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Military Spouse Education And Career Opportunities

Military Spouse Tuition Assistance

Benefit Fact Sheet

The Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program provides expert education and career guidance to military Spouses worldwide. SECO offers comprehensive information, tools and resources to support career exploration, education, training, licensing, employment readiness and career connections. The four main components of service delivery for the SECO program are: the MySECO website which provides a comprehensive set of virtual tools and resources to assist military Spouses in the pursuit of their educational and employment goals the Military OneSource SECO Career Center where certified career counselors provide comprehensive counseling services at no cost the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship, which is a workforce development initiative that provides up to $$4,000 of tuition assistance for licensure and education to eligible military Spouses and the Military Spouse Employment Partnership , which is an employment and career partnership connecting military Spouses with more than 540 partners who have committed to recruit, hire, promote and retain military Spouses in portable careers. Online, in the community, or on the phone, SECO ensures military Spouses have all the opportunities and connections they need to find a career that fits their mobile military life.

Spouse And Dependent Benefits

You’ve earned it! Learn about the education benefits that you may qualify for to help cover the cost of school.

MyCAA: Military Spouse Career Advanced Account

University of Massachusetts Global is a proud participant in the MyCAA program which provides financial assistance for military spouses who are pursuing licenses or credentials leading to employment in portable career fields. Read More

Troops to Teachers

University of Massachusetts Global is an active partner with Troops to Teachers, a U.S. Department of Education and Department of Defense program that helps eligible military personnel transition to a career as a public school teacher. The skills, knowledge, and experience one gains in the military are highly valued in our public schools. Read More

Survivors’ and Dependents Educational Assistance – Chapter 35

Assistance may be available to eligible dependents of permanently disabled or deceased Veteranswhose injury/death occurred while on active duty or as a result of a servicerelated condition. Read More

Fry Scholarship

The Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship provides Post9/11 GI Billbenefits to the children and surviving spouses of Servicemembers who died in the line of duty while onactive duty after September 10, 2001. Read More

Tuition Assistance Program

UMass Global offers Tuition Assistance to cover 100 percent of undergraduate tuition for active duty service member spouses as well as spouses of the Reserve.

Education Benefits For Military Spouses & Dependents

As a military spouse or dependent, we know you have a busy life. Our four-week course structure was created to make your military spouse benefits accessible and achievable. Take advantage of the opportunity to study at a military-friendly university and move closer to the degree you always wanted, one month at a time.

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Does The Army Pay For College After Service

The Army does offer a few options for soldiers who want to pursue college after their service is complete. The Army Tuition Assistance Program offers up to $4,500 per year for soldiers who want to take college courses while still on active duty. The Army also offers the Montgomery GI Bill, which can provide up to $40,000 for soldiers who want to pursue a college degree after their service is complete.

If you join the military, you will be able to pay for your college tuition. Members of the military have access to a variety of benefits, programs, and resources. Enlisted, active duty, reserve, and veterans are all eligible for tuition assistance. The Montgomery GI Bill provides up to $1,500 per month in assistance. There are other tuition assistance programs available, but the GI Bill is the primary source of funding for them. Some roles allow enlisted personnel to attend school while on assignment because they have a set schedule and a specific location. If youve graduated from college and now have student loan debt, you might want to look into military scholarships.

Snhu Military Spouse Discounts

Active Duty Army Spouse Tuition Assistance

Depending on your spouse’s benefits and eligibility or your circumstances, military spouses and dependents may be entitled to transferable benefits or to the VA’s Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program . Contact your Admission Representative or Academic Advisor for additional information.

Regardless of your eligibility for benefits through the VA, as the spouse of an Active Duty Servicemember, you’re entitled to SNHU’s Military Spouse Discount of up to 30%. We recognize the challenges of being married to the military and want to help you see yourself succeed.

You may also want to consider applying for the MyCAA Scholarship, which provides up to $4,000 of tuition assistance to eligible military spouses. Learn more about how to apply and the eligibility requirements.

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Military Education Benefits For Dependents

There are many education benefits available for dependents of military service members. These benefits can help cover the cost of tuition, books, and other expenses associated with pursuing a degree. Some of the most popular programs include the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, and the Tuition Assistance program. These benefits can be used to attend a variety of schools, both in the United States and abroad. Military families often take advantage of these benefits to help their children get a head start on their education.

Tuition Assistance Benefits And Restrictions

The TA programs are a great chance to pursue degrees in both academic and technical programs from two- or four-year institutions. Approved programs can be taught on-installation, off-installation or by distance learning provided the institution meets accreditation standards reviewed and approved by the Department of Education.

The Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps operate education centers on their installations, and the Navy operates a consolidated virtual education center for all naval installations in the continental United States.

The program isnt new and has been frequently vetted to ensure its meeting the needs of military members and making proper use of taxpayer money.

Congress held hearings in 2011 to bring more oversight into the program, mainly aimed at for-profit online universities some of whom practiced aggressive and deceptive recruiting and offered some courses that failed to meet accreditation standards.

In 2019, the Inspector General released findings of an audit of controls at military installations for schools participating in the DoD Tuition Assistance program.

Again, the goal was to police abuses by for-profit online universities. The report found compliance among the schools studied. Among other findings, the report cited a widespread and necessary quality control in place that required service members to meet with an education counselor before the members were permitted to select an institution or education program.

Whats covered?

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Air Force Tuition Assistance

You must apply for Tuition Assistance online using the Air Force Virtual Education Center. There are six steps to completing the AFVEC online TA process.

You will be unable to apply online for TA if the following applies to you:

  • Missing grades over 60 days from course end date.
  • Suspense dates that have expired.
  • Missing personal data in the education record including: Phone, DOS, DOB, Unit, Office Symbol, Mailing Address, Email Address, base, and Education Level.
  • Requesting TA for courses that start more than 30 days into the future.
  • Requesting TA for courses that have already started.
  • Requesting TA for lower level courses which are less than highest ed level awarded.
  • No degree plan in records.

TA is not authorized for courses leading to a lateral or lower level degree than you already possess .

After you have completed your tuition assistance form and registered for class, you may still drop/change courses without penalty as long as you notify both the base education center and the school. If you drop a course after the drop/ add period, you must still notify the base ed center and the school but you are liable for the cost of tuition, unless you qualify for waiver of tuition assistance reimbursement.

No Tuition Assistance for post-masters degree course work or degree.

Online TA Request

Before you can access the online TA request process, you must create a user name and password on the AFVEC.

Do I Have To Complete My Associate’s Degree Before I Can Start A University Of Arizona Global Campus Bachelor’s Degree Program

Do Military Spouses Get Education Benefits?

No. You can enroll in an online Associate or Bachelor’s degree program at the University of Arizona Global Campus if you meet all of the admission requirements, even if you have never attended a college or university before. Please note certain degree programs may have specific programmatic admissions requirements that must be met.

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What Assistance Does The University Of Arizona Global Campus Offer To Students Who Need Extra Academic Support

You will have your own personal military advisors at the University of Arizona Global Campus. These advisors are trained in the unique needs of military-affiliated students.

Additionally, the Office of Access & Wellness has a dedicated Military Access & Wellness Counselor for students pursuing academic accommodations.

Your Military Enrollment Services Advisor will support you through the entire enrollment process, and to whom you can direct your questions. If you have specific questions regarding use of military education benefits, your Military Financial Services Advisor will assist, and a Military Academic Advisor will work with you throughout your educational journey.

Finally, you will find your faculty very understanding, supportive, and easy to contact. Since the University of Arizona Global Campus online degree programs are specifically designed for adult learners, these academic support systems are built in to help you succeed in your classes.

Active Duty Tuition Assistance

Active Duty personnel in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy may be eligible for Tuition Assistance .

Because each branch has its own application process and criteria for eligibility, please contact your duty station’s Education Office to learn more about your available benefits.

Return of Military Tuition Assistance

Military Tuition Assistance is awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will attend for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded. When a student withdraws or stops attending, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of TA funds originally awarded.

SNHU will return any unearned TA funds on a proportional basis to comply with Department of Defense policy. TA funds are earned proportionally, during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending. Any SNHU balance due to a TA return is the responsibility of the student.

SNHU divides the number of days attended by the number of days in the term. This percentage represents the earned TA amount for the term and the remaining percentage will identify the amount of unearned TA funds. The amount of unearned aid is rounded to the nearest dollar using standard rounding rules. However, if the student has attended to earn greater than 60% of the term, then they are considered to have earned 100% of their Tuition Assistance.

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Am I Eligible For Education Benefits

You may be eligible for VA education benefits if youre the child or spouse of a service member and one of these descriptions listed is true of the service member.

One of these must be true:

  • The service member died in the line of duty after September 10, 2001, or
  • The service member is missing in action or was captured in the line of duty by a hostile force, or
  • The service member was detained by force while in the line of duty by a foreign government or power, or
  • The service member is in the hospital or getting outpatient treatment for a service-connected permanent and total disability, and is likely to be discharged for that disability. A service-connected permanent and total disability is a disability resulting from your service that doesnt go away.

You may be eligible for VA education benefits if youre the child or spouse of a Veteran and one of these descriptions listed is true of the Veteran.

One of these must be true:

  • The Veteran is permanently and totally disabled due to a service-connected disability, or
  • The Veteran died while on active duty or as a result of a service-connected disability

If youre a dependent who doesnt meet the above criteria, you may still qualify for VA education benefits if the Veteran or service member transferred some or all of their Post-9/11 GI Bill entitlement to you while they were on active duty.

Spouse Education & Career Opportunities Scholarship Finder

Military Spouse Scholarship: 100% Tuition Assistance

The SECO Scholarship Finder makes searching for education funding and career development opportunities fast and easy. Use this resource to search for financial assistance resources and professional development opportunities offered specifically to military spouses and family members.

To learn more, visit

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Achieve More With Your Dependent & Military Spouse Tuition Assistance

We are pleased to honor veterans and their families with military education grants that significantly reduce the cost of tuition. These grants combine with your military tuition assistance to deliver a tremendously affordable price for your degree of choice.

Through our military education grant, military spouses and dependents can receive a 40% savings off tuition for undergraduate courses, 43% for graduate courses, and 14-19% for doctoral courses.

Through our veterans education grant, you can receive a 20% savings off tuition for undergraduate courses, 25% for graduate courses, and 10-11% for doctoral courses.

To find out about your eligibility for these grants, contact the financial aid office. Our staff will be happy to assist you as your pursue your goals.

For more information, please contact our admissions department. Were available Monday Friday from Monday-Thursday 7am-5:30pm PDT | Friday 7am-5pm PDT

Spouse Tuition Aid Program

The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society offers STAP to your spouse if you are an active duty servicemember stationed in an overseas location. Your spouse may be a full or part-time student studying toward a vocational certificate or an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Amounts granted

To request an application form and information about deadlines, contact one of the following NMCRS offices: Guam, Guantanamo Bay, London, Naples, Okinawa, Roosevelt Roads, Rota, Sigonella, or Yokosuka.

Visit the official Spouse Tuition Aid Program website for more information.

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Survivors And Dependents Educational Assistance Program

The DEA program offers education and training opportunities to eligible dependents of Veterans who are permanently and totally disabled due to a service-related condition or of Veterans who died while on active duty or as a result of a service-related condition.

To learn more about DEA, visit

Benefits For Military Spouses

Changes to Spouse Tuition Assistance Program – 6 March 2012 – ATAF

Military families make extraordinary sacrifices, and it is difficult for civilian families to truly understand the hardships they endure. While there is no way to truly repay them for their service, there are some rewards that can help to ease their burdens. Scholarships are one way of giving back to the families of military service members, and to provide much needed financial assistance for the spouses and children of service-men and women as they pursue a college education.

Scholarships for military spouses take a variety of different forms, and are supported by the various branches of the military, as well as Federal and state governments. Some scholarships target the wives and husbands of currently serving military personnel. Others are dedicated to the spouses of service members who have been killed or disabled in service to their country. The wide range of scholarships for military spouses are designed to help military family members pursue their college education. It is a small way of giving back to the military community, and it helps thousands of men and women every year to achieve their college ambitions.

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Coverage Amounts And Monetary Limits

If you meet the eligibility criteria in your branch of the service, the TA programs may cover 100% of your tuition costs and other fees provided certain monetary limits are not exceeded:

  • $250 per semester credit hour.
  • $166 per quarter credit hour.
  • $4,500 per fiscal year, October 1 through September 30.

How much is allowed per fiscal year is at the discretion of each branch of the military offering the program. Its important to know, these are not loans. Its a benefit that doesnt require you to pay back the amount of the tuition assistance as long as you meet class completion requirements.

Military Spouse & Dependent Tuition Reduction

As San Diegos largest private nonprofit university, we offer over 75-degree programs and tuition discounts for Military Spouses and their dependents. Our, bachelors, masters, doctoral, and certificate programs have been designed specifically for military students and are offered online, on-site, and on over a dozen military bases, so you can attend class without disrupting your duties.

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How To Apply For South Carolina Tuition Assistance

South Dakota offers tuition waivers for qualifying dependents attending state colleges.

To be eligible for this benefit, you must:

Be the child of a veteran who died during service in the U.S. Armed Forces

Be the spouse or child of a veteran who is listed POW/MIA

Be the spouse or child of a member who died or was permanently and totally disabled in the line of duty while a member of the South Dakota National Guard

Does Military Pay For College For Spouse

NMFA Military Spouse Program Scholarship

The MyCAA program provides military spouses with up to $4,000 in tuition assistance. Military members who meet the eligibility criteria should be in pay grades E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2, or O-1 to O-2. When you decide on a degree, you can complete it in a matter of days. Only when we begin reaping the benefits of $4,000 will we realize that we are fortunate enough to start early.

You and your service member may only be able to earn one income, with the rent, car loan, credit card debt, and some credit card debt. Military spouses may be eligible for military benefits as well as civilian programs. With our guide to paying for school, you will be able to finish those books in no time. Transfers will be limited in some cases by new, stricter eligibility requirements. Because the GI Bill is a benefit, not an entitlement, the programs transferability may be jeopardized due to budget cuts. Nikki is currently looking for a school where she can study veterinary medicine. It is not going to happen.

Now that its here, lets get to work. In 2013, over 4,000 soldiers lost their GI Bill transferability. There are still some options available to you, so try to take advantage of them. If youre still strapped for cash, you can consider using military scholarships to help your children and spouses attend college. The Financial Assistance for Suicides and other federal grants could also be used as additional funding sources.

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