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How To Play 7 Nation Army On Guitar

Seven Nation Army Electric Guitar Chords

Seven Nation Army The White Stripes Guitar Lesson Tutorial

The song Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes is a very popular song, and the electric guitar chords are a big part of what makes it so great. The main chord progression is E-G-D-A-E, with the E and A being the chords that are played the most. The G and D are also important, but they are played less often.

The White Stripes are a rock band from Detroit, Michigan that formed in 1997. Jack White performed as a singer/Songwriter, guitarist, pianist, mandolinist, and mandolinist, and Meg White performed as a drummer and vocalist. The White Stripes became well-known as part of the garage rock revival scene in 2002. There are six studio albums, two live albums, an extended play , a concert film, a tour documentary, 26 singles, and 14 music videos in the bands catalog. Their previous three albums each won the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album.

Seven Nation Army Guitar Tab

Most online guitar tabs are free, but seven nation army guitar tab may cost a few dollars. The song is a rock classic by the White Stripes, and the guitar tab will show you how to play the entire song. The tab may include chords, lyrics, and timing, so you can play along with the original recording.

Beside This Are The White Stripes Siblings

Popular on Rolling Stone. It is a perfect picture of a remarkable bond. Publicly, Jack and Meg, both thirty, claim to be brother and sister, even though a Detroit newspaper blew their cover a couple of years ago, revealing them to be ex-husband and -wife .

Similarly one may ask, do I wanna know guitar notes?

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Do Most Guitarists Read Music

The White Stripes

Some theoretical knowledge is what guitarists rely on to play or write pop music. Though some of these guitarists may read music well, they are definitely in the minority. Country guitarists dont need to read a lot of music to play their instruments well.

If you are a guitar player that plays or writes rock music, then you probably know a little bit about music theory. You may even be able to pick up a few chords, but thats about it.

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Whats A Guitar Riff Anyways

Riffs are the short, repeated musical phrases that keep you coming back again and again to your favorite songs. From Suzie Q to Seven Nation Army, a great guitar riff can grab you by the scruff of the neck and pull you all in! Riffs are great to learn on the guitar because theyre often easy to play, instantly recognizable, and immediately rewarding.

Seven Nation Army Tuning Conclusion

I hope this article has clarified the tuning used in this epic song.

And if you want to read more about different tunings used by famous bands, check out the following posts!

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How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar

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“Seven Nation Army” is a popular rock song by the band The White Stripes. After being covered by pop artist Martin Collins, nearly everyone knows a version of “Seven Nation Army.” Playing this song to family and friends is always going to get a reaction and might even inspire a few people to sing along.

How Do I Tune My Guitar To Major

How to play Seven Nation Army The White Stripes EASY LESSON

A note is the root, C# is the third and E is the perfect fifth. This tuning is achieved by raising the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strings one full step, while the 1st, 5th, and 6th strings remain the same. A minor chord is made up of a minor third and a major seventh . The major 7th is called the dominant seventh and the minor seventh is the subdominant seventh.

In the key of C major, the A# is raised by one whole step to make up for the fact that the E is now a half step higher than it was in the original tuning. A minor 7b9 chord can also be created by lowering the second and third strings by half a step. The result is a Bb7 chord.

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What Is The Best Way To Learn Songs On Guitar

The answer to this question strongly depends on who you ask, but were going to give you our golden rule to learning songs.

Its simple:

  • Learn everything in small portions.

Not only do you want to approach learning the song slowly, you also want to understand what is happening in each section.

Learning in sections helps us get a better picture of how to play the song as a whole, and the same applies to learning how to play seven nation army on guitar.

In todays lesson, this song will be broken down into four sections:

Its important to note that there are only slight differences between the verse and chorus sections.

Top Tip Remember, to listen first before you play.

Your ears are your greatest tool as a guitarist. They will never lie to you, and they will always try to guide you in the right direction.

How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar Song Structure

The layout of Seven Nation Army is quite simple, and weve laid it out for you in detail below:

  • Intro/Verse: Play riff 12 times
  • Pre-Chorus: 3rd and 5th fret power chords
  • Chorus: With octaves
  • Pre-Chorus: 3rd and 5th fret power chords
  • Verse: Play riff 12 times
  • Pre-Chorus: 3rd and 5th fret power chords
  • Pre-Chorus: 3rd and 5th fret power chords
  • Verse: Play riff 12 times
  • Pre-Chorus: 3rd and 5th fret power chords
  • Chorus: With octaves
  • End by holding 7th fret octave on the A string, then hitting the low E open

Remember when learning how to play seven nation army on guitar that its important to practice section to section.

This method of practice will help us understand the structure of the song as a whole.

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Seven Nation Army Awards And Rankings

The song was a massive hit upon its release, reaching the #1 position on the Alternative Songs Chart, as well as winning the Grammy for Best Rock Song.

It had a profound cultural impact, as it was included in video games, played at sporting events, protests, even political commercials.

The song brought The White Stripes into a whole new league and performed well on charts across the world.

  • US Alternative Songs : 1
  • US Hot Rock Songs : 12
  • US Mainstream Rock : 12
  • US Billboard Hot 100: 76

If you want to refine the skills you learned in Seven Nation Army, check out these lessons on songs by clicking these links:Minor scale / Palm muting / Power chords

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Why Is 7 Nation Army So Popular

Electric Hollow Body Guitars: How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar ...

The reason why Seven Nation Army has become such a signature stadium song is, in part, due to the catchiness and legacy status of the song itself. The first seven notes are instantly recognisable by rock music fans and non-fans alike. Its the same note, just in a different key.

And the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth notes all have a similar sound to each other, which is why theyre calledseven-note chords in the first place. Theyre the notes that make up the chord structure of a song, and they form the basis of all the other notes in that song.

So when you hear the chorus, you know exactly what it is. You know that it starts with the seventh note and it goes on for seven more notes. Thats what makes it so memorable and memorable for so many people.

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Seven Nation Army Song Details

The song was released by The White Stripes in 2003 on their album titled Elephant. It was the lead single of the album.

Its signature riff was almost discarded by Jack White, but he decided to save it just in case. He used it to write the song a year later, and the rest is history. Seven Nation Army is regarded to be one of the greatest songs of the 2000s.

The song’s title originated from Jack White’s mispronunciation of Salvation Army as a child.

Seven Nation Army Guitar Solo

The guitar solo in Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes is one of the most iconic and recognizable solos of all time. Its a simple, catchy riff that anyone can learn, but it takes a lot of skill to play it with the same level of intensity and passion as Jack White.

Heres how to play the Seven Nation Army on guitar with string bends and soloing. A guitar solo written by Jack White reinforced the melody he had already written. String bending is simple just practice. Now that weve learned how to bend strings, lets play this solo right away. You can see a more in-depth breakdown of Seven Nation Army below. Jack White used a Digitech Whammy pedal to record seven nations, but any octave pedal can do it. You should do your research on what kind of pedals your favorite guitarist uses.

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Paul Murtha Seven Nation Army

Paul Murthaoriginally published in the key ofarrangement code* Click playback or notes icon at the bottom of the interactive viewer and check if “Seven Nation Army – Guitar” availability of playback & transpose functionality prior to purchase. Refunds due to not checked functionalities won’t be possible after completion of your purchase. For clarification contact our support.

Bonus: How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar Tone Tips

Electric Guitar Lesson 1 – ‘Seven Nation Army’ White Stripes // Guitar Lesson Tutorial

In this section, well look at a few of the ways we can make our guitar sound like Jack Whites in seven nation army using different pedals.

  • If we want to learn how to play seven nation army on guitar with the right tone, the first thing we can experiment with is an Octave pedal.

Jack White used a Digitech Whammy pedal to record seven nation army, but any octave pedal will do.

Another key addition to Jack Whites guitar rig on seven nation army is a Fuzz pedal.

  • Fuzz pedals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are designed to over-distort your guitar signal, resulting in the sound from the name.
  • Jack White favors the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff for his fuzzed-out and distorted guitar tone.

Learning about tone can help us better understand the sounds in our head.

Do your research to find out what pedals your favorite guitarists use!

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The White Stripes And Their Biggest Song

Jack White is a seriously innovative musician. Although the band is not around anymore, most remember Seven Nation Army. In fact, its main riff is so awesome that entire stadiums sing it in unison at countless sports games.

The main riff, or the main theme, repeats throughout the song. In fact, Seven Nation Army is almost entirely just this one riff. But aside from it, we have a very catchy vocal melody.

And these two elements work hand-in-hand. This is what eventually made the song so great. Despite the songs overall simplicity, Jack White had a very innovative approach here.

He wrote the main riff back in 2002. He like the melody and hoped to use it as a James Bond theme at one point. However, he ended up using it for The White Stripes. Whats weird is that few around him seemed to hear the potential in this riff. But of course, it eventually turned into a worldwide hit.

The song is also famous for Jacks use of the DigiTech Whammy pedal. What sounds like a murky bass guitar is actually his old Kay Hollowbody guitar dropped an octave through this device.

Heres the live version of the song. This one is from 2007, performed at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

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Practice hard and have fun!

Ryan Wyatt

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How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar String Bending & Solo

One really cool point to make about learning how to play seven nation army on guitar is that it teaches us some great songwriting and soloing tips.

Jack White wrote a guitar solo that would reinforce the melody that he had already written.

  • The fact that this solo is so straightforward makes it one of the high points of learning how to play seven nation army on guitar.
  • There are a number of ways that we can approach this solo, and Jack White performs it with a slide over his finger.

Dont worry, were not going to give you a whole crash course on slide guitar in this article.

Instead, were going to look at a technique called string bending.

This is the coolest part of learning how to play seven nation army on guitar.

Skill Tip: String bending is easy it just takes practice!

Before we begin playing the solo to this section, well want to give this a shot:

Place your ring finger on the fret you want to bend from on the high E string, and your middle finger on the fret behind it.

  • For example, if you are bending at the 10th fret, your middle should be on the 9th.

If you like, you can put your index on the fret behind your middle for more strength.

  • Pick the note that youre fretting, and push the string up toward you.
  • Youll want to make sure that your middle and index provide additional support to your ring finger.

This is called a reinforced bend, and well be using them in just a moment.

There are three types of bends we can use:

Check out the first 8 bars:

Do Guitarists Need Sheet Music

Seven Nation Army Chords

For most guitarists, you have the choice between learning standard notation or Guitar TAB. Youll get everything you need to learn to play music from both of them. Many guitarists choose to learn both so they can listen to any type of music they want. Guitar tablature is the most common notation used in the music industry.

It is used to write down the notes of a guitar chord or scale, and it is also used as a notation system for other instruments such as the piano, violin, guitar, bass, drums, or any other instrument you can think of.

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How To Play 7 Nation Army On Guitar

The guitar solo in Seven Nation Army isnt technically difficult. It is almost in perfect tune with the bass line from the beginning of the song. Its important to make the track work as a whole because of this powerful, plodding, and deliberate rhythm. Its also important to note that this is the first song on the album that doesnt have a lead vocalist. Instead, its a trio of guitarists, led by guitarist/vocalist/singer/songwriter/producer/whatever-you-want-to-call-him/who-is-also-a-guitar-player-and-has-no-vocals-in-the-title-of-this-song-because-that-would-be-too-much-for-some-people-but-I-dont-know-what-it-means-anymore-so-lets-justhe-sounds-like-an-old-timey-jazz-guy-with-two-piano-keys-playing-by-his-own-power.

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