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Furniture Donation Pickup Methods

San Antonio’s Salvation Army shelter reaches capacity as cold weather arrives

Are you downsizing, moving or doing a major decor change in your home but dont know what to do with your old furniture? Well, youre in luck because many local nonprofit organizations make moving easy by offering free furniture donation pick up.

Donating furniture to your favorite charities is a chance to get rid of extra furniture and household items for free while giving back to your community. Here is how to get started in the process.

Introducing The Salvation Army Thrift Store Donation Pick Up Service

The Salvation Army is a world-wide Christian organization aimed at helping fellow human beings and preaching the word of Jesus Christ. Since 1852, The Salvation Army has been leading an evangelical movement fighting for souls of lost men and women. The Salvation Army operates thrift stores nationwide that help fund their various programs. Such programs include adult rehabilitation, disaster relief, elderly services, youth camps, etc. By scheduling your free Salvation Army donation pickup today, you can help The Salvation Army support their charitable services. The Salvation Army thrift stores accept various household item donations, furniture donations and clothing donations.

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Salvation Army Donation Pick Up

Ready to schedule a Salvation Army donation pick up? Make clothing donations, household items donations, and furniture donations to The Salvation Army by scheduling a free Salvation Army donation pick-up. Donation Town will give you all the information you need to schedule a Salvation Army donation pick up in your local community. Simply enter your zip code on the donation pick up scheduling webpage.

The Salvation Army Charitable Services

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With the profits from The Salvation Army thrift stores across the county, The Salvation Army provides several charitable services. These services include:

  • Elderly Services

In times when people are affected by natural disasters, The Salvation Army is there to help those affected get their lives back to normalcy through clothing donations, food donations and household item donations. In difficult times, The Salvation Army is there for citizens of the world, thanks to all the charitable donations and volunteers.

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Vietnam Veterans Of America

The Vietnam Veterans of America are working to change negative beliefs towards Vietnam veterans and provides individual assistance in a variety of ways. This includes creating outreach programs for veterans experiencing homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration and more. The VVA furniture removal program operates through a program called Pickup Please.

  • Who your donation helps: The Vietnam Veterans of America promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans and work to change public perception of Vietnam veterans.
  • Items they accept: The Pickup Please program accepts small furniture items, sports equipment, toys, kitchenware, electronics and lightly used household goods. Pick Up Please says that they will pick up almost anything in good condition, but the piece of furniture must be light enough for one person to carry.
  • How to schedule a pick-up: VVA operates in most states and they make it super easy to schedule a donation pickup online. You can also get to VVA by way of their Pick Up Please site.

The Salvation Army Clothes Donation Pick Up Area

The Salvation Army services people all over the world. The profits from your Salvation Army clothing donations go toward helping people in need in the community as well as people all over the world. With DonationTown.org you can learn how to schedule a free Salvation Army donation pick-up online for the time and place that is most convenient.

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The Salvation Army Acceptable Donations

Schedule a Salvation Army clothes donation pickup now. The Salvation Army accepts a variety of donations including clothing donations, household items donations, furniture donations and appliance donations. Your donations should be tax-deductible and the charity is responsible for leaving you a tax deduction receipt when your donations are picked up. Make your Salvation Army clothing donation pickup appointment online today!

The Salvation Army Accepts the Following Types of Donations

  • Donate Clothes to Salvation Army
  • Donate Jewelry Donations to Salvation Army
  • Furniture Donations to Salvation Army
  • Donate Sports Equipment to Salvation Army
  • Donate Books to Salvation Army
  • Donate Art to Salvation Army
  • Donate Appliances to Salvation Army

You can also donate your time by helping out at the thrift store or in one of Salvation Armys community outreach programs.

Out Of The Closet Thrift Stores

Salvation Army still looking for bell-ringers in San Antonio

The Out of the Closet thrift stores chain is owned and operated by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation . This organization provides medical, preventive and educational resources for patients. AHF is the nation’s largest non-profit HIV/AIDS healthcare, research, prevention and education provider. The proceeds from Out of the Closet thrift stores directly benefit the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

  • Who your donation helps: Donations and financial contributions to this organization fund AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s HIV/AIDS programs, free HIV testing and housing programs.
  • Items they accept: Out of the Closet Thrift Stores accept furniture, kitchenware, electronics, musical instruments, tools, books, vehicles, artwork and home decor.
  • How to schedule a pick-up: You can schedule your pickup by filling out your address and items in a form on their website. Something to note is that you must have at least two furniture items for them to complete a free pick-up. You can also deliver any pieces of furniture to their local stores.

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Where To Donate Furniture

When looking for furniture donation pickup, there can be so many options its hard to know where to start. Thankfully, weve got you covered with our detailed list summarizing nonprofit organizations, who your donation will help, items they accept and how to schedule your pickup.

The best part is that every organization in our guide is completely free of charge for their furniture removal services and your donations go to a great cause.

Find Out If Your Employer Will Match Your Donation Below

Matching gifts provide a way to potentially double, if not triple your original donation! Employee Matching Gifts are donations a company makes to match its employees charitable contributions. Employee matching gifts are typically at a dollar-for-dollar rate but some companies go even further by tripling or quadrupling their employees donations. Some may also offer grants for volunteer services such as serving as a youth sports coach or an advisory board member.

If you are not sure if you qualify for a matching gift, please use the company search below. The tool will provide you with information regarding minimum and maximum match, as well as steps on how to get started.

See if your employer will match your donation, and help the Y create more possibilities for kids and families in our community!

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Just Pick The Y Below You Would Like To Support

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These 6 Charities In San Antonio Will Pick Up Your Donations From Home

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Update: As of August 2020, The Arc of Texas – San Antonio no longer collects donated goods. This story has been updated to reflect that change.

Whether the kids have flown from the nest, it’s time to move, or it’s starting to look like a hoarders situation, hauling items you don’t want or need anymore can be a hassle, especially in the summer heat.

But for numerous charities in the area, it’s a great opportunity to give someone a helping hand, and they’re not just happy to take items off donors’ hands, they’ll send a truck to the front door, load up the items, and be on their way. It takes just a few clicks to get a San Antonio-area service to come knocking and drive off with a load that otherwise would stay right where it is.

Here are six options that will save a lot of time, energy, and, most importantly, money.

Boys Auxiliary Thrift Store The store offers limited appointments for picking up furniture by going here or calling 210-659-1901. Donations must be on the ground floor, and the store doesn’t have resources to clean or repair all items, so only new and gently used furniture are encouraged.

Goodwill San Antonio Set aside antiques, clothing, computers, dishes, furniture, jewelry, office supplies, and more for a scheduled pick-up in San Antonio, Kerrville, Ingram, Hunt, New Braunfels, Marion, or Santa Clara. Being a popular service, it might take the nonprofit a week or two to complete the pick-up. Find a full list here of items Goodwill will and won’t accept.

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The Salvation Army Family Stores Represent The Heart Of Our Ministry: Simply Put To Help Others In Their Time Of Need

Our Family Stores help us accomplish this by providing quality, gently-used clothing, furniture and other goods to the community at bargain prices. The proceeds generated from these sales go to support the social service programs of The Salvation Army. Every donation and every purchase makes a life-changing difference. Not just for those in the grip of addiction, but for their families as well.

In the larger cities, such as Dallas , Fort Worth , Austin , San Antonio and Houston , the funds generated support The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers, residential alcohol and drug treatment programs for men. In mid-size and small communities, the funds support The Salvation Army daily operations and programs such as emergency rent, food and prescription assistance.

In addition, The Salvation Army has the ability to provide a voucher to someone seeking emergency assistance, allowing them to access clothing, furniture and/or housewares at the Family Store at no cost. These vouchers may be offered to a homeless person who needs an outfit to wear to a funeral, to a single mother going to a job interview or to a family who lost everything in a fire or other disaster.

Help make lives better by scheduling a donation pickup, dropping off your gently used items, or by shopping at The Salvation Army Family Store near you.

The Salvation Army Mission Statement

Salvation Army Thrift Store And Donation Center Faqs

Q: What can I donate to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and what isnt allowed?

A: These vary from location to location, so please visit The Salvation Army Donation Center in your area for their policies. In general, Salvation Army Thrift store will accept gently used:

  • Appliances that still operate and are not built-in, such as:
  • air conditioners

Q: How do I donate to my local Salvation Army Thrift Store

A: The donation process is pretty simple

  • Step 1: Call your local donation center or visit its website to find out the hours of operation and what items are allowed
  • Step 2: Drop off your items at the donation center near me
  • Step 3: Receive a donation receipt for your taxes and rest assured that you have helped us do the most good in your community. We, and those we serve, are very grateful for your contribution.

Q: Is The Salvation Army Thrift Store near me open?Q: What are the Salvation Army thrift stores hours?Q: How do I schedule a pickup at my home?

A: Again, the process is relatively simple and pain-free for you

Q: How do I make a change to my donation?

A: Please go to https://dss.satruck.org/MyPickups , enter your last name and phone number, and youll be taken to your pick-up details. Click the arrow next to the pickup date and view the details. There, youll see buttons in red type allowing you to change items, change pickup date, change instructions to the driver, or cancel your pickup.

Q: How can I track my pickup?Q: How can I change or cancel a pick-up?

A: Call

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Tips For Furniture Donation Pick Up

Donating your furniture is a great way to get rid of furniture you dont use anymore while also helping your community. Follow these tips for a seamless furniture pickup experience.

If you follow these tips, you should have an easy transition and donation pickup day. Also, make sure to always check to see if the organization of your choice has any additional requirements.

Schedule A Free Donation Pick Up Now

San Antonio Salvation Armys rehabilitation program helps man overcome his addiction, become a s…

Disclaimer : We use our best efforts to provide accurate information regarding the charitable donation community, however, we make no promise, guarantee, representation, or assurance regarding any particular entity published on our Site, including without limitation its tax or legal status or the quality or safety of its services. You should thoroughly investigate any charity to which you are considering making a donation directly. Do not to rely on the information published on our Site for answers to any question that may have tax, legal, or other serious consequences. Donation Town does not provide tax, legal or other professional advice. All trademarks or copyrights published on Donation Town are the rights of their respective owners. Use of our website signifies your agreement to our Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy.

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Schedule Salvation Army Clothing Donations Furniture Donations Or Household Item Donation Pick Up

With DonationTown.org, scheduling a pick up of your Salvation Army clothing donations, furniture donation and household item donations all over the United States has never been easier. Weve worked hard to collect all the contact information for your local Salvation Army thrift store donation pick up services throughout the country. Simply enter your zip code on the donation pick up scheduling webpage.

Salvation Army Pick Up

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It turns out that theSalvation Army, schedules pick ups if you have two large pieces of furniture or three bags of clothes. So we called 1-800-728-7825, and scheduled a pick up for three days later. While you cant arrange a specific time , two very capable men arrived around 8:15 am. It was a little early for our standards, but certainly better than waiting around all day. Plus, they came right in to the apartment and hauled it away for us. No heavy lifting required!

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Salvation Army Donation Questions

A lot of donors have questions about the Salvation Army donation pick up program. We did some research and have compiled some answers, but your best bet is to use our online donation scheduling directory to contact your local Salvation Army donation pick up program.

Will Salvation Army pick up donations? YES, in many areas of the country like Miami, Tennessee, Los Angeles and Texas. From what we can tellJust about anywhere!

How can I donate to Salvation Army? How do I schedule a Salvation Army pick up? Contact them to schedule a donation pick up. You can use our Donation Town directory for contact information . Weve tried to compile a list of most of the Salvation Army donation pickup phone numbers and websites throughout the country.

What can I donate to Salvation Army? How can I donate clothes to Salvation Army? Will Salvation Army pick up clothing donations?How can I donate furniture to Salvation Army? Typically most Salvation Army donation pickup programs accept clothing, furniture, shoes, books, toys. Just about anything. When you use the Donation Town directory you can get the local contact information for your Salvation Army donation pick-up service and ask them directly about specific questions regarding your donations.

Are donations to Salvation Army tax deductible? Yes they should be, BUT you should always contact your CPA for more details. The Salvation Army is a great charity with a wonderful reputation.

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