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How Do I Get Financial Assistance From The Salvation Army

Set An Appointment Or Visit A Center

Atmos Energy, Salvation Army partner to offer billing assistance to Mississippians

The application process varies by program and Salvation Army Community Center. Some programs require you to set up an appointment to for an in-person or phone meeting with a caseworker. You may also have to complete and submit an application form before you can request an appointment. In other cases, the center may offer services on a drop-in basis at specific days and times. If you aren’t sure about what you need to do, call the center and ask.


Support For Domestic Abuse Victims

If you are the victim of domestic abuse the Salvation Army offers several paths to recovery through the following programs:

  • The Cascade Womens and Childrens Center: A 24-hour shelter for women and children who have been subject to domestic abuse. It is more than just a shelter, also offering counseling, health referrals, assistance with employment, transportation to GED certification programs, permanent housing placement, classes on parenting, a therapeutic preschool program, and more.
  • The Phoenix Elim House: A refuge for women and children which empowers victims of domestic abuse through goal setting and the development of a safety plan. Other services include recreational programs, games, field trips, and more.
  • The Northwest Division Center: This center provides an extensive program to help domestic abuse victims to take steps toward self-sufficiency and recovery.

Learn more about domestic abuse recovery with the Salvation Army here.

Who Is Eligible For Salvation Army Rental Assistance

The Salvation Army’s rental assistance and other financial aid programs are available to anyone, regardless of background, religious affiliation, or income. Anyone can experience a crisis event or economic challenge. It’s during these situations that the organization serves as a lifeline.

Here are just a few of the hardships individuals might experience that would make them eligible to turn to the Salvation Army for help.

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Emergency Services Offered By Nyc Salvation Army

The exact types, numbers, and funding for programs will vary by center. Some of what is offered includes:

  • Many Corp centers distribute food packages, free meals and grocery vouchers through food pantries.
  • Soup kitchens are offered at over 20 locations. They serve hot lunches, dinners, and breakfast to anyone who is hungry, whether they are homeless are just struggling.
  • Financial assistance can be used to pay rent and mortgages. Almost 30 locations provide this type of housing assistance.
  • Utilities This can include grants to pay heating bills, water, and cooling bills. Free fans may be distributed during the summer by the Salvation army in all boroughs.
  • Referrals and information Social workers and Salvation Army Corp officers are dedicated to helping New York City residents. Oftentimes the case manager will refer clients to outside agencies or government programs that can help them pay their bills or access public aid.

Many of these Emergency Services programs are great tools for offering emergency financial assistance. The support can help pay many different types of bills, rent and basic needs. They can serve as key supplement to the low income, unemployed and needy. Services are especially in demand at the end of the month when food stamps, unemployment checks and social security checks come up short.

Emergency Assistance & Homelessness Prevention

Financial Hardship Assistance

The Salvation Army knows that sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Job loss, disaster, medical issue or other crisis can really knock you off your feet even if only for a moment. Before you know it, youre behind on your rent or utilities or you cant buy food or clothes for your family. But The Salvation Army is here to help. We help clients secure necessities to stay in their homes and move past the initial crisis.

Clients living in Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, or Northwest Indiana will be referred to a Corps Community Center or Service Extension in their area. To search on your own visit our location finder.

The Salvation Army can help with:

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We Welcome Anyone In Need

At The Salvation Army, our doors are open every day and night of the year. Through our emergency housing facilities, homeless shelters, transitional living centers, group homes, and family shelters, we provide over 10 million nights of lodging annually. In addition to supplying shelter from the elements, beds, food, and basic hygiene resources to those in need, we help combat long-term homelessness in America by serving homeless adults, veterans, and children with holistic physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

In providing its programs and services to the homeless community, The Salvation Army is committed to accommodating all those in need without unlawful discrimination or harassment based on age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other characteristic in accordance with our capacity to help.

Financial Difficulties We Can Help Find Out Which Service Is Right For You And How To Get In Touch

Financial hardship, money problems or an unexpected crisis can happen to anyone. The Salvation Army has a range of services available across the country to help you. Whether you need emergency food relief, help paying a household bill, advice to reduce your debts or tips for managing your budget, we are here for you.

Learn more below about our Doorways service, which offers urgent financial assistance, and Moneycare, our financial counselling service.

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Where Can You Find Other Rental Assistance Programs Where You Live

The Salvation Army rental assistance program may not be the only resource available to you. There are other outreach organizations and government aid programs that might be able to help, especially during this continued COVID-19 pandemic. For example, Consumer Finance has more than 500 rental assistance resources worth exploring. And the Emergency Rental Assistance program with the U.S. Treasury Office has additional state funding available because of the pandemic. You can turn to the government for aid.

Check out every resource to find out how long it takes to get rental assistance.

The Salvation Army Extension Unit Ofaudrain County

Salvation Army brings holiday cheer with Christmas Assistance Program

As an extension unit of The Salvation Army, The Laura Miller George Help Center provides emergency financial assistance to individuals and families in need. To be able to provide this assistance we are responsible for raising all of our own funding that we provide to the people we serve.

We do this through our annual “Bell Ringing Campaign, also known as the Red Kettle Campaign”. This campaign occurs each November and December for four weekends. We “Ring the Bells” at Walmart and Moser’s Foods in Mexico, MO. To accomplish this, we need your help! Will you join our team of volunteers who brave the weather to help someone else?

To sign up to “Ring the Bells” this year, please call 573-581-3238 Extension 12 or email to find out open time slots and get signed up.

Please consider donating your time and financial resources to The Salvation Army of Audrain County, you may being helping a friend or a neighbor in need.

Please note that we accept financial donations to the Salvation Army of Audrain County all year long. You may donate in-person at our office at 409 Fairground, Mexico, MO or you may mail your donation to the same address. All donations earmarked for The Salvation Army will be used only for benevolence, helping our friends and neighbors in need.

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Eligibility Requirements For Shelter To Success Program

Shelter Intake Application Hours of Operation

  • Shelter Applications: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00am-1:00pm
  • Shelter Admittance: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Applications can be expected to last one hour.
  • Clients must have a valid, non-expired photo ID. Accepted forms of ID are driver’s license, state ID, prison ID, student ID, other agency ID, work ID, passport, or any government-issued ID with a picture on it. (If the client doesnt have an ID, a voucher to obtain an ID will be provided at intake.
  • Clients must have a valid Social Security Card or at least know the number. Acceptable forms of proof of social security number include printouts from Social Security Administration, unemployment letters, tax statements, check stubs, leases, Medicare cards, and verbal or ITIN Cards.
  • Proof of homelessness: Eviction Notice from the court system, letter of eviction from the landlord, family member, another shelter, or a friend.


  • The client must be Homeless by HUDs definition:

An individual who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence and an individual who has a primary nighttime residence that is: a supervised publicly or privately operated shelter designed to provide temporary living accommodations an institution that provides a temporary residence for individuals intended to be institutionalized or a public or private place not designed for, or ordinarily used as, regular sleeping accommodation for human beings.

The Salvation Amy – Center of Hope

Helping People Desperately In Need

Emergency assistance includes supporting –

  • People suffering illness
  • Those with benefit delays

When someone in crisis comes to us wanting assistance, we take an interest in that person and get to the heart of their problem to find a long-term solution. The ongoing nature of our work is key to breaking the cycle of dependence.

The services provided by each centre are tailored to the needs of their local community.

We often work in partnership with other voluntary organisations and offer Food Parcel Vouchers, yet some of our centres operate their own food banks. As we witness an unprecedented demand for emergency food, The Salvation Army has a holistic approach to dealing with this national issue.

When somebody comes to a church or community centre, they are invited to sit down, and talk through the reasons for their food poverty, whilst we determine what the best way to help is. This may be in the form of budgeting and debt advice, making people aware of the welfare they can access or equipping them with the skills they need to find employment.

We would rather offer an individual a hand up the support and resources needed to help themselves than a handout, which keeps them dependent on support and is unsustainable.

Your nearest church or centre might provide:

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Salvation Army Assistance Arizona

The Salvation Army has locations all across Arizona. If you have financial difficulties, are disabled, or have lost a job, consider seeing help from this organization. Arizona locations can provide financial assistance and other social services.

You can receive help with late or disconnected utilities, evictions, rent, food, counseling, education, and more. Suppose you have experienced a disaster such as a fire or a flood. You can get help starting over with clothes, household items, or a place to stay at their temporary family shelters.

Salvation Army Youth Services

Need a Hamper of Hope this Christmas?

It is well known that many underserved communities do not have activities to challenge and inspire young people. The Salvation Army offers Boy and Girl Scout programs. As well as the Sunbeams program designed for children ages five and up.

These programs help keep children off the street and, most of all, help them learn their strengths and teach them life skills, moral values, and Christian leadership. These programs are To provide a safe, organized, faith-based.

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How To Apply For Salvation Army Rental Assistance On Your Own

You might get discouraged just trying to find a Salvation Army near you that offers rental assistance. With so many chapters and community segments of the organization, it might take a few calls, a few emails, or even an in-person visit to find the requirements for Salvation Army rental assistance.

But once you’re able to connect with the right Salvation Army representative, you’ll likely have to submit an application to help communicate your current hardships. In most cases, you’ll also need to provide:

  • Proof of Identification
  • Lease Agreement Verifying Rental Payment Terms
  • Other Pieces of Mail to Verify Your Address
  • Proof of Income
  • Determinations for financial relief might also be granted based on available donations. So, even if you do qualify, there is no guarantee that every community Salvation Army will have assistance to give.

    Find Help If You’re Struggling To Pay Your Bills

    The Salvation Army understands the impact of unexpected life changes. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you’re a senior living on a fixed income. Maybe you’re living with a long-term disability. If so, we are here for you.

    Throughout the country, The Salvation Army’s emergency assistance programs are helping families pay their bills so they can keep the power and water on, fill prescriptions, and access transportation when necessary.

    Whether you own a home, are paying off a mortgage, or are currently renting, assistance is available to help reduce the financial and emotional burdens associated with housing utilities.

    The Salvation Army connects people with the resources they need to help their families stay afloat.

    As we saw in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people across the country were forced into making a choice between things like keeping a roof over their heads and putting food on their familiy’s tables. We believe no one should have to make a decision like that, so we provide rent and mortgage relief to those who need it.For instance, The Loudoun County Salvation Army Corps connects residents with local housing resources for rent and mortgage assistance and provides legal assistance to help prevent looming evictions.

    Additionally, Relief Benefits is a national free, comprehensive tool that helps find relief for those that are normally able to make ends meet but need help when unexpected situations arise.

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    Does The Salvation Army Help With Rent

    Based on the financial donations available, most Salvation Army locations can provide financial assistance to those in need. And while these services vary by region, there are Salvation Army rental assistance programs to help when making rent seems impossible.

    In order to find your local Salvation Army locations and inquire about any available financial assistance, you’ll need to do a zip code search, looking for seasonal programs that apply to your area.

    When A Storm Is Forecast Or Impacting Your Area:

    Donations to Salvation Army fall short amid increased need
    • If you are in a basement that begins to flood, leave immediately. Flood waters can rise quickly and can impact your ability to exit, including making it difficult or impossible to open doors.
    • If necessary to exit quickly, leave your belongings behind– your life is most valuable.
    • Flood water can cause structural damage and can cause walls to break, leading to rapid flooding. Even if flooding in your unit is minimal or slow moving, evacuate immediately.
    • Monitor emergency notifications, weather updates, and conditions outside your home throughout the storm. If in doubt, be ready to get out.
    • If possible, make plans to stay with a loved one or neighbor when a storm or heavy rain is forecast to impact your area.

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    Social Service Response Unit

    The Social Service Response Unit targets vulnerable individuals on the street, including but not limited to individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. Staff in the SSRU ease these individuals burdens through the distribution of items including new socks, hygiene kits, gloves, coats, as well as coffee and hot chocolate.

    Through repeated and consistent contact, staff develop a relationship where these individuals begin to form a trusted connection. Through this trusted relationship, we have witnessed these individuals become more open to receiving information and referral to our own social service programming, as well as those of our partnerships with nonprofit and government agencies. We have experienced success through this program and are excited to see it expand and grow to additional Salvation Army locations that take part in mobile ministry.

    The desired goal of this program is for these individuals to achieve sustainable long-term recovery. Our hope is that as program capacity increases, development of unique program elements to address known service gaps will occur.

    Get Help In Dc Maryland Northern Virginia

    Get help for yourself and your family. The Salvation Armys Emergency Assistance Program helps individuals and families in crisis.

    Emergency financial and food assistance is available at Corps Community Centers located throughout the Greater Washington DC region. A team of social service coordinators, located in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, offer case management and solutions to help families in need stabilize their situation. This helps to keep a roof over their heads and the utilities on.

    SELECT your CITY or COUNTY below:


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    The Supportive Services For Veteran Families

    The Supportive Services for Veteran Families program aims to provide homeless, low-income veterans and their families with workable housing. If clients qualify, SSVF can also provide emergency assistance, food, gas, auto repair, etc.

    Due to the intensity of the rapid transition into permanent housing, all potential clients will be required to take part in SSVF services which help with financial counseling, landlord/tenant relationship classes, needed health appointments, etc.

    During the subsidy period, staff will help clients locate and secure safe, permanent, affordable housing. An SSVF Case Manager will assist clients with identifying and pursuing goals for increasing their income or removing personal barriers which stop clients from maintaining permanent housing. This is a collaborative grant program with The Veterans Administration, United Way, NC Housing, Goodwill, and The Salvation Army.

    Take Early Action For Your Financial Difficulties

    2016 Red Shield Challenge

    If youre not ready to contact the Salvos for your money troubles or are just looking to improve your financial confidence, we encourage you to explore our resources. Its never too early or too late to get support.

    Find links to a free online financial skill-building course, an eBook with practical money tips, and stories of hope from others who have overcome their financial hardship thanks to the Salvos.

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    Which Salvation Army Service Can Help You With Your Financial Situation

    It can be challenging to find the right service for your money troubles when you are facing stress or a crisis. Do you need help from our free financial counselling program or emergency assistance for lifes essentials?Take our short quiz to see which service we recommend you contact first. Should you find yourself needing additional support, our Salvation Army staff will be able to point you in the right direction, but its helpful to address your immediate needs first.

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