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Use Relatable Terms Instead Of Military Jargon

Military to Civilian Resume Translation Video

Military jargon might make sense to you, but it will likely confuse whoever encounters it on your resume. When writing for civilians, it’s best to avoid military jargon acronyms, specific duties, job titles altogether.

But that poses a problem: How do you explain your military service without using those words? You need to find relatable terms that anyone can understand.

Military Speak
Regulations Policies/guidelines

“Being able to explain your military experience and how it directly relates to the position that you are applying for is vital,” said Eric Putt, senior program manager with Hiring Our Heroes. “This is how you inform your potential new employer that you possess the basic skills and requirements of the position you have applied to, and the employers want to ensure you meet the minimum requirements of the position.”

If your resume is filled with military jargon, it will be tough for recruiters or employers to tell if you’re qualified for the position. Instead, think of using relatable terms as a way to bridge the gap between the military and civilian worlds.

How To Translate Military Skills Onto A Resume

Veterans earn many valuable skills that translate well in the workplace, but they can struggle to explain their experiences to civilians.

It can be even more challenging to explain these skills in a resume, where space is limited.

“Veterans often have a difficult time translating their military experience into civilian language, especially when it comes to highlighting soft skills,” said Carla Miller of Hiring Our Heroes, a nonprofit organization that helps veterans transition to the workforce.

The main goal when writing an effective resume is to help employers understand your potential as an employee. That’s tough to do if your resume is filled with military acronyms and excerpts from performance evaluations that don’t make sense to people who have never served.

Here are some tips for explaining your military skills, experiences, and qualifications on a resume in a way that will help civilian employers and recruiters understand and recognize your value.

Support Veteran Candidates With A Military Skills Translator

Re-entering the civilian world after military service can be difficult for many veterans, but its n…

Re-entering the civilian world after military service can be difficult for many veterans, but its not because they lack talent. Military personnel typically have specialized skill sets earned from specific types of engagements, and the difficulty lies in identifying private-sector jobs that are suited to those skills. A military skills translator is a vital piece for employers executing a veteran employment strategy.

Weve come a long way toward reducing veteran unemployment, seeing record lows since April 2019. But there is always more your organization can do to give former military personnel a better chance of success, and implementing a veteran skills translator is among the most important.

Find out what military skills translators are, what they can do for veteran candidates and how to implement them in your hiring process.

What Are Military Skills Translators?

Military jobs often use different terms from those used in the private sector, and for civilian recruiters, that can feel like another language altogether. Military-to-civilian job translators are tools that help veteran candidates translate the skills and experiences they gained through the military to jobs in the private sector.

Military skills translators primarily help three groups: 1) veteran job seekers, 2) recruiters and hiring managers, and 3) people managers.

Benefits for People Managers

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What Do Employers Look For On A Resume

Many of the following are common sense, but others you may not have thought about. Either way, heres a good checklist you can use to catch the eye of potential employers:

Roles and Responsibilities. Avoid jargon. Focus on essential transferable skills and titles.

Experience. Highlight the experience where you provided added value to an employer.

Skills. Your skills will complement your experience and should ultimately illustrate your suitability for the job offered.

Results and Achievements. Not a separate category, but figure out a way to weave these things into your narrative.

Education. Include relevant educational certificates, particularly when listed as essential or desirable in the selection criteria.

Formatting. Make sure its easy to read, with no typos, so an employer can quickly scan it. Use only one font. Instead of rambling sentences, use bullet points to outline skills, achievements, and responsibilities.

No Inconsistencies. Make sure there are no unexplained gaps in your work history or inconsistencies in the responsibilities or achievements youve included.

Relevant Language. Use important keywords throughout your resume that are relevant to your field. To do this, scan the job description and make sure your language mirrors it. Avoid excessive jargon

Format and Label. Ensure your resume is formatted in such a way that the recipient will be able to open it easily. When you save your resume, include your name in the saved title.

Military To Civilian Occupation Translator

marine infantry resume

MilitaryConnection.com is pleased to provide veterans and military service members an important resource, the Military Skills Translator or also referred to as the Military To Civilian Occupational Translator. This is an important tool that allows Veteran Job Seekers and Military Job Seekers to translate your military skills, military experience and military training to find civilian career opportunities that fit your capabilities. This can be a difficult and challenging process without this important Military Skills Translator. This tool helps you prepare your resume and allows you to translate your military jobs, military skills and military accomplishments into terms that an employer seeking Veteran candidates can comprehend. The Military Skills Translator is easy to use and there is never a cost or fee involved. All you need to do is enter your military occupational specialty code and hit the search button and the information to transfer your military occupation skills will come up to assist you. We wish you great success in your job search. We encourage you to use all of the valuable tools we provide including Job Tips, Interview Questions and more. Please also visit the Virtual Job Fair, our Job Board and our Directory of Employers. When the next tour of duty is home, its on MilitaryConnection.com, the Go To Site.

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What Are The 5 Most Important Parts Of A Resume

At a minimum, all resumes should contact the same basic elements. Here are the five main sections of a resume:

Contact information. Your name, city and state, phone number, and email address should be prominently displayed at the top of your resume. Include social media profile links and your personal website or blog, if applicable.

Introduction. In many cases, youll benefit from a brief overarching introduction. Add a couple of sentences that show the value you offer by highlighting your skills and some career successes.

Professional experience. This is the most critical section, but many job seekers mistake listing their job duties instead of their accomplishments.

Skills. What are you particularly strong at that will let an employer see the value you bring to a need they have? Focus on technical, people, and industry-specific skills and make them prominent.

Education. Go beyond listing your college degree. Add certificates, classes and other training that will set you apart from other applicants.

How To Translate Military Skills To Civilian Terms

One of the primary struggles military veterans face during their career search is how to translate military skills to civilian terms. The experience gained throughout the military such as leadership, teamwork, and mission first frame of mind is not easily transferred into the civilian sector. Throughout this guide, Empire Resume will show you how to translate military skills to civilian terms so you can successfully navigate your career search journey.

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Skills Certifications And Professional Affiliations

Always list any relevant skills and certifications which apply to your job search. This includes professional certifications, language skills, and tech skills such as software or programming.

It is also a good idea to include your relevant professional affiliations, such as trade groups, industry affiliations, and similar professional groups.

These show that you are active in your professional growth and are more likely to be up to date with trends and technological advancements in your industry. You can also use this section to include professional training you have taken which may be relevant to your job search.

Putting Your Skills In Civilian Terms

Technical academy helping veterans translate military skills into civilian workforce

Continuing with the theme of translation and DOD billets, its time you civilianize your job title. Lets face it, as a Company Gunnery Sergeant, you managed a group of pugnacious young men, keeping them on schedule and saving their hides regularly essentially a high-level Supervisor.

Similarly, a Commanding Officer in the Air Force is responsible for scheduling training, directing operations, and making other executive decisions. In the civilian world, Operations Manager parallels that of Commanding Officer.

Also, when compiling your resume, stay away from acronyms and abbreviations. We veterans may know what youre saying, but the rest of America doesnt. Translate them into layperson terms.

Military training/schooling should be simplified into the real meaning of said education. For example, the job qualifications of a NavalEMN ET are rather intense, involving some of the most comprehensive high-tech training available in the world. If you gained certification as an EMN ET, explain the assortment of letters and the months of cutting-edge schooling you endured.

And dont forget to spell-check its there for a reason!

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How To Translate Your Military Skills Into Civilian Terms

Military veterans often have many skills and talents civilian employers seek. But sometimes, the veterans and the employers dont speak the same language. Today, we will show you a few resources you can use to help translate your military service into terms civilian employers can better understand making you more valuable as a potential employee and potentially helping you more easily get a job.

Focus Less On Jargon And More On Transferable Skills

Much of the military terminology commonly used between you and your fellow colleagues on a daily basis will appear foreign to most recruiters, depending on the field you are choosing to transition into. Take a look at your current resume that you’ve used to apply for military and government positions, and work to clean up the content in terms of jargon, abbreviations, etc. Find out how to translate your skills and experience in a way that makes sense to your target audience a prospective employer in the civilian sector.

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Be Vigilant During The Lockheed Martin Hiring Process You Will Never Be Asked To:

Apply for a position via a non-Lockheed Martin site. Provide your social security number before youve accepted an offer. In some instances, we are required to validate US Government Security Clearance status. In this case, a recruiter will contact you directly to obtain your personally identifiable information prior to an offer. Provide payment to Lockheed Martin. In the event that you are required to travel for an interview, please discuss the Candidate Expense Reimbursement process with your recruiter. Learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Personal Information ~ Keep It Simple Keep It Clean

Writing A Resume Using Military Experience

Your contact information is straightforward list your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address*.

You can also include your personal website, , or other social media profiles if applicable. In most cases, your boss doesnt need to see your FaceBook page. But including a link or url to an online resume or portfolio may do wonders, especially if you are in a creative industry and need to show examples of your previous work.

Your LinkedIn profile may also be a way for a potential employer to research your professional background further and could lead to you being hired. In all cases, only include this information if you present a professional image.

*Always use a professional e-mail address. or something similar is always preferable to

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S& p Globalreview The Job Description Carefully

Latisha Kimber, Head of Digital Engagement

“Veterans should be sure to highlight their unique and valuable experience, and clearly demonstrate how it can apply to the specific job they are applying to. These candidates will often have developed important competencies like leadership, collaboration, and problem solving that are in demand across many business functions. To stand out, review the job description carefully and identify the key competencies and skills that the role requires. Then tailor your resume to highlight your most relevant experience and how it applies to the open role.”

Learn more about S& P Global .

Include Your Awards And Honors

While many civilians only recognize the highest military honors, you should list any achievements awarded with pride. Even if your recruiter doesnt understand all the details around a specific award or recognition, theyll appreciate that you worked toward a goal or were part of a high-achieving team.

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How To Use The Military Skills Translator

You can use the Military Skills Translator to find roles and opportunities you are qualified for today. Simply click on the Veterans or Military Spouse button and take a 60-second questionnaire to align your skills. The translator will connect you with roles you match with and route you to open roles to narrow your search. Follow the instructions below to get started:

  • Enter your information, branch affiliation, education, and experience.
  • The translator will provide you a checklist of skills commonly associated with your skills to current job openings.
  • Match your skills against required and basic qualifications, then apply or express interest in the role you match with.
  • Translate Military Skills To Civilian Resume

    Translating Military Experience Into a Resume

    Skills acquired in the military can be some of the best skills for a resume and its essential to make sure the message is conveyed to the recruiter reading the resume.

    Most professionals recommend avoiding specific combat details, and instead emphasizing the skills that were in place to achieve positive outcomes.

    Our approach below is the same, but the big difference is understanding how skills are used and phrased for a resume.

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    Translate Your Military Experience To A Civilian Skill Set And Prepare Your Resume

    Transitioning successfully from the military to a civilian position is an important process to consider. A critical step in this process is translating your military skills into a skill set that will make you a highly desired, competitive civilian job candidate. The Career Center can help you with this important step.

    Make sure to have your resume reviewed by a Career Advisor. Visit the Career Center to have your resume reviewed and approved. Drop-in resume reviews are held between 2-4 pm, Monday through Friday. These brief, 15 minute meetings are an excellent way for you to receive tips to improve your document to better highlight your strengths and skills. For a more in-depth conversation, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with a career advisor.

    Upon leaving the military, Veterans may request a Verification of Military Experience and Training document which is an overview of your military career. This document provides valuable information as you transition into the civilian world. Below are answers to important questions about the purpose and benefits of acquiring a VMET:

    How is a VMET document helpful? Your VMET document can help you create a resume and complete a job application. You can choose to show the VMET document to potential employers, employment/government agencies or to educational institutions, however, it should not be used as a replacement for your resume.

    Developing Accomplishment Statements:

    Choosing a Resume Type:


    Military To Civilian Resume: Examples & Templates

    Military resume examples and tips. Write a civilian resume with military experience. Make your military-to-civilian resume fast, with good and bad examples.

    • Led teams in support of operations and security at Arnold AFB.
    • Provided surveillance, asset security checks, and safety inspections.
    • Coordinated logistical support of U.S. forces deploying from the base. Tasked with keeping administrative costs low.
    • Provided oversight of team members and tactical and infrastructure equipment.
    • Worked with superiors to achieve team goals.

    What gives supremacy to example #1? Its got measurable achievements that plug into the civilian job.

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    Consult Your Documentation And Fitness Evaluations

    There are records and resources available to all veterans that can provide a starting point or fill in some gaps.

    VMET stands for Vocational and Military Employment Training, explained St. Pierre. That is a document that every single receives when they transfer out. They dont really realize that they have access to it. Its basically their military resume. It contains every MOS they were in with a description. Not only that, but every single course and certification they took.

    A lot of information is available on your fitness reports or evaluations and quarterly counselings, added Cooper.

    Its different in every branch of the service, continued St. Pierre. It could be a fit eval, or a fit rep. These are performance reviews. These contain such valuable information for a resume. They contain measurable results, number one. And number two, real specifics about their accomplishments, spoken from their leaders point of view.

    Digging up these documents can make a world of difference when it comes to creating a strong resume foundation.

    Jobs After The Military: How To Translate Your Military Skills To A Civilian Resume

    Resume infantryman

    After spending time immersed in the military worldchock full of unique experiences, specialized jargon and a chain of command thats foreign to most traditional civilian careersit can be difficult to know how to position your years of experience in a way that will appeal to private-sector employers.

    The great news for service members and veterans is that your time spent in the armed forces has prepared you for success in the civilian workforce in a number of different ways. Now, the biggest hurdle youll face is learning how to talk about it.

    Depending on your role in the military, your transferable skills could actually land you successfully in just about any industry, says Katy Curameng, director of career planning and development at University of Massachusetts Global.

    Curameng often works with students who are in your shoes trying to pursue jobs after the military. The more you can describe experiences that demonstrate these skills and opportunities youve had to apply them, the more attractive youll be to a civilian employer, she explains.

    Thats why we outlined some ways to translate your military skills and experience to an impressive civilian resume in this handy infographic. Use this resource to help launch your job search with confidence.

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