranger training.

World War Ii: European Theater

Wanting a unit similar in capability as the British Commandos, General Marshall authorized the formation and activation of a U.S. Army commando-type organization. The selection criteria for volunteers specified that only fully trained soldiers of the best type were to be accepted. Organized in Northern Ireland, the battalion-sized unit would be attached to the British Special Services Brigade for tactical control and training. It was decided, in honor of Rogers Rangers, the official designation of the unit would be the 1st Ranger Battalion.

Learn more about the first Ranger unit of the 20th Century.

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Army Ranger Veteran Remembers Defending His Home Against Alleged Gang Attack In Tacoma Shootout

Army vet remembers protecting Tacoma home in suspected gang shootout

At least 300 rounds were fired– most of those rounds came from suspected gang members having a shootout. Bill Foulk still has a bullet in his home from the 1989 shootout and keeps it there as a reminder

TACOMA, Wash. – In 1989, a group of Army Rangers, along with their neighbors, bunkered down in a home on South Ash Street in Tacoma and defended themselves from an onslaught of gunfire from alleged gang members.

Tacoma is seeing an increase in violent crime. So far this year, there have been 39 homicides . This is the most homicides the city has ever seen.

However, violent crime also plagued Tacoma decades ago in the late 80s and 90s.

“The neighborhood just kept getting progressively worse, and for me, deploy and come back and then see how much worse it had gotten in that short period of time and how they were harassing the neighbors. Like, these guys were trying to take over the neighborhood,” said Bill Foulk

In 1987, Foulk made the decision to lay down roots in the city of Tacoma.

At the time, Foulk was a Sergeant with the Army Rangers. He purchased a home along South Ash Street.

“When I bought this house, it was condemned: no windows, no doors, no wiring, no plumbing, nothing. I wanted a fixer-upper,” he said.

Foulk put time and energy into making the condemned building his home, as well as making Ash Street his community.

However, in 1989. Foulk says drugs and gangs infested his street.

Nuclear Threats And Diplomacy

U.S. Army Rangers in Afghanistan [1080 x 1080] : MilitaryPorn

U.S. president Richard Nixon began troop withdrawals in 1969. His plan to build up the ARVN so that it could take over the defense of South Vietnam became known as “”. As the PAVN/VC recovered from their 1968 losses and generally avoided contact, Creighton Abrams conducted operations aimed at disrupting logistics, with better use of firepower and more cooperation with the ARVN.:517 On 27 October 1969, Nixon had ordered a squadron of 18 B-52s loaded with nuclear weapons to convince the Soviet Union, in accord with the , that he was capable of anything to end the Vietnam War. Nixon had also sought with the Soviet Union and , which decreased global tensions and led to nuclear arms reduction by both superpowers however, the Soviets continued to supply the North Vietnamese with aid.

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Rangers Lead The Way And The Ranger Scroll

On June 6, 1944, the infamous day better known as D-Day, the 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions were assaulting Omaha beach and were at the front of the 216th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. The fighting was fierce and the casualties were mounting. During the engagement, the commander of the 5th Ranger Battalion, Major Max F. Schneider, linked up with General Norman Cota. Cota asked Schneider what unit he was from and someone yelled, 5th Rangers!. Cota responded, Well then Goddammit, Rangers, lead the way! After that, the 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions spearheaded the attack, penetrating the sea wall and assaulting gun positions entrenched above the beach. They opened the way for the rest of the Army assault force to penetrate inland. To this day, the 75th Ranger Regiment lives by the same motto, Rangers, lead the way!

The design of the 75th Ranger Regiment scroll also traces back to WWII. The use of the scroll and the black, scarlet, and white colors were approved during the war. The scroll was then worn by members of the 75th Infantry Regiment during the Vietnam war era. On February 3, 1986, the ranger battalions were consolidated and designated as the 75th Ranger Regiment. The 75th Ranger Infantry scroll was updated to reflect the units new name, the 75th Ranger Regiment, which was made official on February 14, 1986.

Fighting Around The 38th Parallel

These setbacks prompted General MacArthur to consider using against the Chinese or North Korean interiors, with the intention that radioactive fallout zones would interrupt the Chinese supply chains. However, upon the arrival of the charismatic General Ridgway, the esprit de corps of the bloodied Eighth Army immediately began to revive.

UN forces retreated to in the west, in the center, and the territory north of in the east, where the battlefront stabilized and held. The PVA had outrun its logistics capability and thus were unable to press on beyond Seoul as food, ammunition, and matériel were carried nightly, on foot and bicycle, from the border at the Yalu River to the three battle lines. In late January, upon finding that the PVA had abandoned their battle lines, General Ridgway ordered a reconnaissance-in-force, which became . A full-scale advance followed, which fully exploited the UN’s air superiority, concluding with the UN forces reaching the Han River and recapturing Wonju.

Following the failure of ceasefire negotiations in January, the passed on 1 February, condemning the PRC as an aggressor, and called upon its forces to withdraw from Korea.

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