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How To Get Free Products For Military Care Packages

Heres How To Send Care Packages For Soldiers Or Care Packages For Troopsoverseas:

How to Ship a Military Care Package Stress Free

1. Get the deployment address from the service member.

It will contain the military unit and a lot of numbers. Instead of a city and state, it will say APO AE or APO AP.

If you dont know a service member and want to send a package to a random soldier, you can visit AnySoldier.org to find a name and overseas mailing address for service members who have requested it.

OR you can scroll to the next section of this post and chose a company to do it for you! You can make donations and orders through the companies below, and they will get it to the service members who need it most!

1.5. Decide if youll put the care package together yourself or have a company do it for you.

If youre going to put it together yourself, here are two detailed step-by-step guides Ive created :

2. Shop online for a theme.

Shop online for a theme that fits your service members interests and your budget. Choose from the recommended companies below in this post.

List prices on a care package website include the care package contents. Shipping costs are usually added at checkout. Remember that if you shipped items yourself, the military discount flat rate is usually $18 per box. If you find a better deal online, youre saving time AND money!

3. At checkout, add a personalized note to your package.

4. Enter the deployment address, using APO as the city and either AP or AE as the state.

Military Care Package Ideas: What To Put In A Care Package

Consider this post your one-stop shop for military care package ideas. Whether you’re looking for ideas of what to include, ideas for fun themes for your care package, or ideas on how to send the care package on the cheap, we have you covered. It’s a common question: after all, most of us have never been in deployed, so it’s hard to come up with military care package ideas, and even harder to know what to put in a care package. We’ve seen a ton of care package ideas out there, but have found that most don’t cater to what those of us in the military really wanted. We’re putting an end to that. I give you: the only care package guide you’ll ever need, written by the founder of the company who specializes in military care packages.

A Tangible Connection To Home

Volunteers assemble Operation Gratitude Care Packages containing handwritten letters of gratitude, snacks, hygiene products, and handmade items across the nation. We deliver care packages to deployed service members and their families, Veterans and First Responders.

The impact of an Operation Gratitude Care Package is clear from the emails we receive from troops:

Testimonial Highlights

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Check The Size Regulations

There are specific size regulations that you need to follow when sending a military care package. If your package is bigger than what is accepted, it will be confiscated and your recipient will not get anything.

In detail, your package cannot be more than 108 inches in circumference, which means the total width plus total length around the whole package.

But some units have their own specific packaging size restrictions. It is best that you consult the recipients unit.

Operation Courage Is Beautiful

Care packages, How to get and To get on Pinterest

While there are thousands of women serving in the armed forces, often their needs and considerations are inadvertently left out in care packages and supply drops. Operation Courage is Beautiful seeks to send female-centric care packages to women who are serving overseas. You can request a care package for a deployed loved one here.

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How You Can Help

1. Set up a collection drive for your business, organization or school to collect the items specified below as well as collecting cash contributions to help cover the cost of shipping care packages overseas.

You can collect items for as long or as short of a time as you would like. Once you end your collection, ship the items and cash contributions to our headquarters in San Antonio using the shipping address below*. Shipping one care package overseas costs approximately $25. Any amount of financial contributions you can include in your collection drive will help Soldiers Angels get these packages shipped overseas.

*Please note that you will be responsible for all shipping costs associated with getting your collected items to San Antonio. If the cost of shipping your collected items to San Antonio is a concern for you, we recommend focusing on the smaller, lighter weight items to keep your shipping costs low.

2. Purchase items at stores near you and ship them to our headquarters in San Antonio using the shipping address below* along with cash contributions to help cover the cost of shipping care packages overseas. Shipping one care package overseas costs approximately $25. Any amount of financial contributions you can include in your collection drive will help Soldiers Angels get these packages out.

**If youre an Amazon user, take your shopping and support to the next level by using AmazonSmile to donate a portion of your purchases back to Soldiers Angels! Heres how:

Robertos Movie Night And Ministry Kits

  • Challenge: COVID. Gyms and USO shut down. Where do these soldiers and warriors unwind?
  • Impact: Provide a setting for Chaplains and personal interaction. Need to meet soldiers where they are.
  • Items sent: Portable wireless projectors indoor/outdoor movie screens DVD players and DVDs sound bar Nintendo and other board games.
  • Up to $1,500 per kit per unit requested

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Robertos Holy Joe And Soldiers Coffee Roast

  • Challenge: Military runs on coffee. Often, quality is poor. Many have limited funds to buy better coffee. Also, many military spouses are constantly deploying in and out that makes its easy to start and feel like they are living separate lives adds to marital stress.
  • Impact: Providing higher quality coffee during field exercises, a Strong Bonds seminar or just in the Chaplains Office, helps facilitate a conversation strengthens relationships. Makes it easier to talk about problems and possibly prevent serious issues from occurring. Also nothing just like great coffee. Note the smiling Marine in the picture above enjoying coffee during a field exercise.
  • The Soldiers Roast promotes healthy relationships with Soldiers and their spouses to help them both cope while deployed. Unroasted coffee beans are roasted with soldiers and their families. To enjoy at home, or to send to a deployed service member. In addition helps in strengthening unity and cohesion team building morale.
  • Items sent: 255 5lb bags of premium Honduran San Lazaro Coffee. And roasting equipment to make coffee from unroasted beans. 3 5lb bags of coffee, including shipping are $165 Roasting kits up to $3,500 per unit supported

Army Veteran Creates Free Mobile App That Allows People To Send Care Packages To Deployed Troops

MILITARY CARE PACKAGE | deployment care package ideas + tips

Brandon Dutkiewicz comes home from the army and builds an app to help bridge the gap between deployed troops and people who want to support them.

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To help the men and women serving overseas feel supported throughout deployment, Brandon Dutkiewicz, a local Army Veteran created Support A Troop, a mobile app that allows users to sponsor a Deployed military member by sending a care package. Deployed troops log onto the app, make a profile, and create a registry of needed items. These can range from toothpaste and granola bars to fitness equipment and supplements. All items on the wish list are very inexpensive, allowing greater flexibility for those interested in giving back.

To send a package, users simply scroll through the available profiles and choose the troop they wish to support. Once a care package is sent, the military members who received the donation can take a photo of themselves and the materials to share with the donor in-app. Support A Troop also gives users the option to donate to military dogs, as well.

“I was deployed to multiple war-torn areas throughout Afghanistan. While there, my battle buddies and I faced a major problem. We had no one to support us back home, which made many of us feel forgotten and depressed,” said Dutkiewicz. “When I left the military, I decided to build Support A Troop to help bridge the gap between deployed troops and people who want to support them.”


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My Story: The Best Way To Know What To Send

My experience shows just how important it is to think about the recipient. Knowing what to send is the hardest part about sending a care package. But if I learned one thing from the service, it’s that you should listen to your service member! When I was in the Navy, I used to play catch on our flight deck on Sunday afternoons. As accurate as we may have been, we’d lose baseballs over the side as the ship rocked back and forth. I put the word out to my family: send old baseballs in the next care package. And from then on out, each military care package I got had a couple of beat-up baseballs in it. My grandfather even sent a whole box with just baseballs and a simple note: “Hope this helps.” Well, it did, and I still remember that care package all these years later. It was like a treasure trove for a young sailor who just wanted a bit of normalcy on those long deployments.

But for every baseball I got, I also loved the things that came along with it. And frankly, if all anyone sent me were baseballs, I’d run out of space! That’s why variety is key.

How To Get Items To Include In Care Packages

Though its perfectly acceptable to purchase items with your own money for military care packages, there are several companies that offer free items for military members. It doesnt hurt to ask around at local businesses to see if there is anything available or if the business would like to partner with you to include items. Many businesses want to help out and thank military members for their service and they know its a great way to spread goodwill about their brand.

Some of the companies that have donated items for military care packages in the past include:

Many of these businesses are food-related, which means a military member can enjoy the taste of home while deployed.

In some cases, such as with Chick-Fil-A, the company offers free sauce packets. Chick-Fil-A has even been known to end large care packages directly to soldiers, which was the case in this story.

Obviously, you cant send a chicken sandwich overseas, but you can send a hefty supply of sauces from the fast food restaurant that allows your favorite military member to get a taste of the flavor theyve missed while deployed. In most cases, Chick-Fil-A will provide enough packets that the care package recipient will be able to share with fellow service members.

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Companies That Ship Free Stuff In Care Packages For Troops

1. The USO

The USO sends free snack and toiletry care package kits to deployed troops. The pouch comes with a M.O.L.L.E. system to attach easily to military gear. An official representative of the unit can fill out a form requesting the service.

2. Hershey

Hershey has partnered with the USO to give troops a taste of home with free chocolate in their care packages! Chocolate treats are notoriously difficult to ship, especially to desert locations where they are likely to melt. But Hershey has carefully selected M& Ms and other treats that are most likely to survive the shipping process. They no longer send individual care packages, but you can support their USO partnership and send personalized messages to troops using the link here.

3. Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude is a charity that provides more than 300,000 free care packages every year to service members, first responders, wounded heroes, and care givers. They host collection drives, letter-writing campaigns, and packing events to maximize their impact. Donate to aid their efforts.

4. AdoptaPlatoon

AdoptaPlatoon will sponsor a unit from any branch during their deployment by sending care packages every 3-4 weeks while they are overseas. Nominations must include the name and deployment address of a service member point of contact.

5. Troopster

6. Books for Soldiers

7. Operation Paperback

8. Operation We Care

9. Dunkin Donuts

10. Naper Nuts and Sweets

11. Soldiers Angels

I Hate Saying No To My Husband

My Hero Crate Gluten Free Military Care Package Healthy Snacks Variety ...

And yet, I do it all the time. Whether I am telling him he has to wait to buy the $30 book he wants or kindly pointing out that a $300 TV isnt in the budget right now. However, when your husband is away, you want to spoil him. You want to give him everything he needs and you want to make him feel special.

Care packages can be a fairly big expense while your loved one is away. Between the cost of the materials to decorate and make it pretty, all the stuff you buy to fill it up and the cost of shipping it adds up quick. Especially when you are sending multiple care packages a month.

Military families that are looking for ways to save money sometimes need to get creative when it comes to finding extras to cut out. The good news is that a lot of companies love to support our troops and provide donated products.

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Did You Know Many Soldiers Do Not Have Access To Basic Items

Many items must be bought at the PX . And often these items are out of stock. And the food not that great. Often times they are MREs : Not too appetizing. Other items like portable grills, appliances, electronic equipment, socks, hand and foot warmers, are frequently not in the budget or Chaplains have to pay out of their pocket. And thats where we come in with the free stuff the care packages. And the Chaplains are the keepers of a place where service members can receive free items. A place to connect. With others. With the Chaplain. Thats where most of our care package go.

Animal Supports Our Troops

Animal Military takes pride in supporting those who support us every day. We offer our Service Men and Women, Veterans, and their families the necessary tools to achieve their missions and goals successfully. We supply the knowledge, the supplements, and the inspiration to the most hardcore fan base there is, The United States Armed Forces.

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Free Military Care Packages

Check this out!Crown Royal has partnered with Packages From Home and they are sending out free military care packages every month! If you are a U.S. military member or know someone who is, you can send or receive a free care package that contains four out of eight most requested and needed items!

All you have to do is head on over here first of every month, select the items you wish to send, and press submit! A great way to show gratitude and a token of appreciation!

You can choose from: Beef Jerky, Cookies, Fruit Snacks, Nuts, Peanut Butter Singles, Popcorn, Protein/Granola Bar, and Tea.

Packages From Home take about 4-6 weeks on average to arrive and the limit is 1 care package per person.

Love Free Stuff? to see all current Freebie offers. Plus, for tips on how to score Free Samples, watch my video here.

How To Send A Care Package Overseas With Free Materials

Military Care Package Unboxing!!

by Lizann | Oct 1, 2022 | Deployment Survival, Military Life, New Military Spouse, Resources |

One great way to stay in touch with your spouse during deployment is by sending some love in the form of a Care Package. But sending a care package overseas can be a confusing experience. Im here to make it easier.

Now, there are tons of ideas on Pinterest telling you how to decorate a care package, and there are already some wonderful lists of what to put into a care package. But this post is about how to get the actual packagesFOR FREE and how to mail them.

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Phone Home For The Holidays Program

We began sending phone cards when we heard a woman on the radio talk about how her son had been given a phone card by a fellow soldier to phone home to his family. He was apprehensive about the mission he was to be part of in the coming days. He did not return. This was the last conversation they were to have. How important was this call? We knew we had to make a difference! This was the beginning of our phone home for the holidays program.

How To Get Free Products

Its actually as simple as sending an email. Does you spouse love a particular product? Reach out to them and ask if they are willing to donate samples to your deployed loved one. Chik-Fil-A has been known to donate TONS of sauce that will keep your hubby and all of his friends very happy!

Same with necessities! Dollar Shave Club has actually formed a relationship with the USO so that they can continue to provide razors and other supplies to deployed troops.

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