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These Parents Are Kind Of Exasperated

Get to Know MDARNG Recruiter Staff Sgt. Matt Carlson

When it comes to recruiting, the militarys messaging is often for parents, coaches, and guidance counselors as much as it is for the potential recruits themselves. As important as it is to get young people interested, its just as important to have adults in their life on board with their decision to join.

But recruiters who spoke to Task & Purpose said parents have become incredibly frustrated with MHS Genesis and what its demanding of both them and their children.

The NCO said one recruits parents, who also served in the military, were extremely angry with us after being asked again and again to provide more medical records. It was a lot of smoothing that over, he said. Theyre like, I joined 23 years ago, I didnt have to do all this nonsense! And we have to explain the process and all the changes.

The senior recruiter said the new system is damaging trust between parents and the Army. For some, allowing their son or daughter to sit down with a recruiter is already a big step as a parent, but then their child comes home and tells them how many more medical records they need to provide than they thought.

These parents are kind of exasperated by it, like, Ive already gotten everything Ive expected, that they requested, why are they requesting more? the senior recruiter said. And so now youre ticking off the parent, which is the person you really want on your side.

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Md Guard Recruiters Punished After Probe

The Maryland Army National Guard’s recruitment chief was stripped of his command and about a dozen other recruiters were punished after an investigation revealed misuse of government money, fraudulent enlistments and improper relationships among Guard members.

The internal probe, made public yesterday, uncovered at least two instances in which recruits were signed up even though they were not qualified to join the reserve force, said 1st Lt. Wayde Minami, a spokesman for the Maryland Guard. It also cited two instances of fraternization and cases of recruiters who attended out-of-state training missions that involved little training. Recruiters are being asked to reimburse the organization for nearly $40,000 in travel expenses for two trips.

“We take this type of thing very seriously,” Minami said.

The Guard also announced it will require more ethics training and shorten recruiting assignments, allowing no more than three- to four-year tours. Officials determined that “homesteading,” a term used to describe extended assignments, “contributed to the culture of cutting corners that probably contributed to a long-term problem” that evolved over a number of years, Minami said. “A culture had grown up in this one area that people cut corners where they shouldn’t have.”

Minami said the Guard found little to substantiate the initial allegations, but other incidents reported on the newspaper’s blog led to this week’s disciplinary action.

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Boss Life Of A Soldier

The Maryland Army National Guard and the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve co-host the Boss Lift event as a token of appreciation to supportive employers of the United States military at Aberdeen Proving Ground – Edgewood Area, in Edgewood, Maryland, on Nov. 4, 2022. The Boss Lift allows employers to see their citizen soldiers on the job while away from civilian occupations.

Please Dont Lie To Me


Before MHS Genesis came online, there was MROAD Medical Review of Authoritative Data which allowed officials at MEPS to see a recruits prescription history.

It was a pilot of sorts for Genesis, and would flag everything from allergy medications to birth control, epi pens, and inhalers. The latter three of those prescriptions would trigger a flag for officials at MEPS who would then ask for medical records for those medications.

It was causing a ton of issues when it first came out, the senior recruiter said, because the pharmacy history only shows a small piece of the overall picture.

Recruits would be flagged if MEPS saw something like oxycodone in their files, even if it was for something simple like getting wisdom teeth removed. So recruiters were then spending so much time at hospitals trying to get paperwork for their recruit, only to finally send it up to the doctor at MEPS and be told it wasnt sufficient.

Then youd have to go back to the hospital, back to waiting 3-5 weeks, the senior recruiter said. Recruiters were going nuts.

When MROAD was discontinued, the senior recruiter said everyone rejoiced. But the celebration was short-lived, when roughly a month later, MHS Genesis came online.

Typically, they cannot see entire records, one Reddit user responded. Its supposed to work that way, but we are seeing a pretty major disappointment with this system.

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