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Fort Dix 404th Ca Advon Airborne Ops Tac 01a Ft Dix Ramp 10 Sept 2022

CBS2 Visits Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst In N.J., Where Afghan Refugees Are Assimilating To Life

The Airborne Ops/Lift/Jump were held here on the newly built Fort Dix Ramp which was just Dedicated on 19 August and was the first mission to be held at this location on Fort Dix. The 404th CA Advon arrived at TAC-1A for rehearsals prior to the actual loading and jump. After rehearsals the units were transferred to the Fort Dix Army Ramp where parachutes were distributed on the parking area inside of the fence of the Army Ramp. The troops arrived on or about 1230L and were ushered over to the staging area falling-in on their assigned chalks. Two CU-47’s had arrived at 1300L. While the CU-47s were refueling, the Jump Master and unit leaders conducted a mission brief in Bldg 4421. These Airborne Ops soldiers were lifted to the jump area located at Coyle Field, NJ. Training Support Center)

Th Civil Affairs Battalion Conducts Airborne Ops

U.S. Army Soldiers assigned to the 404th Civil Affairs Battalion, jump from a CH-47 for an Airborne operation at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. on Sept. 10, 2022. The unit conducted non-tactical airborne operations at the Army Aviation Facility in order to maintain mission readiness and proficiency among their paratroopers with the assistance of two CH-47s out of Virginia. The Army Aviation Facility was created through a MILCON effort valued at 11.7 million dollars and made possible by the joint effort of ASA Fort Dix and the U.S. Marine Corps Marine Aircraft Group 49.

Letter From The Division Head

Welcome to the Burlington County Department of Military and Veterans Services website. This department was established by the Board of County Commissioners to serve both active duty military personnel, and the veterans of Burlington County. Joint Base McGuire, Dix located in Lakehurst is the one installation location which has detachments from the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Additionally, the county is home to many National Guard and Reserve members.

– Evelyn Rosado, Division Head

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Fort Dix 80th Tng Cmd Tc Dix 94th Div 12r10 Interior Electrician Tng 14 Sept 2022

The 80th Training Command / TC Dix 94th Division trained solders from multiple units throughout the region during their 12R10 Interior Electrician Course. This Class/Training is held at the Vertical Skill Building 4309 on Fort Dix from 10-24 September 2022. Interior electricians possess a comprehensive understanding of the principles of electricity. Soldiers with a 12R MOS are safety conscious and understand local rules and regulations while they work with up to 600 volts of electrical power. As interior electricians gain experience, they move to a supervisory position and begin to design electrical layouts themselves. Training Support Center / Daniel Amburg)

Uscg Training Center Cape May Nj

Military Bases In New Jersey: A List Of All 10 Bases In NJ

Location: Cape May, NJ

In Use: 1917-Present

Overall Mission: There has been some form of US naval presence around Cape May, and specifically Sewell Point, the location of the Cape May Training center, since the Revolutionary war.

In 1917 the base was designated as a section base providing training, communication facilities, and other essential forms of support.

It is currently the home of the US Coast Guard Enlisted Corps, and is the only accession point and training center for enlisted Coast Guard personnel.

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New Jersey Army National Guard


  • OCS Class 65 Graduation

    The 65th class of the New Jersey Army National Guard Officer Candidate School graduated Aug. 7, 2022, culminating fifteen months of rigorous training designed to push future military leaders to their limits. Twelve graduates were commissioned as Second Lieutenants and are the newest officers in the New Jersey Army National Guard. See the images at NJNG Flickr.


  • Aviators Rescue Stranded Motorists

    UH-60L Black Hawk helicopter pilots with Detachment 2, C Company, 1-171st General Support Aviation Battalion were part of a five-man crew of ROGUE20 credited with nine rescues after catastrophic flooding in northern New Jersey from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. See images and read the full story at NJ DVIDS.


  • 100% Free College Tuition

    Serve part-time and go to college full-time. New Jersey state law mandates that every member of the New Jersey Army National Guard is authorized to attend any New Jersey public college or university tuition free for undergraduate and graduate studies. Soldiers may take 16 credits per semester. Get all the details and more at njarmyguard.com.

Fort Dix Hstl Engagement Area Development Bld 3507 6 October 2022

Various soldiers from Army, Air Force, Marine, Navy and Coast Guard are in class in Building 3507 at the Home Station Training Lane at the Fort Dix Simulation Area on 6 Oct 22. Engagement Area Development is a course that provides insight into terrain-shaping operations and establishing a successful defensive posture in Large Scale Ground Combat Operations.

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Fort Dix 514 Amw Amphibious Lake Survival Tac 03b Training 9 Sept 2022

Fort Dix hosted a Water Survival course for up to 22 aircrew members from the 514 AMW during their upcoming UTA weekend. This training includes water survival orientation and in water training. The training equipment included 1 life raft anchored in the water and 1 blown up on the shore. Students will get outfitted with a life preserver, and will swim from the shore to the life raft and then enter it. Once all members are in the raft, we will discuss the raft maintenance and equipment to help them survive during whatever the environmental conditions give them. There was also a medical team on-site if needed, and up to 8 instructor/support staff. Training Support Center / Dan Amburg)

Fort Dix Princeton University Rotc Zero And Grounding Rg 20 16 Sept 2022

New Jersey National Guard members prepare to deploy to Washington, D.C.

The Princeton Army ROTC is shown here on Range 20 on the Fort Dix Range Complex. This ROTC program includes cadets from The College of New Jersey, Rider University and Rowan University. These cadets are here at Fort Dix completing their Zero and Grounding training. Training Support Center / Daniel Amburg)

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Quality Legal Services For Victims Of Pfas Exposure That Took Place On Military Bases

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New Jersey Military Bases

New Jersey military bases are an important part of our national defense. New Jersey has a population of just over 8.8 million people, of that population over 400 thousand are veterans. New Jersey is bordered by New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

In 1776, New Jersey declared independence from Great Britain, along with 12 other British colonies, becoming one of the original states of the United States of America. At that time, the American flag had 13 stars for each existing state versus the 50 that appear on the national flag today. The state flag of New Jersey was originally designed in 1777 and was later modified in 1928.

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Fort Dix Aviation Building And Army Ramp Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The new Fort Dix Aviation Building and Army Ramp Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on Friday, 19 August 2022. During this Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Welcoming Remarks were made by the USARMY ARCD MAJ Charles Billi. Also in attendance as the Keynote Speaker was the US ASA Fort Dix Base Commander COL Mitchell Wisniewski. This new facility is for troop movements and cargo landing to enter the new constructed Army ramp which provides a wide range of capabilities for refueling operations for transit aircraft and aircraft parking for fixed wing aircraft up to a C-130. The Army ramp can also be used to support rotary wing aircraft for two CH-475s or 5 UH-60s with tie down locations and grounding points. Training Support Center / Dan Amburg)

Us Army Aviation Ramp Milcon Amplifies Readiness And Sustainment Capabilities

Aerial Photography Map of McGuire AFB, NJ New Jersey

U.S. Army Col. Mitchell Wisniewski, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst deputy commander, and Army Support Activity Fort Dix commander, and U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. James Van Zlike, Army Support Activity Fort Dix command sergeant major, cut a ribbon during the Army Support Activity Fort Dix Aviation Facility ribbon cutting ceremony at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst N.J. on Aug. 19, 2022.

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Fort Dix 2022 Postal Warrior / Joint Base Mission Site Ir3c Fort Dix 10 Aug 2022

The Joint Base MDL conducted a Postal Warrior Training Mission on 10 August 2022 which was conducted by the 78th Training Division. This training event was on Fort Dix Site IR3C. Multiple Army Reserve Units from the states of New York, Georgia and California were on-site for this training. The U.S. ASA Fort Dix Commander COL Mitchell Wisniewski, Joint Base Commander COL Wes Adams and the Army Reserve CSM, CSM Andrew Lombardo were in attendance. They all had observed the training from the ground and also in-flight during the soldiers training. The flights were provided by the 773rd Marine Light Attack Helicopter on a UH1 Cobra Helicopter. Postal Warrior is a task-focused exercise for Postal Units to support Postal Operations in a combat area when needed. During this training Units are being prepared for delivering mail during possible small arms or sniper fire from enemy while carrying out their mission. Training Support Center / Dan Amburg / Kevin McDevitt)

About Burlington County Military Bases

Burlington County Military Bases are centers of military command where U.S. military personnel in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy reside, equipment is stored, training is conducted, and military operations are supported in Burlington County, NJ. Bases consist of military owned and operated Burlington County facilities and infrastructure, and a Military Base functions much like a city, providing services and amenities common to civilian life.

You may contact a Military Base for questions about:

  • Burlington County Military Base facilities
  • Military dormitories and barracks
  • Burlington County Military Base housing
  • Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy installations

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Fort Dix Fort Dix Biv 5 Concrete/masonry

The 377th Engineer Company is here working an exercise at Bivouac 5 on the Fort Dix Range Complex. This Reserve unit is from Butler, PA and they are completing the concrete/masonry work around the new latrine on Bivouac 5. Fort Dix Training Division and the unit work with a local contracted concrete company to complete this mission. Soldiers will then have a new latrine for their use while setting up at a command post during training on the Fort Dix Range Complex. Training Support Center / Dan Amburg / Kevin McDevitt)

What Are The Military Bases In New Jersey

9 U.S. Army bases to be renamed after BIPOC and women military members

Do you know the total number of military bases in New Jersey? There are a few non-active bases around the Garden State, but there are many more active bases here. The U.S. military bases in New Jersey play an integral role in keeping the country safe and prepared for whatever her enemies may throw at her.

Within our list of military bases in New Jersey below, were going to cover the active bases in the state and the important jobs each one has that contribute to keeping the United States secure.

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Military Bases In New Jersey

What military base is in New Jersey? Well, there are a bunch! There are also two branches without installations here: the Marines and Space Force. Fun fact: The nations only tri-service base, JBMDL, is located here.

Read on to see each military base in New Jersey and learn more about them!

Fort Dix

Fort Dix is an Army military base in New Jersey housed in the historic city of Burlington. The base is combined with McGuire AFB and NAES Lakehurst to form what is often called JBMDL Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Though Fort Dix is technically an Army base itself, its run by the Air Force under Joint Base JBMDL.

Fort Dix was named after John Adam Dix, a Veteran of both the War of 1812 and the Civil War a true American hero. Originally called Camp Dix, the forts initial purpose was to train Soldiers during the First World War. Soon after, it was developed into a civilian training field. It would once again regain the same purpose as it initially held as the country fought in WWII.

Fort Dix military base in New Jersey began the merge with McGuire and Lakehurst in 2005 as part of the DoDs Base Realignment and Closure. Now, they support troop training across a massive 31,000 acres the joint base occupies a total of 42,000 acres.

Picatinny Arsenal

Loran Support Unit

Training Center Cape May

Here, they prepare troops for all things the Coast Guard may encounter. Troops are trained in lighthouse maintenance, search-and-rescue missions, ice patrolling, and much more.

New Jersey Military Bases Keep Us Safe & Strong

Looking for a military base in Newark, New Jersey? Unfortunately, theres not one. But there are plenty of amazing installations to be found across the state. As you can see, the military bases in New Jersey do a lot to keep the U.S. secure. We salute the Soldiers, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and Sailors who work tirelessly at military bases in the Garden State for their countrys freedom and safety.

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Fort Dix Us Army Base New Jersey

Fort Dix is a US military installation located in Burlington County, New Jersey, US.


Burlington County, New Jersey, US


Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution


Fort Dix is a US military installation located in Burlington County, New Jersey, US. Established in 1917, it was made a permanent garrison and named Fort Dix in 1939. The primary mission of the fort is to mobilise, train and deploy army troops. It also provides financial, administrative and logical support. It is a major training centre for the Reserve Component Soldiers and includes the Army Reserve and National Guard.

Fort Dix is part of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst , an installation made up of McGuire Air Force Base and Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst.

Spread over 32,000 acres, the fort incorporates several built-up areas including cantonment, housing and hospitals.


During World War I, the fort was used mainly as a training and staging ground before it became the largest military installation in the north-east. After the war, the camp became a demobilisation centre. During World War II, several army divisions and smaller units were trained at the base. After the war, the base operated as a separation centre.

In December 1995 the fort deployed troops for peace missions in Bosnia. In October 1997 Fort Dix was transferred to the United States Army Reserve Command from Forces Command.


Garrison facilities

Other facilities

Naval Weapons Station Earle

Photos of Wright

NWS Earle is known for its beautiful setting, located in Colts Neck, NJ. Its a military installation under the command of the United States Navy that deals mainly with weaponry. They are responsible for storing, repairing, developing and maintaining the most technologically advanced weapons used in the Navy. Along with being considered the most beautiful of facilities, it boasts a unique pier that is located in nearby Sandy Hook Bay. This pier is more than 4 kilometers long and allows personnel to load and unload dangerous ammunitions and weapons far from land. This adds an additional layer of safety considering the types of weaponry Earle deals with.

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What Contaminants Of Concern Are Lurking On Joint Base Mcguire

The environmental levels of PFAS on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst are 24,000 higher than the safe limit. Consequently, PFAS are the primary contaminants of concern on the military base. They are also known as “forever chemicals”, which means that once they are released into the environment, they do not break down and persist until they are removed by organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you wonder where such a tremendous concentration of PFAS came from, the answer is simple: AFFF. This is a fire suppressant that has been used since 1966 by military firefighters and trainees to put our petroleum and jet fuel fires. It contains a large amount of PFAS that are inevitably released into the environment while using it. To make matters worse, other contaminants were found on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, which are the following:

  • bromodichloromethane
  • trihalomethanes
  • trichloroacetic acid

These toxic agents have a strong connection with various types of cancer, which greatly endangers the health of every member of the military who has been stationed at this military base for more than a couple of months. Exposure to these contaminants occurs by inhalation and ingestion. If you spent time at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, we advise you to pay close attention to your health and to seek medical attention immediately if you experience unusual or bothersome symptoms.

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