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Limits for each account type:

Do You Want To Know How To Improve Your Score And Credit Card History

With restrictions, ECP also make sure to give the best solutions to their members, they have given the following guidelines that can help you with keeping up with a good history.

  • Usually payment history is around 35% of their members credit score, so they should be regular with payments of their bills and need to pay the bill on time.
  • They need to keep check on their accounts statements and statuses as they dont want to miss any error their account may have.
  • Account balance, can effect your account scoring and so to keep it on track you should try to keep a low figure balance.
  • Pay off your debts because transferring it to other cards is not an effective solution.
  • Do not shut off unused credit accounts. And do not open any new account just because of a promotion or any mail.
  • Ten percent of your credit score depends upon, for how long you may have the history of your credits. This may include one of the two things or both, and those are, that is how much regular you are with using your credits, and also how you have had it, all this information is being stored.
  • 10 percent of the score depends on how many new accounts you may hold, and so to avoid crises, you need not to open too many accounts and perfectly manage the ones you already have access to.
  • Types of credit also matter and it makes up to 10% of your score. To avoid problems you need to keep up good balance between them.
  • Already closed accounts can also tangle with your balance so make sure to resolve all the issues.

Military Star Card Accepted At Commissaries

To see photos related to this release, visit our Flickr page.

The Defense Commissary Agency is rolling out acceptance of the MILITARY STAR card in all its stores to offer greater convenience to service members and their families and further strengthen funding of critical military quality-of-life programs,said Command Chief Master Sgt. Stuart Allison, DeCA senior enlisted advisor.

Being able to use the MILITARY STAR card at the commissary is a big win for shoppers, Allison said. Having one convenient payment method specifically for the military community demonstrates the commitment DeCA and the exchanges have for meeting the needs of service members and families in the most cost-effective way possible to maximize the value of each benefit.

  • Two points per dollar on purchases and a $20 gift card after 2,000 points earned.
  • One of the lowest APRs among retail-issued cards no matter the cardholders credit score.
  • Fair and flexible terms such as no annual, late or over-limit fees.
  • 10 percent discount on first day of use, including at the commissary.
  • Reduced interest deployment plan with no payments required for eligible customers.

Customers can go to the for STAR card FAQs and see a .

Customers with further questions about the card should contact the MILITARY STAR card customer contact center at 1-877-891-7827 or visit MyECP.com.

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One Good Reason Not To Use The Military Star Card

Some people love the Military Star Card, and some people hate it. I’ve always been in the middle…we use it for gas purchases on base because we save a few cents per gallon, and we use it at the food court because it offers 10% off purchases. Other than that, I usually use other forms of payment. Now I remember one of the reasons why the Star card isn’t always your best option.

My family is hard on computers. Really hard. As I was getting ready to take one to the repair shop today, my daughter said, “Isn’t it under warranty?” I thought for a minute, and realized that she might be right. We purchased it in July 2012, and it came with a one year warranty. However, my go-to credit card is a Navy Federal Credit Union Visa Signature card. It comes with automatic extended warranty coverage on your purchases. Maybe the computer would be covered.

I pulled out my receipt and was quite disappointed to discover that I had paid for the computer with my Star card. No additional coverage with that form of payment, particularly since they want you to purchase their extended coverage plans.

Even more disappointing is that I purchased a new laptop today, and paid for it with my Star card. I’m hating it so far, so it might go back. If it does, you can be assured that its replacement will be paid for with a credit card other than the Star card.


The Service Members Civil Relief Act

unnamed file

Service members civil relief act is a service and offer for the star card users and provides the debt protection to the service members. The exchange star credit card holders can access to six percent of the service member civil relief act, but it also has some conditions, and that are

  • They must have been enlisted, or must be assigned a direct appointment.
  • They should be a member of active or reserved component and national coast guard.
  • They must be allowed and activated to the US military service and it should be under the title 10 or title 32 orders and this is for federal emergencies. But this act shall be done only on the request of president or secretary.

The exchange star credit card will lessen you interest if you meet all the above mentioned requirements and once you are on the active duty. Rate of reduction depends on, and is effected from the first day of duty till the active duty has ended. After this time period the interest rate goes back to its standard rate, that was mentioned in the most current exchange credit program. A formal interest rate reduction can be made, if you want but you will need the copy of you orders, and it should be mailed to the following address

  • Exchange Credit Program

You can also fax these documents, and that should be faxed to

  • ATTN: Deployments.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Applying For Military Star Card

You will want a account that can be used for a MILITARY STAR master card. It is also helpful to make up a profile and complete the appliance, also give your name, date of birth, sometimes place of birth too. Social Security variety, verification of your military credentials and proper answers to security queries all these figures are also required.

What Do I Need To Know About Interest Rate And Other Fees

The Military Star Card is a relatively straightforward credit card with thankfully no hidden fees. However, it is still a credit card so there are some expenses you should make yourself aware of before deciding it is the right card for you and your family.

The card has recently been reported with an APR of 12.24 percent. The same rate applies to all cardholders, regardless of credit score. However, the APR is variable and does change based on adjustments regarding the Prime Rate.

One of the best features of the Military Star Card is that it rewards service members that have just been deployed. Any U.S. Military member during deployment receive a lower APR as a result.

Then at the end of the activation or deployment the interest changes back to the previous rate, or current assigned rate.

Furthermore, all eligible military clothing expenses paid through the Military Clothing Plan receives 0% APR.

Due dates for monthly payments of the Military Star Card is currently listed at 25 days after the conclusion of each billing cycle. There is absolutely no annual fee, late fee, or over-limit fee according to the terms and conditions.

However, any monthly installment that turns back unpaid due to insufficient funds receives a $25 fee. The penalty rate is 20.24 percent. It applies to any monthly installment not paid to at least the minimum due.

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Military Star Card Rewards And Points

Lets take a glance at the MILITARY STAR cards rewards program. The rewards structure is fairly easy. Any time you employ your card at one amongst the approved locations mentioned earlier, youll earn 2 points for each $1 in web purchases. youll use the cardboard for Military article of clothing arrange purchases however you wont earn points for those purchases.

Military Star rewards are accepted to be redeemed as merchandise and cash, also it can buy you services or discounts online. Military cards can be accepted only in on-base and anywhere around military area. This package includes exchange services and services. There is no limit on how many cards anyone can earn per year and it all depends on your activity. To present an example of cash back or rewards, let us think that you spent ten thousand dollars on your per year purchases, then you get one hundred dollars back into your wallet again. Besides these cashbacks and discounts, you get to have free online shipping. Traveling packages are also there for people who are more in to traveling and exploring the world. There is also fuel/gas discount up to some percentage, not so generous but still a good feature to offer. And the story does not end here, and the card holder will also get a 10 percent discount on food courts that are a part of army exchange or air force exchange.

The Exchange Credit Program

Military Star Card – Should You Have One?

The Military Star credit card is available and managed through the Exchange Credit Program . ECP is an AAFES-funded and operated program originally established by the Department of Defense . It specifically intends to protect its service members from predatory lending.

The Exchange Credit Program offers secure credit solutions to more than 2 million Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard customers through their star card program. Provisions contained in the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act apply under certain conditions which help regulate the program.

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Options To Pay Your Military Star Card Bills

Online Payments

  • Make an online payment using the Military Star Card website at https://www.myecp.com/.
  • You can make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments.
  • If you make a one-time payment, you can save your bank account information or enter your payment information with each payment.
  • Select the payment amount, date, and, if applicable, your account number and classification code.
  • Then click the submit button, wait a few seconds for the payment to be processed, and write down your payment confirmation number.

Payment By Phone Call

To pay by phone, contact the Military Star Card Customer Service Phone: 1.877.891.7827. You will need to provide the customer service representative with your Military ID or Star account number and your classification code and account number.

In-Person Payment Of Your Military Star Card

Please visit Customer Service at an Exchange store if you wish to make a payment in person. You must show your military ID and pay by cash or check.

If you would like to make your payment by mail, you can do so by sending your payment to the following address:

The Exchange

Find An Atm Or Capital One Location Near You

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What is an ATM?

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What ATMs can I use with Capital One?

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Why Use Donotpay To Get A Credit Limit Increase From Military Star

You just want a credit limit increase, and DoNotPay is the easiest way to get one.

  • Fast. No talking on the phone. Just give us a few pieces of information, and we do the rest.
  • Easy. We’ll deal with the bank, so you don’t have to.
  • Successful. We’ve helped thousands of people get a credit limit increase, and we can help you too.
  • Is It A Good Card

    right with that he pays with cash

    Again, this depends on your other options. The Military Star card has some great benefits, such as the 0% interest rate on military clothing items. I like it because I can get 10% off my food court purchases. The interest rate isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible, either.

    However, it has a pretty bad reputation for messing up payments, not putting in changes of address, and not trying to track down customers who haven’t paid their bill. I discovered this first-hand last year. I thought I had paid my bill in full before a PCS move, only to discover that a gas fill-up hadn’t posted before I paid the entire balance. I’d owed $47 for several months before I saw the balance on my credit report when I was trying to get a mortgage. Our change of address hadn’t processed, and they didn’t try to reach us by phone or email. I was a little frustrated, and who knows how long that debt would have sat on my account if I hadn’t applied for a mortgage.

    If you’re just building credit, and can be disciplined to watch your bills carefully and make all your payments on time , the Military Star card can be a tool to building your credit.

    If you are at all disorganized, or have a habit of not paying your bills, the Military Star card can be a disaster. Your command could get involved, your pay could be garnished, or worse. Whether it’s the right card for you is a decision that only you can make, but at least you have a lot of information about the program.

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    Pros & Cons Of Using A Military Star Card

    • You can build credit, which will help you later when seeking a car or home loans.
    • When your account is approved, you will receive a 10% discount for purchases on the first day. It will be applied as a credit on your first monthly billing statement.
    • Cardholders can also acquire personal dividends via the Military STAR Rewards Program. It is a thank you for shopping at the
    • A 5 cents discount per gallon of fuel at military base gas stations.
    • 10 percent discount for military base food courts.
    • Cardholders can authorize additional users of their cards, as long as the added user is at least 18 years old and have Exchange privileges.
    • The military can take payment from your account for missed payments.
    • It is a private-label credit card so it cannot be used everywhere.
    • It can not be used for off-base purchases.

    At the end of the form, you will also see:

    Mobile Disclosure

    Agency Disclosure Notice

    Exchange Credit Program Account Opening Disclosures

    • Note: You will have to confirm that you have read and agree to all the disclosures in addition to the terms and conditions.

    If you want to inquire about the card, you can reach out through:

    • Phone: 1 877 891 7827
    • Fax: 1 214 465 2702
    • Mail: PO Box 650410 Dallas, TX 75265 0410

    What Will Happen With Late Fee Submission

    Military star credit card is an exchange program, and it does not act as other ordinary cards. It comes with different benefits and different penalties. If in any case, you failed to pay for your charges then your command will follow up this information and you may face certain crises likewise it may affect your pay, as you may not get it or it may be reduced. Or your income tax return will be affected and stopped. So do not miss out on this part or you may face some problems.

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