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Ideas For Military Shadow Boxes

A Gift To The Newly Wed

YOU CAN MAKE THIS! Military Shadow Box: A Soldiers Retirement Gift Easy and impressive

Do you want to give a special gift to your friend who just got married? You can try to give them a shadow box. This one is a great example. Add some wedding-themed object inside. Put flowers and meaningful words to appreciate their special wedding moment. And, you have a nice wedding gift for your friend.

Solid Wood Memorial Flag Case

This shadow box will exceed your expectations it is well crafted and is utterly and beautifully finished, and have seams at the corners.

With Solid Wood Memorial Shadow Box, you can just fold your flag and put it in the case, then place it on your display shelf. It can stand up on a flat surface or can be hung on a wall using a sturdy hook mounted into a stud!

How To Decorate A Shadow Box

Theres no right or wrong way to decorate a box. Its just a glorified picture frame anyway. So its a decor piece in and of itself. If youre at a loss, however, you can follow some good-sense guidelines:

  • Choose items which relate to each other and group them in that order.
  • Differentiate the items also in terms of size, shape, and color.
  • Select a box that is spacious enough to hold all your display items.
  • Lay the items neatly on the background to acquire a preferred layout.
  • You can add embellishments to help complement your design.

A typical shadow box can cast a shadow on the display items. Indeed, it is named so for a reason. But thats not what you want and it can be a problem. You definitely do not want your keepsakes to be overshadowed and barely seen.

The solution is to add lights to the box itself. Basically, there are two ways to do it:

  • Plan for the lighting from the start and add lighting when building the box.
  • Simply add battery operated string lights inside the box.
  • The first solution is of course a more elegant one. But its not complicated either. Your best option is to line the inside of the frame with LED strips. For this, you will need to run a wire through the box.

    Which way is better? It depends. If you dont want wires going out of the box, you will want to use the battery-operated string lights. However, LED strips provide much better lighting.

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    A Shadow Box Gift For Graduation

    Do you want to create beautiful souvenir for the graduation? This shadow box can become the best souvenir you can use. It is simple. It also doesnt need too much hard work to make it.

    What you need is the photo and several objects related to the graduation. Place it in certain manner, and voila, you have nice shadow box for graduation gift. You dont need pro help to create Shadow Box Ideas like this one.

    Vintage Map Shadow Box Ideas

    Great American Shadow Box

    If you love traveling, accentuate the traveling vibe to your space.

    You can simply attach the vintage map to a wooden frame. Consider the black wooden frame, which contrasts beautifully.

    It accentuates the vintage look as well.

    Measure the map that fits your frame, then cut it down.

    The supply materials you will need are:

    • Inkssentials Ink blending tool
    • Embellishments to lay in your shadow box

    When you finished Mod podge the backing of the shadow box and the map, let it dries. Then, decorate it beautifully.

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    Mat Colors Vary With Military Shadow Box Design Objectives

    What colors go well with items in a military shadow box? The colors largely depend upon the objects being framed inside the military shadow box. For example, we often use a buff/desert color for top mats that match the colors in some military items and uniform pieces. At other times, the top mat color is Navy bluewhen framing the American flag. Navy blue matches the blue in the flag. For custom embroidered designs, mat colors used will match the colors in the embroidered piece.

    Lawrence Frames Shadow Box

    Are you looking for a shadow box that doesnt stick far out of the wall? Lawrence Frames Shadow Box is a shallow frame compared to other shadow boxes.

    It is a perfect size for framing a military certificate and showcasing it on a floating shelf. The glass is easily removable to put in your document. This box offers a great way to honor the real military heroes stories!

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    Navy Shadow Box Ideas

    Collect the priceless things inside of the shadow box where it can be a classy showcase to display them.

    Just like this navy shadow box, you can place the badges, pictures, and the card in one place, even stylishly.

    Choose the blue background of the shadow box, which fits the navy theme. It can be a decorative piece where you can also show your pride. Attach it to the desk or mount it to the wall.

    Americanflat Black Shadow Box

    Military Shadow Box with Shelves and Coin Racks / Jon’s DIY
    Americanflat Black Shadow Box is the best gift idea for men and women serving our country. It comes with a few pins to attach memorabilia to the back linen wall. With crystal clear glass, your loved ones can see their precious memorabilia.

    It comes with hanging claws on two sides, making it easy to put on the wall and also thick enough to set on a table.

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    The Guitar Shadow Box Ideas

    Keep your guitar in its bag is actually a good way to keep it safe. However, its also not wrong to display your beloved guitar with a shadow box like this one. It boosts the greatness of the guitar that youve been using for long time. It will become even special, if your guitar also has the signature of your favorite musician.

    Army Shadow Box Ideas That Will Bring Them To Tears

    Getting a gift for a friend or family who is or has retired from the Army can be hard, especially if you have never been in the army. Below is a list of gifts that can bring those patriotic men and women in uniform to tears.

    Go through the list, and you will surely find a gift to thank your loved ones for their services.

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    Military Flag And Medal Display Case

    Have you been looking for the perfect going away present for your fellow Airman? Your friend will cherish Military Flag and Medal Display Case forever.

    The item is ideal for displaying a standard flag and medals. It is not huge, but you can showcase everything you want, even for a long career. Display your sons or daughters coins and patches!

    Chic Music Sheet Shadow Box Ideas

    Pin by Teresa Wallace on Military Shadow Boxes

    The chic style is related to an elegant and traditional style that looks great together to create a fancy look. Try decorating your space with a wooden frame with the touch of a rough accent.

    Roll the music sheets, then place them on the shadow box. Then, add the pink flowers. Accentuate the chic style by attaching the white lace.

    Other than that, create a love shape formed from the wire, then cover it with the white lace.

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    Lost And Found Shadow Box

    Have you ever found interesting object when you are walking around the city where you live? You can pick it up and throw it away to trash can. But, you also can use it as a nice content for unique Shadow Box Ideas.

    This one is the best example for that. It has a lot of simple and seems useless objects. But, with nice arrangement inside the shadow box, it becomes nice artwork to hang on your wall.

    Football Shadow Box Ideas

    Having a jersey of your favorite football player along with the autographs is a rare opportunity.

    That is why some of them who own this usually keep it on the shadow box.

    You can also custom the symbol of your favorite football club on the frame of the shadow box. After all, install it in the bedroom.

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    Rustic Dried Flowers Shadow Box Ideas

    Keep the peonies properly by placing them on the shadow box. It could be an admirable decorative piece in your space, exposing the rustic style. Other than that, it also could keep the memories of the peonies elegantly.

    Paint the wooden frame and create a rough look. Cover the backing with burlap to bring in the rustic style perfectly.

    Glue the peonies to the backing and gather them with the natural rope, then insert it on the shadow box.

    Those are the shadow box ideas that we have compiled you can consider.

    Happy DIY-ing!

    Atsknsk Flag Display Case

    Military Shadow Box with Sword Display / Jon’s DIY
    Being born in a military family is a privilege, and we must showcase the burial flag of those who have gone before us. AtSKnSK Flag Display Case enables you to hang your grandparents burial flag in your living room.

    It will help you to have a constant reminder of the sacrifice they went through and tell a story of the legacy of the honorable human being they entailed in their entire life.

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    Bright Flag Shadow Box Ideas

    Display the flag of your country beautifully on a square shadow box. It is one of the best ways to decorate your space elegantly.

    You can choose the patriotic wreath SVG, then apply it to the cardboard of the shadow box. Add the elegance of the shadow box by inserting the string.

    It offers you a simple glow and gives you an admirable finishing, moreover when the night comes and you turn the light off.

    Larger Framed Military Shadow Box Examples

    Examples of larger military shadow boxes reflect a soldiers/sailors sense of honor and duty. As stated above, the larger military shadow box examples include: medals, ribbons, insignias, patches, challenge coins, photographs, distinctive unit insignias, and custom engraved nameplates. The purpose of a larger military shadow boxes is to tell a story about a service members dedicated military career. Examples of the larger military shadow boxes in this section primarily reflect framing for veterans upon their retirement.

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    Dice Collection In A Shadow Box

    Life is like gambling. You need to gamble when you make decision. Therefore, the luck Shadow Box Ideas is perfect way to display that. This is one of the best luck shadow box you can find. Using four leaf clovers, which is known as rare type of clover, plus a lot of dices, the luck feeling ooze out from this shadow box?

    Large Military Shadow Box Frame

    Custom made solid wood military retirement shadow box. $325 If you are ...
    There is no easy way to show respect to men and women of the Great Generation who fought in WWII in the Ardennes. But Large Military Shadow Box Frame will give you a way to showcase their military items such as medal rather than relegating them to a cigar box.

    The box will carry the critical military photos, medals, and cartridges that you can hang on the wall in your home office. One of those Military Gifts that will last forever.

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    Vintage Catholic Shadow Box

    Place a vintage Catholic shadow box inside of your room that will make your room looks way better. It will be the best focal point in your house.

    You can place it on the desk surrounded by the candles another decorative piece to beautify your desk as well. It can also be the praying corner in your house.

    It is made out of oak wood, which is sturdy and creates a classic ambiance.

    Relic Wood Shadow Box

    Relic wood shadow box must be the most wanted classy gift you have to choose for your fathers retirement gift.

    You can custom to put all of the badges he has got. Also, you can custom to carve the name, the logo, or the number that you want.

    After all, place it on the desk in your fathers room.

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    Military Uniform Shadow Box

    It is a good idea to pack the military uniform along with the badges on the shadow box.

    Saving the uniform on the shadow box doesnt only help you to deal with the dust that will make the color of the uniform is getting worse as time goes by. On the other side, it will also make the uniform looks classier.

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    Classy Unicorn Shadow Box Ideas

    How to DESIGN a Military SHADOW BOX | Tips and Tricks | 2020/07

    Create a fancy decorative piece you can make inexpensively. It is a simple unicorn with a simple touch that turns into a fancy one.

    Get a simple printable unicorn and print it on the crafty bob glossy paper. Put the glue on the unicorn horn, then sprinkle extra fine glitters over the sections, let them set perfectly.

    Then, arrange the flowers and glue them. Insert the selection of gemstones, embellishments, and sequins to the box frame. After all, put the unicorn in the shadow box.

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    Save Your Travel Journey

    Some people keep their tickets during the journey while they are traveling on a scrapbook. It needs much effort.

    And if you want to do the same effortlessly, you can just collect them in a travel shadow box.

    You will need a shadow box with a small hole above where you can put the tickets. Dont let your shadow box looks boring by adding the vinyl quote.

    Getting Started On Your Military Shadow Box

    To start building your military shadow box, first you will need a copy of your DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty or your military service records and certificates from your I Love Me book. Its important to get it right, so if you think you or your special loved one is missing some records, or you just want to verify their military record, the National Archives Veterans Service Records is a great resource and easy to use.

    If you still have your original medals, ribbons, rank insignia, service stripes, name plates/tags and unit patches stored away in your old footlocker, pull them out and get started by inventorying your items. Do you have everything you need? If not, Medals of America can help you with replacement medals, ribbons, badges, insignia, and patches for those items that are either unserviceable or missing from the footlocker. All of their medals, ribbons, insignia, and patches are approved by the Institute of Heraldry, officially licensed, and never surplus or used.

    When designing and building a military shadow box for an active duty member of the Armed Forces as a gift, check with their corresponding personnel/human resource center or simply ask them for a copy of their own biography or official records to verify. Although asking them upfront might tip your hand, units generally provide a proper farewell to service members so it may not come as a surprise when someone asks them about their awards and badges.

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    Designovation Memorial Flag Case

    Sometimes brothers and sisters in the army leave us at a young age with so much more life left in them, and we only can protect their memories.

    Protecting the American flag given in their honor by such a beautiful encasing is a lasting tribute to their memories. Made in America, which is perfect for storing a memorial flag!

    Other Design Elements Add Dimension To Military Shadow Boxes

    Pentagon Military Shadow Box with floating flag case made out of solid ...

    In other military shadow box examples, there is our signature design elementthe Open V-groove. The Open V-groove in a military shadow box tends to transform a solid top mat into distinct sections. This is important because mat colors are used to influence the eyes perception of what is seen in a military shadow box. We use an open V-groove to separate the design elements inside the shadow box. This is seen in the military shadow box examples where the second mat of a contrasting color is used. For example, the top mat may be black while the bottom mat may be red. The open V-groove creates a wide revealallowing visibility of the red mat. This creates a unique look thereby, offering a strategy that interrupts the static design of a solid top mat. This effectively creates balance and provides symmetry inside the military shadow box. It also provides color separation between the frame and the objects inside the frame.

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    If No Time For Step : Ask Medals Of America

    If youre not comfortable with constructing a shadow box, or just value your time, Medals of America can turn your design into a reality. We have over 40 years of experience, coupled with customer satisfaction, to tap into with a few clicks of the mouse. Our Military Awards Specialist can personally assist you in designing the perfect military shadow box for yourself or your loved one, or as a farewell gift for that deserving service member. Youll love it and we love helping you make it professional and beautiful, worthy of the service to our nation it will reflect. Its how we got started at Medals of America.

    We are happy to assist you, whether youre a DIY-er or you want Medals of America to assemble a military shadow box for you or your loved one. The EZ Mount system comes with the built shadow box to help you mount your medals, ribbons, badges, insignia and other personal accoutrements in your shadow box for display in your office or at home. This system will not harm your well-earned items and will, in fact, preserve them for future generations to come. We are honored to be of service to our military service members and veterans and take great pride in serving those who have served our nation in the U.S. Armed Forces.

    So to those who have served, past and present, we SALUTE you and appreciate you defending freedom at home and around the world!

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