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First Aid And Hygiene

My Urban Bugout Bag 2020!

First aid and hygiene are critical in disaster scenarios, when the risk of infection from unsanitary conditions can be high right as professional help is scarce. We believe that, at minimum, a ready bag should include the key supplies for you to quickly clean yourself up, handle minor injuries, and dispose of unwanted items in a sanitary way. Daily-hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant are also strongly recommended.

Bug Out Bags Reviews The Verdict

There are plenty of options in this review, in various sizes and designs to suit any bug out plan. However, if youre struggling to settle on a model thats right for you, why not rely on our top picks?

  • The Condor 3-Day Assault Pack is an excellent choice for bugging out to local areas where you only have two or three days of walking. This pack comes with plenty of storage space, contoured straps for comfort, and a hip strap to distribute weight evenly. Its the ideal pack for shorter trips and comes with MOLLE webbing to add sustainment pouches to expand your carry.
  • If youre looking for something with more room, then the MT US Military Molle II Rucksack is a top choice and the winner of the best premium rucksack in this review. The pack comes with sturdy design and construction, featuring 1000D waterproof materials and a polymer frame for additional support. This pack stores enough gear for 5 to 7-day trips, and it has plenty of functionality and user comfort.
  • For those preppers looking for the best budget bug out bag, we have the ReeBow Gear Military Tactical Assault Pack. This pack has everything you need for a short two or three-day trip. You get 34L of storage space, MOLLE webbing systems, four spacious pouches, and padded shoulder straps for user comfort.

Bug Out Bags Buyers Guide

When the SHTF, you need a bug out bag ready to go. Strap on the pack, and start heading to your location, away from the citys chaos. Many of us living in cities and suburbs across the United States have no plan to prepare for a disaster.

Whether its social unrest, civil war, natural disasters, or an attack on American soil by geopolitical adversaries, you need to have a plan to get out quickly. A bug out location serves as your oasis away from the panic of the city.

Most preppers have a cabin in the woods or on land far away from civilization, where the closest town only has one general store, and there are few people around. However, youve got to get there before you can breathe a sigh of relief.

To get to your bug out, you need supplies, equipment, and provisions. Youll need to plan your bag to suit the journey. Always account for taking the trip on foot, and pack for this occurrence. Youre going to need a bug out bag to carry your gear and get you to safety.

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What Do Teotwawki And Shtf Stand For

SHTF stands for when the s**t hits the fan. Its a popular term in prepping circles used to describe an event that changes the social and economic structure of a nation. TEOTWAWKI stands for The end of the world as we know it and describes dramatic events that cause societal collapse, civil war, and the end of civilization.

Bug Out Bag Essentials Navigation Tools

Aliexpress.com : Buy JHD 34L Tactical Assault Pack Backpack Army Molle ...

You need to know where youre going. In an SHTF event, you might have to travel off the beaten path. That means youll need navigation equipment to get you to your bug out location. Carry these essentials in your bag.

  • Map of the Local Region If theres an EMP strike, the GPS and maps function on your phone wont work. You need to learn how to read a manual map and use a compass.
  • Compass A compass keeps you on track. Make sure you practice with it before the SHTF event.
  • GPS If the power grid is still operational after the SHTF event, a GPS is an essential tool to get you to your bug out location.

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Benefits Of Bug Out Bags

When things go south, a well-constructed, properly organized, and thoroughly-equipped bug out bag can be worth more than its weight in gold. Just like insurance, a bug out bag requires an initial investment yet can pay massive dividends should the need ever arise. All in all, this amounts to peace of mind for you and your loved ones, and this is especially true of a bug out bag customized for each member of the family. If you live alone or with a roommate or two, taking the time to plan and pack your own bug out bag and practicing with your chosen gear can be an amazing confidence booster. On the flip side, if you have kids with too much energy and curiosity, teaching them how to pack their own bug out bag and to use their own gear can be massively rewarding as well. Just think, how many kids can brag that their mom or dad taught them how to start a cooking fire or splint a broken arm? Talk about parenting points!

How To Choose A Bug Out Bag

The main consideration for choosing a bug out bag is what you intend to carry in your bag. Its helpful to put together your pack list and bug out plan first. Then, youll have a clear idea for the size and type of bag you need. Here are some additional things to consider when making your choice:

  • If youre evacuating on foot, theres only so much you can carry. But, if youre bugging out in a vehicle, you can take more supplies and a much larger bag.
  • If youre in an environment where keeping a low profile is beneficial, a tactical looking bag might attract unwanted attention.
  • If your bug out plan involves a long trek on foot, then youll need a proper fitting backpack with a frame and hip belt.

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Bug Out Bag Essentials Medical Kit

When things go wrong, and you experience an injury on the road or get sick, you need medical supplies. We recommend you keep a small medical kit in your pack and look to include the following items.

  • Anti-Bacterial Cream and Wipes Keep wounds clean and free from infection.
  • Painkiller Medication and Anti-Inflammatories Aspirin and ibuprofen are essentials.
  • Gauze Keep some dressing handy to treat wounds.
  • Sunblock Prevent sunburn, use an SPF factor of 50 or more.
  • Latex Examination Gloves A few sets of these gloves help you keep other peoples blood off your hands.
  • Basic Medical Instruments Kit A good medical kit contains forceps, scissors, medical tape, and safety pins.
  • Band-Aids and Bandages Seal and protect wounds to prevent infection.
  • Arm Sling If you have an accident and break your arm, a sling is indispensable.
  • Burn Ointment Soothe burns and protect the skin.
  • Antiseptic Liquid or Cream Keep wounds clean.
  • Tourniquet Every medical kit needs a tourniquet. If youre carrying a knife or firearm, keep the tourniquet easy to reach on your belt or the outside of your pack.

Who This Is For

UPDATED! Green Beret’s Ultralight Bug Out Bag with Gear Recommendations

Everyone would be wise to have a basic set of supplies handy and ready to go in case something unexpected happens. Whether you call it a bug-out bag, go bag, ready bag, to-go bag, scram bag, grab bag, or GOOD bag, the important part is to have it pre-prepared, in your home, ready to grab at any given moment, according to survival instructor Creek Stewart .

Ready.gov recommends filling the bag with all the supplies your family needs to survive for 72 hours. That can make the bag expensive to build, but the investment buys you the knowledge that youre prepared for a disaster. Stewart writes, For me, the peace of mind in knowing its there on the shelf to grab if I need it is reason enough to have taken the time, effort, and money to build it.

Starting from scratch, you can expect to invest $300 to $500or even more, depending on your needs. But before the sticker shock sets in, consider that you may already own many of the items on our list, things such as a backpack, a flashlight, hand sanitizer, garbage bags, and energy bars. In addition, the vast majority of the recommended items cost less than $20, so you can build your bag over a period of time to lessen the impact on your monthly budget.

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When Do I Need To Pack My Bug Out Bag

You need to pack your bag as soon as you receive it. In an SHTF situation, every minute counts. The first 24-hours give you a window of opportunity to start your journey before rioting or looting breaks out in your city or town. Spending valuable time packing your bag could end up costing you your life. Pack your bag, and keep it in the trunk of your car, ready to go.

Bug Out Bag List: Essential Gear

A Disaster Plan: Thefirst piece of gear we want to take a look at, is really the first step in buildingthe perfect GO Bag: A Disaster Plan!

Your disaster plan will be the foundation that everything isbuilt upon, and will also be the map you live by when things go bad. Your disasterplan should be in writing, preferably laminate to protect from the elements,and include the location of emergency zones, rallying points, multipleevacuation routes, maps of the area, trail maps, emergency phone numbers andcontact information, etc.

Water and WaterFiltration Gear: During a disaster, water is going to be on the top of thelist of essential gear. A good survival rule of thumb to live by is, 1 Gallonper day per person .

Thats why we recommend having these three things: Water, MetalWater Bottles, and a Filtration System. We recommend the following products they are products we use and products that are actually in our real-life bags.

Water Bottles

Water Purifiers & Filters:

Cordage: *550 Paracord

Duct tape

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Evaluating Bug Out Bags

Finding the best bug out bag is much like evaluating the best backpacks, but with a consideration for the features needed for a bug out scenario. Here are the factors I took into account:

How each of these factors was weighted depended on the category the pack fit in. For example, its not necessary to have an inconspicuous pack when you are carrying a rifle. Or, if youre bugging out in a vehicle a comfortable pack isnt as important. As you make your bug out bag selection take those considerations into account as well as your budget.

Bug Out Bag Essentials Light

25L Military Tactical Backpack Assault Pack MOLLE Bug Out Bag Army ...

Light is essential, especially when traveling at night. During the first 48-hours, you wont have any problems using a flashlight or fire. However, on the third day, you want to limit your use of torches and walk under the moonlight.

Some of the lighting options we like to pack in a bug out bag include the following.

  • Chemical lighting These sticks create light when you crack the casing. It mixes two chemicals producing light. Some sticks can provide you with light for up to 12-hours. Theyre a great low-light option to prevent your campsite drawing attention.
  • Tactical flashlight Tactical flashlights come with glass-breakers, assault bezels, and bright lights, as well as functions like strobes to confuse attackers.
  • Headlamp For hands-free lighting around the campsite or while walking through off-road locations at night.

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Internal Vs External Frame

Backpacks need a rigid frame in order to properly direct weight to the right spots. Without a frame, a backpack has no built-in form and hangs like an empty sack.

Most people end up with an internal frame, which means the structure is either sewn into the fabric and/or has removable inserts stored in the interior . Just look around your local store and youll likely find 10-20 internal frame models for every external frame.

Stick with internal unless you know you have a specific reason to use externals and/or are already comfortable with them through time in the military.

Pros and cons:

Bug Out Bag Essentials Fire And Warmth

During the first 48-hours after an SHTF event, you can get away with traveling by day if you get an early start.

However, after 48-hours, its better to switch to traveling at night to avoid attracting attention. In the first few days, its safe to start a fire for warmth at night. On the third day, we recommend avoiding building a fire. Walk at night and sleep during the day until you reach your bug out destination.

  • Firesteel or Lighter A firesteel ensures that you always have a fire. However, if you have a few spare Bic lighters in your pockets and pack, its a more convenient method.

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Bug Out Bag Essentials Shelter

Finding shelter is the top concern for anyone thats traveling for more than one day. Here are the shelter essentials to pack in your bug out bag.

  • Collapsible Backpack Tent Shelter is a critical resource when youre walking for more than one day. A pop-up tent or collapsible tent is an excellent choice to fit in your pack. Go for a lightweight model.
  • Tarp If you dont have the money for a tent, then a tarp will cost you a few dollars from Costco. The tarp is easy to set up as a makeshift shelter check out some YouTube videos on how to set it up.
  • Space Thermoblanket If you find yourself fleeing in the middle of a cold front, youll need to stay warm when you stop on your journey. A space thermoblanket can also work as a makeshift shelter.
  • Sleeping Bag If you have room for a sleeping bag, make sure you match it to your weather conditions. If you live in a mountainous area, make sure you get the correct rating on your sleeping bag to match the weather conditions.

Bug Out Bag Buying Guide

Green Beret’s Ultralight Bug Out Bag with Gear Recommendations

Those whove never heard of a bug out bag undoubtedly have questions. Here are some of the most common we encountered during our research and product evaluation process.

  • What is a Bug Out Bag? As explained at the top of this review guide a bug out bag is a bag typically a backpack that is stocked with the supplies youd need to survive several days in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster. Some of the pre-made bug out bags focus on gear, others on food and some find a balance between the two.
  • What to Put in a Bug Out Bag? If your pre-made bug out bag focuses on tactical and survival gear youll need to finish it by purchasing dehydrated meals and other foodstuffs with long shelf lives. If the bag focuses on food youll need to supply survival gear such as a flashlight or two, emergency blankets, first aid kit, paracord, EDC knife and other things. If youre making your own bug out bag read the answer to the next question.

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Bug Out Bag Essentials Defensive Items

When the SHTF, theres going to be plenty of desperate people out there. During the first 24-hours, you shouldnt have too many issues with people. However, after the first day, people will start to riot and loot stores.

Eventually, people turn desperate or decide to throw caution to the wind. As a result, people will do acts they wouldnt otherwise consider when there is no threat of law enforcement. We recommend carrying the following defensive items in your pack to protect your life.

  • Fixed-Blade Knife Choose a model with full-tang construction for superior stability and toughness when cutting. You can use a fixed blade knife around the campsite, or as a defensive weapon.
  • Folding Knife A fixed blade knife is a popular choice, but folding knives are an option if you dont want to carry an open blade. Foldable knives slip into your bag without taking up much space.
  • Firearms If you own a pistol or rifle, some bags come with holsters to secure your weapon. Smaller guns with a compact takedown, like the Sig Sauer MPX, are a great choice for a backpack weapon.
  • Pepper Spray Less lethal options are always the preferred choice unless youre okay with killing someone in self-defense. Pepper spray or less-lethal pepper spray or pistol rounds can provide a decent level of protection for you and your family.

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Thankfully, a relatively tight budget doesnt have to stop you from getting your hands on a worthy bug-out bag starter backpack, so long as you know where to look. Starting with the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack is definitely not a bad idea with its 50L internal capacity, external modular webbing for attachments, and durably nylon exterior. This bag was crafted specifically to suit tacticians on 72-hour missions so it should be plenty big and capable enough for the average persons bug-out needs. Its not fancy or boastful, but it will get the job done.

Capacity: 50 Liters

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