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Corporate Car Rental Coupon Codes

USAA SafePilot App Setup for Android

Use corporate discount codes for car rentals at your own risk. A more complete disclaimer is at the bottom of this post.

You’ll notice that Enterprise, National, Alamo, Budget, and Avis are explicitly not on the list. These unfortunately had to be removed and is outside of my control.

To learn how to apply the discounts, head over to the coupon code listings by company.

Discount rates, if not provided, are calculated based on the case study parameters that you’ll see at the end of the article.

6% off Unlimited mileage, additional driver
5% off Unlimited mileage
5% off Unlimited mileage
5% off Unlimited mileage
5% off Unlimited mileage
29% off Unlimited mileage, one class upgrade, limited classes available Yes
20% off Unlimited mileageThis is the standard Small Medium Business discount that is the exact same as codes I’ve had in the past for Fitness Unlimited, Supply Service of Hawaii and Amex Platinum Yes
Did not seem to work for one-ways Yes
41% off – Does not work but here for reference Unlimited mileage
Unlimited mileage and Loss Damage Waiver Yes
37% off Unlimited mileage
8% off Unlimited mileage
Copy Code

Usaa Car Rental Discounts

Take advantage of USAA car rental discounts!

Try our USAA Smart Book, rent a car USAA – USAA car rental coupons and discounts built in to save you time and money! Learn More about our discounted online USAA car rental search.Use of rent a car USAA discounts require a USAA membership. Your USAA membership ID may be required at rent a car pickup.

Save On Hotels With Hertz Car Rental

If you already need a car rental chances are you also need a place to crash for the night.

You may want to consider bundling a Hertz car rental with a hotel.

Hertz is currently giving customers a $50 gift card that can get redeemed at more than 400,000 hotels around the world.

In order to receive the special promo customers must book a mid-size car for three or more days.

Once you book a qualifying rental Hertz will send you an activation email.

Then visit HertzPlusHotels.com to find a qualifying hotel and checkout with the code provided in the email.

The reservation is made with PC# 204525.

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Hertz Usaa Car Rental Discount Additional Benefits:

  • * No Additional Driver Fees for USAA members and their spouse and or child.
  • * Underage driver fee waived for drivers 18-24 years old. Limited to USAA insurance eligible members only.
  • * Primary Liability protection, Up to $25,000/$50,000/$10,000, included.
  • * Waiver of all Indirect Loss of Use and administrative Fees.
  • * $5000 limited responsibility for the loss or damage to the rental vehicle.
  • o Applies where LDW is not included or is not purchased.

The Platinum Card From American Express

Usaa Rental Cars

Anyone who has The Platinum Card® from American Express has access to a suite of Hertz benefits . These include a grace period for returns, discounted rates, bonus points and car upgrades. All of these can save you money and offer a great way to elevate your Hertz experience.

The full list of benefits includes:

  • Complimentary vehicle upgrades
  • Four-hour grace period for rental returns
  • 10% bonus Hertz Gold Rewards points
  • Free additional driver

The Amex Platinum includes Avis benefits too. These include:

  • 15% off published car rental rates
  • Up to a 25% discount when using code AWDA756900 get a one-level upgrade when using code UUNA007

Finally, and perhaps most importantly the card also includes National Emerald Club Executive elite status. Benefits include:

  • Choice of full-size or better cars from the Executive area at the reserved mid-size rate
  • Reward choices and one free rental day with seven rental credits
  • No fee for a second driver
  • Guaranteed upgrades

Always check if your credit card has similar benefits. Oftentimes these discounts can be applied to your rental by either booking through a specific portal or using a designated discount code.

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Does Hertz Check Military Id

Yes, Hertz is going to check your eligibility for the military discount. That may include asking to see a military ID at the time of rental or purchase. If you dont have one in this moment, be sure to bring your DD-214 or some other proof of service.

Depending on how you secured your discount, they might not ask for an ID. For example, if you booked as a Veterans Advantage member, they already verified your identity and eligibility. You might not have to do it again.

If you booked as a USAA member, it may be as simple as providing your USAA number.

TIP: Have your documentation ready when you go to pick up any vehicle you purchase through the Hertz Car Sales military discount. In these instances, theyre known to check.

Hertz Military Discount Code For Rentals

As a current military member or government employee, you can get 25% off the pay later base rate when you rent a car for leisure travel. Just start your rental here and select the Book a Leisure Car Rental with Your Government or Military CDP option.

You can also use the Hertz government and military leisure discount code. Just enter 1572999 in the counter discount program field at checkout.

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Links To Military Rental Car Discount Programs

  • Read the first page as there is a discount code you need to apply after you select your card.
  • This one is also a bit annoying because you have to sign up for the VetRewards program that you have to pay for. Most of the other sites you just have to book through the appropriate link.
  • Things You Need To Know

    USAA SafePilot App Setup for iPhone
    • Deals are NOT always better While youre not going to see a worse rate, sometimes the military discount rate is the same as the civilian rate.
    • You CAN get way better rates Sometimes the rates are insanely better than what is offered to civilians. Personally, Ive seen the best rates during times where the civilian rates are jacked way up for a special event.
    • You may see limited inventory Some of the programs clearly have limits on which cars qualify for the military discount programs. If you search and dont see the car you want through these links, you may want to try the regular links to see if the car you need is available. Obviously, there wont be a discount in that situation.
    • You can get access to rewards programs for free that have perks A lot of the companies will give you complimentary access to their rewards programs. For example, you can get into the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program just for your service. This program in particular lets you rent without going to the counter, pick from more cars, and earn more points for a rental.
    • Discounts often extend to veterans as well Most of these programs offer the same benefits to veterans as they do to active service members. The only verification for most programs is showing a military ID at the time of pickup. That being said, Ive used these discounts a lot and have never had to show my CAC.

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    Requirements For Military Discounts On Car Rentals

    Requirements for military discounts include the usual car rental requirements: a valid drivers license, valid photo ID and a credit card. They also usually require military ID and, for those traveling as part of their official duty, a copy of their orders.

    We are honored to support the military in a variety of ways, including discounted rates for official duty-related activities or personal travel needs, Scott said.

    There is a distinction between the two. Car rental companies that offer military discounts for personal use may not offer them for official travel.

    Government leisure travel military discounts are what all veterans and retirees, and most active-duty service members and their families, will be looking for.

    Government leisure travel is off-duty travel for personal needs, whether its vacation, visiting family, a PCS or any other discretionary travel. Many car rental companies offer a discount based on the specifics of the travel, and will require some form of military ID.

    Travel for official government business, including temporary duty, has different requirements. Discounts the Government Administrative Rate Supplement as well as per-mile fees, drop-off fees, one-way travel allowances, and more, are agreed to between the individual companies and the U.S. Department of Defense. Currently, 17 car rental companies have official travel agreements with the military.

    These are requirements for those booking for official travel:

    Latest Car Rental Deals

    Check back here recently for the newest car rental deals.

    ACE Rent A Car: We’ve been able to secure brand-new 15% discounts with them. Use code AC000083B if paying later and AC000083P if pre-paying. No expiry.

    Avis: For a limited time, get a free upgrade + up to 35% off when you pay now. Pick from one of our intermediate, standard, or full-size car rentals this winter.

    Avis: There’s a new code A519319 that gets you up to 30% off if you pay now. This isn’t a corporate code so anyone can use it and not have to worry about having your ID checked.

    Avis: A one-time class upgrade when you book through here.

    Avis: Use code AA519321 to save 25% at more locations with fewer exclusions.

    Avis: Use code UUWA036 to get a FREE UPGRADE + up to 35% off when you pay now!

    Budget: For a limited time, get a free upgrade + up to 35% off when you pay now. Pick from one of our intermediate, standard, or full-size car rentals this winter.

    Budget: Code D822119 provides 35% off Pay Now bookings. Heads up that this is not a corporate code so it’s safe to use.

    Budget: Use code D822121 to save up to 25% at more locations with fewer exclusions.

    Budget: Use code UUWZ042 to get a FREE UPGRADE + up to 35% off when you pay now!

    Enterprise:Spain Weekend Special Offer where weekend offers start from 9.99 per day. Available for rentals from Friday to Monday noon. Rate includes 100km a day, all car classes, and is valid for rentals from Nov 4 to Mar 28.

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    What Is The Usaa Discount Code For Hertz

    The USAA discount for Hertz is where things start to get really good. Youll use promo code 77694 when booking your rental.

    If you pay at the time of rental, itll be more expensive than the direct-to-you military discount than Hertz. Your four-day Tesla rental would cost you $98.35/day. Thats a meager 9% in savings.

    But the USAA discount code allows you to get lower prices on the Pay Now feature, too. If you can pay for your rental ahead of time, the Tesla would cost you just $68.60/day. Thats 37% off, and the biggest discount weve found to date on Hertz rentals for military families.

    The exact percentage of your discount may vary depending on when youre renting, where youre renting, and which vehicle youre renting.

    TIP: Sometimes there are additional discounts for USAA members. Be sure to check with USAA before you book, as there might be an additional promo code to use on top of the 77694 CDP.

    Or See If You’re Eligible For Usaa Discounts

    Does Dollar Car Rental Give Military Discount

    USAA members are eligible for discounted rental cars with Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Hertz. Book through the USAA portal and you can get up to 25% off your next rental and still earn points in the process. You’ll also be eligible for various fee waivers, like the under 25 fee charged to young renters.

    Not everyone is eligible for USAA discounts, though. You must be active military or a veteran, or a spouse or child of an active military person or veteran to enroll. If eligible, it’s worth starting your search with USAA to see a baseline discount before cost comparing with credit card perks and other portals.

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    Types Of Hertz Car Rental Rides

    Hertz was named the Best Car Rental Company in the World in 2015 by both Business Traveler Magazine and Global Traveler Tested Reader Survey Awards.

    There is reason why the car rental company received the accolade.

    Hertz has more than 1,600 airport locations alone in the United States.

    And thats not counting hundreds stand-alone branches. Or the thousands of locations scattered across the globe.

    Hertz has an impressive fleet of car rentals. Some of the highlights:

    • Hertz Green Traveler Collection: Eco-friendly hybrid cars and other rides with excellent fuel efficiency.
    • Adrenaline Collection: Who doesnt want to cruise around a new place in a powerful, vintage ride? The Adrenaline Collection includes Ford Mustangs, Penske GT, and Z6 Chevy Corvettes.
    • Prestige Collection: Luxury rides like the Mercedes E Class and Infiniti QX80 is available for those able to spend a little more on their next car rental.

    Serving Those Who Serve

    Our founder, Jack Taylor, selected the name Enterprise as a salute to the WWII aircraft carrier he served on, the USS Enterprise. Today, the Enterprise name is synonymous with the leadership and vision of the business. From our presence on military bases, to supporting service men and women in the community, its our honor to go the extra mile for the people who go above and beyond for our country.

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    Consider Booking Through An Airline Portal

    Many major airlines have partnerships with rental car companies, offering discounts, the ability to earn miles and more. For example, United MileagePlus members can earn up to 1,000 points per rental and get exclusive savings when renting with Hertz.

    Better yet, many airline programs offer complimentary rental car status to their elite members. Both Delta and United offer status matches for elites, with United also offering status to select cobranded United credit cardholders.

    Car rental status can include perks like guaranteed free upgrades, bonus points and a wider selection of redemption options. The value of these perks can really add up depending on how often you rent cars, so we highly recommend taking advantage of a status match if youre offered one.

    That said, earning airline miles with your car rental may make you ineligible for earning rental car points. Consider which you find more valuable before you choose which currency you want to earn. Contrary to popular belief, rental car points can actually be very valuable depending on how you use them.

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    What Is The Usaa Car Rental Discount

    USAA Is A Disaster! Thousands Screwed at One Time

    Last Updated on July 11, 2022 by Kristin

    You may know that you can get car rental discounts if youre a member of organizations like AAA and AARP or shopping clubs like Costco and BJs. For military members and their families, theres another terrific option: United Services Automobile Association . Heres how to find and apply USAA car rental discounts.

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    Consider The Hertz Free

    Hertz recently unveiled its new Free-To-Go pass. This pass costs $99 per year and includes a handful of benefits like a 10% guaranteed discount, 2x Gold Plus points, home delivery and a waived young driver fee on all rentals.

    Just keep in mind that some of these benefits are also included with an AAA membership, including the waived young driver fee and unlimited miles on most rentals.

    Related: Everything you need to know about the Hertz My Car subscription

    Read The Fine Print For Tax Fees And Information

    Where car rental companies get you is in the fine print often times. I can’t even count the number of times when I’ve seen a killer deal on a rental only to find that there are a ton of added fees on top or you realize it isn’t unlimited miles.

    I typically don’t worry as much for the big rental companies but if you’re booking from a smaller unknown/local rental company, make sure you read the details.

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    How Does Usaa Rental Reimbursement Work

    USAA rental reimbursement pays for the cost of a rental car after the policyholders vehicle is damaged by a covered cause, such as an accident. Rental car reimbursement insurance from USAA usually costs less than $10 per month, and drivers can select coverage limits per day and per claim, which vary based on the state and the type of vehicle rented. This coverage does not apply to rental vehicles used while the car is undergoing routine maintenance, and drivers typically need read full answercollision and comprehensive coverage to be eligible.

    Heres how USAA rental reimbursement works:

  • You add rental reimbursement coverage to a USAA car insurance policy that includes collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • The rental reimbursement coverage kicks in when you file a collision or comprehensive claim.
  • If you rent your car from Enterprise, USAA will be billed directly.
  • Otherwise, youll pay for the rental yourself and be reimbursed later.
  • In general, rental reimbursement coverage is worth it if you think you are likely going to be in a car accident and need a rental car within the next few years. If not, then you likely wont get much from the coverage, even though its relatively cheap. To learn more, check out WalletHubs guide to rental reimbursement insurance.

    Up To 25% Off Vans& Trucks

    Usaa Car Insurance Grace Period

    EXTRA SPACE WHEN YOU NEED IT.Hertz best fleet ever includes vans and trucks. Corporate Shopping members enjoy up to 25% off when reserving with Discount CDP# 1742729. Plus, experience the following benefits: Nationwide availability Convenient locations Flexible hours Variety of vehicle sizes Easy-to-drive vehicles Dedicated on-site supportClick on the REDEEM NOW button below to make a reservation or call 1-800-654-2200.


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