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Germany Opens First Floating Lng Terminal To Counter Lost Russian Gas

Age Requirement to Join the National Guard

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has presided over the opening of his countryâs first floating liquefied natural gas terminal in the North Sea town of Wilhelmshaven. The project opened on December 17 was part of Germanyâs effort to replace lost supplies of Russian gas following Moscowâs invasion of Ukraine. The terminal was expected to provide gas for 50,000 households per year and was the first of several similar projects in the works. Germany hopes to be able to import 30 billion cubic meters of LNG by the end of 2023. To read the original story from Reuters, .

Are You Eligible To Join The Military

Eligibility rules can be a little confusing. There are different rules for enlisting and for officer programs.

Enlisting: Enlisted members do the hands-on work of the military. They need at least a high school degree a GED may not suffice.

Officer: Officers are the managers of the military. Most officer programs require a college degree at minimum and are very competitive. Many officers have master’s or higher degrees.

Hungary Romania Georgia Azerbaijan Agree To Black Sea Electricity Project

BUCHAREST — The leaders of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, and Hungary signed an agreement on laying an underwater electric cable under the Black Sea to provide Azerbaijani energy to Europe at a meeting in Bucharest on December 17.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis called the project âcrucialâ and âambitious.â

The nearly 1,200-kilometer cable will convey electricity from Azerbaijan and Georgia to Romania and Hungary. The project is to be completed within six years.

The project is part of the European Unionâs drive to reduce reliance on Russian energy.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen attended the signing and said the EU was ready to provide financial support for the project following a feasibility study.

She said the cable would âhelp reinforce our security of supply.â

Iohannis emphasized that the project represents an important step in strengthening European energy security and building cooperation in the Black Sea region.

âGiven the current security context due to the military aggression against Ukraine, we must cooperate better and show more solidarity to address current problems,â he said.

Von der Leyen added that the project âcould bring considerable benefits to Georgia, a country with a European destiny.â

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has the warmest relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin among EU leaders, praised the project, noting that âthe times of cheap raw material imports from Russia are over.â

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Iranian Student Organization Raises Concern About Five Female Students Arrested After Protest

The whereabouts of five female university students in the western Iranian city of Sanandaj are unknown following their arrest earlier this month after they took part in a rally against the execution of protesters, the Union Council of Iranian Students said.

The women were arrested by security forces between December 10 and 14, and the council said no information has been released about which security agency arrested them or their whereabouts and condition.The council called their detention a kidnapping.Bita Veisi was the first to be arrested after the rally at Sanandaj Technical College on December 10 in protest of the execution of Mohsen Shekar two days earlier. The students chanted slogans demanding the return of his body and “Death to the dictator.”Video images released later the same day purportedly show that the students left the campus after an attack by security forces and continued their protest in the streets of the city.Shekari was executed after an appeal of his sentence on a charge of injuring a security officer was rejected by the Supreme Court. Human rights groups said Shekari’s sentence was based on a coerced confession after a grossly unfair process and a sham trial.

Helicopter Crash Kills At Least Three People In Russia’s Buryatia Region

Join Pakistan Army as Medical Cadet June 2021 July Online Registration ...

A Mi-8 helicopter has crashed in the Siberian region of Buryatia, killing at least three people, regional emergency officials said on December 16. The aircraft crashed while landing at a local airport. Preliminary information indicates that the crash was likely caused by a fire in the helicopterâs engine. There have been at least five deadly aircraft crashes across Russia since June. To read the original story by RFE/RL’s Siberia.Realities, click here.

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Tattoos Brands And Piercings

Airmen are subject to strict requirements and restrictions pertaining to body modifications. If you plan to get a tattoo or other body modifications, carefully consider placement, size and content before you proceed.

Tattoos, brands or piercings anywhere on the body that are prejudicial to good order and discipline, or of a nature that may bring discredit upon the Air Force, are prohibited both in and out of uniform. This includes modifications that are obscene or advocate sexual, racial, ethnic or religious discrimination. Even if rectified, excessive scarring resulting from tattoo removal may also be disqualifying.

Tattoos are not completely disqualifying, however. There are no size or area limitations for authorized tattoos on the chest , back, arms, and legs. Tattoos, brands, and body markings are prohibited on the head, neck, face, tongue, lips, and scalp. Hand tattoos are limited to one single-band ring tattoo, on one finger, on one hand.

What Is The Maximum Age To Enlist In The Military

  • US Naval Academy

Stew Smith, CSCS, is a Veteran Navy SEAL Officer, freelance writer, and author with expertise in the U.S. military, military fitness, and its traditions.

One of the most frequently asked questions recruiters get asked is what are the maximum age limits to enlist in the military service. There is an age limit that disqualifies certain ages from joining the military. However, the age limit is higher that you may think. If you are over this age limit, you are not qualified for service. But, if you keep pushing and proving to the recruiters that your experience and physical fitness levels are acceptable, you could be eligible for an age waiver. The most frequently asked question is the following:

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Thanks For Reaching Out

  • You’ll receive an email confirming your request

  • We’ll provide additional information about next steps

  • You’ll work with us to decide whether the Army is right for you

  • Questions you may have right now

    Who will reach out to me?

    One of our recruiters will either call or email you to set up time to talk.

    Who will reach out to me?

    One of our ROTC recruiters will either call or email you to set up time to talk.

    What will you ask me?

    Our conversation will likely begin with some basic qualifying questions, like your age and education level. From there, the conversation will be about getting to know you and your goals for the future. Expect us to ask about your interests and skills so we can suggest Army jobs that might interest you.

    How can I prepare for the conversation?

    While we’ll ask you questions, this is your opportunity to ask some of your own. Here are a couple to get you started:

    How can the Army help me pay for college?

    Do I have to go to Basic Training?

    How can I prepare for the conversation?

    While we’ll ask you questions, this is your opportunity to ask some of your own. Here are a couple to get you started:

    What is the time commitment for part-time service?

    How can I prepare for the conversation?

    While we’ll ask you questions, this is your opportunity to ask some of your own. Here are a couple to get you started:

    Can the Army help me pay for medical school?

    Do I have to go to Basic Training?

    S For Joining The Military


    Start by doing some research about your options for joining the military. Learn about the six active-duty branches and their part-time counterparts. Know the main differences between officers and enlisted members. And explore the career fields you can enter for each branch.

    Once you know which branch youre considering, contact a recruiter. A recruiter will give you an overview and answer your questions about that service. If youre interested in more than one branch, contact a recruiter for each. If youre interested in joining as an officer, the recruiter will explain any options you may be eligible for.

    If you decide to enlist, you will report to a military entrance processing station . Youll spend a day or two completing pre-enlistment steps. These include taking the ASVAB, having a physical exam, meeting with a career counselor, and if youre accepted, taking the oath of enlistment. From there youll receive orders for basic training, usually to start within a few weeks. If you enrolled in a delayed entry program, youll go home and get orders for basic training within a year.

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    Jailed Moscow City Council Member Gorinov Transferred To Prison Infirmary

    Moscow municipal lawmaker Aleksei Gorinov, who was handed a prison term in July for his stance against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, has been transferred to a prison infirmary for unspecified health problems, the politicianâs supporters said on Telegram on December 16. Gorinov was the first elected official in Russia to be convicted under Russiaâs law on âdistributing false informationâ passed in the wake of Russiaâs invasion of Ukraine in February. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. His sentence was later cut by one month. To read the original story from Current Time, click here.

    How Many Times Can I Take The Asvab

    You can take the ASVAB test multiple times, but there are rules regarding how frequently. After your first attempt you must wait one calendar month to retake the test. Your second retest will be administered no earlier than six calendar months after your second test. It is important to remember that your most recent scorenot your highestwill be used to assess your performance. Please speak with your recruiter with any additional questions or concerns.

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    Age Waivers For Enlistment

    Age waivers for non-prior service enlistments are very rare. Generally, these are approved for those who started the enlistment process within the required age limits but were unable to complete the process and ship to basic training before their birthday. In these cases, only a couple of months of age was waived. However, in a world of the increased need for certain skills, the military will waive prospective candidates and even recruit people with language, cyber, medical, or other skills to name a few.

    For certain professional jobs within the military like nurse, doctor, lawyer, or chaplain, the age limit can go much higher depending upon the needs of the military.

    There have been years in the Navy where Catholic priests, surgeons, and nurses have joined well into their forties and even their fifties to fill the needs of the Navy, especially during wartime deployments.

    Russian Lawmakers Scrap Upper Age Limit For Military Service

    Join Pakistan Army as Medical Cadet June 2017 Online Registration ...

    Russian lawmakers have adopted a bill scrapping upper age limits for those wishing to enter military service, prompting speculation that the country could be scrambling to bolster its depleted manpower amid its invasion of Ukraine.

    Russian law currently allows any citizen aged 18 to 40 to join the Armed Forces by signing a contract.

    The bill, which was submitted to Russias lower house of parliament, the State Duma, last week and approved in its final reading Wednesday, would remove the upper age limit for first-time recruits. It now must be signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to formally become law.

    “Highly professional specialists are needed to use high-precision weapons and operate weapons and military equipment,” said one note accompanying the bill.

    The change would not apply to serving soldiers wishing to renew their military contract, who still must be under 50 years of age.

    The bill was introduced by Andrei Kartapolov, the head of the State Dumas Defense Committee and a member of the ruling United Russia party, and his first deputy Andrei Krasov.

    We understand that with some specialties experience comes with age: at 40-50 years old, has the richest depth of experience which should be used for defense purposes, Kartapolov told the Vedomosti business daily.

    If the Russians are to make any serious advances from now on, it will have to be with slow, methodical operations with a significant investment in resource and manpower.

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    Power Restored To Nearly 6 Million Ukrainians After Latest Russian Strikes Zelenskiy Says

    Ukrainian emergency workers have managed to restore electricity power to almost 6 million people in the last 24 hours after Russia’s latest wave of attacks targeting Ukraineâs energy infrastructure, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on December 17.

    “Repair work continues without a break after yesterday’s terrorist attack,” Zelenskiy said in a video address.

    Russian forces fired more than 70 missiles on December 16 that pitched multiple cities into darkness and forced people to endure sub-zero temperatures without heating or running water.

    Can You Have A Tattoo In The Army

    Can you have a tattoo in the Army?

    The answer to this question is a bit nuanced. The Army does not allow tattoos that are obscene, racially charged, or gang-affiliated. Additionally, tattoos cannot be located on the head, neck, hands, or fingers.

    However, there are some exceptions. Soldiers can have tattoos on their arms and legs, as long as they are not visible when the soldier is wearing a standard uniform. Additionally, tattoos that are considered part of a soldiers religious beliefs are allowed.

    So, the answer to the question is that it depends on the tattoo. If it is considered obscene, racially charged, or gang-affiliated, then it is not allowed. However, if it is a religious tattoo or is located on an arm or leg, it is allowed.

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    Is There An Alternative Test For The Asvab

    Yes, the Pending Internet Computerized Adaptive Test is an alternative to current ASVAB testing procedures. It is an unsupervised, full version of the ASVAB you may take on your own time. Contact your recruiter to learn more about taking it and validating your results on your visit to a Military Entrance Processing Station .

    How Old Do I Need To Be To Join The Army Reserve

    Requirements to Join the Army

    As a Reservist soldier:

    • Be at least 17 years and 9 months when you apply.
    • You can join most roles until you are 43 – check rolefinder for more information about the role you are interested in joining
    • There are higher age limits for some specialist roles

    As a Reservist officer

    • Be at least 17 years and 9 months when you apply. Apply by the time you’re 48 years and 9 months.
    • There are higher age limits for some specialist roles

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    Iran Says Enriched Uranium Capacity Hits Record Level

    Iran said on December 17 that its uranium enrichment capacity has increased to record levels, a day before UN nuclear monitors are set to visit the country. “Currently, the enrichment capacity of the country has reached more than twice the entire history of this industry,” Mohammad Eslami, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said. The International Atomic Energy Agency said on December 14 that a technical team will visit Iran on December 18 to try to resolve a deadlock over the detection of traces of radioactive material at sites not declared as having hosted nuclear activities.

    What About My Hair And Beard

    Grooming standards in the Navy exist to promote neatness, cleanliness and safety.

    Men are expected to keep their hair short and neat.

    A religious accommodation request can be submitted for personnel to wear a beard.

    There is no requirement for women to cut their hair short. Short hair is permitted to be worn down if it falls above the collarbone. Long hair is expected to be pulled back in a bun, ponytail, braids or corn rows.

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    New Eu Sanctions Target Russian Military

    The European Union said on December 16 that its latest round of sanctions will hit Russia’s military-industrial complex, as well as people and groups that are attacking Ukrainian civilians or kidnapping children. Valdis Dombrovskis, a European Commission vice-president, said the package will deal a blow to 168 âentitiesâ â companies or state organizations â as well as some two dozen individuals. The ninth package of EU punitive measures against Russia for its war in Ukraine was approved by EU leaders at a summit on December 15 and formally adopted on December 16. To read the original story by AP, click here.

    +28 Legal Age To Join Us Military References

    {Entry After 10th} How to Join Indian Army [joinindianarmy.nic.in]

    +28 Legal Age To Join Us Military References. For members of the united states military, conduct is governed by the militarys own law, the uniform code of military justice . The air force, for example, raised its maximum age.

    You must be at least 16 years old to join the army as a soldier. See the age requirements for active duty enlistees of each branch below: This means that a member of the military who has sex with a.

    Source: www.operationmilitarykids.org

    You will need at least a high school diploma or. The uk ministry of defence raised the enlistment age limit for its army reserve in november 2014 to 52 from 43, individuals with specific qualifications or experience 45 to 50.

    Source: work.chron.com

    The air force, for example, raised its maximum age. 18 years old maximum age:

    Source: www.thebalancecareers.com

    Those that are in professional fields like the legal, medical, and. In 1917, the draft covered men aged 21 to 31.

    Source: hubpages.com

    If you are interested in joining the u.s. Here are the minimum and maximum ages required to join the u.s.

    Source: www.thebalancecareers.com

    To make it easy for you to pick up the information, we have put together a simple table: You will need at least a high school diploma or.

    Source: www.careercliff.com

    This means that a member of the military who has sex with a. Some programs within the branches of service also require age limits to begin training.

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