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My Son Or Daughter Is Very Bright And Has All Kinds Of Potential But Sometimes I Worry That Theyre Getting Lazy Or Unmotivated Will A Military School In Or Near Orlando Fl Accept Them

Parkland High School Heros Home Gets Military Makeover

Although military schools near Orlando, Florida are not set up for troubled teenagers, they do provide a highly structured and supervised atmosphere that can be extremely helpful to students. If your son or daughter sometimes loses focus or, at times, can be susceptible to laziness or procrastination, military schools can straighten that out quickly and easily. At a military academy, students are given help in setting up their priorities. They will begin to take a more structured approach to each day, making sure that they are using their time wisely and moving along without issue. Even the most clever teenagers can sometimes be absent-minded and unfocused. Teaching teenagers the importance of their future and the way their decisions, even now, can affect their entire life is a valuable part of what military academies are all about. You wont find a more comprehensive list than the directory found at MilitarySchoolUSA.com!

Statistics For Florida Troubled Teens


Florida children between the ages of 4-17 diagnosed each year with ADD/ADHD: 11.2% .


For Florida adolescent women between the ages of 15 and 19: 19.3 per 1,000.


National suicide ranking: 37th with 14 deaths per 100,00 people .

A 2019 report from The Florida Department of Children and Families, 14% of Florida teens abuse alcohol and marijuana use was at 10.4%. Other illicit drug use was at 15.2%.


Juvenile arrests in Florida for 2016 included 108 arrests for aggravated assault, 82 arrests for robbery, 944 arrests for larceny, 298 arrests for drug abuse and 43 arrests for weapons violations, according to a 2017 report from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency.


For the 2014-2015 school year, Florida reported a 77.9% high school graduation rate.

State Summary

Will Military Schools In Orlando Florida Really Help Your Defiant Boy Perhaps But There Is A Better Option

Is your teen spinning out of control, angry, defiant, dabbling in drugs, or in legal trouble? If so, Agapé Boarding School can help, and probably better than military schools in Orlando, Florida.

Agapé is NOT A MILITARY SCHOOL. It is a final solution for your boy, and without the intimidation of drill sergeants. We offer a secure campus and military-like discipline and structure, but we also provide vocational training, mentoring and spiritual help for troubled boys. Our boarding school includes team sports on a sprawling campus and a fully accredited school.

We are different from military schools in Orlando, FL, because we also offer life purpose training and redirection, without screaming and intimidation like military schools do. Were not a military school, but Agapé is a better long-term solution for helping turn around troubled boys!

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Searching For A Christian Military School In Orlando Florida To Help Your Teenage Son Would You Consider One In Florida Instead

Within the structure and order of a military school, wayward teenage boys turn into respectful, confident leaders and responsible citizens. Gateway Boys Academy has the same discipline of a military school, but it is more caring. We have a military academy, an accredited school, and a working ranch and farm, as well as counseling and mentoring, competitive team sports, a spiritual emphasis, and hands-on outreach to help disadvantaged people in third-world countries. All of these are designed to bring change in a boys heart and life.

Time at Gateway Sets the Stage for a New Start and a New Direction

Gateway Boys Academy serves boys from across the nation, including from Orlando, Florida. Over 1000 boys from all 50 states and internationally have put their lives back on track at Gateway Boys Academy. While you might be searching near Orlando, Florida for a military school program for your son, consider that an extended time away from the peers and culture hes being influenced by might be exactly what he needs.

Understanding, Compassionate Staff Teach Our Students a Better Way to Live

Our Military School Paves the Way for Transformation

Learning the Importance of Academic Success

A New Spiritual Relationship, Direction, and Purpose

A Concentration on Family Restoration

At Gateway, we focus on family restoration. Four months after the cadet enrolls, parents begin attending weekend conferences to learn about boundaries, godly marriages, and constructive parenting.

Values That Develop Character

Troops to Teachers program helps veterans transition into careers as ...

Boys who attend military schools soon learn that they are going to be working within an environment of strict discipline and that they will face high expectations. Failure to meet these expectations will result in consequences. A military school environment provides boys the structure they need at impressionable ages to succeed. They develop qualities like high moral character, honesty, integrity, discipline and honor.

Other important lessons learned by boys in military educational settings are things like ways to cope with disappointments and setbacks. They learn to be resilient even when life throws challenges their way. The develop confidence that they can handle any situation in an effective and honorable way. They also learn exactly how to be effective and good leaders, a quality that is so important in life no matter what occupation is chosen upon graduation.

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Florida Military Prep Therapeutic Boarding Schools

PLEASE NOTICE…Social media activists and some celebrities are pushing their followers to add negative, fake Google Reviews for all therapeutic boarding schools without ever having been on the campus, nor experiencing the program. Some of these fake reviewers even say they are past students or students’ parents. Their goal is to shut down all such therapeutic programs nationwide. They are also pushing for national legislation that will make it impossible for therapeutic programs to operate. Please keep this in mind as you read Google Reviews, since many are false. Feel free to call us for more information about any program.

Boot Camps & Military Schools In Florida

When their teenagers are out of control and struggling with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues, Florida parents can often feel worried, frustrated and hopeless at the same time. If you are a Florida parent with a teen who is getting involved with risky behavior, failing in school and jeopardizing their future, you arent alone. Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate group that provides unbiased information to parents of struggling teens about various teen help programs in Florida and across the country. While you may be considering boot camps and military schools in Florida for help, we want you to know about all your options.

Determining a full time care program for your child is a big decision and there are many factors to consider before making a selection. At Help Your Teen Now, we provide information on all the differences and requirements of various types of therapy programs for teens. Well work closely with you through this difficult time to research various facilities and see whether they are the best fit for your child. Help Your Teen Now offers a complimentary consultation and assessment the first time you call, in order to help us guide you toward the best plan of action. Before you commit to one of the boot camps or military schools in Florida, contact us first so we can give you all the latest information.

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Admission Requirements Into Military Schools In Florida

To get admitted into any of the military schools in Florida there is a certain eligibility requirement that you must meet to be considered for admission. These requirements have been listed below.

  • Applicants must be within the required age range that the military academy accepts.
  • Must be a resident of Florida and a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident
  • Applicant should be free of felony charges and no pending court proceedings
  • Physical and mental capability to participate in the program
  • Should be free from the use of illegal drugs or other substances
  • Complete then submit all supporting documents as required by your preferred school.
  • Florida Military Schools For Troubled Boys Discover Gateway

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    Gateway is a military school in Florida that is unlike any other. We deal exclusively with boys who have been getting into trouble at home or school. We are an accredited school and a working ranch and farm. We provide counseling and mentoring to at-risk boys as well as competitive team sports, a spiritual emphasis, and mission trips to third-world countries. All of these are designed to bring change in a boys heart and life.

    Spending Time Here Sets the Stage for a New Start and a New Direction

    Gateway is a military school for boys that enrolls young men from all around the nation, including from Florida. Over 1000 boys from all 50 states and internationally have turned their lives around at Gateway.

    Understanding, Compassionate Staff Teach Our Students a Better Way to Live

    As part of the nationally recognized Teen Challenge program, Gateway serves boys ages 11 to 17 who have made rebellious choices in life. Our Christian military school is located in the panhandle of Florida.

    While our program is very disciplined and structured, we believe in demonstrating the love of God to every cadet, surrounding him with compassionate care. A few of our staff have been in your place, either having completed a similar program themselves or having enrolled a teen in our school in the past.

    A Christian Boarding School that Paves the Way for Transformation

    Understanding the Importance of Academic Success

    A New Spiritual Relationship, Direction, and Purpose

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    Top 5 Military Schools For Boys And Girls Highest Sat Scores

    Military prep schools report their average SAT scores each year just like a public high school. While the sample size of military schools are small , it serves as a reflection of what students typically earn on the SAT college prep test.

    It should in no way reflect what you can guarantee a child may receive for a test score if he or she gains admittance. However, it is a decent benchmark for average academic performance regarding the 2021 school year.

    New Mexico Military Institute

    Founded: 1891

    The New Mexico Military Institute was established in 1891, and is the only state-supported co-ed military college prep boarding school in the United States.

    It supports grades 9 through 12. The New Mexico Military Institute is designed to provide military education and training to the youth at affordable prices.

    The academy is nationally recognized for its outstanding academic performance, leadership and character development, as well as physical fitness programs.

    It awards over $2 million each year in scholarships. The student body is diverse as members are from over 40 states as well as 33 foreign countries as of 2021. A large percentage of students are of color.

    College placement is extremely high . The small classroom sizes help with personal instruction and performance.

    Famous alumni include Conrad Hilton, Sam Donaldson, Chuck Roberts, and Owen Wilson. Students have advanced to receive the Medal of Honor in the U.S. Military.

    The massive campus spans 300 acres and has a student body of nearly 900 students making it one of the larger military boarding schools in the country. Last year students only paid on average $13,700 for tuition and boarding. International students paid slightly higher. 9 in 10 students receive some type of financial aid with the average grant of $3,000.

    Location: Camden, SC

    Tuition: $24,000

    International students also pay substantially higher for room and tuition. The average was $37,000 last school year.

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    Average Tuition / Boarding

    Gateway Academy for Boys is different from your ordinary military school.

    Its modern approach has replaced old-fashioned drills and confrontational faculty with teaching vocational skills while also developing personal character.

    Boys that attend Gateway Academy generally come from troubled backgrounds and have either been expelled from another institution or got into trouble with the law.

    As a result, the purpose of Gateway Academy is to correct bad behaviors as well as introduce students to life skills that can help change their life around.

    Students at Gateway Academy for Boys have the opportunity to participate in a variety of campus activities as well as pursue their dreams of attending college after graduation.

    Thus, the academy provides a safe refuge for boys between the ages of 11-17 to grow in faith while becoming a stronger student.

    Students are encouraged and mentored by a welcoming staff that pledges, commits, and dedicates their life to the endeavor.

    Those that are interested in sending a troubled boy to the military school need to contact Gateway Academy by phone.

    There is no cost or obligation to apply to Gateway Academy as admission is determined by a case-by-case basis.

    Contact Gateway Academy at 547-9011 for more information about admissions and tuition costs.

    New York Military Academy

    Hampden Academy

    Founded: 1889

    Acceptance Rate: 50% 55%

    The New York Military Academy is one of the most prestigious military academys in the United States. Located directly on the Hudson River in Cornwall-on-Hudson, notable alumni include current president Donald J. Trump, Francis Ford Coppola, and Judge Albert Tate.

    The college prep school is a board school that accepts boys and girls. It is one of the oldest military schools in the United States that previously only admitted male students. It was founded in 1889.

    Grades 8-12 attend the institution. Only 100 students attend the school which not only makes it incredibly exclusive. Classrooms are tiny with an average 1:8 teacher to student ratio.

    The selective school boasts an average SAT score of 1200. Students average paying over $44,160 per year for tuition and boarding, which is actually substantially lower than the average yearly cost for boarding schools.

    Furthermore, more than half of the students in attendance receive some form of financial aid with the average amount in grants $13,000.

    The college preparatory school has a 100 percent college placement record. It is also the host to the NYMA Summer Leadership Program.

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    Military Boarding Schools In Florida

    Looking for a military school to send your child to? We have listed and discussed the military boarding schools in Florida in this blog post that are suitable for children and youths.

    It is common knowledge that military boarding schools are for badly behaved kids or youths, while this is partly true, it isnt entirely true. Kids with anger issues, underperforming in class, or have some behavioral issues that the parents cant condone are often sent to military boarding schools but this doesnt make up the entire population of students in these schools.

    There are other kids there for other reasons as well aside from bad behaviors. It could be because they were been bullied in their former school and parents seeing this could send their child to a military boarding school where they can learn about self-respect, improve on their confidence and self-esteem, and learn how to protect and stand up for themselves.

    Whatever the reason may be that has made you as a parent considering sending your child off to a military boarding school this article will help you make a better decision. This post discusses the military boarding schools in Florida which will be helpful to those who live in Florida and other parts of the United States.

    Note that the military boarding schools in Florida do not accept international students but Florida residents, American citizens, and permanent residents of the United States.

    The Benefits & Opportunities

    Are Endless

    The Academy is designated as a Naval Honor School by an Act of Congress and is re-accredited each year by the Department of the Navy. Our 8th-12th grade students have the advantage to earn appointments and nominations that otherwise may be difficult to get attending any other academy.

    • Boarding

      Students from all around the world come to Farragut to study and grow in a fun environment. Boarding students have a better life preparation path from high school, college, career, and beyond.

    • Academic Excellence

      Our college-prep curriculum is complemented by hands-on experiences, field trips, travel, and both individual and group learning.

    • Honors, Advanced Placement, AP Capstone, and Dual Enrollment Courses
    • 15:1 student-faculty ratio
  • Signature Programs

    Our signature programs allow our graduates to turn a traditional high school transcript into a foundation unlike any other.

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    Joseph Stilwell Military Academy Of Leadership

    • Location: 7840 Burma Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32221
    • Official Website:

    Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership is generally shortened to the abbreviation JSMAL.

    It is named after General Joseph Stilwell, a highly decorated Army soldier and graduate of West Point.

    The military school is different from others on the list in that it specializes exclusively on middle school students between the grade levels 6-8.

    The public magnet middle school has a sizeable student enrollment of 750 students yet maintains small class sizes below the state average .

    Cadets are required to wear a uniform with strict presentation standards.

    Furthermore, students must enroll in leadership courses and gain a deeper understanding for the rich military traditions at JSMAL.

    Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership provides a more comprehensive and challenging curriculum compared to other nearby schools in Duval County.

    Along with a core curriculum, students also must excel in advanced reading and math.

    Moreover, cadets may enroll in up to 7 high school courses by the time they finish 8th grade.

    It provides students with a major advantage over others in their age group and can help you get noticed by the most prestigious universities in the nation.

    Cadets at JSMAL also get to enjoy a full range of athletics, clubs, and campus events.

    My Teenager Wants To Get Into A Really Competitive University Can A Military School Near Tampa Florida Help Him/her With That

    Navy dad surprises daughter at Ocala high school graduation

    Most military schools in Tampa, Florida are famous for their rigorous academic standards. These are not the kinds of places for kids struggling in school. Instead, the goal is to challenge your son or daughter and prepare them to meet the entrance requirements of the top universities in the country. Additionally, schoolwork is taught in a military style which emphasizes discipline and organization. This is vital, because it develops habits for study habits which will not only get your teenager into a good college, but enable them to really excel once enrolled there. Go through the complete listing of military schools at MilitarySchoolUSA.com to find the one that best suits for your teenager.

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