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Can I Join With Asthma What About Poor Vision Or Hearing

Can You Join The Army With ADHD or ASTHMA?

In some cases, yes. Asthma is only disqualifying if it occurred after an applicants 13th birthday. Hearing, vision, and asthma qualifications are typically determined by medical exams and are not service-specific. If a doctor denies an applicant, that applicant can still request an asthma, vision or hearing loss waiver.

Asthma During Military Service

Asthma was one of the most common reasons for medical evacuation during the 1991 Gulf War. Using partial data pertaining to 19951997, Clark et al estimated that approximately 1000 asthmatic recruits per year were discharged from military services with an EPTS reason. A more complete statistical investigation conducted more than a decade later reported nearly 3,000 military applicants being disqualified from military service each year because of asthma. The appearance of acute asthma during military service may necessitate immediate treatment, subsequent military discharge, and possible future medical care through the VA system.

Perhaps, the implication of asthma in the military was highlighted after researchers from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Newport, New York claimed that there was an increased risk for developing new-onset asthma because of U.S. military deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. The concern has not yet been adequately settled.,

Neurotic Anxiety Mood Somatoform Dissociative Or Factitious Disorders

The causes for rejection for appointment, enlistment and induction are a history of such disorders resulting in any or all of the below:

a. Admission to a hospital or residential facility.

b. Care by a physician or other mental health professional for more than six months.

c. Symptoms or behavior of a repeated nature that impaired social, school or work efficiency.

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How Hard Is It To Get Into Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is one of the more difficult branches to join because it accepts far fewer new recruits than the other branches of the military. If you have a GED, it will probably be difficult to be accepted into the Coast Guard. You will have to undergo a credit check and pass a security clearance check.

Significant food or other allergies are a limiting factor to entry.

Coeliac disease

While coeliac disease is manageable day-to-day within New Zealand, in certain situations there may be limited dietary options for a prolonged period. In such situations there is a risk of complications ranging from gastrointestinal symptoms to nutritional deficiency. This has potential implications not only for the individual, but also those around them. The Defence Force has an obligation to minimise risk to the individual and the organisation wherever possible, and accordingly if you have coeliac disease you may not be admitted entry to the Defence Force.

Less Talented People Join The Military

If I Have Asthma Can I Join The Army

The same 2020 study found that most recruits had average or slightly-above-average cognitive skills. Although there is an assumption that advanced technology requires less skilled individuals, researchers argue that people with higher skill levels are better placed to work with complex and sophisticated technology.

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Does Asthma Go Away

Asthma does not go away. It is a condition that lasts lifelong. However, you can manage it. Asthma is fairly common in children but it can develop in kids and adults of any age. If you have asthma, you need to take medicine every day so that your asthma does not get worse. Asthma medicine can help you breathe more easily. You can also prevent asthma symptoms by staying away from things that cause your symptoms, such as smoke or dust. Asthma symptoms can be very mild or very severe. Knowing when to seek medical care can help you keep your asthma under control..

Can You Join The Military With Asthma

Joining the military is a dream for many, but there are a number of health and fitness requirements that must be met before a recruit can enlist. These standards exist because of the serious and life-threatening situations in which servicemembers may find themselves.

Asthma is a condition that may affect your physical performance. Does that mean asthma will stand in the way of your goal to join the armed forces? In this article, we’ll examine how each branch handles the condition and the options available to you.

Have you considered clinical trials for Asthma?

We make it easy for you to participate in a clinical trial for Asthma, and get access to the latest treatments not yet widely available – and be a part of finding a cure.

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Joining The Military With Food Allergies

The Armed Forces are allowed to bar people with allergies because they are exempt from disability discrimination legislation.

Even if the military wasnât exempt from this legislation, the ability to eat any food is considered an occupational requirement for serving personnel, so this discrimination would likely still be allowed. A history of food allergies is a disqualifying medical condition for individuals seeking to join the military.

People with venom allergies may be eligible if they have been desensitized with immunotherapy and no longer need to carry an EpiPen.

Although having allergies may lead to your disqualification from military service, do not lie about your allergies when applying. It is essential to be completely honest and forthright in your disclosure of these medical conditions to the military, as a failure to disclose a condition will automatically disqualify you.

If you are excluded from the military due to a history of food allergies, you can request a waiver and make an appointment with a military-approved allergist, who will require that you complete and pass an oral food challenge. Prospective recruits with oral allergy syndrome may also qualify for a waiver.

What Are The Military Rules For Recruits With Asthma

Can You Have Asthma In the Army or National Guard?

A recruit may be diagnosed with asthma after they’ve joined the military. If this happens to you, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll be discharged from the service. After your basic training, there are certain jobs people with asthma can perform without putting anyone at risk.

Youll need an assessment through the Medical Examination Board to determine the severity of your condition and whether or not reasonable accommodations can be made for you. Each branch sets its rules, but they’ll be comparable to the Army’s rules for medical retention.

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Spine And Other Musculoskeletal

  • Any deviation or curvature of the spine likely to impair normal function or wearing of proper military uniform or gear or causes physical symptoms. Lumbar or thoracic scoliosis greater than 30 degrees.
  • Herniated disc or history of surgical correction of this condition
  • History of chronic or recurrent low back pain
  • Surgical or congenital fusion of any part of the spine

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Air Force Asthma Policy

OMK spoke directly with Recruiter Staff Sergeant Socha, an Air Force recruiter stationed in Staunton, Virginia.

Heres what he had to say regarding the Air Forces asthma policy:

With the Air Force, asthma is disqualifying if service personnel carry an inhaler.

If you had childhood asthma but dont currently carry an inhaler, its possible to join the Air Force.

Before joining the Air Force, the potential candidate would take a Pulmonary Function Test .

However, keep in mind that in the Air Force, there would be specific jobs where asthma would be a problem.

We will update the Air Force asthma policy every 6 months to keep this content current and to notify you of any changes.

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What Disqualifies You From Being In The Military

There are many factors which disqualify you from being in the military. These factors are age, weight, ***, background, physical fitness, physical condition, and behavior. There are many more factors which disqualify you from being in the military, but these are the most common ones. Age : If you are 17 years old or younger, you will most likely be disqualified. Weight : If you are too heavy or too skinny, you will most likely be disqualified. *** : If you are a male and have not reached 18 years of age, you will most likely be disqualified. Background : If you have a bad background, such as domestic violence, drug abuse, and criminal behavior, you will most likely be disqualified. Physical Fitness : If you are too physically unfit, you will most likely be disqualified. Physical Condition : If you are in bad condition, you will most likely be disqualified. Behavior : If you do not behave well or have an attitude, you will most likely be disqualified..

I Used To Take Drugs Can I Still Join

Can I Join The Territorial Army With Asthma

If you have a history of drug dependence, you will need to provide evidence that you have abstained from the use of these drugs for at least the last 3 years prior to joining the Army.A history of occasional use of recreational drugs wonât stop you from joining, but you must stop using any such drugs before you join.

After joining the Army, you must not use recreational drugs. The Army carries out random, compulsory drugs testing, and you can expect to be tested while youâre in training. If you fail any of the tests, youâre very likely be discharged.

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Us Air Force Policy On Flat Feet

The Air Force is probably one of the best branches of the military to join if you have flat feet.

There are plenty of jobs in the Air Force that do not require you to stand for long periods of time.

For example, jobs like Paralegal, Cyberspace Operations, and even Intelligence may have you sitting at a desk for hours on end.

Again, while flat feet is not a disqualifying condition, certain jobs could prove problematic if you have negative symptoms.

For example, if you ever thought about becoming a Pararescue , Combat Controller, or any other Special Operations job in the Air Force, you may want to reconsider.

Just like with the Marines, it could prove to be very problematic while youre going through training or in certain MOS.

We spoke with Staff Sergeant Socha, an Air Force recruiter stationed out of Staunton, Virginia, to get a definitive answer.

Heres what he had to say:

With the Air Force, its up to the Chief Medical Officer and or the Surgeon General of the Air Force. With the Air Force, recruits are basically approved on a case by case basis.

Im not aware of any problem getting VA benefits if you develop flat feet after service.

What we would do is just send the service person to a primary physician to figure out what the problem is and if it will be detrimental to their service.

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What Can You Do In The Military With Asthma

All recruits must go through basic training. The intensity of this process is not suitable for many people with asthma, which is one of the reasons asthma is a disqualifying condition. Those who develop asthma after completing basic training may have their duties limited based on a rating system known as PULHES.

The PULHES rating helps determine what specific accommodations are necessary for you to continue duty. If you are capable of being deployed, your PULHES number may disqualify you from serving in certain theaters.

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What Can Cause Asthma In The Military

Being in the military can trigger symptoms of asthma, which is why branches of the military are so strict about only accepting applicants with histories of asthma if symptoms have not been present for at least 5 years, or since the age of 13.

In the military, your airways may be exposed to many irritants, from allergens to cold air, which can cause symptoms to surface or resurface.

How Is Occupational Asthma Diagnosed

“Joining the Air Force with asthma?”

As soon as you notice symptoms, see your GP.

Occupational asthma is confirmed or ruled out after a consultation with your GP. You will discuss your symptoms, when you get them, your work, and medical history. You may also need some tests.

Questions your GP may ask you

Before you go, think about your answers to these questions. It will help you and your GP work out if you have occupational asthma or not.

  • Did your asthma symptoms start as an adult?
  • Have your childhood asthma symptoms come back since you started working?
  • Do your symptoms get better on days youre not at work or when youre on holiday?
  • Do your symptoms get worse after work or disturb your sleep after a work day?
  • Do you have a history of allergies which could increase your risk of allergies at work?
  • Do you smoke, which increases your risk of being sensitive to work triggers?
  • Do you have rhinitis? Occupational rhinitis is an early warning sign for occupational asthma.

Tests to help confirm a diagnosis

If your GP thinks occupational asthma is a possibility, they may suggest tests to confirm a diagnosis.

Peak flow. Your GP may ask you to use a peak flow meter, and keep a peak flow diary, so they can look at your peak flow scores both at work and at home. For this to be useful, youll need to do four readings a day, for about three weeks.

Blood tests or skin prick tests. These are to confirm any allergies. If your symptoms are triggered by irritants, rather than allergens, this wont show up in an allergy test.

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Medical Records And Exams

When enlisting in any branch of the military, there is a point where you must undergo a medical examination, as well as a review of medical records by experts in the field.

As part of your initial request, you must declare any medical deficiencies and disclose related documentation showing the extent of the disorder.

Previously, asthma was an automatic disqualifying factor upon joining the military.

This means that it was not a factor that could be waived, which means that no matter what, you cannot enter.

With competition for benefits and wages in the civilian job market and ever-changing politics, branches like the Air Force and Navy decided to find ways to allow more people in and essentially increase their numbers.

Allergies And Coeliac Disease


Significant food or other allergies are a limiting factor to entry.

Coeliac disease

While coeliac disease is manageable day-to-day within New Zealand, in certain situations there may be limited dietary options for a prolonged period. In such situations there is a risk of complications ranging from gastrointestinal symptoms to nutritional deficiency. This has potential implications not only for the individual, but also those around them. The Defence Force has an obligation to minimise risk to the individual and the organisation wherever possible, and accordingly if you have coeliac disease you may not be admitted entry to the Defence Force.

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Can I Get Rid Of Asthma

Asthma is caused by inflammation of the airway. It can be treated by inhaler, steroids, and other medications. The earlier, the treatment, the better the results will be. So it is important to start treatment as soon as possible. The most important thing you can do to prevent asthma attacks is to control your asthma. This means taking the medicines your doctor prescribes, and making changes in your life to reduce asthma triggers. If you want to get rid of asthma, you need to understand the root cause and then lower asthma inflammation..

Obtaining A Medical Waiver For Military Service

If I Have Asthma Can I Join The Army

Each branch of the service has different requirements for getting a medical waiver. If you’re currently being treated for asthma, you won’t be eligible for a medical waiver from any branch. However, if you’ve had asthma past the age of 13 but are no longer being treated for the condition, you may be eligible for a waiver.

We’ll look at the specific requirements of each branch below.

Regardless of which military branch youre interested in joining, you’ll need to provide documentation showing your condition is well-tolerated, be in good cardiovascular shape, and pass a pulmonary function test.

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Permanent And Temporary Disqualifications

MEPS will either accept or decline your prescreen request. If it is accepted, you will be able to process through MEPS, where you will take a physical that you will either pass or fail. If your 2807-2 is declined or you fail your physical at MEPS, you will receive either a Temporary Disqualification or a Permanent Disqualification. Dont let those terms scare you away.

A Temporary Disqualification means the physical condition is temporary, and you cannot process through MEPS because of the medical condition. This could be something as simple as a broken finger. They cant allow you to join the military with a broken bone. But it is classified as a temporary condition because it will heal. A TDQ will delay your request to process for a military physical until your condition has healed and you can prove the condition no longer affects you.

A Permanent Disqualification is for a medical condition that is permanent. A surgery is a permanent condition because it cannot be undone. A surgery doesnt necessarily mean you cannot serve, it just means MEPS cannot process your 2807-2 without additional information. There are other reasons for a PQD, and each situation will be unique. Some issues are eligible for a medical waiver, while others are not.

If you fail your MEPS physical or your Medical Prescreen Form is kicked back with a medical disqualification, then you may, or may not, have the option to apply for a waiver, depending on the reason for your PDQ.

Can You Join The Military With A Medical Condition

There are many specific medical conditions that may disqualify you from joining the U.S. Military. These include conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, heart issues, Aspergers, and PTSD. They can provide more specifics regarding the condition, and whether or not youll pass your medical exam at MEPS.

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