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Bts Members Can Join Military Late South Korea Passes Law

BTS members to join South Korean military for national service – BBC News

BTS, the Korean pop sensation, has been given a satisfying respite.The septet, which achieved its first Grammy 2020 nomination as best pop/duo/group performance with the smash hit single Dynamite, has been given an allowance by South Korean law to join the army when they reach their 30s.Normally, upon reaching 28, every able-bodied man in the country must enlist themselves in the military.

The Annual Day Is Dedicated To The Band’s Global Fandom

K-pop group BTS performing at a live in-person concert at Jamsil Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea on March 10. EPA

Every year on July 9, millions of BTS fans around the world celebrate Army Day, dedicated to the group’s fandom. Marking the day the name “Army” was first coined for the band’s fans, this year is no different.

Ahead of the ninth anniversary of Army Day, the record-breaking septet announced a special fan version of their hit song Yet To Come , to be released on July 13.

Many moments were spent together,” member RM is heard saying in Korean, over clips reminiscent of the music video of Yet To Come , which was released last month.

“I am so glad we have the opportunity to reflect on our memories like this, Jimin then says.

Whether near or far, I felt we were tightly connected through song and dance,” Suga says.

“Our every moment was also a moment together with you,” J-Hope is then heard saying.

“We are so blessed for being a part of your story,” Jin chimes in.

“With a grateful heart, I hope to write more stories in the future with you,” says Jungkook.

V then delivers the last line in English, echoing a line from the song: “The best moment is yet to come.

Yet To Come is the lead single from the group’s anthology album, Proof, which was released on June 10.

Google is also joining in the celebrations for BTS Army Day, launching two collaborations to mark the anniversary.

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Why Does This Story Matter

  • After several speculations around BTS members joining South Korea’s military service did the rounds, the K-pop band officially confirmed it in October.
  • Jin, being the eldest member of the group, is the first one to enlist in military service. After him, the members of BTS would enlist as per their individual plans. Meanwhile, Jin, while talking to the fans, said he’ll “come back safely.”

The Conflicting Situation Of Bts

How To Join Bts Army

All this while, BTS has found itself in the middle of a conflicting situation. The young boys have been following their passion for music which has made them one of the most popular bands in the world. They have brought K-Pop to the world map and contributed to bringing it global recognition. Alongside this, they have boosted the economy of the country with their contributions. Now, at the peak of their careers, they are compelled to do Military service.

On the other hand, if they continue with their career and do any alternative service for military service then it wont be appreciated by a big section of the country. If they fail to follow the rules and go for military service, it will bring resentment and other complications.

At this point, where BTS is joining the Military then there are concerns over the possible future of their company HYBE. Alongside there is a concern for the country itself.

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What Is Bts Army

The name “BTS” originally stood for Bulletproof Boyscouts . The acronym’s meaning has been changed to stand for “Beyond the Scene,” as they wanted to move on from the original image they portrayed and expand to broader horizons.

“ARMY,” or “A.R.M.Y.,” is the name given to BTS fans. It is an acronym that stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.” The fandom was officially established on July 9, 2013, which is considered ARMY day. This happened around a month after BTS’ official debut on June 12, 2013.

“I’m so grateful for them. I want to greet you guys as much as I want. I would’ve climbed up the wall, give them high fives & a hug, signed my autograph. I would have done it if I could..”That’s how ARMY always make @BTS_twt feel all sorts of emotions #HappyBirthdayToARMY

Every year, ARMY day is celebrated by BTS fans all over the world.

With the size of ARMY going day by day, the average BTS-listener might be confused on how to induct themselves into the fandom officially.

Speaking more casually, there are no “requirements” needed to join the BTS ARMY. Anyone can call themselves a member of ARMY so long as they enjoy BTS, regardless of whether or not they’ve purchased every album or watched every video of theirs.

I Renewed My Army Membership Can I Sign Up Again For The Army Membership: Merch Pack

Only one membership may be purchased for one ID. If you sign up for a Membership and then sign up for another Membership of a different type, the remaining dates of your existing Membership will expire and a new period will go into effect. The Membership period is 365 days after the date of sign-up.

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Bts Has An Official Fan Club Available On Weverse

The BTS ARMY is one of the worlds most powerful fan bases, supporting BTS in collaboration with McDonalds and streaming songs like Butter and Dynamite. Theres also an official fan club dedicated to supporting this K-pop group.

To join, ARMYs need a Weverse account, both for the app and for the Weverse shop. Fans also need a PayPal account, as this fan club charges a monthly fee to enjoy the perks, including a mobile membership card. From the Weverse app, fans have the options to choose from different tiers of the official fan club.

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How To Register For Membership On The Weverse Shop

K-Pop Group ‘BTS’ To Enlist In South Korean Military

The registration process starts on the Weverse Shop. All you have to do to start is log in to BTS’ artist store on the Weverse Shop app using the same user ID as the one you use on Weverse and click on the “Membership” tab.

After that, you’ll be asked to enter in all the personal info and registration details necessary to enroll in the ARMY Fanclub. Just make sure that you register with your legal name that matches the name on your legal ID to take advantage of those real-life perks mentioned earlier.

Only Korean credit cards are accepted on the Weverse Shop, so select PayPal for your payment option and check out. Then, the app will easily connect to your PayPal account to complete the purchase.

And voila. You’re done.

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The Bts Army Is One Of The Worlds Biggest Fan Bases

Outside of the official fan club, members of the BTS ARMY often support this K-pop group. That includes celebrating the birthdays of the idols and even supporting organizations in honor of the boy band.

The BTS ARMY is also known for breaking YouTube records. The music video for BTS song, Butter, broke the record for the most-viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours with 108,200,000 views.

The Boy With Luv music video is available on YouTube. Music by BTS, including their recently released album,Map of the Soul: 7, is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major platforms.

Fans From Across The Globe Can Join The Official Bts Fan Club And Enjoy The Exclusive Content Of Bangtan Boys

In a very shot span of time, we saw the K-pop band BTS aka Bangtan Boys becoming the global sensation. While they garnered universal appreciation for their tracks Dynamite, Butter and others, you can’t deny that ARMY is one of the reasons behind their success as they make sure that band’s every song creates right amount of buzz on social media before its release and trends on every platform post their premiere. Also Read – BTS: RM aka Namjoon first album Indigo a tear-jerker FIRST REVIEW leaves ARMY emotional


For the unversed, BTS has an official fan club and the members of this club has the added perks of exclusive merchandises. While this global fan club has millions of followers, we show you the process of cost of becoming the member of this club. To enter the fan club, you need to have a Weverse and Paypal account. They take monthly fee from members for the exclusive perks, including a mobile membership card. Fans can choose different tiers of the official club from the Weverse app. Also Read – BTS x MAMA 2022: J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok drives ARMY wild 7 sexy moments that will live in fans’ minds forever

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Bts’ Agency Reacts To The Report

According to Soompi, BTS’ agency Bighit Entertainemnt recently reacted to the report claiming Jin’s training will begin on December 13. Reacting to the report, a source from the agency said, “It is difficult to confirm. We ask for your generous understanding.”

I’ve Yet To Receive My Previous Army Membership Kit When Will I Get It

How To Join Bts Army 2020

ARMY Membership Card and Kit will be shipped the quarter following the the purchase of the membership in order. . However, shipping schedule is subject to change.

The Membership Kits from previous ARMY Memberships are being shipped in order. With the current COVID-19 situation limiting international freight transportaion, shipping is being delayed to a number of countries and regions. Please be aware that shipping to the address you selected may be unavoidably delayed. Please refer to the service announcements regarding regions where shipping is being delayed or blocked. Once normal shipping is resumed, BIGHIT Music / HYBE will inform you via service announcements.

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Btss Army: Is There An Official Fan Club You Can Join

One of the most defining parts of any pop-culture icon whether its a musician, a writer, or an actor is the fans they attract. From Taylor Swifts Swifties to Beyonces Beyhive, the love of a cultural icon can bring together fans unlike anything else. Having said that, if we had an award for the best fandom, BTS ARMY would be on the top of the running.

In the recent months, BTS has become one of the most influential boy bands in the world, breaking records one after another. Their first English single Dynamite came out earlier this year and was received with an enormously encouraging response the music video has been watched over 450 million times, making it the fastest video by a Korean outfit to reach this milestone.

Theres little surprise in this record, because the loyal fanbase of the K-Pop boy band made sure that the video crossed its first 100 million views within 24 hours of its release, defeating Blackpink who held the record previously. Spotify also reported that the single raked in 7.77 million streams on its debut day. None of these records would have been made possible without the unflinching support of the ARMY.

What is the BTS ARMY?

The boy band members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V & Jungkook have all taken to stage or social media to thank their fans. Jungkook & Jimin recently also shared a message of massive gratitude towards their fans for helping them get back on the first position on the Billboard Hot 100.

How does one join the ARMY?

How Much Does A Membership To The Bts Fan Club Cost

The prices of these memberships vary based on the tier, as some subscription options have added perks. However, according to Elite Daily, its $22-$150 for the cost of membership, depending on which package you choose.

These membership options come with perks beyond merch in the Weverse shop, each tier featuring special add-ons. With a regular membership, subscribers can view exclusive content featuring the BTS members, including pictures and videos, posted to Weverse.

These fans have access to select pre-sale codes for BTS concerts, meaning these are the ARMYs with access to the best seats to see the K-pop group. There are also opportunities to apply for or participate in online and offline special BTS events.

The ARMY Membership: Merch Pack comes with all of the regular goodies, in addition to select products held specifically for these subscribers, sent out four times per year. This fan club is available for joins across the globe to join.

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I Renewed With Army Membership But I Changed My Mind And Would Like To Renew With ‘army Membership: Merch Pack’

If you havent used membership benefits of your newly renewed ‘ARMY Membership’, you can cancel the order. After canceling your order, you can purchase ‘ARMY Membership: Merch Pack’. For the users who have the history of membership renewal, they will be given a special membership renewal gift.

However, under the below circumstances, the membership status will be completed , then canceling the payment would be impossible.

In this case, you could newly purchase ARMY Membership: Merch Pack but any remaining days on the previous Membership will expire and cannot be refunded.

  • Seven days have passed after Membership renewal, or
  • Membership benefits have been used
  • Ahead Of His Military Service J

    [ð?/TUTORIAL] How to purchase the Regular BTS Official Global ARMY Membership

    The BTS ARMY was left teary-eyed when J-Hope called up Jin, ahead of the latter’s military service. He was performing at the 2022 MAMA Awards in Japan when he gave a surprise to the ARMY by ringing up Jin, who’ll join the military in December. Jin shared a message for all his fans as J-Hope held the phone close to the mic.

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    Bts’ Agency’s Official Statement

    Last month, after BTS’ Busan World Expo 2030 concert, Bighit Entertainment released a statement to announce BTS’ members – Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook – would get enlisted for mandatory military service. The statement read, “BIGHIT MUSIC is proud to announce today that the members of BTS are currently moving forward with plans to fulfil their military service. After the phenomenal concert to support Busans bid for the World Expo 2030, and as each individual embarks on solo endeavours, its a perfect time and the members of BTS are honoured to serve.”

    Jin Talks Of Returning Safely From The Military Service

    As translated by Instagram user parkjimin.bts.95, Jin thanked all the ARMY for the award and the love they have shown. He continued to say to his fans, “I won’t be able to see anyone at official events now, but I’ll come back next time with good music. Everyone, I’ll go and come back safely from the military! Thank you!”

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    Jennifer Lopez Answers Vogues 73 Questions

    BTS serves pop star and movie star in one sharply suited package. They exude energy and joy and wonder while also embodying a sense of cool that transcends the cheesy boy-band prototype. The usual sense of being thrown together in a show-biz test tube eludes them. There are no weak links in this septet. Everybody is magnetic, charming, darlinglike R.M. confirming to Grammy host Trevor Noah that he learned English from watching Friends. Friends is my English parents, he cracked, adding that hes a Chandler. No wonder they have an obsessed global army of fans. Assorted members of the Grammy audiencefrom Lady Gaga to John Legend and Donatella Versacewere spotted selfie-ing and stanning.

    Ive shied away from going full BTS Army thus farlife as a Styles fan or “Harrie” can be consuming enough, on top of a career and two kids. But BTSs back-to-back Grammys showings have left me weak. Resistance is futile. Ill see you on the other side.

    How To Apply For Membership

    How To Join Army Of Bts

    The basic ARMY membership on Weverse is available for around $22, while the ARMY Membership Merch Pack costs around $150. Both membership packs come with several perks, including ticket reservations and raffles, early BTS content, and the chance to attend special events. Merch Box memberships allow you to purchase unique merchandise boxes that are otherwise unavailable to others.

    These services can be availed on the Weverse platform, which also hosts other artists and artist fan clubs. This includes but is not limited to TXT, Seventeen, CL, iKon, Purple Kiss, Lil Huddy, and Dreamcatcher.

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    Can I Change My Information When I Renew My Membership

    Changing email address is not available

    You can change your name on the membership only once.

    You can change your number regardless of the membership renewal

    * Name cannot be modified once submitted, make sure to submit your actual name according to your government ID

    * Click my membership information > Phone number in Weverse Mobile card page

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