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Military Jobs That Transfer To Civilian Life

Military Skills That Translate Well Into A Healthcare Career

How to Successfully Transition from Military to Civilian Life | Brian OConnor | TEDxOakland

Your military experience as a medic or corpsman has likely provided you with a skillset that is very well suited to a healthcare career. Whether you are looking to find a job as a registered nurse, nursing assistant, or some other form of health care provider, the training you received while on active duty can easily be leveraged to secure a civilian healthcare position.

Get Ready For A Different Job Market

Youll probably find that there are times when your military experience may not transfer to civilian life in a way that you thought it might. However, that doesnt mean you wont find meaningful work in the civilian job market.

Its a good idea to do a bit of repackaging that is, tailoring your new resume to be sure it creates a clear picture of your time in the service while also ensuring it is relevant to any job youre considering applying for. For many veterans, meeting with a career expert is an ideal way to adjust and rework your resume to include meaningful terms that will help you land a job youll love.

Best Ways To Find Jobs For Ex

Once you leave the armed forces, what are the best options when it comes to finding employment? You will have plenty of useful, marketable skills and great experience in a career for which people have a lot of respect. How can you transfer all that into the perfect civilian career?

There are a few steps you can take to make the hunt for a job easier. Veterans should consider their career options as early as possible, so you dont end up reaching the end of your term in the military without a good idea of what to do next.

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Best Army Jobs For Civilian Life In 2022

Joining the US Army can turn into a rewarding career, with over 100 different job opportunities and retirement benefits that are hard to beat.

But what if you dont want to go career military? What if you just want to serve for a few years and get out? What careers are available after that?

Whereas there are some common benefits awarded to all of those who serve, the following is a list of the best Army jobs that transfer over to civilian life.

All of these jobs are in demand in 2021, and can turn into a very well-paying career once your time in the service is up.

What Jobs Are Available For Ex

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If you think about the skills you have gained in the military, you might be surprised at how qualified you are for a wide range of jobs. While working as a contractor within the wider military sphere might still be an option, there are a range of other career paths available to you.

For example, someone who was in the army might have gained skills in transport, logistics, construction or medicine. They could find work managing similar projects in the civilian world. Someone from the navy could continue to work offshore in the oil and gas industry, or could use their experience in intelligence to work in research or market analysis.

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Highest Paying Military Jobs In The Civilian World

Leaving active duty to return to civilian life doesnât mean you have to leave the military altogether.

Plenty of former service members choose to continue their military careers. Whether you want to work in the Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Army or Air Force, there are many high-paying military jobs that you can pursue after re-entering civilian life.

Letâs dive into what types of careers are out there for military veterans and military personnel, and which pay the best.

How To Apply To Jobs For Veterans

Applying for civilian jobs as a veteran can be a nerve-wracking process. However, it usually involves a few simple steps. You will need to create a CV , upload it to a jobs board or hand it to a potential employer, and hope for an interview. The only difference for members of the armed forces is the skills and experience they will want to mention.

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Why Should You Use Career Placement Services For Ex

While many employers would love to hire ex-military officers, often the barrier to this is the officers themselves. Years or even decades spent in the military can leave you with little experience of the world of civilian jobs, and you might have to relearn things like how to put a CV together or interviewing skills.

Career placement services can help you with this, as not only can they provide support in areas with which you might need help, but they also provide a direct line of communication between employers and ex-members of the armed forces. For example, at SecurityClearedJobs.com we specialise in providing employers with candidates who have a security clearance, so you can find companies looking for someone with your exact skills.

How Do I Choose A Career Path

Which Army MOS Converts To Civilian Life?

Choosing a career path after the military doesnt have to be a permanent decision. To decide what your next career move will be, make a list of two to three career interests and research what experience, education and skills are needed to pursue them. Even if your first civilian role after leaving the military turns out to not be the right fit, the learning experience in your interest helps grow a network of friends and career professionals that can help you reach your professional goals.

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Factors That Make Readjustment Harder

Overall, the survey found that a plurality of all veterans say they had a very easy time readjusting to their post-military lives, and 29% say re-entry was somewhat easy. But an additional 21% say they had a somewhat difficult time, and 6% had major problems integrating back into civilian life.

Among the 18 variables tested, veterans who experienced emotional or physical trauma while serving are at the greatest risk of having difficulties readjusting to civilian life. According to the analysis, having an emotionally distressing experience reduces the chances that a veteran would have a relatively easy re-entry by 26 percentage points compared with a veteran who did not have an emotionally distressing experience. Similarly, suffering a serious injury while serving reduces the probability of an easy re-entry by 19 percentage points, from 77% to 58%.

The survey also pinpoints some of the specific problems faced by returning service members who suffered service-related emotional trauma or serious injury. More than half of all veterans who experienced a traumatic event say they have had flashbacks or repeated distressing memories of the experience, and nearly half say they have suffered from post-traumatic stress.5 Predictably, those who suffer from PTS were significantly less likely to say their re-entry was easy than those who did not .

How Do You Receive Credentials

Each branch of the military offers credentialing through various options, either online testing, classroom training, or granting credentials based on your MOS or NEC. In many cases, you may have your credentialing testing or training paid for by the military. In other cases, the GI Bill will help to pay for your training. Please see our service-specific credentialing pages for more information:

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Multimedia Artist And Animator

With a median salary around $65,000, becoming a multimedia artist and animator may be appealing when choosing to join the military. This specific military job translates well to civilian life and offers a decent amount of growth.

As a multimedia illustrator in the Army, you will create artwork and images used for posters, commercials, animations and publications. You will gain training with specific digital graphics software programs and you may also learn traditional drawing methods.

Once youve completed your military services, this specific type of job translates into a career in the multimedia industry. In some cases, a bachelors degree in graphic arts, animation or fine art will be required to land a civilian job in this field.

Can I Join The Fbi After The Military

Air Force Jobs That Transfer To Civilian Life

Yes, you can. “Any applicant for the Bureau would need to be eligible based on the requirements for the position, as well as pass the application steps and meet suitability requirements,” said Laurie Lewis, early engagement partner in Career Advising at SNHU. The FBI has information on its website about veterans and military applicants that can be a great resource.

A transition to a federal job can be a natural pairing of employer needs and applicant skill set. “The skills, training and leadership our veterans have may indeed make them good candidates for the FBI,” Lindsay said. “A position with the FBI will allow the veteran candidate to continue to protect and serve the nation, which I imagine is part of the reason they joined the service to begin with.”

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Where Can You Find Job Postings Specifically For Veterans

One specific job board for veterans is SecurityClearedJobs.com is the largest job board in the UK that caters for vacancies with a level of security clearance. We specialise in matching up employers with experienced candidates from fields such as the military, who have the skills and security clearances needed to undertake some of the most exciting jobs around.

You can view our latest jobs here or find out more information on how we work at www.SecurityClearedJobs.com.

What Military Job Pays The Most When You Transfer To The Civilian World

Working for the U.S. military after becoming a veteran has its perks. Many jobs offer enlistment bonuses with competitive base pay, which is a big draw for enlisted service members who are considering continuing on in the armed forces.

Enlistment bonuses are much higher for positions that are in-demand. A Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer can earn a sign-on bonus of $40,000âthatâs extra pay in addition to their base pay.

Hereâs a list of some of the high-paying jobs in the military.

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Be Ready For The Challenges Of Transitioning To Civilian Life

Your body and mind will need time to process that you are no longer in service mode. The new rhythm of your day, interactions with coworkers and neighbors, and even relationships may seem foreign at first. Social, personal, psychological, financial, and other challenges may arise. But, if you anticipate these changes, you will be more likely to think of strategies to overcome them. Numerous resources and tools are available to ensure you transition successfully.

Get help with any potential serious results of time in service such as PTSD, addiction, or other mental health issues. Military OneSource is a no-cost service provided by the Department of Defense to servicemembers and their families to help with a broad range of concerns, including mental health challenges. You can also call at any time .

MentalHealth.gov offers mental health and support services specifically for veterans and their families. Whatever challenges you are facing, the sooner they are addressed, the easier other hurdles will be.

What Next Steps Should You Take Ex

Transitioning from military to civilian life. What worked for me.

The clear next step for anyone either approaching the end of their military career or having passed that milestone is to create or update a CV. Once at this stage, you can upload it onto a jobs board such as SecurityClearedJobs.com, which is designed for candidates with a security clearance.

We can help get your CV in front of the most relevant businesses who are looking to hire people with your experience. You can also sign up for job alerts, newsletters and career fairs, all designed to help people with a security clearance find the right career for them.

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How Do I Train For A High

Job opportunities are always coming up for civilian military jobs itâs just a matter of ensuring you get the training and have enough years of experience to rise in the ranks. Depending on the career field that interests you, it might be worth getting more training or education to apply for higher paying jobs.

For example, if you want to work as a cybersecurity analyst, Eleven Fifty Academy offers cybersecurity bootcamps that will train you to be job-ready in a matter of months. Cybersecurity civilian jobs are some of the highest paid military positions out there, making it a great way to earn a competitive salary after leaving active duty.

Top 10 Transferable Military Skills To List On Your Resum

If youve recently separated from the military and are seeking a civilian job, your first step should be preparing your resumé. But if your military experience doesnt translate directly to a civilian role, it can be challenging to identify transferable military skills to list on your resumé. Tommy Furlong, academic and career advisor for veterans and servicemembers at Northeastern University, shares his advice on how to get started.

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What Do Civilian Employers Look For In Veteran Applicants

Employers are looking for the problem-solving ability, strong work ethic, leadership, and self-confidence that veterans bring to the workplace, says Casey Heaslet, a military admissions officer at Northeastern University. Furthermore, she says, veterans are highly adaptable. For servicemembers, their ability to adaptto translate military prowess into a civilian careermeans that their post-military career options are varied and plentiful. Veterans can use the expertise gained during active duty to transition into a civilian occupation that values their unique skill set.

Heaslet notes, however, that veterans arent necessarily looking to match their military specialty code with an equivalent civilian career. While shes witnessed veterans who worked in healthcare while on active duty pursue a health professions degree, shes also seen other veterans with similar backgrounds pursue a degree in information technology. Civilian career options arent limited by prior military training. Veterans can build upon their technical skills gained in the military or start a new career based on their passions to compete for the most in-demand jobs for former servicemembers.

While the career options are vast, you may be wondering what the most commonand lucrativepositions are for veterans. Below weve put together the top ten jobs for servicemembers transitioning from military to civilian life.

Two Years To 18 Months From Ets:

Many young veterans come out of the service with no training or skills ...
  • Find yourself a mentor who faced the same problems you will likely face.
  • Choose your civilian career and make sure youll be educated and trained with what you need to know by the time you leave the military.
  • Did you use Tuition Assistance and are you on track to graduate before you leave the military? Make sure you leave the military with an education or a certified skill.
  • What will you do with your G.I. Bill will you need it to Top-up your TA benefits? Will you need it on the outside or should you transfer it to your dependents? Are you even eligible to transfer them?
  • Make sure youll have enough money saved up in case of a tight job market when you get out. Having all the skills and training in the world wont help when no one is hiring. If you have to wait or move to get that job, be sure youre financially prepared for that with a smart and realistic budget.
  • Start meeting people in your desired career field or college this is also known as networking. Its much easier to get in to that dream school or dream job when the school or business already knows you, likes you, and believes you can get the job done.

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How To Communicate These Skills And Experiences

Although your military service will likely prepare you well for a civilian career in nursing, it is important to learn how to communicate your skills effectively to medical facilities and medical centers that may be looking for them. You may find it challenging crossing the cultural barrier between military life and civilian life, especially when it comes to demonstrating your skills to potential employers.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are constructing your resume is that the language of hospitals and healthcare centers is different from the language that is used in the armed forces. It is important to âdemilitarizeâ your resume or application by translating military jargon into civilian language. Avoid acronyms and abbreviations, as these may have different meanings across industries, or could end up confusing your potential employers. One step that you may want to take is to ask a non-military friend or family member to read your resume and flag anything that they donât understand. This will help you to ensure that your skills and experience have been clearly communicated in a way that anyone can understand.

Another way that you can work on bridging the cultural gap is to try and avoid confusing employers with too much information. Instead of focusing too much on the specific day-to-day tasks of your military role, try and find ways to tie it over to civilian values.

Encourage Your Spouse To Seek Support In Their Own Transition

If you have a spouse, you understand the challenges they have faced with job opportunities, both while you have been active-duty and as you both leave the military world. Moving often, lacking continuity in career paths, and not being recognized for the skills they have learned in nontraditional learning are challenges, but they can lead to advantages. Encourage your spouse to research the job or career that best suits them and find the higher education they may need to achieve their goals.

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