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This is the official Army Combat Fitness Test or ACFT
  • Alaimoana Paunga Jr. from Poly Physiques
  • How To Train And Score High On The ACFT Made by Junior Poly Physiques:
  • YouTube Channel: Poly Physiques

This video was made and is presented by Junior from Poly Physiques, a Soldier who successfully passed the ACFT testing. Actually, his score was pretty amazing. As we can see in the video, he passed the test with scoring maximum points on almost all of the events, except for the Two Mile Run event. That is actually a great score! Congratulations man!

Now, he wants to share his tips and tricks with everyone who is interested in passing the ACFT. He included in the video some useful stuff that can be helpful for you guys.

What Is The Apft

APFT stands for the Army Physical Fitness Test. Since its introduction in 1980, this test was taken twice a year by active duty military members with APFT events that were used to test muscular strength, endurance, and respiratory fitness. The test consisted of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2-mile run, and passing scores were based on the participants sex and age. If a permanent medical condition kept a soldier from completing the two-mile run, alternatives like walking, biking, or swimming for various distances were available.

The Armys New Physical Fitness Test Has One Really Big Problem Heres A Solution

Earlier this year, the Army laid out its plans for the new physical fitness test it plans to implement by 2020the Army Combat Fitness Test . The strongest argument in favor of the new test is that high correlations between the ACFT exercises and the demands of ground combat should force units to better train soldiers. Still, it has generated considerable debate. Some argue this shift in training culture will decrease injuries, while others worry these new exercises may injure poorly trained soldiers. Moreover, fielding the new test will cost about $30 million. And problems may be magnified in the National Guard and Reserve, where the tests longer duration will bump up against limited mobilization hours and widely distributed units.

Assuming those problems are surmountable, though, we still see a gap in the discussion: What about the special operators, foreign area officers, and soldiers assigned to remote locations or any of the 800 small bases abroad?

Fortunately, the ACFT is not the first time the Army fielded an expensive new test to improve a fundamental component of soldiering. We recommend the ACFT program managers at the Center for Initial Military Training take a page from the past and develop an alternate test: the ACFT-Expeditionary. As rifle marksmanship has the ALT-C test, the ACFT needs an alternate that is just as challenging, but less resource- and space-intensive.

Lessons from the Armys Marksmanship Training

Table 1

The ACFT-Expeditionary

Table 2

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Exercise #: Sprint Drag Carry

  • Passing, 3:00 minutes
  • Perfect, 1:33 minutes

This is a 5 x 50-meter shuttle event consisting of a sprint, dragging a 90-pound sled, lateral shuffle, carrying two 40-pound kettlebells, and another sprint.

It was added to ACFT because it has tons of frontline applications, and was easy to learn. While not part of the previous Fitness Test, the Army has been doing shuttle-type interval training for decades.

Maybe thats why it didnt present many problems to soldiers as they rolled out the army ACFT 3.0. Crossfitters out thereslam dunk for you.

When Will The Acft Take Effect

ACFT Information

Army officials said Monday that the changes will roll out over time in a very deliberate manner to ensure that soldiers can train and adjust to the new events and the new scoring scales before we use those for personnel actions.

That will also give the service time while an NCO-led chain teach about the test and its changes works its way down to the lowest levels. Grinston began the chain teach process Monday afternoon when he briefed command sergeants major from around the Army.

This Army-provided graphic explains the implementation timeline for the full ACFT, to include personnel actions.

Soldiers across all of the Armys components will begin taking the new test as a diagnostic on April 1 there will be no administrative consequences for failing a test during the initial period, though troops who pass can later opt to have their diagnostic period score become a for-record ACFT, according to an Army Directive signed by Army Secretary Christine Wormuth.

Active duty and Active Guard Reserve troops will begin taking the test for-record on Oct. 1, and they will have 6 months to pass an ACFT before it is incorporated into promotion points and used as grounds for kicking soldiers out of the Army beginning April 1, 2023. If they fail during that period, soldiers will be flagged.

Grinston says the transition to the new ACFT should be smooth for the soldiers out there who have been training for the previous version of the test.

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How Long Is The Opat Run

The OPAT run lasts as long as you can survive.

The challenge to the interval run is that you have less time to complete each 20-meter segment as it progresses.

Therefore, stamina and endurance are at the heart of the interval run.

Your total time is calculated by adding all of the intervals together to reflect a one-mile run.

Youll also note that each physical demand status designates how many shuttles you are granted to make the designated time.

Six Different Events For Acft

There are six different events for the Army Combat Fitness Test.

Each event has an expectation and a proper technique.

  • Maximum Deadlift
  • The deadlift shows a soldiers ability to lift heavy items such as carrying a casualty or carrying heavy equipment.

    How to Perform

    With the deadlift, you would step inside the trap bar and place your feet shoulder-width apart.

    Bending at the knees and hips, you grab the handles with your arms extended, your back flat, and your head in line with your spine.

    When told to, you will stand and lift the bar by straightening legs and hips.

    However, your back must stay straight.

    Also, you must perform this movement three times with the same weight.

    This video will give you visual support of how this should look:

    You earn 60 points for 140 pounds and 100 points for 340 pounds.

    Getting Ready

    If you worry your fitness level needs some work to be successful at the deadlift, some exercises can help get your ready.

    Consider starting with alternating squat jumps.

    Also, when you are ready to add weights, you can perform forward lunges with kettlebells.

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    Navy Physical Test Requirements

    The Navy utilizes the Physical Readiness Test to determine the physical fitness and readiness of its sailors.

    This indicates the ability to meet the various physical demands of military service.

    Like the Army, the Navy has made recent changes to the PRT.

    This includes altering components of the test to improve a sailors physical performance.

    This also reduces the risk of injury.

    The Navy PRT is designed to measure the following physical attributes for sailors:

    • Muscle endurance
    • Body composition assessment

    Recruits at the Navys boot camp are tested with the PRT.

    In addition, all active duty and reserve sailors must take the PRT twice per year.

    Traditionally, the PRT was made up of three events in the following order:

  • timed outdoor run of 1.5 miles
  • There are alternate cardio options to the 1.5-mile run, as per the discretion of the commanding officer.

    These options include:

    • 12 minutes on stationary cycle
    • 5-mile run/walk on a treadmill
    • 2-kilometer indoor row on rowing machine

    As of 2020, the PRT curl-ups are replaced with a forearm plank exercise.

    This exercise is similar to a push-up.

    A sailor lifts their torso off the ground, supporting their weight on their toes, forearms, and elbows while keeping the body rigid.

    This strengthens core muscles and poses less risk for lower back injuries than curl-ups.

    Scoring for the PRT consists of performance categories: outstanding, excellent, good, satisfactory/probationary, failure.

    Occupational Physical Assessment Test

    Olympic Runner Attempts the NEW Army Combat Fitness Test

    After Basic Combat Training, the soldiers will be tasked to take the Occupational Physical Assessment Test, which will determine how physically demanding the job training can be for the new soldier.

    The OPAT measures muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, explosive power, and speed. The tests used to measure these elements of tactical fitness include:

    Standing Long JumpThis is the standard broad jump with no running to build momentum.

    Seated Power ThrowThis test involves a forward throw with both arms while seated using a 4.4-pound medicine ball the size of a basketball.

    Strength DeadliftThe strength deadlift is the standard lift of weight from the floor to a standing position. You start at 120 pounds and build up to 220 pounds.

    Interval Run This is a short distance interval run designed to assess aerobic capacity. The intervals are only 20 minutes apart and you start each 20-minute run on the sound of “beeps” at intervals that decrease with time.

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    Train For Army Physical Fitness

    Being prepared to meet Army fitness standards will give you the peace of mind you need to feel more confident. Here are some tips to ensure youre physically fit for any challenge:

    • Pace yourself and slowly increase your activity
    • Focus on cardio, strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition

    Training With The Army Physical Fitness Test Exercises

    While Army Physical Fitness Test is no longer the standard measurement of fitness for the army, incorporating these routines can only improve your ACFT scores. Lets take a look at what was required to pass the army physical fitness test:


    Every good army physical fitness workout plan should include a warm-up. Perform cardio exercises to raise your heart rate and get your blood flowing. Then, make sure youre limber by doing some stretching with a stretch strap.

    Event 1: Two-Minute Push-Up Test

    The first event is a push-up test. You can use a THERABAND CLX resistance band for more challenging push-ups while practicing. This exercise strengthens your chest and provides resistance similar to a bench press.

  • Place one hand in an end loop, run the resistance band across your upper back, and place your other hand in the other end loop
  • Get into a plank position and perform a push-up, with your elbows bent just above ninety degrees
  • For an advanced move, add a second, lighter CLX band in front of your body. Perform a push-up, move into a side plank, do a resisted full arm extension, then return to your starting position.
  • Repeat on the opposite side
  • Event 2: Two-Minute Sit-Up Test

    The next event is a timed sit-up test. Move beyond standard crunches by adding a resistance band to exercises that work your abs and obliques. Start with this easy exercise to strengthen your abdominals.

  • Attach your resistance band to a secure anchor point near the floor
  • Event 3: Two-Mile Run

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    How Can I Prepare For The Opat Test

    There are several ways to prepare for the Army OPAT Test.

    For starters, focus on reaching peak physical condition prior to Basic Combat Training.

    It will not only allow you to arrive in the best physical shape possible but grant you the tools necessary to thrive in the U.S. Army.

    For most, the interval run is the most dreaded part of the OPAT Test along with other endurance tests that take place during basic training.

    Thus, there is no substitute for aerobic exercises like jogging, cycling, or running stairs.

    These exercises may suck, but theyll burn excess fat and help you reach full potential.

    Furthermore, strength training is necessary since its a major aspect of the OPAT.

    Thus, subscribe to a training routine that also builds your upper and lower body strength.

    There are a wide variety of arm and leg exercises that do not even require membership to a gym.

    Nonetheless, recruits that lift weights will notice a remarkable improvement in strength training.

    Medicine balls are readily available at gyms and can help you practice for the seated power throw.

    Moreover, practicing all of the events prior to the OPAT Test will get you prepared for the real deal.

    It will also provide a baseline for what exercises you need to improve upon in order to achieve the physical demand status you desire for a particular MOS.

    Recruits should allow at least 3-6 months in advance of basic training to prepare for the OPAT.

    Army Opat Test Standards For 2022

    Physical Fitness Requirements For Army

    Basic training is the first step to joining the U.S. Army after enlistment.

    The training introduces new recruits to the culture of the Army along with a series of physical fitness requirements.

    Unfortunately, in the past, some recruits have struggled to meet the requirements of basic training.

    As a result, the U.S. Army introduced the OPAT Test in 2017.

    The Occupational Physical Assessment Test consists of 4 physical fitness tests.

    Its designed to provide recruits with the tools necessary to succeed in the United States Army.

    Continue reading to learn more about the OPAT Test, including the specific exercises and requirements.

    The Occupational Physical Assessment Test is an entry fitness test for new recruits.

    It measures the speed, conditioning, and strength of each incoming service member.

    The U.S. Army combines the OPAT score with mental and psychological evaluations to determine an appropriate MOS assignment for each recruit.

    Additionally, the Army created the OPAT Test for active-duty members that are seeking to transition into a new Military Occupational Speciality .

    In general, all soldiers who complete basic training are considered physically ready for service.

    However, the OPAT provides the Army with a more precise evaluation of each individuals strengths and weaknesses.

    It also serves as a benchmark for the physical fitness standards and expectations of the U.S. Army.

    The Occupational Physical Assessment Test consists of 4 different exercises/tests.

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    When Should I Start Preparing For The Army Physical Fitness Test

    We highly encourage those that are considering the U.S. Army to start working towards your goals immediately.

    Weve actually created a free guide on exactly how to lose weight for the military, which you can check out here.

    Even if you may not be of age or ready quite yet to enlist it doesnt hurt to get yourself physically prepared.

    Set baseline numbers for the number of push-ups and sit-ups you are able to complete in two minutes.

    Do the same for a two-mile run. Then seek to improve upon those numbers.

    Remember! Physical fitness is hard. It does take time to reach the results you desire if you are not physically active.

    In fact, reaching APFT standards takes a lot of work from people in great shape.

    Heres An Early Draft Of The Armys New Fitness Test Standards

    A year-long field test of the Armys new fitness test kicks off in October, and on Tuesday, a copy of the preliminary scoring system leaked online.

    For now, Training and Doctrine Command is working on a gender- and age-neutral, 100-point system for each of the six events, with a 60-point minimum that will be familiar to anyone whos ever taken the current Army Physical Fitness Test.

    The chart represents the standards we intend to use for the Army Combat Fitness Test during the Initial Operational Capability field testing phase,” Lt. Col. Jeffrey Pray, a spokesman for the Center for Initial Military Training, told Army Times on Wednesday.

    To start, standards will be divided by heavy, significant” and moderate physical demand, similar to the Occupational Physical Assessment Test. One of the goals of the field study is to decide whether the final test will be scored according to military occupational specialty or unit type so, for example, an infantryman would fall into the heavy category, but so might everyone who serves in an infantry brigade combat team as well.

    Elsewhere, jobs like combat engineer, field artillery and pilots fall into the heavy category, while military police, firefighters and helicopter mechanics are in the significant category.

    An early version of the Army’s new PT test scoring leaked online.

    Pray said the standards for the PT test have not been finalized.


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    How Long Is The Opat Test

    Recruits must complete all 4 events in the OPAT Test in an hour.

    You can prepare for the OPAT by practicing mock assessments.

    It will introduce you to the pace and demands of the test.

    Furthermore, it will establish a baseline for your scores indicating which events you need to improve upon before the real deal.

    Testing No Longer Scores Differently By Age Or Gender


    Old-school Army fitness testing included separate scoring tiers for men and women and different age groups, but that’s no longer the case for now, Bloomberg reported.

    Previously, a man aged 22 to 26 needed 75 push-ups in two minutes for a perfect score, compared to 46 for a woman of the same age.

    The timed two mile run has been retained from the 1980s test, but adjusted so scoring is the same for all recruits. For perfect score on the run, you’d need to complete two miles in 13 minutes, 30 seconds the minimum passing score is 21 minutes.

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    Grader And Ncoic/oic Training

    All installations and commands must self-sustain the ACFT grader and NCOIC/OIC training requirements found in FM 7-22 and ATP 7-22.01.

    Yes. After you have attended training you are encouraged to conduct training at your unit to validate others to the same level you have been trained. For example, a Grader can train other Graders, and an NCOIC/OIC can train another OIC/NCOIC and Graders.

    Yes. MFT is not a prerequisite for ACFT Grader and NCOIC/OIC validation.

    ACFT Implementation Timeline

    Deadlifts Have Been Added To Test Recruits’ Ability To Move Heavy Loads

    An essential strength technique, deadlifts involve lifting a weight from the floor to hip height. The full-body exercise is powered by big leg muscles like the glutes and hamstrings, with core and back muscles stabilizing. Military applications of the deadlift include hauling equipment or carrying causualties out of danger.

    The minimum passing score for deadlifts ranges from 140 to 200 pounds for three reps. To score perfectly, you’d have to complete three 340 pound deadlifts.

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