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Salvation Army Thrift Store And Donation Center Faqs

Salvation Army says volunteer numbers are down 50%

Q: What can I donate to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and what isnt allowed?

A: These vary from location to location, so please visit The Salvation Army Donation Center in your area for their policies. In general, Salvation Army Thrift store will accept gently used:

  • Appliances that still operate and are not built-in, such as:
  • air conditioners

Q: How do I donate to my local Salvation Army Thrift Store

A: The donation process is pretty simple

  • Step 1: Call your local donation center or visit its website to find out the hours of operation and what items are allowed
  • Step 2: Drop off your items at the donation center near me
  • Step 3: Receive a donation receipt for your taxes and rest assured that you have helped us do the most good in your community. We, and those we serve, are very grateful for your contribution.

Q: Is The Salvation Army Thrift Store near me open?Q: What are the Salvation Army thrift stores hours?Q: How do I schedule a pickup at my home?

A: Again, the process is relatively simple and pain-free for you

Q: How do I make a change to my donation?

A: Please go to https://dss.satruck.org/MyPickups , enter your last name and phone number, and youll be taken to your pick-up details. Click the arrow next to the pickup date and view the details. There, youll see buttons in red type allowing you to change items, change pickup date, change instructions to the driver, or cancel your pickup.

Q: How can I track my pickup?Q: How can I change or cancel a pick-up?

A: Call

Salvation Army Angel Tree In El Paso County Sees Record High Number Of Families In Need This Year

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — According to the Salvation Army, this Christmas there are a record number of families in need in El Paso County.

They are also seeing a matched increase in people wanting to help and fulfill this increased need.

This year, the Salvation Army in El Paso County had 500 families sign up, with 100 more on the waiting list. In past years they’ve serviced 400 families. But this year they increased it to 500 plus the extra 100 on the waiting list due to the need. This is also the first year they’ve created a wait list.

If they receive a surplus of toys, the extra will go to those families on the wait list called, forgotten angels.

“Your heart gets overwhelmed with the people that come,” Salvation Army El Paso County Coordinator Captain Doug Hanson said. “The people that are crying because they see the bag of toys coming to them knowing that they’re going to be able to supply for Christmas. Our whole goal here with families we’re supporting is that the children don’t know that we exist.”

If you’d like to participate and help a family in need this holiday season, you can go to any Walmart or Big R store in El Paso County, pick out a tag, purchase a gift that matches up with the needs of the kid on the back of the tag, and return the unwrapped gift to a Salvation Army location before Dec. 24.

They ask for the gifts to be unwrapped so the parents can pick up the gifts during distribution and wrap them themselves.

Welcome To The Salvation Army Of Lancaster

Whether it’s embracing the homeless, uplifting the abused or abandoned, training and mentoring the disadvantaged, providing character building programs for youth, or assisting the displaced or elderly, The Salvation Army’s goal remains the same: serving the most people, meeting the most needs, DOING THE MOST GOOD!When you give to The Salvation Army, expect change. Change in the number of teens finding mentors and staying in school. Change in the lives of people devastated by fire and flooding. Change in the violence plaguing our neighborhoods. Change in the lives of families torn apart by drug and alcohol addiction. By addressing the whole person – physically, emotionally and spiritually – The Salvation Army of Lancaster offers hope and creates change.

The Salvation Army of Lancaster

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The Salvation Army Serves Displaced Men Women And Children 365 Days A Year Through:

Homeless Shelters

For those with no place to go or in need of emergency shelter, local Salvation Army homeless shelters provide a warm, safe place for men, women, and whenever possible families to stay. In cities where we do not operate homeless shelters, we offer financial assistance to cover emergency overnight housing costs or refer those facing housing and food insecurity to partner programs with emergency shelter services.

Even during a pandemic, our homeless shelters evolved and innovated to serve their neighbors in need despite the ongoing challenges. Check out the internationally recognized efforts of The Salvation Army of Marquette County Michigans successful efforts to keep people fed and sheltered when the public transit system was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transitional Housing

Our transitional housing programs offer hope to the temporarily displaced, chronically homeless population, and many young adults who have aged out of the foster care system. For those experiencing a recent eviction, domestic breakup, addiction issue, or any other housing crisis, our temporary shelters provide homeless individuals with food and lodging while equipping them with the resources and support needed to regain stability.

Permanent Supportive Housing
Re-Entry Resources
Serving All Without Discrimination

Schedule Salvation Army Clothing Donations Furniture Donations Or Household Item Donation Pick Up

The Salvation Army

With DonationTown.org, scheduling a pick up of your Salvation Army clothing donations, furniture donation and household item donations all over the United States has never been easier. Weve worked hard to collect all the contact information for your local Salvation Army thrift store donation pick up services throughout the country. Simply enter your zip code on the donation pick up scheduling webpage.

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Schedule A Free Donation Pick Up Now

Disclaimer : We use our best efforts to provide accurate information regarding the charitable donation community, however, we make no promise, guarantee, representation, or assurance regarding any particular entity published on our Site, including without limitation its tax or legal status or the quality or safety of its services. You should thoroughly investigate any charity to which you are considering making a donation directly. Do not to rely on the information published on our Site for answers to any question that may have tax, legal, or other serious consequences. Donation Town does not provide tax, legal or other professional advice. All trademarks or copyrights published on Donation Town are the rights of their respective owners. Use of our website signifies your agreement to our Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy.

Countries Where The Salvation Army Is Officially At Work

A country in which the Army serves is defined in two ways: Politically Where the General has given approval to the work, thus officially recognising it, ensuring it has legal identity and a Deed Poll is published to acknowledge this.

As far as political status is concerned, for the Armys purposes, three categories are recognised: Independent countries, eg, USA and New Zealand Internally independent political entities which are under the protection of another country in matters of defence and foreign affairs, eg, The Færoes, Isle of Man, Puerto Rico Colonies and other dependent political units, eg, Bermuda, French Guiana, Guam, Guernsey, Jersey, Virgin Islands.Administrative subdivisions of a country such as Wales and Scotland in the UK are not recognised as separate countries for this purpose. The countries fulfilling the quoted criteria, with the date on which the work was officially recognised in brackets, are as follows:

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Australian Sex Abuse Cases

From the 1940s to the 1980s the Salvation Army in Australia sheltered approximately 30,000 children. In 2006 the Australian division of the Salvation Army acknowledged that sexual abuse may have occurred during this time and issued an apology. In it, the Army explicitly rejected a claim, made by a party unnamed in the apology, that there were as many as 500 potential claimants.

In 2013 it was reported that private settlements totalling A$15.5 million had been made in Victoria relating to 474 abuse cases a Salvation Army spokesman said that “This should not have happened and this was a breach of the trust placed in us” and that they were “deeply sorry” whilst claiming that the abuse was “the result of individuals and not a culture within the organisation”.

The Royal Commission published a case study report on the findings and recommendations for one of the above-mentioned case studies.

The Salvation Army Said They Had A Record Number Of Families Requesting Help With Gifts This Year Because Of Inflation

Volunteer Bell Ringers Needed For Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign
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The Salvation Army said they had a record number of families requesting help with gifts this year because of inflation.

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The Salvation Army said they had a record number of families requesting help with gifts this year because of inflation.

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The Salvation Army on Wednesday gave away 20,000 toys some of them handmade to 5,000 families in need in the Sacramento area.

The Angel Tree Program, which provides gifts to families, has been in place for more than 40 years. The Salvation Army said they had a record number of families requesting help with gifts this year because of inflation.

Families also received a food box with two weeks’ worth of groceries and an artificial Christmas tree.

Despite the cold temperatures, dozens of volunteers handed out bags of toys to a line of cars that stretched around the corner.

One of those volunteers was Michelle Garibay.

“When I was growing up, I was one of the kids in line here with my mom, Garibay said. She was a single mom and when I got older, I wanted to give it back.”

Most of the toys handed out can be found on any store shelf, but there were also toys made by hand.

For 40 years the group, Sacramento Area Woodworkers create wooden toys, and they’ve been doing it for the Salvation Army for more than 40 years.

“You could buy this probably at the dollar store, but the quality, the workmanship isn’t there, said David Chin.

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About The Salvation Army Spartanburg

The Salvation Army Spartanburg, located in Spartanburg, SC, is a branch office of the Christian non-profit Salvation Army, whose mission emphasizes aiding the poor and people in need. The Salvation Army offers human services through its programs, including disaster relief and public emergency services, while taking an evangelical approach. In Spartanburg County, the Salvation Army also runs stores that sell used goods.

You may contact the Salvation Army for questions about:

  • Spartanburg Salvation Army stores and locations
  • Making donations and volunteering
  • Children and elderly care programs
  • Disaster relief and emergency preparedness

Wednesday Evenings Are For Fun Growth And Family Fellowship

5:30 p.m. Family dinner for all ages

6:00 p.m. Youth Character Building classes

  • Moonbeams: Boys and girls in pre-k and kindergarten
  • Sunbeams: Girls in grades 1-5
  • Adventure Corps Explorers: Boys in grades 1-5
  • Girl Guards: Girls in grades 6-12
  • Adventure Corps Rangers: Boys in grades 6-12

6:00 p.m. Adult Bible study

7:15 p.m. Church Band Practice

For more information about our Family Night, call Lt. Elyse Doborwicz or Taylor Truesdale at 278-1551.


A holistic Christian education experience for girls and boys in pre-k and kindergarten. The Moonbeam program supports physical, mental, and social development in a safe, age-appropriate, Christ-centered environment.

Sunbeams & Girl Guards

A holistic Christian education experience for girls in grades 1-5 and 6-12 . These programs help girls develop positive social and communication habits, decision making and life skills and gives girls tools to develop character and leadership skills. Programs encourage a sense of personal identity and character Christian values and Biblical principles physical, mental, spiritual and social development in a safe environment.

Adventure Corps

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History Of Doughnut Day

In 1917, over 250 Salvation Army volunteers went overseas to France to provide supplies and baked goods, including doughnuts, to American soldiers. The women who served doughnuts to the troops fried them in soldiers’ helmets. They were known as “Doughnut Lassies” and are credited with popularising doughnuts in the United States.National Doughnut Day is now celebrated on the first Friday of June every year, starting in Chicago in 1938, to honour those who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I.

Salvation Army Donation Pick Up

The Salvation Army Donation $2.00 each

Ready to schedule a Salvation Army donation pick up? Make clothing donations, household items donations, and furniture donations to The Salvation Army by scheduling a free Salvation Army donation pick-up. Donation Town will give you all the information you need to schedule a Salvation Army donation pick up in your local community. Simply enter your zip code on the donation pick up scheduling webpage.

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Salvation Army Donation Questions

A lot of donors have questions about the Salvation Army donation pick up program. We did some research and have compiled some answers, but your best bet is to use our online donation scheduling directory to contact your local Salvation Army donation pick up program.

Will Salvation Army pick up donations? YES, in many areas of the country like Miami, Tennessee, Los Angeles and Texas. From what we can tellJust about anywhere!

How can I donate to Salvation Army? How do I schedule a Salvation Army pick up? Contact them to schedule a donation pick up. You can use our Donation Town directory for contact information . Weve tried to compile a list of most of the Salvation Army donation pickup phone numbers and websites throughout the country.

What can I donate to Salvation Army? How can I donate clothes to Salvation Army? Will Salvation Army pick up clothing donations?How can I donate furniture to Salvation Army? Typically most Salvation Army donation pickup programs accept clothing, furniture, shoes, books, toys. Just about anything. When you use the Donation Town directory you can get the local contact information for your Salvation Army donation pick-up service and ask them directly about specific questions regarding your donations.

Are donations to Salvation Army tax deductible? Yes they should be, BUT you should always contact your CPA for more details. The Salvation Army is a great charity with a wonderful reputation.

Royal Commission Of Inquiry Into Historical Abuse In State Care & In The Care Of Faith

The Salvation Army is strongly committed to working with the Royal Commission into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Care of Faith-based Institutions. More information > >

If you are a survivor of abuse or have questions regarding the Royal Commission and The Salvation Army, please email . You can also phone our Territorial Headquarters in Wellington: 384 5649 and ask for the Royal Commission Response Officer. There is also more information in the Complaints section.

For all media inquiries related to the Royal Commission, please contact our , phone: 021 945 337.

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The Salvation Army Charitable Services

With the profits from The Salvation Army thrift stores across the county, The Salvation Army provides several charitable services. These services include:

  • Elderly Services

In times when people are affected by natural disasters, The Salvation Army is there to help those affected get their lives back to normalcy through clothing donations, food donations and household item donations. In difficult times, The Salvation Army is there for citizens of the world, thanks to all the charitable donations and volunteers.

Sometimes A Personal Crisis

The Salvation Army in Numbers

such as a job layoff, a house fire, an illness, or an injury can set a family back. We may be able to help by providing crisis services such as emergency FOOD and CLOTHING, assistance with UTILITIES, as well as referrals to other community resources to help families and individuals meet basic needs.

Our Outreach Service Center is located at: 2450 Edison Avenue in Fort Myers. Please call 239-789-1169

Donations of money and goods are needed to assist these families who come from The Salvation Army shelter and, therefore, have little or nothing when they are placed in their homes. A list of needed items is to the right.

For information on how you can help, contact us at 278-1551.

Children cannot do well in school when their stomachs are empty, and it is difficult to hold a job when you have not had enough or anything at all to eat. Last year, with the help of the generosity of those in our community, schools in Lee County, and the purchasing strength of the Harry Chapin Food Bank, The Salvation Army provided food assistance.

Our Red Shield Food Distribution Center provides one box of food per family, once a month! It is located at 2476 Edison Ave. Fort Myers, FL 33901.

  • Registration for the Red Shield Food Distribution Center is every Friday from 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m.
  • coordinate a canned food drive
  • donate hygiene items
  • individuals, groups or restaurants can bring in enough dinner for 80 people to Sallys Cafe
  • volunteer to serve dinners
  • work at the food pantry

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Since Ian Made Landfall In Florida Weve Worked To Provide:

  • Over 88,000 Meals
  • Over 7,800 Food Boxes
  • Over 4,900 Cases of Drinking Water
  • Over 2,000 Cleanup Kits

To help local individuals and families in Lee, Hendry and Glades Counties.

Local, Divisional and Territorial Emergency Disaster Services teams and volunteers continue to coordinate and provide support to local Floridians affected by Hurricane Ian.

The Salvation Armys Homeless Resource Day Center provides a respite for those experiencing homelessness. Access to wrap-around services provided by The Salvation Army and on-site partner agency representatives to help meet basic and overarching needs holistically and sustainably, with care and compassion.

Area Commanders for The Salvation Army of Lee, Hendry, and Glades Counties,

The Gargis came to The Salvation Army after having careers in restaurant and business management in Oklahoma. God then called them into full time ministry with The Salvation Army. Commissioned and Ordained in 1999, The Gargis have had appointments in Shawnee and Bartlesville Oklahoma, Fort Smith Arkansas, and Area Commanders of Oklahoma City. Most recently serving as the Administrators/Pastors of Jacksonville Floridas Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center.

The Gargis daughter and son-in-law reside in Texas with their two children.

Associate Corps Officer

She lived in Haiti and Guadeloupe until her family relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated with a bachelors in English Literature.

Friday – 10:00 – 6:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 -6:00 pm

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