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How To Become An Army Helicopter Pilot

Can I Go To University Or Flight School

Soldier Discusses Journey to Becoming an Apache Pilot

This depends on your personal choices and requirements. Pilot candidates might attend flying school instead of university. Flight schools may offer scholarships or opportunities to work as flight instructors. Flight schools may provide a chance to get a degree while also obtaining a pilot’s licence. University may be the best option for those seeking a more generalist degree.

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Flying Into The Future

Bell, our primary technological partner, is one of leading helicopter manufacturers across the globe, having delivered over 35,000 aircraft to date. As a Bell-approved training facility, HORIZON only runs the most current fleet available, with the Bell 505 Jet Ranger, 407, and 429 all in operation at our Al Ain-based helicopter training school.

BELL 429

With a fully integrated glass cockpit, IFR capabilities, and sophisticated drive system with optional dual-pilot, the Bell 429 offers outstanding performance in speed, range, and hover. Its interior is larger than that of any other light twin helicopter, featuring flat flooring and capacity for seven passengers and a flight crew. The Bell 429 increases safety via the use of redundant avionics, hydraulics, and power plant systems.

BELL 505

A short-range, light single-engine helicopter, the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X comes with a five-seat configuration and an adjustable cabin design for cost competitiveness. High-tech features include a fully integrated Garmin G1000H glass flight deck and a Turbomeca Arrius 2R engine with dual-channel FADEC.

BELL 407

The Bell 407 combines speed, performance, dependability, and maneuverability in a single aircraft. With its Rolls Royce 250-C47B turbine FADEC engine, this helicopter can provide excellent hot and high performance with a cruising speed of 140 knots . Additionally, it offers a very quiet and comfortable ride in almost any weather situation.




Training A New Generation Of World

Along with single and twin-engine helicopter training, HORIZON delivers a comprehensive range of in-depth aviation courses. These courses are specifically designed to provide students with an extensive knowledge of rotary wing aircraft operating procedures. Combining theoretical and practical training, our programs ensure that clients are equipped with the tools that meet their operational needs.

Our current course offerings include flight safety, aviation ground safety, aircraft accident investigation and management, aviation management, crew resource management, flight safety and accident investigation management, and flight safety officer training.

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Quick Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to become an Army helicopter pilot?

To become an Army helicopter pilot, youâll need to be at least 18 when you enlist and no older than 33.

What ASVAB scores do you need to become an Army helicopter pilot?

Youâll need to score at least 110 on the General Technical portion of the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery.

Does becoming an Army helicopter pilot make you an officer?

Army helicopter pilots are either commissioned officers or warrant officers. Without a four-year degree, a successful candidate will attend Warrant Officer School and then Flight School, earning the rank of Warrant Officer as an Army helicopter pilot.

How long is training to become an Army helicopter pilot?

Without a degree, youâll need 10 weeks of Basic and 5 to 7 weeks of Warrant Officer School. With a degree, Officer Candidate Training is 12 weeks long. Flight School is 32, weeks and specialty training 14 to 23 weeks.

How much do Army helicopter pilots make?

Like all Army positions, helicopter pilots are paid according to rank and time in service. Pilots do receive extra flight pay monthly and retention bonuses may occasionally be available depending on demand.

What Does An Ems Helicopter Pilot Do

Army pilot from HS featured in documentary

An EMS helicopter pilot transports patients from the scene of an injury to a hospital, or from one hospital to another. They focus on operating the aircraft while the medical staff cares for the patient, so medical training isn’t necessary for their position. Here are some tasks an EMS helicopter pilot might do at work:

  • Complete preflight checklists, including reading any flight condition notices, reviewing staff and inspecting helicopter before shift

  • Prepare a helicopter to respond efficiently to calls, usually launching within five to 10 minutes of the original notice

  • Operate helicopter, navigating through good and adverse weather, occasionally at night, using night vision systems

  • Balance helicopter’s load and operation to accommodate patients and medical staff

  • Assist medical staff with cleanup and non-medical duties on-site to increase efficiency

  • Log flights after completing them and prepare helicopter for the next trip

  • Ensure craft and pilot are up to all Federal Aviation Administration requirements

  • Operate industry standard craft like the Robinson R-44, Bell 407, Airbus H125 and 130

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Is It Hard To Become An Army Pilot

  • Its challenging, but the Army needs more pilots. The training is rigorous, but if you were able to satisfy the initial standards , then you have what it takes to get the job done. It also may be a great time to become an Army pilot, because theres currently a shortage of qualified pilots, so you may have a better chance at getting into flight school!XResearch source
  • Getting To Flight School

  • 1Apply to Warrant Officer Candidate School. All Army pilots have to complete Warrant Officer Candidate School before attending flight school to become pilots. As long as you scored at least a 110 on the ASVAB, you qualify for WOCS and can submit your application when you enlist.XResearch source
  • Your recruiter can walk you through this process and help you with your application.
  • If you dont apply for WOCS right when you enlist, you need to have at least 12 months left on your enlistment contract to qualify for WOCS. If you have less than this, youll have to re-enlist first.
  • 2Complete 9 weeks of basic training. All Army recruits have to complete and pass basic combat training before moving on, and you will too.XResearch source Basic training is a 9-week program at one of several Army forts throughout the country. Youll learn critical skills like combat, teamwork, Army procedures, and physical conditioning to prepare you for your Army career. At the end, youll have to pass a few physical and mental tests to qualify for graduation. If you pass, youll officially be a member of the Army.XResearch source
  • Its best to start preparing yourself for basic training by getting in good physical shape and learning as much as you can about the Army. This will make your time in basic training much easier.
  • Only about 15% of recruits fail basic training, so you have a good chance of passing as long as you prepare yourself.XResearch source
  • WOFT is also at Fort Rucker.
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    Salary For Us Army Pilots

    Salaries for active duty pilots can vary based on an individualâs rank, duty station and deployment status. According to the , here are what you can expect to earn as a pilot in the Army as of January 1, 2022:

    • W-1: $3,398 to $5,873 per month

    • W-2: $3,872 to $6,462 per month

    • W-3: $4,376 to $7,676 per month

    • W-4: $4,791 to $8,925 per month

    • W-5: $8,520 to $11,149 per month

    If you enlist as a commissioned officer, here is what you can expect to earn as a base salary:

    • O-1: $3,477 to $4,375 per month

    • O-2: $4,006 to $5,544 per month

    • O-3: $4,636 to $7,543 per month

    • O-4: $5,273 to $8,805 per month

    • O-5: $6,112 to $10,384 per month

    • O-6: $7,332 to $12,979 per month

    • O-7: $9,668 to $14,445 per month

    • O-8: $11,635 to $16,774 per month

    • O-9: $16,444 to $16,974 per month

    • O-10: $16,974 per month

    Air Force Pilot Physical Requirements

    Becoming an Army Aviator

    In the military it’s not enough to have skills you have to meet physical requirements as well. You can find the Air Force pilot physical requirements on its website:

    • You must be younger than 33 when you start pilot training
    • You’ve had no hay fever, asthma or allergies since you were 12
    • Your closeup vision is 20/30 without glasses or contacts. Your distance vision can be as bad as 20/70 provided it’s correctable to 20/20. Even if your vision is 20/20, there are other eye problems, such as colorblindness, that could still disqualify you.
    • You meet the Air Force physical fitness and strength standards.
    • Your height falls within Air Force standards. Height specifications vary depending on the aircraft, though some applicants who are exceptionally tall or short may need a special screening.

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    Decide Whether To Pursue Airline Transport Pilot License

    The next level of license after a commercial pilot license is an airline transport pilot license , which qualifies you to fly large helicopters. It’s not required for all EMS helicopter pilot jobs, but it can make you a more competitive candidate. Some employers might prefer that you already have this license, but others may request that you get it within 12 months of working for them. Here are the requirements for a helicopter ATP license:

    • Fill requirements. Successful candidates hold a medical class 1 certification, a commercial helicopter pilot license, an instrument rating and are 23 years old.

    • Gain 1500hours of flight experience: Within the 1500 hours, candidates need to ensure a certain number are at night, by instrument, cross-country and as the pilot in command.

    • Pass FAA written, oral and flight exams: These FAA tests determine an aspiring pilots proficiency.


    Skills And Abilities For An Ems Helicopter Pilot

    An EMS helicopter pilot has extensive knowledge about the operation and maintenance of their craft. They may have some awareness of medical terms, but they rarely have medical training or duties. Here are some skills for an EMS helicopter pilot:

    • Physical stamina: A pilot maintains their physical health in order to renew their medical classifications. They can physically lift, load and push fairly heavy weights to load and operate the helicopter.

    • Coordination and speed: These skills help a pilot react to unexpected events and adjust course quickly if needed.

    • Communication: An EMS helicopter pilot establishes good relationships and communicates clearly with airports in the area to ensure their route is clear of other craft at all times.

    • Knowledge of FAA regulations: Like all pilots, an EMS helicopter pilot must operate their helicopter within FAA regulations, including aircraft maintenance standards, protocols and routes.

    • Math and science skills: Understanding instruments and plotting the best course depends on a thorough understanding of how the instruments operate and how weather affects the craft’s operation.

    Please note that none of the companies mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

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    The Role Of The Pilot

    Army aircrew are soldiers first and pilots second and this philosophy is reflected throughout the selection and training system.

    As the fastest moving Corps in the Army, the AAC uses its fleet of helicopters to provide ground units with support, wherever and whenever they need it. From bringing in supplies to providing surveillance and destroying enemy positions, the Corps is one of the Armys most flexible and potent weapons. As an Officer and pilot, you will have a unique dual role. You will use your leadership skills to get the best out of your team and you will also fly one of the Armys combat helicopters.

    It is a job that is continually challenging and offers tremendous satisfaction in return.

    Path Two: Commissioned Officer

    Aviator Lieutenant Victoria Bernal using an ammo " collar" . She is the ...

    Those wishing to enter into flight training as a commissioned officer must first complete commissioning.

    Commissioned Officers are required to have a four-year degree.

    To become commissioned, you have to attend Officer Candidate School, ROTC, or another commissioning path such as military academy.

    Army Officer Candidate School is located at Fort Benning, Georgia.

    It is 12 weeks long and teaches individuals basic leadership and tactical skills.

    Officer Candidate School is completed in two phases:

    • Phase 1: Students learn basic leadership skills, complete physical and mental challenges and are evaluated based on those challenges.
    • Phase 2: Training is tested in a field environment, with an 18-day training mission aimed at showing your leadership abilities.

    At the end of OCS, you will become a Commissioned Officer.

    Other Paths

    Army ROTC , allows individuals to attend college to earn a degree while still serving time in the Military.

    United States Military Academy allows cadets to earn a college degree at West Point.

    This path also teaches military customs.

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    Skills For A Us Army Pilot

    U.S. Army pilots need a variety of skills to perform their duties with ease. Whether you learn these skills prior to pursuing this career or learn them during training, having these skills can help you find greater success in this career. Here are some skills U.S. Army pilots need:

    • Physical fitness and stamina: Given the nature of the job, U.S. Army pilots need to remain physically fit and have good physical stamina in order to conduct military strikes and provide combat support.

    • Survival skills: U.S. Army pilots need strong survival skills to make it through highly dangerous missions and combat situations. They use their survival skills to protect themselves and their fellow soldiers from harm.

    • Tactical skills: U.S. Army pilots use a variety of tactical skills to complete their duties. Some of these skills include loading and firing a weapon, rappelling and marching in formation.

    There are also a variety of other skills you develop during the course of your training and when you become a pilot in the Army. Some additional skills you might learn include:

    • Aircraft procedures

    Here are some frequently asked questions about becoming a U.S. Army pilot:

    What Is The Best Helicopter To Fly In The Army

    The aircraft you fly depends upon your preference, rank, and skill level. When you are newly qualified, you will have a choice of four helicopters that all have varied purposes. The Bell OH-58 Kiowa supports troops in armed reconnaissance missions.

    The CH-47 Chinook is a large transporter helicopter, ideal for transporting personnel and cargo. The AH-64 Apache is the Armys go-to offensive helicopter whilst the UH-60 Black Hawk is ideal for search and rescue missions and works with medical teams for evacuations.

    Once you are an experienced pilot, you can move on to a higher grade of helicopters. Firepower and agility are two fantastic attributes for an Army helicopter to boast. The MH/AH-6M Little Bird has been used in almost every major conflict since it was commissioned for use. It may be called Little Bird but it brings tremendous firepower.

    It has great maneuverability and can be used in the tightest of spaces, whilst also carrying missiles, rocket pods, and miniguns. However, if you are looking for the mightiest of the helicopters, the Boeing, twin-engined MH-47G Chinook is arguably the ultimate Army helicopter to fly.

    It is an all-around vital part of the Army air fleet and can transport vehicles, fuel, troops, and supplies with ease. As the Chinook is a larger and heavier helicopter, it can carry out long-range flights and can handle a wide range of extreme weather conditions.

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    What Are The Basic Requirements To Be An Army Pilot

  • 1You have to be at least 18 and have a high school diploma or GED. The Army has a few requirements that you must meet in order to enlist and become a pilot including having a high school diploma , being a US citizen, being between 18-32 years old, and passing a physical exam.XResearch source
  • 2You must be at least 64 inches tall. In addition to age and education requirements, the Army does have stricter physical standards for its pilots. You cant be shorter than 64 inches or taller than 76 inches .XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • 3You need to score well on the ASVAB and SIFT tests. In order to be considered to be an Army pilot, youll need to pass the Selection Instrument for Flight Training test. Youll also need to score at least a 110 General Technical score on the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery and be able to obtain a secret security clearance. Both of these tests are taken before you join the Army.XResearch source
  • You can prepare for your SIFT and ASVAB by taking special courses or by using workbooks and online materials to study for the tests.
  • If you dont score high enough on the ASVAB, you can wait 1 month and take it again.XResearch source
  • How To Become A Pilot In The Army National Guard

    Life as an Army Black Hawk Pilot | GOARMY


    The National Guard’s roots date to the 1600s, when men set aside their farming tools and took up arms to fight alongside soldiers in defense of their towns. Today, the Army National Guard is one of the popular reserve branches of the military. Meeting National Guard aviation officer requirements opens a path to diverse job opportunities for you. Apply to become a warrant officer to get access to them. Many types of warrant officers are in high demand. You may be entitled to a significant sign-on bonus.

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    How To Become A Helicopter Pilot

    A large number of people dream of learning to fly a helicopter, particularly when they look up and see one flying overhead. But for many actually doing this seems quite impossible. They think it is too difficult, and also very expensive.

    It must be said helicopter training is not easy, and it does cost significantly more than fixed-wing flying. But it is certainly possible if you are determined and really want to do it.

    So here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a qualified helicopter pilot. We will first cover learning to fly for fun. Then we will look at maybe taking things further and becoming a professional helicopter pilot.

    Is It Hard To Become A Helicopter Pilot In The Army

    If you want to pilot helicopters in the Army, you have to put in the work. You will have to apply, first of all, completing an application form, essays, and aptitude tests. You are also expected to be physically fit and will be tested in this area, too.

    Basic training will put you through your paces for 6 weeks. Basic training can be grueling as you are taken out of your comfort zone, have all luxuries removed, and are away from all of your loved ones. You must live on a tight schedule where every moment of your day is accounted for, with very little free time. This alone can be mentally draining and prove a difficult transition. This of course is only the first step towards your goal.

    Afterward, to become a helicopter pilot in the Army, you must complete Warrant Officer Flight School specializing in piloting helicopters. This will be for roughly another 6 weeks and will involve you traveling to Fort Rucker in Alabama. You will start by taking classes in physics, navigation, and protocol. You will also have medical exams to pass.

    Through all of these tests, you will be vetted to make sure that you are following the correct career path for your skills and are up to the task of operating aircrafts. You will then progress to flight simulators for practice.

    After completing roughly 7 ½ hours with the simulator, you will progress to training helicopters. This training is aimed to help you learn maneuvers, night flights, and emergency procedures.

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