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Submit Your Application 3aptitude Test

Joining The Military At An Older Age || Is 25 too old?

You will complete an aptitude test to assist in determining which military occupations you may be best suited for. The 60 minute aptitude test will evaluate your verbal skills, spatial ability, and problem solving. As writing exams can be stressful for some people, you are strongly encouraged to complete the official Practice Canadian Forces Aptitude Test in its entirety prior to the testing session at a Recruiting Centre near you. For more detailed information, visit the How do I prepare for the CFAT? article in the Forces.ca Help Centre.

During the same testing session visit, you will also complete a 30 minute personality inventory, which provides information on your personal characteristics and qualities. To learn more about your personality and how it may influence military occupation choices, check out this personality assessment.

How Long Is Army Basic Training

The complete Army basic training cycle is about 10 weeks, divided into three phases: Red, White and Blue, which last about three weeks each. After passing the final tests of the Blue Phase, your next step is the graduation ceremony, where you’ll get to celebrate your accomplishments with your friends and family.

To Join As Anofficer Officers In The Caf Hold Positions Of Authority And Respect They Are Responsible For The Safety Well

You are between 16 and 57 years old.

If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

You are between 16 and 57 years old.

If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parent or guardian.

You are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.

You are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.

You have completed Grade 10 or 24 credits of Secondary IV .

You have completed Grade 12 or Secondary V and you have, or are working towards, a Bachelor’s Degree.

If you do not meet this requirement, you may be eligible for one of our Paid Education programs.

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The Minimum Age Permitted To Join The Military

In all cases except for the Navy Reserve, the minimum age permitted is 17 with parental consent in writing. Those 18 and older are permitted to join the military without parental consent. The Navy Reserve minimum age is 18. Federal law says no military branch can enlist someone over the age of 42 however each service may set their own policy below that age limit.

Did you know there is an upper age limit for all branches of military service?

Military Age Limits:

  • Army Age Limit: 35 for active duty, Guard, and Army Reserve
  • Navy Age Limit: 39 for active duty, 39 for Navy Reserve
  • Air Force Age Limit: 39 for active duty and Guard, 38 for Air Force Reserve
  • Coast Guard Age Limit: 31 for active duty, 40 for Coast Guard Reserve
  • Space Force Age Limit: 39

Prior service military members may not be subject to the same age limitations as new recruits depending on age, the nature of military service, recruiting demand, and other factors.

Can I Join The Army With A Felony

95 Year Old Eagle Scout Still Mentors Fellow Scouts for 8 Decades ...

It’s possible to join the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard with a felony conviction. With that said, it is an uphill battle. In general, the 5 branches of the military are looking for candidates with a sound moral character. Often, a felony is looked at as a failure to meet that standard.

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Can Military Buy Alcohol In Uniform

Under the new AR 670-1, Soldiers traveling commercially on official business are authorized to wear the Army Combat Uniform, or ACU. … Soldiers wearing their uniform may enter a liquor store to purchase package liquor, for instance. They may not, however, wear their uniform while drinking in a bar.

Why Become A Military Nurse

As you see, becoming a military nurse is anything but easy. Your efforts will pay off, though. You’ll not only learn new skills and gain experience but also receive a competitive salary, bonuses, scholarships and tax-free shopping privileges at military clubs and other facilities. The median pay for military registered nurses starts from $58,000 per year.

Those who pursue this career path may receive financial assistance for continuing education as well as generous retirement plans and insurance options. As you gain experience, you can move up in rank and enjoy more privileges. If you decide to leave the army at some point, you’ll find easy to land a high-paying job and grow your career.

Working as a military nurse will also give you the opportunity to travel, meet interesting people and explore new cultures. Plus, you can specialize in various areas of practice and expand your knowledge. In this role, you’ll gain valuable leadership skills that can enhance your personal and professional life.


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What Branch Of Military Can I Join At 42

On the plus side they will take my age into consideration , but they may be concerned about the amount of time that has passed since I was in the service. Best advice I can give you is to call the number below and speak to a recruiter. The WAVES program is currently available to women age 21 to 43..

Responsibilities Of A Military Rn


More than 1.3 million active-duty soldiers and 800,000 reserve forces were serving our nation in 2017. Military nurses_are respected members of the armed force_s, caring for those who put their lives on the line. They serve all branches of the military, including the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy. During wartime, they travel the world to provide medical care.

As a military RN , you’ll enjoy the same perks as any other member of the military. Free healthcare, exciting educational opportunities, bonuses housing allowances and competitive pay are just a few to mention. Nurses who choose this career path work in military hospitals and clinics, medical facilities around combat zones, military bases and other facilities at sea or on shore. Their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Treating military members and their families.
  • Assessing and treating wounds.
  • Preparing service members for medical examinations.
  • Providing emotional support to soldiers.

Military nurses work in h*igh-stress environments,* and must have the ability to make quick decisions in case of emergency. In certain situations, they may be required to command an entire hospital, travel or relocate to foreign countries and work in war zones. These healthcare professionals can specialize in pediatrics, critical care, psychiatry and other areas of medicine. The skills they develop in the army open up a world of opportunities later in life.

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Ukrainian Official Demands Access To Imprisoned Former Georgian President Saakashvili

Ukraine is demanding that Georgia grant it access to imprisoned former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who holds Ukrainian citizenship and whose health is said to be deteriorating.

Writing on Telegram on December 15, Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said that Saakashvili was in need of urgent medical care and should be allowed to travel to Western Europe or the United States.

Lubinets said Ukraine would defend the rights and interests of its citizens abroad.

Saakashvili, who was Georgiaâs president from 2004 to 2013, is serving a six-year sentence for abuse of power, a charge that he and his supporters say was politically motivated.

His medical team says his health has worsened significantly since he went to prison in October 2021 and staged repeated hunger strikes. He is being treated in a Tbilisi clinic, but lawyers have sought to have his sentence suspended so he can be transferred abroad.

On December 16, dozens of anti-corruption activists rallied in front of parliament in Tbilisi, demanding Saakashviliâs transfer to a Western clinic for treatment.

Three opposition United National Movement lawmakers — David Kirkitadze, Anna Tsitlidze, and Abdulla Ismailov, as well as Saakashvili’s former bodyguard service chief Temur Jania — are on hunger strike inside parliament to demand that Saakashvili be allowed to receive medical attention abroad.

Facing Dire Recruiting Realities Navy Raises Max Enlistment Age To 41

The Navy raised its maximum enlistment age to 41 on Friday for sailors joining the fleet, a nod to the current recruiting struggles plaguing the entire U.S. military.

Before last weeks policy change, the age cutoff for enlisted sailors was 39, with recruits needing to report to boot camp by their 40th birthday.

Under the change, 41-year-olds must report to recruit training by their 42nd birthday and cannot have previously served in the military.

Certain Navy communities, such as the SEAL and diver worlds, still have age cutoffs that differ from the general enlistment age, Navy Recruiting Command spokesman Cmdr. Dave Benham said in an email.

As we continue to navigate a challenging recruiting environment, raising the enlistment age allows us to widen the pool of potential recruits, creating opportunities for personnel who wish to serve, Benham said.


Fridays policy change means the Navy is now accepting the oldest enlisted recruits of the four services.

The Armys max enlistment age is 35, while the Air Forces cap is 40. The Marine Corps enlisted age limit is 28, according to a U.S. government site that lays out military joining procedures.

The Navy barely made its recruiting goal for active-duty enlisted in Fiscal Year 2022, which ended Sept. 30, bringing in 33,442 sailors just 42 bodies more than the services goal.


The Navy is also offering big money to attract Americans into service.

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Russia Scraps Age Limit For New Troops In Ukraine Push

Russia has scrapped its age limit for professional soldiers, paving the way for more civilian experts to be recruited for the Ukraine conflict.

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law enabling people over 40 to enlist for the armed forces. They are expected to be people of normal working age.

Previously the army had age limits of 18-40 years for Russians and 18-30 for foreigners.

Russia is presenting it as a move to recruit more technical specialists.

The new law says specialists are required to operate high-precision weapons and “experience shows that they become such by the age of 40-45”. More medics, engineers and communications experts may also be recruited.

Ukrainian and Western military experts say Russia has suffered heavy losses in the war: about 30,000 killed, according to Ukraine, while the UK government estimates the toll at about 15,000. In comparison, Soviet losses in nine years of war in Afghanistan in the 1980s totalled about 15,000.

Russia gave a total of 1,351 of its troops killed in Ukraine on 25 March, which it has not updated.

President Putin has avoided large-scale conscription for what Russia calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

But in March Russia’s defence ministry admitted that some conscripts were involved in the conflict and some had been taken prisoner by Ukrainian forces. The defence ministry stressed that it was not official policy to send conscripts into battle.

Ged Holders Must Score Higher On The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Jonathan Winters

Those who do not have a high school diploma will be required to score higher on the ASVAB test, regardless of the branch of service desired.

» MORE: Check your VA home loan eligibility with today’s top lenders

Some potential new military members may find that the recruiter will upon learning of the GED status of an applicant wish to have the recruit take the ASVAB first. Those who do not score high enough are often encouraged to take a specified amount of college credits before retaking the ASVAB.

The reason for this is that those who have GEDs and college credits are put in the same ASVAB scoring category as someone with a high school diploma. The high school graduates do not get more stringent ASVAB scoring requirements.

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Natural Gas Flowing Again To Nagorno

Azerbaijan has restored natural gas supplies to Nagorno-Karabakh while continuing to block the sole road connecting the territory to Armenia, the de facto authorities in Stepanakert said on December 16. Gas supplies were blocked on December 13, one day after a group of Azerbaijanis began the road blockade, allegedly to protest mining in Karabakh although many appear to be more supporters of the Azerbaijani government rather than environmental activists. The blockade has caused standoffs with Russian troops who are deployed in the area, known as the Lachin Corridor, as part of a Kremlin-negotiated deal that ended a conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020. To read the full story by RFE/RL’s Armenian Service, click here.

Army Reserve Opens Its Doors To Over

Some over-50s will be able to join the army reserve in a drive by the Ministry of Defence to increase the number of recruits.

The upper age limit for former regular army soldiers has been raised from 43 to 52 and the limit for former commissioned officers is now 57 rather than 35. The changes have been made to reflect the demographics and health of the population, and consequently widens the potential recruitment pool, according to the MoD.

There were an additional 590 recruits to the army reserve in the year to October compared with the previous 12 months, bringing the total to 3,840.

However, attrition meant the total number of reservists rose by just 20 to 19,310 despite a multimillion-pound television and online advertising campaign to attract more recruits to the three armed forces reserves.

David Cameron has pledged to raise the number of reservists to 30,000 in the next four years as the regular army continues to shed soldiers. It has fallen by 8,000 to just over 94,000.

An MoD spokesperson said: We make no apology for revising the age requirements for ex-regular soldiers to join the reserves and share their wealth of knowledge and expertise. All recruits have to meet strict fitness requirements, or could face discharge.

We have always recognised that reinvigorating our reserve forces would not be achieved overnight. However, one year into our five-year plan we are making steady progress and seeing increased numbers joining the reserves, he said.

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Who Was The Only 5 Star General In Us History

Henry H.Arnold also holds the distinction as the only person to ever achieve the 5-star rank in two branches of the U.S. Armed Forces: Of note is the grade of “General of the Armies of the United States”, a position held by only two persons in American history – George Washington and John J. Pershing.

Join The Regular Force

Joining The Army At An Older Age

Members of the Regular Force serve full time protecting Canada and defending our sovereignty. They contribute to international peace and security, and work with the United States to defend North America. They are ready to respond at a moments notice to threats, natural disasters or humanitarian crises at home and around the world.

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Can I Join The Reserves At 45

If youre 45 years of age, you can join the Army Reserve if youre physically fit and meet the Armys other standards for joining. Army Reserve soldiers must be able to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test and receive a score of at least 50 on the Army Physical Fitness Test. Army Reserve soldiers must be able to pass an Army Physical Fitness Test , and receive a score of at least 50 on the Army Physical Fitness Test ..

How Much Does Military Pay A Year

The starting salary for an enlisted member of the military is $18,547 per year for an E-2. An E-3 with less than 4 years experience earns $27,637 per year. An E-4 with less than 8 years experience earns $34,701 per year. An E-5 with less than 12 years experience earns $42,553 per year. An E-6 with 16 years or more of service earns $48,636 per year. An O-1 earns $72,036 per year..

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Iranian Student Organization Raises Concern About Five Female Students Arrested After Protest

The whereabouts of five female university students in the western Iranian city of Sanandaj are unknown following their arrest earlier this month after they took part in a rally against the execution of protesters, the Union Council of Iranian Students said.

The women were arrested by security forces between December 10 and 14, and the council said no information has been released about which security agency arrested them or their whereabouts and condition.The council called their detention a kidnapping.Bita Veisi was the first to be arrested after the rally at Sanandaj Technical College on December 10 in protest of the execution of Mohsen Shekar two days earlier. The students chanted slogans demanding the return of his body and “Death to the dictator.”Video images released later the same day purportedly show that the students left the campus after an attack by security forces and continued their protest in the streets of the city.Shekari was executed after an appeal of his sentence on a charge of injuring a security officer was rejected by the Supreme Court. Human rights groups said Shekari’s sentence was based on a coerced confession after a grossly unfair process and a sham trial.

How Much Does The Army Reserves Pay Per Month

â Army Ranger Officer Age Limit

The active force pays soldiers who have been called. The Reserves members have a similar income, but they actually do not have a steady income. In some cases, they may be not paid for a few months. In the other cases, she may be paid for a certain period. Most army reserves members are paid $1100 per month. This is because these members are soldiers who are serving in the Army Reserve. They are basically soldiers who are trained to fight in the Reserve Force. However, these members are not paid for the time they are away from the Army Reserve. This is because they are not in active duty..

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