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Diplomatic Sales Tax Exemption Cards

Military retirement tax exemption

The Departments Office of Foreign Missions issues diplomatic tax exemption cards to eligible foreign missions and their accredited members and dependents on the basis of international law and reciprocity. These cards facilitate the United States in honoring its host country obligations under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations , Vienna Convention on Consular Relations , and other treaties to provide relief from certain taxes.

The cards provide point-of-sale exemption from sales tax and other similarly imposed taxes throughout the United States. At the time of payment when making a purchase, the cardholder must present the card to the vendor in person. The vendor may verify the cards validity online or by calling OFM during business hours. The vendor should retain a copy of the front and back of the card for accounting and reporting purposes.

Types of Sales Tax Exemption Cards

Mission Tax Exemption Cards

Diplomatic tax exemption cards that are labeled as Mission Tax Exemption Official Purchases Only are used by foreign missions to obtain exemption from sales and other similarly imposed taxes on purchases in the United States that are necessary for the missions operations and functions. All purchases must be paid for with a check, credit card, or wire transfer transaction in the name of the foreign mission.

Personal Tax Exemption Cards

Other personnel may also be eligible to apply for a card if they qualify based on a treaty other than the VCDR or VCCR.

State Tax Exemption Rules And Regulations

Through the Department of States Diplomatic Tax Exemption Program, the U.S. Government meets its obligations under Article 34 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Article 49 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, as well as other similar treaties and agreements, to provide exemption from state and local sales, restaurant, lodging/occupancy and other similar taxes charged to customers.

Generally, states, territories, the District of Columbia and localities develop their own statutes, and regulations concerning the manner in which vendors may grant such tax exemptions to foreign missions and their members.

The information below is provided to better assist vendors with understanding the applicable state and local rules and regulations concerning this issue. This listing is not exhaustive of all such statutes/regulations. Therefore, if a vendor does not find information specific to their location, they are encouraged to contact the Department of States Office of Foreign Missions or the appropriate tax authority. OFMs Headquarters, located in Washington, DC, can be reached 8:00am to 5:00pm by telephone at 895-3500, option 2 or by electronic mail at .

Who Qualifies For Relief

I am the spouse of a military service member, living in Virginia. Am I exempt from filing Virginia income tax returns under the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act?

Yes, provided you are present in Virginia solely to be with your service member spouse who is permanently stationed here in compliance with military orders and the income you received in Virginia is from wages or salaries earned as an employee, or is derived from certain limited self-employment, as discussed below.

I moved to Virginia to be with my service member spouse, but we are now legally separated. Do I still qualify for relief under the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act?

Your income will cease to be exempt from Virginia income tax no later than the entry of a divorce decree. However, as explained in Tax Bulletin 10-1, your exemption may end if you voluntarily maintain a separate residence from your spouse since the Act specifically applies to spouses who are in the state solely to be with the service member.

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Taxation By State Of Legal Residence

My service member spouse is a Virginia resident stationed in another state. I live with him there, and I am employed in that state. I understand that if I change my state of legal residence to Virginia, the other state cannot tax my wages. Since I don’t actually live in Virginia, will my income also be exempt from Virginia income tax?

No. Assuming you are eligible to declare legal residency in Virginia and you choose to do so, you will then become subject to the provisions of Virginia tax law. As a Virginia resident, you will be subject to tax on your income from all sources, including income earned in another state.

Both my service member spouse and I are legal residents of another state that does not have a state income tax. Is my income exempt from Virginia income tax under the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act even though it will not be taxed in another state?

As long as you meet the criteria discussed under Who Qualifies for Relief, your income will be exempt from Virginia income tax. The fact that the income will not be subject to tax in another state has no bearing on the exemption.

If I meet the qualifications for exemption from Virginia income tax as a non-military spouse, but my spouse and I are legal residents of a state that imposes an income tax, do I have to pay tax to that state?

Each state has its own laws regarding the imposition of income tax. You should contact your legal state of residence to determine its filing requirements.

The Gdvs Makes No Guarantees Regarding The Awarding Of Tax Exemptions

Disabled Veterans can file for property tax exemption

The administration of tax exemptions is as interpreted by the tax commissioners of Georgias 159 counties.

GDVS personnel will assist veterans in obtaining the necessary documentation for filing. The actual filing of documents is the veterans responsibility.

To obtain verification letters of disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs, please call 1-800-827-1000 and request a Summary of Benefits letter.

Any questions pertaining to tax exemptions at the local level should be asked to and answered by your County Tax Commissioners office. The GDVS can only verify the status of a veterans or surviving spouses eligibility.

Abatement of Income Taxes for Combat Deaths

Georgia law provides that service personnel who die as a result of wounds, disease, or injury incurred while serving in a combat zone as a member of the U.S. armed forces are exempt from all Georgia income taxes for the taxable year of death. Additionally, such taxes shall not apply for any prior taxable year ending on or after the first day served in the combat zone.

Ad Valorem Tax on VehiclesThis exemption applies to either the annual property tax or the title tax, whichever is applicable.

The exemption is granted on ONLY one vehicle the veteran owns and upon which the free Disabled Veteran license plate is attached. Veterans who qualify for the Purple Heart or Medal of Honor specialty license plates are also exempt.

Extension of Filing Deadline for Combat Deployment

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Uniformed Services Of The United States

If you are a member of a uniformed service, you may be eligible for military tax benefits. These organizations include:

  • United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps

You should review Publication 3, Armed Forces Tax Guide and consult your servicing human resources department to determine your options.

United States Tax Exemption Form

Current Revision Date: 04/2015

GSA-FAR 53.229

Choose a link below to begin downloading.

  • SF1094-15c.pdf

    PDF versions of forms use Adobe Reader.


    Error, The Per Diem API is not responding. Please try again later.

    No results could be found for the location you’ve entered.

    Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and Possessions are set by the Department of Defense.

    Rates for foreign countries are set by the State Department.

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    State Tax Exemption Information For Government Charge Cards

    When you use a Government Purchase Card such as the “GSA SmartPay” travel card for business travel, your lodging and rental car costs may be exempt from state sales tax.

    • Centrally Billed Account cards are exempt from state taxes in EVERY state. Certain states require forms for CBA purchase cards and CBA travel cards.
    • Individually Billed Account travel cards are not exempt in all states. Certain states where IBA cards are exempt require forms.

    Not sure if your travel card is CBA or IBA? Check on the GSA SmartPay Website.

    A charge card for certain U.S. Government employees to use when buying mission-related supplies or services using simplified acquisition procedures, when applicable, and when the total cost does not exceed micro-purchase thresholds.

    Who Qualifies For The Military Fee Exemption

    Full retired military pay now exempt from state income tax in SC

    Individuals who submit an original or renewal application to be a Texas certified vehicle inspector and meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

    • Active Duty Military Service Member: current full-time military service in the armed forces of the United States or active duty military service as a member of the Texas military forces, as defined by Texas Government Code §437.001, or similar military service of another state.
    • Military Veteran: a person who has served on active duty and who was discharged or released from active duty.
    • Active Military Spouse: a person who is married to an active duty military service member who holds a current license issued by another jurisdiction that has licensing requirements that are substantially equivalent to the requirements for registration in this state or a military spouse who, within five years preceding the application date, held the license in this state.

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    What Income Qualifies For Exemption

    Do all types of income qualify for exemption from Virginia income tax if I qualify for relief under the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act?

    No. A spouse who qualifies for relief is exempt from Virginia income tax on income for services performed by the spouse, such as wages received as an employee. Other income from Virginia sources, such as rental income from property located in Virginia, generally will be taxable. A spouse’s income from self-employment may or may not qualify for the exemption, depending on the type of business in which the spouse is engaged.

    What type of self-employment income qualifies for exemption from Virginia income tax under the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act?

    Income you earn from self-employment is exempt from Virginia income tax if the primary source of income from your business is derived from your performance of a service. If your business employs others and/or utilizes significant capital , then the income you derive from the business will not be exempt from Virginia income tax. For additional information, see Tax Bulletin 10-1.

    Tax Exclusion For Combat Service

  • Tax Exempt Bonds
  • If you are an eligible member who served in a combat zone, the IRS can exclude your income from taxation. Publication 3, Armed Forces’ Tax Guide, the authoritative source for all military specific tax matters, covers the Combat Zone Exclusion. Read below for a summary of the policy.

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    How Do I Apply For The Military Fee Exemption

    When completing the online inspector original and renewal application, you can designate your military status, resulting in a reduced application fee.

    Once you’ve submitted and paid for the inspector original or renewal application:

  • Choose I need to: “Submit Military Documents”
  • Provide personal details to complete form
  • Attach required military documents
  • United States Armed Forces

    Ohio Tax Exempt Form Military

    If you are a member of the Active Component or Reserve Component of an Armed Force listed below, you may be eligible for military tax benefits. Recently retired or separated members may also be eligible for benefits.

    • United States Army
    • United States Navy
    • United States Air Force
    • United States Marine Corps
    • United States Coast Guard
    • United States Space Force

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    Provisions For Other Taxes

    Does the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act impact Virginia tax liabilities other than income tax?

    Yes. The federal law contains relief provisions for personal property tax, as well as for income tax. In general, motor vehicles and other tangible personal property owned by the spouse of a service member will be protected from Virginia taxation to the same extent as if owned by the service member. Both the spouse and the service member must claim another state as their state of legal residency, and the property must be titled or leased in the name of the spouse, the service member, or both. For details, see Tax Bulletin 10-1.

    Residency Determinations And Requirements

    My service member spouse’s duty station is located in Virginia. We live in Maryland. We both claim Florida as our state of legal residence. I commute to a job in Virginia each day. Does the exemption provided under the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act apply to the wages I earn in Virginia?

    The federal law refers to the service member complying with military orders, but it does not require the service member and spouse to live in the same state as the permanent duty station. Therefore, the exemption will apply to the wages you earn in Virginia.

    My service member spouse’s duty station is in Maryland. We live in Virginia, and I work here. We both claim Texas as our state of legal residence. Are my wages exempt from Virginia tax under the new federal law? In other words, do we have live in the state of the permanent duty station in order for the exemption to apply?

    The federal law refers to the service member complying with military orders, but it does not require the service member and spouse to live in the same state as the permanent duty station. Therefore, the exemption will apply to the wages you earn in Virginia.

    Permanent and Temporary Duty Stations

    Yes. An assignment to a combat zone is generally a temporary change of duty station therefore, unless otherwise specified in the orders, your spouse would still be permanently stationed in Virginia. Under those conditions, your Virginia income tax exemption will still be valid.

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    Lodging Tax Exemption For Government Travelers


    Want to make yourself look like a model employee? Of course you do! Heres how

    Some states and U.S. territories exempt federal travelers from paying lodging tax. If you happen to be going to TDY to one of those locations, you have the perfect opportunity to save your organizations money and demonstrate your awesomeness to your boss. The next time youre slated to go TDY, firstview the list of states and territories that exempt federal travelers from lodging tax. If your TDY destination is on the list, you should take full advantage of their generosity. After all, travel funds are tight these days.

    A few considerations regarding lodging tax exemption :

    You must be on official travel. Translation: just because youre a member of the federal government doesnt qualify you for lodging tax exemption for personal travel, such as when making reservations for your upcoming family reunion.

    You must be pay for the hotel with your Government Travel Charge Card. It doesnt count if you use your personal card, cash, or the barter system.

    You should call the hotel vendor and ask about their lodging tax exemption policy. Even if the state exempts federal travelers from lodging tax, not all hotels honor the exemption. If they dont honor it, consider expressing your displeasure by staying at a rival hotel that does offer tax exemption to federal travelers.

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