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Keepsake Urns For Remembrance

Cremain Burial with Military Honors

Remembering your loved one is part of the healing process. In addition to our full-size urn options, you might choose to give or keep a smaller gift of remembrance with beautiful keepsake urns. These small and precious reminders can help provide comfort for families as you honor and remember the one you loved. Choose from unique styles such as a wooden acorn or a handcrafted brass memento in the shape of a heart, rose or songbird.

Military Urn With Photo Frame

Precisely engineered with your hero in mind, this Military Urns unique design with Photo Frame is a perfect tribute.

Display the medallion from The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Fire Department along with the name and dates of your loved one.

You can choose to have your veteran placed in this solid oak, cherry, or rosewood urn. Exhibiting the military flag next to this urn will be a proper memorial to a deserving serviceman or servicewoman.

Patriotic Eagle Cremation Urn With 3

The Patriotic Eagle is plummeting over trees and mountains inlaid on solid oak, mahogany , walnut, or maple. Handcrafted in America, each one of these urns is truly unique. Personalization by way of engraving your loved ones name is also available.

Our stunning Patriotic Eagle Urn is a rare and remarkable way to memorialize your loved one. Displaying the much venerated and deserved veterans flag along with this urn will create an exceptional dedication.

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Military Urn To Fit Into Any Niche

Specifically created to fit into the cremation niches at any National Cemetery in the USA, you can actually place two of these uncomplicated yet elegant urns in one dedicated alcove.

This design allows spouses to remain together for all time, even at Arlington National Cemetery and many other military columbarium niche locations.

Honor your loved one with the choice of a medallion from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Fire Department. Engraving on our mahogany, natural cherry, or oak finish will add a personal touch to this urn.

More Military Urns & Memorials

American Honor and Glory Military Cremation Urn  Memorials4u

We have a broad selection of military-themed memorials available here. In addition to our many Made in the USA cremation urns, all of which feature options for military service branch emblems, we have a variety of veteran burial flag display cases, medal displays, and other memorials.

By far, our most popular memorial item for veterans is our custom engraved cedar wood bird feeder. You can find each service branch listed here, including Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard, plus Police, Fire Department, and many more designs.

Made in Oregon from genuine cedar wood and personalized for your loved one, it’s a great way to commemorate a life of service.

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Soaring Eagle Cremation Urn

The bald eagle, as the national bird of the USA, is a fitting symbol for one who served their country in the United States Armed Forces. Pictured above is our most popular eagle urn, the Soaring Eagle Cremation Urn. A close second is the Eagle Cremation Urn, which is often used for military members.

Do You Need To Provide A Grave Liner And/or A Vault

A vault or a grave liner forms a protective barrier around the casket, ensuring that the ground will not cave in as it begins to deteriorate.

Many cemeteries require these because they help keep the cemetery looking nice.

If you do need to provide this, it will be yet another thing to factor into your budget.

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Military Urns For Ashes

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  • Military Memory Chest Urn

    High School Students in New Mexico Make Urns for Veterans’ Unclaimed Ashes

    Our memory chest urn is made of solid wood and features a beautiful medallion. We offer emblems from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Fire Department.

    This urn can hold various objects, from a standard temporary urn filled with your loved ones cremated remains to pictures, medals, or other memorabilia.

    The solid oak, walnut, or rosewood finish is engravable, which is just one more way to celebrate your cherished memories and is perfect for honoring your veteran.

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    Cremation Urns And Containers

    When considering cremation, one important decision to make is the selection of a cremation container, urn or remembrance item to memorialize your loved one. A variety of styles, colors and materials are available, along with customized embellishments, giving you the choice of selecting something as unique and special as the individual it represents.

    From beautifully decorated ceramic urns to delicately carved wooden containers and eco-friendly options, you can find the perfect expression of your loved one to memorialize and celebrate their life. Offering styles to suit individual tastes and desires, we can assist you in planning each aspect of a cremation, including selecting the urn that is right for you.

    Don’t Take Our Word For It Here’s What Our Customers Think:

    • Very happy with urn and delivery of it. Beautiful camouflage urn price was great!! – Vivian McBride

    • Thank you for resolving any issues with my order. I do appreciate how quick and efficient everything was resolved. – Denise Varillas

    • I ordered a beautiful and unique urn for my mom who passed. It’s perfect and well made and beautiful like my mom. I’m so happy. I highly recommend Exquisite Urns. – Jayivey White

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    Choosing A Grave Marker

    When we think about grave markers, most of us think of the traditional upright marble headstone, bearing the relevant dates and name of the deceased person.

    In reality, this kind of monument is just one of many kinds from which to choose.

    There is a wonderful variety of personalization available. You can choose from many different shapes, colors and materials, as well as a variety of styles for the engraving.

    You can opt for a grave marker made of bronze, or for one that lies flat on the ground instead of upright.

    Each kind of marker has its own aesthetic value, as well as a different impact on your budget. So its important to choose carefully.

    A Life Of Service And Valor

    navy urn

    Veterans and Military cremation urns are a beautiful representation of not just a life but a way of life and a love of serving their country. The urns come in different materials that when combined with the symbol of the branch of service served make for a unique way to honor those weve loved and lost. Wood military urns have emblems that signify a particular branch or that signify the United States. Bronze veteran and military urns are square shaped and have a contrasting black face that displays the emblem. Stainless steel veterans urns are a clean and simple way to honor the dedication of your veteran to their family and their country.

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    Simple Affordable Solid Wood Military Urn

    Our solid wood Freedom Urncan be honorably displayed in your home or inurned at one of the National Cemeteries around the country. This urn has been designed with the correct measurements to fit in most cremation niches.

    Honor your loved one with the choice of a medallion from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Fire Department. You can also add a personal touch with engraving on the solid Oak, Cherry, Walnut, or Rosewood finishes. This urn is made with pride in the USA.

    A Memorial In Honor Of A Veteran

    A love of country, honor, integrity, a life of dedication. What better way to pay your respects to those that have so valiantly given their life to their country than with a Veterans and Military cremation urn. Beautifully crafted from a wide assortment of materials, Military memorial urns will hold the cremated ashes of your loved one discreetly.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Open And Close The Grave

    Yes, this deserves its own separate question.

    Thats because opening and closing a grave is a lot of work, and this work must be paid for.

    Some cemeteries will include this cost in the package, while others will charge it as a separate fee. In either case, its important that you know what the cost is.

    More About Veteran & Military Cremation Urns

    Urn With Veteran’s Ashes Stolen Before Burial

    Permanently honor your loved one who proudly served in the armed services with one of our patriotic urns for veterans or active duty personnel. We carry a large selection of military urns for ashes and veteran urns that is dedicated to respectfully remembering those who served their country proudly.

    We offer a variety of styles honoring the four major branches of the military. They all include each military branch’s official insignia to create distinct Marine Corps cremation urns, Air Force cremation urns, Army and Navy cremation urns.

    We use only high-quality materials to create beautiful urns made of granite, marble and other finished stone. These urns are made to last and serve as a remembrance for future generations of your family.

    Our large selection of armed services urns allows you to choose the best way to remember your departed service member. All of these patriotic urns come with free shipping included.

    You will also have peace of mind knowing that only the finest quality of materials was used to make your loved one’s military cremation urn. We offer our urns in a number of styles and configurations:

    Dedicating your life to preserving the freedom of your country is the ultimate sacrifice. Military cremation urns are more than a tradition or just a way to store a loved one’s ashes. Armed services urns are designed to memorialize all American heroes who are veterans of the armed services.


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    American Flag Garden Stone Urn

    Personalizing the American Flag Garden Stone Urn is just one way to honor your beloved veteran. Crafting this elegant urn from granite means it can stand the conditions outside but is perfectly suitable for inside display.

    Create a lasting memorial by adding a choice of artwork to the top of the urn, incorporating your loved ones name and dates as well.

    This sixty-pound, American-made military urn will stand the test of time and elements.

    Are There Restrictions On The Type Of Casket

    The FTC stipulates that you must be allowed to use the burial container of your choice.

    But individual cemeteries may have their own rules about the kinds of caskets that are allowed.

    Green cemeteries may only allow biodegradable caskets or shrouds. And some cemeteries will require the use of a vault or grave liner.

    Its important to research these restrictions so you are not surprised by them.

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    Military Cremation Urn With Medallion & Great Seal

    When you display your loved one’s earthly remains in the beautifully crafted Military Cremation Urn with Medallion and Great Seal, you are truly honoring their memory.

    Choose from any of the brass medallions featuring The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or The Great Seal of The United States.

    Including a nameplate or surface engraving would add a touch of dignity to this solid purpleheart wood urn.

    How To Choose A Plot

    Freedom Military Rosewood Cremation Urn

    There are many different kinds of burial plots. What you choose depends upon your loved ones final wishes and your budget.

    Do you want a traditional burial below ground? Or would you prefer an above ground option, such as a private or public mausoleum?

    If you have concerns about the impact the burial will have on the environment, you may want to look into plots which allow green burial.

    Finally, if your loved one was cremated, you might consider burying the ashes at sea or scattering them in a scattering garden.

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    Revive The Memories Created With Your Loved One With Military Urns

    Military cremation urns not only safely preserve the memories for ages, but also allow you to cherish those memories for a lifetime. The fine finish on the surface of military urns for ashes along with the sturdiness of each military memorial urns adds more to the process of honoring the memories of your loved one. Each time you will look at the military hand painted cremation urns, all the memories will come back to life, filling your eyes with the tears of joy. You can get decent military urns for sale on Exquisite Urns you can rest assured of getting the perfect resting place for the departed soul.

    Veteran Cemeteries & Benefits

    If you are a veteran, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will provide burial benefits to you and your family at no cost.

    Here are the benefits to which you are entitled:

    • Transportation of the remains to the VA cemetery

    • Opening and closing the grave

    • A military honor guard

    Veteran benefits are paid automatically to the immediate family as soon as the VA is notified of the death.

    The actual amount that you receive depends on whether the death was service-related or non-service-related.

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    Patriot Military Cremation Urn For Ashes

    This handsome urn is a fitting way to honor your loved one. You can personalize the Patriot Military Urn with the branch of the military that your veteran was serving.

    Proudly display the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Fire Fighter emblem on this solid wood urn. The real-wood construction comes in your choice of genuine oak, rosewood, walnut, or maple.

    Memorialize with the engraving of your loved ones name and dates to add that final touch.

    Personalize Your Military Memorial

    Army veteran gets proper burial after urn with remains are tossed in trash

    You can personalize the urn and your loved one’s memorial in several different ways.

    Inscriptions & Emblems

    Options include:

    Other Displays

    You can continue to respect and honor the person whose service meant so much to our country by displaying the urn along with their military flag, adding any honors and photos to make a dedicated memorial to a deserving serviceman or servicewoman.

    These other displays might include:

    • Flag display case
    • Memorial photo frames

    With these ideas in mind, here are ten of our most popular, best-selling, and best-reviewed military urns for ashes.

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    Personalized Military Cremation Urns For Those Who Served Our Country

    Memorialize your loved one with the best urn America has to offer for those who serve. Perfect for either display or burial purposes, Amaranthine Urn Company provides military urns for every branch of service… if you don’t see it, please ask us. Our armed forces personnel protect our freedoms everydayour gratitude motivates us to provide high-quality, personalized military urns that honor individuals who have passed.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or special requests. We are here to help. 855.443.0124

    This is why it Matters…

    “My husband, a retired police chief and KoreanWar veteran, is eligible for internment in the Arlington National Cemetery. The urn selection offered by the funeral home did not meet my desire for something dignified, beautiful, and personal. I took to the internet and blessedly found Amaranthine. Mike, a co-owner, worked tirelessly with me to design a custom urn that would meet my wishes as well as the very specific size dimensions for Arlington Cemetery internment. Mike waspatient, kind, and above all artistic in his approach, and I will be forever grateful. Absolutely beautiful urn.” – Thank you! D. Stover

    See our for examples of what is possible.

    To shop for Military Branch Art, visit our SHOP NOW page, start by selecting an engraving image.

    Scroll down to browse our military urns for ashes.

    Materials For Keepsake Urns

    • Metal – Families can choose from a nickel-plated brass vase, shiny silver-finished brass, an intricately designed rose or a brushed-pewter heart.
    • Stone – Marble or natural textured stone are both options for a stone keepsake.
    • Wood – Wooden keepsakes can come in numerous shapes, such as a rectangle, heart-shaped or square cremation box, a star, or an acorn.
    • Lamps – Imagine a stained-glass butterfly lamp holding the cremated remains of your loved one and resting on a small table. Unique options like both the butterfly and a traditional lamp shape can be an alternative to a traditional-shaped funeral urn.

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    Silk Fabric Military Cremation Urn In Navy Blue

    This elegant urn is made from silk fabric over a plastic interior, which allows for easy temporary transportation of remains. Approved by the TSA for airline travel. The Silk Fabric Military Cremation Urn includes the millitary emblem patch sewn to the front of the slip cover.

    Military patch emblem options:

    • Fire Department

    Origins Of Military Emblems

    Monticello Navy Cremation Urn

    The origin of the military emblems are interesting stories. In 1954, the United States Marine Corps Commander General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr, requested the planning of a new and final official seal for the Marine Corps.

    President Eisenhower approved the planning in 1954. the symbol as shown on the seal was adopted in 1955 because the official United States Marine Corps emblem.The navy emblem begins with the definition of the name SEAL which stands for sea, land and air. If you check out it closely there are four symbols that make up this insignia a phrase, a pistol, a United States Navy anchor and a trident. The eagle is employed to suggest the SEALS capabilities of having the ability to maneuver swiftly through the air.

    There are two air force emblems. The newer one is predicated on the familiar war II Hap Arnold wings and represents the services heritage. The symbols modern design represents the Air Forces present and future vanguard capabilities defending the U.S.. Our Air force military urns with this emblem come in wood and metal.

    Originally the Army Emblem was used to authenticate documents. It stayed the same until 1947, when the banner was replaced with Department of the Army and the date was changed to 1775 instead of 1778, 1775 was the year the military was established.

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