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Is Sexting Considered Adultery In The Military

Military Adultery Reporting Process

Navy Commander Caught Cheating With Junior Officer – Cringey Sexts Exposed

There are two options to report adultery in the military. The first is to ring up the accuseds commander to report. You can reach out to the Family Readiness Officer for the commanders contact information.

However, because this can bring dishonor to the military unit, there is a high chance it wont be persecuted and simply swept under the rug with an oral reprimand or a letter of reprimand from the commander to the accused.

Hence, if you intend to bring the accused out to the court, do not opt for this way of reporting. Instead, consider the following means.

File a petition for divorce. This is a public record document, so when you follow through with all of the processing, you will be able to officially call out your spouse having an affair while he or she is supposed to be serving the country. Also, check this guide to know more about military spouse divorce alimony!

But there are also some things you should think about before you report. Your spouses suffering from consequences can mean that you:

  • He or she must forfeit pay You may receive less for child support if you do have a child.
  • He or she will be dropped down in ranks You may receive less for child support as well.
  • He or she will be dishonorably discharged You lose military marriage benefits that you are entitled to as a military spouse, such as TRICARE.

Will It Be Held Against Me In The Divorce If I Get Another Woman Pregnant

I have been asked by potential clients on whether it would be held against them in the divorce if they got another woman pregnant?

I have also had the flip side of the question asked on whether being pregnant by another man would be held against them in the divorce.

As discussed above adultery can be established by either direct or circumstantial evidence. Pregnancy would be pretty good direct evidence of adultery. Below we will discuss how once adultery is proven how it can be used by the party not at fault to ask for a disproportionate share of the community estate.

Understanding Article 134 Ucmj Extramarital Sexual Conduct

Posted on October 1, 2019

People are often surprised to learn that extramarital sexual conduct, which includes adultery, is a crime in the military. While this military-specific offense might seem harmless enough to civilians, the military takes such conduct very seriously. Service members convicted of extramarital sexual conduct can receive a federal criminal conviction, confinement, and a punitive discharge from the military.

MJA has defended countless service members facing investigation, court-martial, and discipline for extramarital sexual conduct, including adultery. Contact one of our military defense lawyers today to learn more.


Historically, extramarital sexual conduct like adultery was criminalized to maintain good order and discipline within the military. Its not difficult to imagine the negative impact adultery could have on morale or mission accomplishment if a commanding officer was found to be sleeping with the spouse of one of his Soldiers, or if a deployed service member was constantly distracted by the fear that their spouse would be hit on by service members back home.

In 2019, the specific crime of Adultery was replaced with the more general offense of Extramarital sexual conduct under Article 134, UCMJ. The new offense, which incorporates the elements of adultery, is designed to prevent and criminalize sexual conduct which negatively impacts the military environment.

Terminal Element Required
Maximum Punishment

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Is Sexting Considered Adultery In The Military

Consent is essential for any sexual act and that includes sexting. Sexting isnt a crime under the , however, it can be evidence for a lot of other different types of crimes, said Air Force Capt. Amanda Goodwin, 673d Air Base Wing Chief of Military Justice.

How common is Adultery in the military?

Although our marriages look different to those of our civilian counterparts, military families do not experience a higher rate of infidelity than those in civilian families, which is estimated to be about 1/3 of the population. Which means about 2/3 of military families are not plagued by this issue.

What do you call a man cheating on his wife?

A man who cheats on his wife is an adulterer. A woman who cheats on her husband is an adulteress. An adulterer commits adultery with his mistress, or lover, or paramour or girlfriend.

Option A: Pursuing An At

Deployment Debates: Who Has it Harder? (With images)

If you choose to seek an at-fault divorce on grounds of adultery that is, virtual infidelity then you and your divorce lawyer must prove the adultery in family court before a judge.

On the pro side, those seeking an at-fault divorce can often request a more advantageous division of assets than those pursuing a no-fault divorce.

These advantages can include a greater portion of the marital money or property, a preferential or , or a better . You may even justify getting reimbursed for marital resources spent during the online affair for app memberships, travel expenses, hotel rooms, etc.

On the con side, proving anything in court can take a long time. Spending more time in court proving the other party cheated will probably cost more money up-front than a no-fault divorce, even if the court rules more in your favor for the actual divorce decree.

Of course, for that reimbursement to happen, your divorce lawyer must be able to convince the judge that legal adultery through online means occurred, which is not always guaranteed.

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Adultery And Child Custody

The party that committed adultery is not made automatically responsible for paying alimony or spousal maintenance according to the Texas Family Code. Another thing it cannot do is change an outcome of child support or conservatorship provisions. Despite this, the judge still has a lot of discretion in deciding what is in the best interest of the child.

That means the judge will consider your new significant other when making a decision about child support and conservatorship. It isnt rare for a judge to specifically choose the other parent as a primary conservator just because of the person the at-fault parent was dating. For example, in situations where the new significant other is a sex offender, or has history of violence, or engaged in drug related activities, the at-fault parent will not get custody.

Adultery And Texas Divorce

The Texas Family code defines adultery as legal term that means a voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with one not the spouse.

To establish adultery, direct evidence or circumstantial evidence adultery can be shown by direct or circumstantial evidence. Innuendo or suggestion is not enough to prove adultery, but clear and convincing evidence is considered a higher standard in civil disputes.

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How Long Do You Have To Be Married To Get Half Of Military Retirement

However, in order for the Department of Defense to make direct payments of a military members retired pay to the former spouse, the former spouse must have been married to the military member for a period of at least 10 years, with at least 10 years of the marriage overlapping a period of military service creditable

Disproportionate Share Of Property


Although, Texas is a no-fault divorce state which essentially means that neither party necessarily has to prove the other spouse did anything wrong in order to get a divorce.

However, fault grounds can be relevant in divorce when dividing the community property.

The important language in the Texas Family Code is a “just and right division” and not a 50/50 split as some people think.

The main reason why adultery matters in a divorce is that if adultery can be proven then it can be used to support a request from the spouse not at fault for a disproportionate division of the community property between the parties.

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What Happens When I Do Prove Adultery

Once the court has proof of infidelity, it can affect the outcome of your divorce in a variety of ways. These can include:

  • Eligibility for alimony. If a spouse commits adultery in South Carolina, they are no longer eligible for alimony. This also counts for the period of separation.
  • Less marital property. If your spouse spent marital funds on the affair, that amount can be deducted from their share of the marital estate.
  • No one-year waiting period. Because adultery is grounds for divorce, you do not have to go through the one-year no-fault separation period before divorce is finalized.

Will You Get Prosecuted For Adultery

In the military, you wont find too many cases that just involve adultery. These types of charges are usually tacked onto more serious crimes. Take the case of Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair in 2014. Or that of Colonel Marcus Caughey in 2016. Both men were accused of adultery but those charges were minor compared to additional charges of sexual assault.

Just because its rare to prosecute military members on the sole grounds of adultery doesnt mean it never happens.

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Infidelity: The Basics On Cheating For Military Couples

Infidelitysexual, emotional, or even financial betrayalin a romantic relationship can be a potentially traumatic experience for a couple. Still, its not uncommon. Infidelity is one of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce. And while about 20% of adults have engaged in some form of infidelity, some estimates suggest its closer to half. While there are many different factors that can lead to cheating in a relationship, the stress of military life can place an extra strain on relationships, making them more vulnerable to infidelity. If youre concerned about the health of your relationship or cheating, there are steps you can take to work on your partnership. And if youre dealing with the aftermath of an affair or infidelity, recovery is possible too.

Is Virtual Infidelity A Ground For Divorce In Maryland

Pregnant Army Wife Stabbed by Intruder While Video

On Behalf of The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC | Apr 11, 2022 | Firm News

Many potential and current clients ask The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC if their exs virtual infidelity the act of seeking or acting on romantic intentions with someone other than the established partner, specifically over the internet or using an online device can be a legal reason, or grounds, for divorce.

The short answer is yes, you may be able to if your spouse cheats online with some caveats.

  • consider virtual infidelity a form of adultery, which is a legal reason family judges accept to seek a divorce.
  • Consequently, virtual infidelity requires the same level of proof as seeking divorce for adultery: Disposition and opportunity.
  • Not every client pursues divorce on grounds of virtual infidelity, if an uncontested divorce is the better option for them and their family.

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Caution Take Care In Your Pursuit Of Evidence Of Cheating

The advent of the internet, cell phones, GPS technology, and debit cards has made gathering evidence of infidelity far easier than in the 80s. But beware privacy concerns abound. In response, lawmakers created several new state and federal laws that address unlawful access to these types of information, some of which impose criminal penalties. For example, these are all criminal acts according to Maryland and Federal law:

  • Unauthorized use of or guessing your spouses cell phone passcode
  • Creating a fake social media profile through which to monitor your spouses accounts
  • Using key-stroke recognition software to obtain your spouses email password

Tread very carefully when snooping around your spouses computer, cell phone, or social media accounts in search of evidence of infidelity. Consult with an attorney to learn about lawful means for gathering evidence of infidelity before proceeding with collection. Otherwise, you may obtain evidence you cannot use, and possibly face criminal consequences.

Law Office Of Bryan Fagan Pllc

The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC routinely handles matters that affect children and families. If you have questions regarding divorce, it’s important to speak with one of our Houston, TX Divorce Lawyers right away to protect your rights.

Our divorce lawyers in Houston TX are skilled at listening to your goals during this trying process and developing a strategy to meet those goals. Contact Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC by calling 810-9760 or submit your contact information in our online form. The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC handles Divorce cases in Houston, Texas, Cypress, Klein, Humble,Kingwood, Tomball, The Woodlands, the FM 1960 area, or surrounding areas, including Harris County, Montgomery County, Liberty County,Chambers County, Galveston County, Brazoria County, Fort Bend County and Waller County.


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What Happens Once You Have Been Charged With Adultery

Its not easy for a court to prove that a person is guilty of adultery. Depending on the evidence, it may be possible to prove that there was some sort of sexual conduct outside of the legal marriage, but there is another element to this charge.

In order to prove that someone is guilty of adultery, prosecutors have to prove that the act brought discredit onto the Armed Forces. Basically, if someone cheated and their acts didnt negatively affect the reputation or the functioning of the military, they shouldnt be convicted.

This is tricky ground. With the help of a strong defense lawyer, there are all kinds of ways to cast doubt on the assertion that your adultery resulted in any damaging effects on the military.

The Pros And Cons Of Divorce Based On Adultery

Man catches wife cheating – Viral Tiktok

If you believe your spouse is engaging in an affair, you are probably considering filing for divorce on the ground of adultery. While doing so may seem like the most straightforward and beneficial path in your case, you should be aware from the outset of certain obstacles, and be prepared to carefully weigh the pros and cons of filing on this ground.

Lets start with the pros. Filing for divorce on the ground of adultery may be personally cathartic for you. In so filing, you are definitively stating that your spouse has behaved badly in your marriage. Furthermore, you are forcing your spouse to defend his or her behavior, and you may finally get answers to some of your questions.

Another positive aspect of filing on the ground of adultery is that there is no waiting period, unlike fault-based grounds like cruelty or desertion, which have a one-year waiting period. You can file for divorce on the adultery ground immediately. However, understand that a contested case filed on the ground of adultery may take many months, or even a year or more, to play itself out in court. So, you are not necessarily saving any time by filing on the adultery ground.

Also, successfully proving that your spouse committed adultery may well prevent him or her from receiving spousal support, as stated above.

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How Is Bah Split In Divorce

When parents are divorced, the custodial parent receives BAH-With for the children. A BAH Differential allowance is paid to a member who lives in military housing or has no spouse or children living with him/her, but pays child support greater than the BAH-Diff amount. Joint Travel Regulation 100404.

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Military Adultery Investigation Process

As mentioned earlier, the military considers three elements to determine if a case is an adultery or not. There must be evidence that:

  • The accused engaged in sexual intercourse with a co-actor.
  • The accused or co-actor was married to someone else when it happened.
  • The act was to the militarys prejudice of good order and discipline or of a nature that discredits the military.

Although the first two are straightforward, the third is a bit more complicated. Other factors will be taken into account, such as:

  • The marital status, rank, grade, and position of those involved
  • The accused or the co-actor spouses military status and relationship to the military.
  • The influence on the military unit and the military as a whole
  • Including but not limited to negative consequences on the organizations morale, efficiency, and teamwork.
  • The ill-usage of government time and resources to consider the conduct
  • The accompanying of other UCMJ violations
  • Including whether the conduct continued despite orders to desist or counseling.

Only after careful considerations of these factors can the military decide if a case in an adultery case is worth persecuting.

One defense that can be put forward is the Mistake of Fact, which is when the accused has a reasonable belief that the accused and co-actor were both single, the accused and co-actor were both lawfully married to one another.

Its not easy to prove adultery in the military. But its not impossible.

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