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Military Style Watches For Men

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Top 10 Best Military Watches for Men

The military watch for men with leather camouflage bracelet Wryst is the perfect timer worn by soldiers, sailors, and airmen. This men’s black reference is ideal for outdoor recreational activities and extreme sports such as fishing, shooting games, and hunting. The camouflage pattern has been popular in clothing and fashion accessories since 1915. Camo pattern has been used in the work of numerous artists, sometimes with an anti-war message. In fashion, many designers have used camouflage symbolism and military clothing. In modern times it is also used as streetwear and a political protest symbol.

What Makes A Good Military Watch

At their cores, military watches are geared toward people who live on the edge of survival. Were talking soldiers of fortune, paratroopers, marines, extreme sports junkies and anyone else who might need to hop out of a plane or plunge into the water at a moments notice. To be clear, that doesnt mean a regular Joe cant reap plenty of enjoyment from a solid tactical watch, its more to say that tactical watches themselves should be judged according to how well they perform their intended duties.

In that regard, the best military-grade watches need to be utterly durable, consistently operational and endlessly resourceful. These do not fashion statements these are tools. Whether you go with a quartz watch or a different movement mechanic, these are meant to strengthen your chances of survival.

Timex Expedition Scout 40

Lots of people scoffed when Timex entered the tactical watch field and even more scoffed when they had the temerity to suggest they could build high-quality military watches for less than $100. But well be hogtied if they didnt in fact do just that. And not only that, but their military watches like this Mens Expedition are marvels of simplicity and functionality.

Take a look at that face. Its a thing of beauty that wont ever leave you guessing when the sun goes down and the band will likely still be wearing well many years down the line. Admittedly the watch is not laden with features but the ones it does have 24-hour military time, water resistance to 50 meters, Indiglo watch dial illumination all serve the solid tactical purpose of usability. With a brass case, crystal lens, and quartz analog movement its a watch youre going to lean on heavily but dont worry it can take it.

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Luminox Recon Point Man 8820 Watch

The Swiss brand Luminox has designed the Recon Point Man 8820 watch to address the needs of military personnel for analog watches. The watchs high scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal, graduated turning bezel and contrast-color countdown quadrant of the dial are handy features. Interestingly, the Swiss brand designed this watch in collaboration with Andrew Micheli, a former Swiss Army Military Security NCO. The internationally recognized military journalist aided the company in producing this model which was intended to satisfy the specific requests from professional military personnel.

What Should You Consider When Buying A Military Watch

Military Style Analog Watch  BKC Direct in 2020

Whether youre G.I. Joe or Average Joe youll want the same thing from your military watch: supreme functionality and resilience. To heed the call, a number of the best military watches incorporate prime materials and a wide range of built-in tools. When looking for a quality tactical watch, you should consider the following:

  • Is it equipped with tools like a barometer, compass, thermometer, tachymeter, alarm, or tritium gas?
  • Is it Bluetooth enabled?

Image: Racim Amr

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Luminox 3581 Navy Seal Chronograph Sports Watch

  • LED Light or Luminescent Display: Luminescent Display.
  • Shatter resistant: Tempered but not fully resistant.
  • Scratch Resistant: Yes

As you can imagine, this watch is a favorite among active duty Navy SEALs.

The Luminox 3581 Navy SEAL Chronograph features a polyurethane band and a proprietary carbon fiber compound for the body and bezel, and a stainless steel back.

Its a fully analog watch, displaying time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

It also includes an analog stopwatch and displays the date.

Night vision glow tubes are set around the face.

The combination of carbon and tempered crystal in the watchs construction makes it extremely durable.

Its both shock and water resistant.

Despite the strength, it is still not shatter resistant.

The battery life is guaranteed to 50 months.

Where To Buy: to buy the Luminox 3581 Navy SEAL Chronograph Sports Watch on the official Bass Pro Shops website.

The G-Shock Rangeman is an all resin construction with a stainless steel back and mineral face.

The display is fully digital and includes hour, minute, and second.

It can display GMT and a second time zone, which is a useful feature for special ops forces like Army Rangers, Marine Force Recon, and even Delta Force operators.

It features a perpetual calendar as well as a month, date, and day display.

Additionally, it can display sunrise and sunset times and includes a thermometer, altitude indicator, barometer, and compass.

What Exactly Is A Tactical Watch

A tactical watch will still perform its intended functions even under extreme duress. The term tactical is typically used to refer to gear used by military, special forces, or law enforcement, so extending that to watches means that it better be able to handle more than your average bump against the doorframe. Tactical clothing, gear, or tools are intended to give the user confidence that they wont become a hindrance if things hit the fan.

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Tactical Watches Buyers Guide

People whove never owned a tactical wrist watch typically have a lot of questions about them. Below weve rounded up 4 of the most common questions we encountered when talking to people about tactical watches in the hope these answers along with the following list of Things to Look for When Buying a Tactical Watch will help you make an informed decision.

Choosing A Tactical Watch

Top 6 Best Tactical Military Watches For Men To Buy in 2022

Not all tactical watches offer the same functionality. A watch is a tool and a tactical one even more. So understanding what is available and ensuring you have the right tool for the job is what EDC is all about. These are a few of the terms and features you should be aware of. Some watches offer more extra tools beyond telling the time.

  • Extras: For anyone that spends time at altitude, whether for work or pleasure, it might be worth looking at watches that feature a built-in barometer and thermometer. Some are even Bluetooth compatible so that you ensure accurate time by syncing via the internet. Some watches have compass functionality which is handy for anyone that spends time off the grid.
  • Water resistance: It probably isn’t tactical if you cant wear your watch in the rain. Tactical watches go even further with water resistance ratings that will let you take them diving down to hundreds of meters.
  • Materials: What an item is made of has always been necessary to EDC. Finding the right balance between a tough material that can take a beating but wont weigh you down is key. Many watch manufacturers opt for 316L stainless steel, which is pretty standard, but youll also find some made of titanium and hard plastic composites for some digital options.

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Timex Expedition Gallatin Watch

The classic model by Timex, the Expedition Gallatin was inspired by the northern edge of the U.S Rockies. It is a classic analog clock and flaunts a raised top ring, tactical dial, and mixed materials. The matte black case finish is a nice touch and the bands nylon material makes it a watch you wont be afraid to get dirty. One of its more playful features is its Indiglo Night-Light, which will make evening adventures a lot easier to keep track of. This model is also water-resistant up to 50 meters and has a quartz analog movement.

Timex Expedition Ranger Solar

Although it tends to opt for the phrase military inspired in its descriptions, a quick Google search reveals that Timex was issued to the US Army back in the 1990s and even today the brand is seen on the wrists of serving personnel.

This Expedition is particularly popular because it is hard-wearing, solar-powered so no worries about the battery running out when youre out on ops in the middle of nowhere, and reasonably priced, so you wont be precious about it getting knocked about. All that and its stylish enough to wear on Civvy Street too.

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History Of The Field Watch

Soldiers were some of the first men to strap watches to their wrists . But it was around WWII that the field watch as we know it today began to take shape with specifications stipulated by governments. One of the most notable features that distinguished such watches early on was the ability to stop the seconds hand when setting the time. Called “hacking,” this feature allowed soldiers to synch their watches more precisely, with obvious utility in coordinating battlefield operations.

Some of the most notable field watches were made by a range of companies for the US and British governments, but the design changed over time. One of the most classic traits is the standard 12-hour indices with 24-hour markings nearer to the center, á là the Hamilton Khaki Field. Gradually, the definition of field watches expanded to include watches for the likes of hunting and other outdoor activities, and eventually it filtered into the mainstream.

Brand New Military Style Watches For Sale


For those who are a big fan of soldier and combat inspired fashion, or if your wardrobe is full of combat boots, camouflage print, green, khaki and desert gray color, you need to find some military watches online to match them with. For ladies, army fashion is never out, just think beyond standards to combine that special masculine look with ladylike details, military style watches will definitely add a crowning touch. Like it or not, but a military trend is versatile to wear it from work to parties. Nowadays all is in and one cant say for sure if one trend is dead or not.

Express the solider-like style within you and get quality military style watches at reasonable price point, RedDeerWatches.com is at your service !

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Military Watches For Men

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Maintaining Your Tactical Watch

Its built tough, with you in mind, so you want to ensure that its going to continue operating smoothly as time goes on. Its had your back, so now, you need to upkeep your fantastic tactical watchheres what you do:

Dont Submerge To Clean A lot of people think that having water resistance on your tactical watch means that you can dunk it to clean all the gunk out of it. Thats not necessarily true you have to pay attention to the model and its capabilities.

Clean Often When were wearing our watch, we sweat. Its just what happens. Grime fills in all the tiny crevices that we just cant see until we take off our watch. Use a toothpick or a very small nail cleaner and gently chip away all the grime. It can only take a few days for this to start building to a visible level.

Certified Dealer Most certified deals are also experts at maintaining your watch. Ever been walking through the mall and you find that little kiosk that cleans watches and jewelry? They know what theyre doing, and can even make repairs to clasps and other components in the meantime.

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What’s The Purpose Of A Field Watch

The field watch was originally intended for infantry in the 20th century. Unlike many watches made for specific purposes and professions, however, the field watch today doesn’t incorporate special functionality or features aside from its design and general durability. That design, like military other military equipment, is meant to be totally functional with little attention paid to aesthetics.

Also like other military gear, it turns out to be quite attractive to civilians. Simplicity and ruggedness also mean that the field watch isn’t just for the battlefield, but the likes of hiking, mountaineering and the outdoors in general. Although the field watch is stylistically versatile, and you might even be able to dress it up, most are basic in their finishing and fall short of what’s probably ideal for most formal occasions you want a dress watch for those.

Different Types Of Military Watches

Breitling Chronospace Military GMT Blacksteel Mens Watch M78366 | SwissWatchExpo

As you might expect, there are tons of variety to be found when comparing one military watch to the next. However, for the sake of simplicity, the tactical watch category is frequently broken down into three types:

Types of Military Watches
Heavy Duty These are the hefty behemoths that pack in as much functionality as you can possibly imagine. Think of the Casio G-Shock as a starter point and work out from there.
Tactical Minimalist by design, field watches are typically distinguished by their slim bodies and highly legible dials. What they lack in broad utility, they make up for in durability and accessibility. These are truly some tough watches for men.
Pilot Watch Modelled after aircraft gauges, pilot watches usually feature large, readable dials and high resistance to atmospheric pressure. Great for jumping out of aeroplanes, Operation Dumbo Drop style. Definitely, an EDC watches if youre a pilot.

Alternatives to Military Watches

Now that youre all up to date on the best military watches available, why not check out our lists of the best watch brands from around the world? These watch brands weve listed below are sorted by country, so choose your favourite, and start browsing.

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Strong Outdoor Mens Military Ticker

The black casing benefit from the scratch-resistant “Diamond-Like Carbon” technology. The glass is a 2mm thick sapphire crystal that sits lower than the bezel to be less exposed to unintentional shocks. The crystal has an anti-reflective coating to avoid being noticed when you do not want to be. Your Swiss black mens field watch is also ready for rough use in a wet environment with a screw-down crown and water resistance of 200 meters. Both case flanks are deep-etched by CNC machining, and the crown can be screwed tightly against the case to hold firmly.

Mainly aimed at the United States, the black stainless steel case camo Swiss Ultimate is perfect for the air force, desert camouflage, and marine corps. It is a bold field watch with shock resistance and a digital display. As opposed to a digital gadget like Suunto core, the analog ES30 has a bright reading analog display with luminescent hands.

Panerai Radiomir California 47mm

Calculators, fuses for torpedoes, depth meters, compasses these were what Panerai originally supplied to the Italian Navy until its frogmen, divers who attached explosives to enemy warships during World War II, decided they needed watertight watches. The Radiomir was delivered to the Italian Admiralty in 1936 and by 1938 they were strapped to the havoc-causing wrists of the incursori.

Panerai and California dials have form and here it is combined with an eight-day power reserve and a black DLC-coated case. This watch has been accused of being a Panerai greatest hits but when your back catalogue is this strong, who cares if everyone already knows all the words?

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How These Watches Wear

Field watches are traditionally small. That’s why modern examples in the sub-40mm range tend to feel the most authentic but it’s worth noting that historically field watches were even smaller, probably too small for many modern tastes, even. If you want a bit more presence on the wrist, a NATO strap will add some bulk and look completely appropriate pilot’s watches can also offer a similar focus on legibility with military looks but often larger diameters. Being small and simple by nature, field watches tend to be stylistically very versatile.

How Man Of Many Chose This List Of Military Watches

MUNITI Men Creative Dial Analog Army Military Sport Watches Leather ...

When it comes to our list of the best military watches money can buy, it goes without saying, that expertise is key. While Man of Many has had the chance to get their hands on every watch on this list , theyve also turned to the wider public for their overall ratings. Man of Manys lists takes into account three major perspectives to determine the overall rating, quality, price point, and availability. As one of the best watch blogs on the internet they have the knowledge to determine what makes a good military watch, but in addition to their own opinions, they take into account reviews via industry leaders such as Time and Tide, HODINKEE, and Worn and Wound.

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