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What Are The 3 Flags Flown By The Army

The Star-Spangled Banner – The National Anthem of The United States of America

The army typically flies their original United States Army flag which is a white flag with the official seal of the United States Army. Along with this, there are other flags to represent different branches of the United States military such as, The United States Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and the Coast Guard, although these are usually only going to be flown by their respected divisions and not by the army.

Where Can I Buy An Army Flag

You can buy your very own army flag right here at the United States Flag Store. We have a bunch of different options fit for any budget and purpose. We also carry all of the other branches of military in the United States as well including the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard.

Show Your Army Pride With Our Us Army Flags

The official US Army flag that dates back to 1956 is made of white, with a blue replica of the official seal of the War Department. Beneath the seal is a scarlet scroll with the words, “United States Army” in white letters and the year 1775, when the Army was created for the first time. Show your army pride with our finely created army flags that are available in various types including US Army outdoor flags, Army indoor flags, Army National Guard garden flags, US Army parade flags, grave markers and lapel pins among others.

Made in fine quality nylon, our flags are designed to look great and last long. These flags are produced with UV resistant Dupont inks and reinforced stitching that will make it last long even in high wind conditions. Fly US army flags during Veterans Day and other commemorative events and showcase the national pride and your support to the army.

Browse our collection of US Army flags and shop at your pace or should you find it a bit overwhelming, call us at our toll free number 287-3524 or email at and we are happy to be of assistance.

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Army Halts Flag Football Turkey Bowl After Massive Brawl

Flag football may be typically designed to be devoid of tackling, but soldiers with the 82nd Airborne couldnt keep their hands to themselves during a Turkey Bowl game hosted at Fayetteville State University over the holiday weekend.

When the game started, tensions rose and there was a scuffle between the Soldiers and players at FSU, Army WTF Nation, a popular Army social media account, told Military Times.

The game was meant to be a morale booster, with paratroopers from the 2-319 and 3-319 Airborne Field Artillery Regiments playing, according to Army WTF Nation.

The Army, in an email to Military Times, described the event as a team-building exercise.

Paratroopers assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division participated in a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl flag-football game, Nov. 23, 2022, at the Fayetteville State University Football Stadium to build camaraderie prior to being released to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with their families, said Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Anthony Clas.

Video snapped by Instagram user @fancy_fancy_bear, who was in attendance in the largely empty stadium, showed a massive brawl between dozens of soldiers.

The exact cause for the skirmish remains unknown at this time.

An exchange occurred during the overtime period of the game and leadership engaged immediately to relieve friction between the Paratroopers involved and ended the game, Clas added. There were no injuries to any Soldiers or Paratroopers as a result of the exchange.

United States White Army Flag 3×5 Nylon Options Made For Indoors And Outdoors

The United States Army Flag Banner

Looking for the quintessential “all weather flag,” that checks the boxes you want to check? The Army 3ft x 5ft Nylon Flag is your ticket. This features the official seal of the United States Army with a scarlet scroll below that with white letters that say, “United States Army.” It is made of a heavyweight nylon suitable to handle whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it. Along with this, it comes with a strong canvas heading and brass grommets to add to its longevity. This United States Army flag is proudly made in the U.S.A. and will look great indoors and outdoors. Be sure to check out our 2ft by 3ft and 4ft by 6ft made in the U.S.A. United States Army Nylon flags as well!

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The History Of The Army Flag

This US Army flag became official on June 13, 1956. Then Vice President Richard Nixon presented it to Secretary of the Army Wilber M. Brucker. Until then, various elements of the Army, from groups and corps to separate battalions had their own flags, but none had served for the Army as a whole. The Army flag was designed by the Heraldic Branch, Office of Research and Engineering, and the Office of the Quartermaster General. The flag is made of white, with a blue replica of the official seal of the War Office*. Beneath the seal is a scarlet scroll with the words, “United States Army” in white letters. The number, “1775”, the year in which the Army was created, appears beneath the scroll.

* The seal of the War Office is described as follows: a cannon in front of a drum with two drumsticks below the cannon three cannon balls. A mortar on a trunion and below the mortar, two powder flasks. In the center a Roman breastplate over a jupon . Above the breastplate rises a plain sword with the pommel and guard supporting a Phrygin cap between an esponton and an organizational color on one side and a musket with a fixed bayonet and the National color on the other side. Above is a rattlesnake holding in its mouth a scroll inscribed, “This We’ll Defend.”

Show Your Pride With An Army Flag

Flying a military flag is a great way to show your support for those who protect our country. Whether you’re a veteran, a soldier, a family member of someone who serves, or simply a prideful citizen, Gettysburg Flag Works has the military flags you need to demonstrate your pride for our American heroes.

Looking for Army flags? We have dozens of different US Army flags for sale in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. From traditional Army flags to retired Army flags,Army Engineer flags and Army National Guard flags, we have them all!

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History Of Military Service Star Flags

Service flags are typically displayed by the family members of active service members in the US Military and members of the US Military who died in the line of duty. These flags feature a white background with a red border and one or more stars. Each star represents a military family member Blue stars are symbolic of family members in active duty, while gold stars represent family members who died during service.

The design for service banners was created by Robert Queisser in 1917 to honor his two active-duty sons serving in the military during World War I. The flag became popular amongst the families of military members and was eventually officially adopted by various government agencies. The flag was originally symbolic only of WWI service members, however, its use was subsequently expanded to include World War II service members and its symbolism was eventually expanded to include service members in any US Military conflict. The flag waned in popularity during the Vietnam War, however, there was a resurgence in popularity during the US military conflicts after September 11, 2001.


New Military Base Appears In Mariupol With Russian Flag And Star On Roof Maxar Satellite Imagery Shows

Custom Flags and Banners for Your Army!

Maxar said that the satellite images were acquired on Nov. 30.

“In Mariupol, a Russian military compound has been recently built in the north-center of the city. Notice the Russian Army slogan “From Russian army for Mariupol citizens” on the top of the roof,” the message reads.

Also, the red-white-blue star of the Russian army is clearly seen on the building’s roof.

Maxar also published satellite images that show a significant increase in the number of graves on the western side of the city.

Read also: Russians dig over 1,500 new graves near occupied Mariupol, reports BBC

All these images are posted amid messages about the strengthened Russian defence effort in Mariupol in response to the successful Ukrainian counter-offensive on the east and on the south, which threaten Russian positions in the city.

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Military And State Flags Provide A Great Opportunity For People To Display Their Pride

Our selection of Army Flags is one of the largest on the out there. We offer the US Army and US Army Retired in addition to a large number of Airborne, Ranger and Special Forces to show your pride. Our selection also includes a large number of Army divisions, brigades and regiment banners. We offer several different options for the 101st Airborne division, 82nd Airborne division and 1st Cavalry Division. We also offer a version for the 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, 3rd Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division, 10th Mountain Division, 11th Airborne Division, 13th Airborne Division and 17th Airborne Division.

PriorService offers a good selection of veteran flags. We offer several for World War II Veterans, Korean Veterans, Vietnam Veteran and Veterans of OIF and OEF. We have also recently added a Cold War Veteran item and of course offer a good selection of POW-MIA styles. Our selection of Navy Flags includes several for the US Navy including high quality direct embroidered, Navy Seal, Navy Seabees and US Merchant Marine flags.

Hart District Board To Discuss Three Items Related To Thin Blue Line Flag Controversy

The William S. Hart Union High School District governing board is slated to address the Thin Blue Line flag controversy with discussion of three items Wednesday, two of which would serve as guidelines for the district and students in regard to displaying flags, banners, symbols and other insignia, and the third would serve as a way to honor public servants in the community.

The Hart districts governing board has yet to make any decisions or take action on whether to not allow the Thin Blue Line flag from sporting events, an issue that arose after the Saugus High School football team carried out the flag as the team took the field for a game versus Golden Valley High School as part of its pre-game ritual.

Since then, the flag has remained an ongoing controversy in the community, as it drew a sharp line between those who view it as an appropriate symbol of support for law enforcement and those who view it as a divisive symbol of far-right political extremism.

The governing board took the first step in addressing the issue at the last governing board meeting on Nov. 17, as they were able to properly agenized the item and discussed it openly in public.

On Wednesday, the governing board is scheduled to discuss two board policies related to the controversy. The first will be a board policy regarding school and district flagpoles.

District administration will present governing board members with two options to consider.

Jose Herrera

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Can Anyone Fly A Military Flag

Anyone who wants to is allowed to fly a military flag. It is generally flown by people who are either serving, have served or they know someone who is serving or has served. Whatever your reason behind flying a military flag, there is nothing wrong with wanting to show a little bit of pride in the branches of military of this great country.

About Our Armed Forces Flags

US Army 17th Airborne Division Flag Banner

Gettysburg Flag Works is your source for military flags for individual units and conflicts. Unit flags include 101st Airborne, Blue Angels, 82nd Airborne, 1st Cavalry Division, Seabees, Thunderbirds, Navy Seals, 173rd Airborne Brigade and 196th Light Infantry Brigade. If you don’t find the military flag that you are looking for, Gettysburg Flag Works can expertly make your special flag to order.

The service star flag isn’t an official military flag, but Gettysburg Flag Works feels it is important to also recognize the family of our service members. Since many of our staff members have family members serving in the US Military, this flag is close to our hearts. It is designed to honor our family members serving with a blue star, and those who have died in the line of duty with a gold star. This is the same symbol used by the Gold Star Mothers organization.

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Us Army Flags And Banners

Support the troops with our high-quality US Army flags. Regulation-sized, stick flags, car flags, and more – we offer many sizes of United States Army flags in high-quality fabrics.

Proudly flown since 1956, the US Army flag is emblazoned with colors that symbolize loyalty, courage, determination and dignity. If youre looking for a gift of appreciation for the soldier in your life, our Army banners and gifts are perfect for any Army Strong serviceman or woman.

For flags and banners from the other branches, shop our wide variety of US military flags, including the Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

The United States Army Flag Design And History

The official flag of the United States Army features The Department of the Army Seal on an all-white background. The seal came into existence in 1778 and had remained this way until 1947. Formerly known as the “War Office Seal,” this was used to verify documents during the days of the American Revolution.

On the seal we see a Roman cuirass, a piece of armor made to offer protection while simultaneously representing the ideal form of the masculine male body, this stands as a symbol of defense and strength. Drums and drumsticks are used to “vocalize” the Army’s intent and well-meaning to serve the Nation, it’s people and their well-being. There is also a mortar, mortar bombs, cannon and cannon ball, musket, bayonet, and esponton all tools and weapons that the army either used previously and in some cases even still used today. A Phrygian cap, or cap of liberty is atop an unsheathed sword with a scroll that reads “This We’ll Defend,” held by a rattlesnake showing a readiness to defend freedom and the United States.

The colors of the United States Army flag represent blue for vigilance, loyalty, perseverance, and truth, red stands for courage, fortitude, and zeal, while white to represent deeds worthy of remembrance.

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Military Service Banner 158 Inch


CRAFTSMANSHIP Made of 100% durable satin. When it arrives, you will immediately notice how amazing the print is. The color is very bright and vivid, and the dye processed for UV fade resistance.

TRADITIONAL A high-quality product you will never regret buying! Official design with one single blue star on a bright white background with red borders. Best choice for family members of United States military service members.

HONOR Banner designed to honor who serves for our Great Nation. It is proudly exhibited by families who have family members attend the USA Army. Ideal for Veteranâs Day, Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day, or any special occasion.

SPECIFICATIONS Made of 100% Satin. Package contains one ANLEY 15 X 8 inches ANLEY Military Service Banner, with a wooden flagpole and golden hanging Rope with tassels.


CRAFTSMANSHIP Made of 100% durable satin. When it arrives, you will immediately notice how amazing the print is. The color is very bright and vivid, and the dye processed for UV fade resistance.

TRADITIONAL A high-quality product you will never regret buying! Official design with one single blue star on a bright white background with red borders. Best choice for family members of United States military service members.

SPECIFICATIONS Made of 100% Satin. Package contains one ANLEY 15 X 8 inches ANLEY Military Service Banner, with a wooden flagpole and golden hanging Rope with tassels.


Us Military Flags & Service Flags

Vacaville May Suspend Program For Banners Honoring Hometown Heroes

Support Americas armed forces and the servicemen and women who give the most with our US military flags for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. From miniature service flags to a full set of all five of the flags of the US military branches, we have the American military flags, pennants, and streamers to represent them all.

Perfect as gifts for the officer or retired veteran you love, as well as displaying in your own home or office, our hundreds of servicemen, officer, and retired veteran US military flags will help you honor their service. In the event that tragedy strikes, we also offer military grave markers, with our sincere condolences and gratitude.

Military & Service Flag Best Sellers:

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Military Flags Banners Military Banner American Flag

We have virtually almost every flag here at the Army Navy Shop. Banners, Mini-flags, and full-size National flags and US Armed Forces flags for collecting and decorating. Our National flags include American, Puerto Rican, Italian, German, Irish, United Kingdom, and Canadian. Our military flags include US Marine Corps, Marines, Air Force, Army, Navy, Special Forces, National Guard, Coast Guard, POW, and more!

Find unique and fun flags such as We Support our Troops,Kill Em All,The South will Rise Again, Jolly Roger, Confederate flags and others. We also carry all the accessories you need. Mounting kits for your flags and banners, brackets, and windsocks. So if you are looking for flags and banners, you’ve come to the right place! Army Navy Shop! Always low prices, easy ordering, and FAST shipping!

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