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What About My Hair And Beard

Age Requirement to Join the National Guard

Grooming standards in the Navy exist to promote neatness, cleanliness and safety.

Men are expected to keep their hair short and neat.

A religious accommodation request can be submitted for personnel to wear a beard.

There is no requirement for women to cut their hair short. Short hair is permitted to be worn down if it falls above the collarbone. Long hair is expected to be pulled back in a bun, ponytail, braids or corn rows.

Whats My Obligation If I Join The National Guard Or Military Reserves

Joining the military reserves or National Guard is a significant time commitment. This is true, especially at the beginning. You will get settled in your permanent unit. Then, you can expect to attend unit assembly, known as drill, one weekend per month. You will also participate in a two-week annual training each year.

  • Initial training: As a new military member, you will attend your branchs basic military training. That may last from eight to 12 weeks. Depending on your job, you may also attend an advanced training course.
  • Monthly drill: Youll need to drill for 48 periods or units per year. Most units drill one weekend per month. A typical weekend drill has four periods. Some military units have additional drilling requirements, which may include the weekday.
  • Annual training: Youll also need to participate in annual training for two weeks per year.
  • Activations: You may be activated to full-time service in a voluntary or involuntary status. This can be with your unit or individually. These activations may vary in length and location. They may include 30 days in a unit near your hometown. Or up to a year supporting a mission outside of the United States. Generally, you cannot opt out of involuntary action. This is because the military has ordered you to active service.
  • Length of commitment: Your total contract may range from three to eight years. This depends on the branch of service and your specific occupation/job.

Will Age Affect How You Are Treated In The Military

Age does not entail getting better or worse treatment in the military. Although there may be a few jokes and roasts here and there , there may also be more people looking up to you and some expectations given the perception that you have slightly more life experience. However, you will be held to the same standard as everyone else.

Consider watching this Youtube video of Jocko Willink and Echo Charles sharing their thoughts about entering the military after the age of 30.

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How Long Will I Be Away From Home

Sailors rotate between sea and shore duty. You may spend three years assigned to a ships command and then rotate to serve three more years at a shore command. You will not be at sea during your entire Navy career. During your sea tour, you may live off-base nearby, but must be available to travel with the ship for deployments or training.

A typical sea deployment on a Navy ship can last anywhere from six to nine months. Ships typically deploy once every 18-24 months. In preparation for deployment, Sailors should be prepared to go to sea for 10 to 14 days each month for training.

Navy And Marine Corps

What Is the Oldest Age You Can Join the Army?

To become a Naval or Aviator, you must be between the ages of 19 and 26 at the time you enter flight training. Adjustments can be made up to 24 months for those with prior service, and up to 48 months for those already in the military at the time of application. To become a Naval/USMC aviator, you will have to pass the Aviation Selection Test Battery .

It consists of five timed subsets: mathematics and verbal, mechanical comprehension, aviation and nautical, spatial perception, and a survey gauging interest in aviation. About 10,000 candidates sit for the exam each year. The ATSB is used by the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to select candidates for pilot and flight officer training programs.

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Ask Stew: Age Limits For Joining The Military

Seeking to serve later in life is nothing new to the military or for those who have a desire to serve their country, even though they are pushing the age limits. There is an age range to join the Army , which is 17-35. That is an 18-year gap in which people who qualify can join the Army.

The Air Force has a max age of 39. The Navy has a max age of 34. The Coast Guard has a max age of 27, but depending upon the candidate and the rate they select, it can go up to 32. And the Marine Corps has a max age of 28.

There are age waivers, but they are few and very selective by each of the branches. Here is a question about how an older candidate needs to prepare.

Mr. Smith,

I am 30 years old and heavily considering joining the military, through either the Army or National Guard. I have done a lot of reading on Military.com, and your articles have been of great help so far.

Question 1: What is my likelihood of completing Basic Training at the age of 30? And the follow-up to that is – is completion of Basic at 30 an extreme rarity? Or is it relatively common?

I’m in relatively decent shape. My BMI falls within the limits for most service standards, and I tested myself this morning just to see what my baseline was. I ran 1 mile in 8:45, I then completed 30 sit-ups in a minute and finally 30 push-ups in a minute .


Here are some tips on training and recommended program options.

Army running programs

PT test training

Mixing in weights/calisthenics/running/rucking

Us Coast Guard Age Limits

The United States Coast Guard has over 40,000 active-duty personnel.

There are a small reserve fraction of approximately 7,000 members.

The Coast Guard also employs a sizable civilian workforce.

Overall, the U.S. Coast Guard is the smallest of the military branches .

Here are the minimum and maximum ages required to join the U.S. Coast Guard:


Minimum Age: 17 years old Maximum Age: 31 years old


Minimum Age: 17 years old Maximum Age: 31 years old*

*Up to 32 if qualified for attending guaranteed A School.

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What Kind Of Benefits Will I Earn

For your commitment to the National Guard or military reserves, youll receive many benefits including:

Joining the National Guard or military reserves can be a great way to serve your country without leaving your full-time job. Once you decide to join, you can learn more about your new community. See Military OneSources New to the Military resources. Military OneSource can answer your questions about military life. Call 800-342-9647 or connect via Live Chat 24/7/365. OCONUS/International? View calling options.

Why Does The Military Impose Age Enlistment Restrictions


You might think that there should be no age limit on wanting to serve your country. However, the age enlistment limit ensures that every recruit has the time to satisfy minimal education requirements and are adequately fit.

Although we would not like to admit it, the human body tends to become less physically fit as it ages. Over a certain age threshold, it is difficult for a person to be in good physical condition to meet the necessary standard of fighting for a country.

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Facing Dire Recruiting Realities Navy Raises Max Enlistment Age To 41

The Navy raised its maximum enlistment age to 41 on Friday for sailors joining the fleet, a nod to the current recruiting struggles plaguing the entire U.S. military.

Before last weeks policy change, the age cutoff for enlisted sailors was 39, with recruits needing to report to boot camp by their 40th birthday.

Under the change, 41-year-olds must report to recruit training by their 42nd birthday and cannot have previously served in the military.

Certain Navy communities, such as the SEAL and diver worlds, still have age cutoffs that differ from the general enlistment age, Navy Recruiting Command spokesman Cmdr. Dave Benham said in an email.

As we continue to navigate a challenging recruiting environment, raising the enlistment age allows us to widen the pool of potential recruits, creating opportunities for personnel who wish to serve, Benham said.


Fridays policy change means the Navy is now accepting the oldest enlisted recruits of the four services.

The Armys max enlistment age is 35, while the Air Forces cap is 40. The Marine Corps enlisted age limit is 28, according to a U.S. government site that lays out military joining procedures.

The Navy barely made its recruiting goal for active-duty enlisted in Fiscal Year 2022, which ended Sept. 30, bringing in 33,442 sailors just 42 bodies more than the services goal.


The Navy is also offering big money to attract Americans into service.

Minimum Age Permitted To Join The Military

In the US, a person must be 18 years old to enlist in the military without parental permission. This means that a 17-year-old can join the military at age 17 and receive a high school certificate, regardless of whether they actually earned it. However, if they are under 18, they must first obtain parental permission before they can join the military without it being waived.

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S For Joining The Military

Start by doing some research about your options for joining the military. Learn about the six active-duty branches and their part-time counterparts. Know the main differences between officers and enlisted members. And explore the career fields you can enter for each branch.

Once you know which branch youre considering, contact a recruiter. A recruiter will give you an overview and answer your questions about that service. If youre interested in more than one branch, contact a recruiter for each. If youre interested in joining as an officer, the recruiter will explain any options you may be eligible for.

If you decide to enlist, you will report to a military entrance processing station . Youll spend a day or two completing pre-enlistment steps. These include taking the ASVAB, having a physical exam, meeting with a career counselor, and if youre accepted, taking the oath of enlistment. From there youll receive orders for basic training, usually to start within a few weeks. If you enrolled in a delayed entry program, youll go home and get orders for basic training within a year.

Military Age Limit: How Old Is Too Old

Join Indian Army JCO Dharm Guru Recruitment 2021

The minimum age to join the military will vary from country to country. In the United States, the minimum age to enlist in the military is at seventeen years old, with some exceptions or age waivers provided for those younger than seventeen. Our article today will talk about military age limits in the United States.

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Military Branches Enlistment Considerations

The Army, Air Force, and Navy/Coast Guard are the three main branches of the American military. Before joining their service, prospective members of all branches of the armed forces must fulfil certain requirements for enlisting.

All three of the main U.S. military branches have educational standards that applicants must achieve, including possessing a education equivalent or a high school diploma that is at least four years long .

With regard to the eligibility for enrollment into each branch of service based on age and time restrictions as well as other variables like criminal histories and medical issues, applicants to these organisations are also constrained by United States citizenship requirements.

Additionally, there are several enrollment limits in the U.S. Military, which vary depending on the applicants age, length of service, and branch of the armed services. These requirements are put in place to make sure that applicants can finish an enlistment contract without experiencing excessive hardship or needing special treatment.

Air Force Enlistment Age Raised To 3: Excellent Asvab Score Essential

The Air Force has raised the maximum age for enlistment from 27 to 39. They have chosen to increase the age due to a need to attract a pool of qualified individuals that have computer programming or foreign language experience. They especially want more multilingual recruits.

Since the Army caps the age for enlistment at 35, the Navy and 34 and the Marines at 28, this news makes the Air Force the military branch with the highest allowed recruiting age. This is great news for United States citizens that have reached a point in their career where they are looking for a different career path, if they are multilingual or have cyber work experience.

You may be wondering what educational requirements are for enlistment in the Air Force at an older age? As of right now, the requirements remain the same as before. This means Air Force recruits must get at least 36 points on the ASVAB*. Exclusions are created, however, for a few high school graduates that score lower than 36, but higher than 31. Yet, over 70 percent of those approved for an Air Force enlistment score 50 or above.

Its almost impossible get into the Air Force without a high school diploma. Less than 1% of all annual Air Force enlistments only have a GED. If a GED holder is trying to enlist, that person must score a 65 or higher on the AFQT* portion of the ASVAB.

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Incredible Maximum Age To Join Us Military 2022

Incredible Maximum Age To Join Us Military 2022. In the united states, the minimum age to enlist in military service without parental consent is 18 years old. Congress wasnt fully convinced, so they compromised and changed the.

In the united states, the minimum age to enlist in military service without parental consent is 18 years old. However, the army can lift some restrictions based on the need for certain roles to be filled. Less than 34 years old* *you must enter active duty or ship to training by your 33rd birthday.

Source: www.quora.com

The maximum age limit for warrant officer flight training is 32 years while that of warrant officer. However, the army can lift some restrictions based on the need for certain roles to be filled.

Source: www.thebalancecareers.com

Before 2006, the maximum age for first time enlistment was 35. 18 years old maximum age:

Source: careertrend.com

Age 17 for admission to an officer program The maximum age is 35.

Source: www.slideshare.net

In the united states army, army reserves, and army national guard, the maximum age allowed to enlist and ship to basic training is 35 years old. Individuals with no prior military experience must begin basic training for the army or navy prior to their 35th birthday.

Source: www.francesco-c.de

In the united states, the minimum age to enlist in military service without parental consent is 18 years old. The other untouched aspect is this.

Source: thearmypenkoku.blogspot.com

The Minimum Age Permitted To Join The Military


In all cases except for the Navy Reserve, the minimum age permitted is 17 with parental consent in writing. Those 18 and older are permitted to join the military without parental consent. The Navy Reserve minimum age is 18. Federal law says no military branch can enlist someone over the age of 42 however each service may set their own policy below that age limit.

Did you know there is an upper age limit for all branches of military service?

Military Age Limits:

  • Army Age Limit: 35 for active duty, Guard, and Army Reserve
  • Navy Age Limit: 39 for active duty, 39 for Navy Reserve
  • Air Force Age Limit: 39 for active duty and Guard, 38 for Air Force Reserve
  • Coast Guard Age Limit: 31 for active duty, 40 for Coast Guard Reserve
  • Space Force Age Limit: 39

Prior service military members may not be subject to the same age limitations as new recruits depending on age, the nature of military service, recruiting demand, and other factors.

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Military Age Restrictions By Branch

At age 66, Broun still serves as a doctor in the Navy Reserve. In an interview with Army Times, he called the enlistment age cap an arbitrary policy.

There are people who want to serve and are physically fit, he said. There are some 20-year-olds who cannot run a mile.

Since Brouns attempt in 2012, the military policy on age restrictions has changed. The Air Force, for example, raised its maximum age. See the age requirements for Active Duty enlistees of each branch below:

  • Army: 17-35 years old
  • Navy: 17-34 years old
  • Air Force: 17-39 years old
  • Coast Guard: 17-27 years old

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In general, the Defense Department restricts enlistment to those 35 and younger. Prior enlisted service members can subtract their previous years of service from their age in order to extend eligibility. For example, the current age cutoff in the Air Force is 39. This means that a 31-year-old veteran with four years of prior service experience would still be eligible to reenlist.

Rep. Susan Davis of the Armed Services Committee personnel panel has said the risks outnumbered gains when it came to enlisting older personnel. She said they are not only more likely to become injured, but also take more time to recover than their younger counterparts.

Requirements For Joining The Military

The U.S. military has six branches of service: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Space Force. The requirements to join are similar for all six. The main differences are in age limits, test scores, and fitness levels. Men and women meet different fitness standards. Besides the requirements listed here, a branch may have other requirements.

Age Limits for Enlisting

You must be at least 17 to enlist in any branch of the active military. The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is:

  • Coast Guard: 31

  • Space Force: 39

Some branches have different age limits for their part-time Reserve and National Guard. Visit each service’s recruiting website for its part-time age limits.

Requirements for Enlisting If You Are Not a U.S. Citizen

You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to enlist in the military, but you may have fewer options. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must:

  • Have a permanent resident card, also known as a Green Card

  • Currently live in the U.S.

  • Speak, read, and write English fluently

Educational and Testing Requirements for Enlisting

You must take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The ASVAB has 10 subtests.

  • Your scores on four of those make up your Armed Forces Qualification Test score. This score determines which branch you may join. Each branch has its own lowest score for joining.

  • Your scores on all 10 subtests determine which job specialties you qualify for.

Health and Fitness Requirements for Enlisting

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