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Another 16 Million Veterans Can Get Home Depots New Military Discount Year

Home Depot Military Discount | Promo Code | Coupon Not Needed

If youre seeking the 10 percent military discount at The Home Depot, be prepared for a new policy.

The national home improvement retailer has expanded its year-round discount to all veterans potentially 16 million more veterans plus spouses and the company has also tightened up its verification process for that discount.

Heres how it works.


To use in store, you can download the Home Depot mobile app, and navigate to the military discount page. Scan the QR code during your transaction, and the discount will be applied to eligible items during checkout. You can also log in to your Home Depot account on HomeDepot.com on your mobile device and scan the QR code from there. The QR codes are updated regularly for security reasons.

The Home Depot military discount can only be used on eligible purchases within the $400 maximum annual discount. There are some exclusions. It cant be used on certain items, services and fees, such as some commodity products , value-priced merchandise, appliances, tool rental fees, labor items, gift cards and services including freight and delivery. Thats not an all-inclusive list.

There has been some confusion in the past because some individual Home Depot stores have had different procedures, but this brings a more standard implementation while expanding the discount to all veterans with other-than-dishonorable discharges.

Using The Home Depot Military Discount

You can use the discount online and in-store.

For online purchases, log in to your account and the discount on all eligible items will be applied at checkout once youve enrolled.

For in-store purchases, use your Virtual ID at checkout and the discount will be applied. You will discover your Virtual ID during the enrollment process.

For more information visit Home Depot.

Home Depot Veterans Discount Faq

Who is eligible for the Home Depot Military Discount?

Active duty military personnel in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Space Force, NOAA, and USPHS. National Guard and veterans of all branches are eligible for the Home Depot Military Discount. Service-connected disablsed veterans and immediate family members are also eligible.

Does Home Depot have a 10% discount for military?

Yes, the Home Depot offers a 10% military discount on up to $4000 of eligible purchases per year. That’s $400 per year of maximum savings with the discount.

Does Home Depot give a military discount everyday?

Yes, the discount is available for eligible US military veterans, active duty, and immediate family members every day.

Does Home Depot give veterans discounts?

Yes, in 2022 Home Depot expanded the military discount

Does Home Depot limit the military discount?

Yes, the military discount is limited to the first $4,000 of eligible purchases. Since the discount is 10%, that’s $400 of savings every calendar year.

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What Is The Home Depot All About

Heres a little background information about one of Americas favorite home improvement stores, just in case you didnt know. The Home Depot was founded in 1978 in Marietta Georgia by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, and Pat Farrah. On June 21, 1979, the first two Home Depot stores opened. One was located in Doraville, Atlanta, while the other was located in Decatur, Atlanta. By 1981, the chain had branched out to California and Florida, and by 1984, it had 19 stores up and running.

The 90s saw the company introduce a home improvement installation program which was a huge success. It was also during this era that Home Depot acquired Canadian hardware chain, Aikenheads Hardware. All of Aikenheads retail stores were converted and by 1995 there were 350 Home Depot outlets in operation. Since the early 00s, the company has gone from strength to strength, acquiring various different companies and expanding out to Mexico. In 2013, two large distribution centers were established by Home Depot. These are based in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

There are now more than 2,000 Home Depot stores in operation across the world.

Home Depot is now the biggest home improvement chain in the United States, with stores operating in all 50 states. There are also Home Depot outlets in Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Mexico, all selling a variety of construction products, tools, and services to the public.

So Whats The Big Controversy

Home Depot Military Discount 2022

Because the Home Depot does not post an official military discount policy online, or in their stores, its often misinterpreted by managers and cashiers.

This leads to a lot of confusion and frustration among veterans and active military members.

Ive read of some HD managers refusing the discount altogether and some cashiers being completely unaware of its existence.

I think if the Home Depot corporate office came out with an official policy, and made it easy to register , all of this confusion would go away.

UPDATE: Home Depot now lets you verify your military status online and then you can use your discount BOTH online and in-store.

Visit THIS PAGE and Scroll down the page until you see SERVING MEANS SAVINGS and click on Learn More.

Keep in mind that you MUST create a Home Depot account first.

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Eyewear & Vision Discounts

AC Lens: Active and retired military personnel with valid proof of service can use the promo code MILITARY at ACLens.com to get 10% off select eyewear products. Restrictions apply .

AFEyewear: AFEyewear offers a 5% discount on select prescription eyeglasses to U.S. military members with valid proof of service. Create an account at FramesDirect.com to receive the discount .

Contacts Direct: Contacts Direct is offering a 15% military discount plus free shipping to U.S. armed forces members who can sign in using ID.me .

Coolframes: Active and retired military members including their families can get 5% off their order at Coolframes.com when they verify through ID.me. Exclusions apply .

Eyemart Express: Eyemart Express offers a 20% discount to active duty and retired military, veterans, and their dependents. Bring valid military ID or proof of service .

Eyeweb: Veterans and active U.S. military members can get a discount on eyeglasses and safety eyewear at Eyeweb. Sign up using a valid email address and request a code .

Glasses.com: U.S. military members can get a discount on their purchase at Glasses.com when they sign in and verify using a valid ID.me account at checkout .

Gatorz Eyewear: Veterans and active military personnel who can sign in and verify their eligibility through VerifyPass can get a military discount code from Gatorz Eyewear. Restrictions apply .

What If You Dont Receive A Discount

Some active military personnel and retired veterans have reported not receiving a 10% discount when shopping at The Home Depot. Please review the information above and verify that the discount applies to your particular purchases.

You might not qualify for the discount if there are exclusions as noted above, or you havent registered for a virtual ID. Keep in mind that Home Depot store clerks can get in trouble or lose their jobs if they accept a non-valid form of ID, so please dont put them in an awkward position.

If you have questions or think that you were wrongly denied the discount, you can ask to see a copy of the military discount policy.

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Theres Help For Military Discount

Some military retirees have expressed their dissatisfaction with Home Depots recently changed discount policy, saying those who arent tech savvy may be left out.

The national home improvement chain opened up its everyday discount to 16 million more veterans, but that comes with more requirements for verifying military service. Previously, military retirees and currently serving military could simply show their military ID at the cash register and get a 10% discount. Veterans who left the military before retirement could get a discount, but only on certain holidays.

Now, all veterans who havent been dishonorably discharged are eligible for the discount every day, and both active duty members and veterans are required to be verified through SheerID. During that one-time process, you create an account that will allow the discount to be automatically applied when shopping online, and a QR code to be scanned from your mobile phone in-store at checkout.

Theres the rub, say some retirees.

Older veterans who are not as tech savvy generally, used to be able to present a valid military ID to get the 10% discount. That no longer works, said James Fender, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, in an email to Military Times.

Do you see the problem this will cause older non-tech-savvy vets? They DO have a valid military ID in their pockets, but they MAY NOT have a smartphone, he said. According to the manager at my local Home Depot theyre just out of luck.


New Home Depot Appliance Discount Coming Via Exchange Deal

Home Depot military discount online

Editors note: This article by Amy Bushatz originally appeared on Military.com, a leading source of news for the military and veteran community.

A new partnership between Home Depot and two military exchange systems will give military and veteran shoppers an extra discount on Home Depot-sourced appliances bought through the exchange system, officials announced this month.

The new program, which will roll out next year at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and the Navy Exchange , will shift all sourcing and delivery services for appliances purchased at the exchange to Home Depot. The new discount program will be accessed through the exchange stores or websites, not Home Depot locations.

The 10% military and veteran discount at Home Depot stores excludes appliances completely and is capped at $400 of qualifying purchases per year. That means the new exchange partnership discount should be welcome news to shoppers who are looking for that type of savings.

But what the new discount will be as compared to local Home Depot stores remains to be seen. Officials with AAFES and Home Depot said it will vary by product and local sales tax rate. It will be available only at U.S. exchange locations, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

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Home Depot Military Discount

Active duty military members can save 10% off their purchase using a Home Depot military discount. Customers can redeem this discount in-store by presenting a valid military ID to the cashier at checkout. Customers may also receive even bigger discounts during military holiday promotions, such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

Home Depot honors the military with a 10% veterans discount, as well as various holiday promotions. Home Depot is a home improvement supplies store that sells construction products, power tools, plants, and other services. The retailer offers several exclusive brands, such as Behr paint, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning products, and American Woodmark cabinetry, as well as in-house brands such as Husky tools and HDX.


How To Register For Home Depots Military Discount

Youll need a Home Depot virtual ID QR code to shop with your military discount in stores. To get one, visit homedepot.com/military/discount or open the Home Depot mobile app and navigate to the military discount page.

A Home Depot account is required. You can create a new Home Depot account or log in with your existing one.

On the military discount page, click Verify Military Status and follow the on-screen instructions.

The websites verification service, SheerID, will ask for details like your name and branch of service and it will request supporting documentation.

How to prove military service:

Read about other ways to verify military service here.

It may take a few minutes for SheerID to finish verifying your account. You should receive an email once it does.

Once youre verified, your spouse can create an account and input your information to get their own virtual ID to access the discount.

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New Home Depot Military Discount Coming On Appliances Through Exchange Deal

A new partnership between Home Depot and two military exchange systems will give military and veteran shoppers an extra discount on Home Depot-sourced appliances bought through the exchange system, officials announced this month.

The new program, which will roll out next year at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and the Navy Exchange , will shift all sourcing and delivery services for appliances purchased at the exchange to Home Depot. The new discount program will be accessed through the exchange stores or websites, not Home Depot locations.

The 10% military and veteran discount at Home Depot stores excludes appliances completely and is capped at $400 of qualifying purchases per year. That means the new exchange partnership discount should be welcome news to shoppers who are looking for that type of savings.

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But what the new discount will be as compared to local Home Depot stores remains to be seen. Officials with AAFES and Home Depot said it will vary by product and local sales tax rate. It will be available only at U.S. exchange locations, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

The new program is also slated to “significantly expand” the brands and types of appliances available at exchange stores, said Chris Ward, an AAFES spokesperson.

The deal is available to veterans and their families, active-duty troops and their families, and all other authorized exchange shoppers, he said.

How The Home Depot Supports The Military Community

Home Depot Military Discount [Updated 2022]: + Veterans Day

In addition to the military discount program, the Home Depot also offers a variety of programs that support the military community, including efforts to hire military veterans and programs to help build homes for disabled veterans.

Home Depot said it currently employs more than 35,000 active, reserve and retired military members.

Since 2011, The Home Depot Foundation has invested more than $400 million in veteran causes, including the improvement of over 50,000 veteran homes and facilities.

The foundation is on track to put $500 million toward military and veteran causes by 2025.

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Home Depot Military Discount Registration

In order to receive your Home Depot military discount, youll need to be registered with their system. The process is simple, and youll be clearly walked through the entire process. Heres what youll need to do:

  • First, download the Home Depot app or head to homedepot.com/military.
  • Create an account, or log in to your account if you already have one.
  • Go to the Verify Military Status page, which will provide you with on-screen prompts to follow step-by-step.
  • On the app, youll need to access your account and click the Military Discount Program.
  • Here, youll see a barcode. Simply present it to your cashier at check out and enjoy 10% off of your purchase.
  • If youre shopping online, being logged in will automatically activate your military discount at checkout.
  • While spouses are allowed to access the same discounts, separate accounts are still needed. Each will need to have their own login to avoid security issues and fraud.

    Food & Restaurant Discounts

    99 Restaurant & Pub: The 99 Restaurant & Pub offers a 10% military discount to members of Veterans Advantage. Available at select locations only. Bring valid military ID .

    Bonefish Grill: Active and retired U.S. military members can get 10% off their order at Bonefish Grill. Valid proof of military service is required. Exclusions apply .

    Cicis Pizza: Members of the U.S. military can get discounts at participating Cicis Pizza outlets. Contact your local store for availability .

    El Pollo Loco: El Pollo Loco offers a 15% military discount to U.S. armed forces members who can present any valid proof of service. Restrictions apply .

    Golden Corral Buffet & Grill: Current and former members of the U.S. military are eligible for one free dinner at participating Golden Corral branches as part of their Military Appreciation Night. The schedule may change without prior notice .

    Home Chef: U.S. military personnel can get 50% off their first order at Home Chef, and 10% off every subsequent order. Sign in and verify using a valid ID.me account. Available for new customers only .

    Joes Barbecue Company: Veterans can get 10% off the breakfast buffet at Joes Barbecue Company in Alvin, Texas when they show valid proof of military service. Available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday .

    Noodles & Company: Noodles & Company is offering a 15% discount to customers who are veterans or active members of the U.S. armed forces. Bring valid military ID or veterans ID .

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    Home Depot Services For Government Customers

    Buyers from federal, state and local governments, the military and educational institutions will find The Home Depot ready to be your company of choice. Our dedicated government solutions team, available procurement contracts and national network offer an unparalleled supply chain for your needs.

    • Expansive order and delivery options on over 300,000 products
    • Volume Pricing Program and special discounts on purchases across the store
    • Convenient payment options purchase orders and procurement cards accepted
    • One-step tax exemption registration with email renewal reminders
    • Reduced procurement costs on Maintenance, Repair and Operations supplies
    • Purchasing without the need for RFPs
    • Compliance with competitive solicitation requirements
    • Access to general contractors through the Renovation Services and Installation Services programs

    Public agencies registered with OMNIA Partners get Xtra savings & services. If you need assistance with enrollment please call 866-333-3551 or visit the OMNIA Partners enrollment page.

    At The Home Depot we’ve made it easy for federal government buyers to get in and out quickly by offering automatic tax exemptions on all federal government purchase card transactions – both in stores and on homedepot.com. We also accept federal government purchase orders with appropriate approvals.

    For any questions or concerns, contact our Government Account Support Team at 866-589-0690.

    How To Use Home Depots Military Discount

    Does Home Depot give all veterans a discount? | VERIFY

    To use your discount in Home Depot stores, you have to have the Home Depot app on your phone.

    At the register, log into the app and navigate to your account information. Scroll down in your customer profile to the Military Discount Program section. You should see an area that says Scan Virtual ID which features a QR code.

    You have to show this QR code at the register to receive your military discount.

    App space can be scarce on smartphones, so weve tried some other options, including QR code screenshots and even printing out the QR code.

    Unfortunately, SheerID updates individual QR codes regularly, so neither of those options works for long. Home Depots website does not display the QR code either, so the app is the only way to apply your discount in stores. See the frequently asked questions for more information.

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