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The Army Combat Fitness Test

How to MAX the Hand Release Push Up (ARMY ACFT)

The Army Combat Fitness Test has been revised to take into account gender and age in assessing fitness levels. Changes include gender- and age-normed scoring scales, a plank as the sole exercise to assess core strength, and a 2.5 mile walk as an alternative aerobic activity. The revisions result from independent analysis and soldier feedback.

All soldiers are required to pass the new ACFT, which replaced the Army Physical Fitness Test in October 2020. Active-duty soldiers will begin ACFT record testing under the new structure in October 2022 while National Guard and reserve members will begin in October 2023.

The test has six events that assess your ability to perform physical tasks you may encounter in combat conditions:

  • Strength deadlift: You must perform a three-repetition deadlift with the weight increased with each repetition. The weight range of the deadlift is 120 to 420 pounds. The deadlifts replicate picking up ammunition boxes, a wounded soldier, supplies or heavy equipment.
  • Standing power throw: You will need to toss a 10-pound ball backward as far as possible to test the muscular explosive power that you may need to lift yourself or a fellow soldier over an obstacle or to move rapidly across uneven terrain.
  • Plank: You must maintain a proper plank position for as long as possible. This exercise replaces the leg tuck, which may not accurately assess core strength among those who lack the upper body strength required for the exercise.
  • Army Chief: New Fitness Test The Better Version

    Gen. James C. McConville adds updating the Army Combat Fitness Test will make soldiers stronger.

    I think the ACFT is the better test, he said during the 144th General Conference & Exhibition in Columbus, Ohio, Saturday. “We want to get everyone taking it.

    This test is going to make our Army much, much more physically fit, McConville added.

    McConville noted physical vitality is one part of the Armys wellness vision servicewide.

    Were going to be the worlds greatest health club, he vowed. Its not just physical fitness.

    Dieting is extremely important to physical and mental health, McConville continued. Getting the right amount of sleep and sleeping right is important.

    In April, the Army began changing the ACFTs scoring and events following a congressional review ordered in fiscal year 2021.

    The latest ACFTs performance-normed scoring metrics scale for age and gender.

    The test also eliminates the leg tuck and adds an alternate aerobic event for soldiers on medical profiles.

    Now, the ACFT has maximum dead lift, standing power throw, hand-release push up, sprint/drag/carry, plank and two-mile run trials.

    Troops on active-duty and Active Guard and Reserve must conduct a record ACFT by Oct. 1, 2022.

    Their first record test is due before April 1, 2023, while most Army Guard and Army Reserve soldiers have until April 1, 2024.

    The original ACFT created controversy for utilizing gender-neutral scoring.

    – By Mark Hensch

    Scoring The Acft Test

    In addition to assessing fitness by gender and age, scoring for the ACFT may change depending on your occupational specialty. If you are in a more physically demanding job, you may see tougher minimums. Check with your unit for the requirements you must meet.

    Need help or inspiration to get ready for the ACFT? Contact Military OneSources Health and Wellness Coaching online or call 800-342-9647, and a Military OneSource consultant will register you and schedule your first session with a health and wellness coach.

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    What If I Can’t Complete The Acft Due To A Medical Condition

    After you join, if a permanent medical condition prevents you from completing the ACFT, there are alternate events you can do for your assessment, like walking or swimming instead of the two-mile run. For temporary medical conditions, you can use alternate events to train. But you wont take the scored ACFT until youre medically cleared.

    Are Hand Release Push Ups Harder


    Hand release push ups will be a challenge unless you have done your homework and prepared well. The hand release push up will place higher emphasis on pectoral contraction versus the regular push up. Again, doing multiple sets of 25-75 push ups per day will ensure you are successful on this event. Of course, you need to allow for your body to adapt to doing more and more push ups. Remember, it takes the body between 3 to 4 weeks to adapt to any stress load you are placing on it.

    You will start each repetition of your hand release push ups in the prone position. So, no contraction in your prime muscle movers with each rep. Again, follow the steps above and ensure you are doing consistent push ups throughout the week and you will be fine. Consistency is everything. The 2 mile run is the same but requires far more exertion. I recommend running easy, aerobic mileage for at least 4 weeks before moving to faster workouts. I didn’t see any resources online for military members on improving cardiovascular endurance. So, created one in the new Army combat fitness 2 mile running course.

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    Standards Revised For Black Gray & Gold Soldiers

    According to a press release from the Army, the updated ACFT standards are shown on a chart that shows scores for each of the six events all the way up to the maximum score. The chart also highlights the minimum scores soldiers must meet for three categories: Black for soldiers in “heavy” physically demanding units or jobs Gray for soldiers in “significant” physically demanding units or jobs and Gold for soldiers in “moderate” physically demanding units or jobs.

    Gold also represents the overall Army minimum standard for passing the ACFT.

    The initial, ACFT standards were as follows:

    • Black, for 70 points. 180 pounds on the strength deadlift 8.5 meters for the power throw 30 hand-release push-ups 2 minutes, 9 seconds for the sprint, drag and carry 5 leg tucks and 18 minutes for the two-mile run.
    • Gray, for 65 points. 160 pounds on the strength deadlift 6.5 meters for the power throw 20 hand-release push-ups 2 minutes, 45 seconds for the sprint, drag and carry 3 leg tucks and 19 minutes for the two-mile run.
    • Gold, the Army minimum standard, for 60 points. 140 pounds for the strength deadlift 4.6 meters for the power throw 10 hand-release push-ups 3 minutes, 35 seconds for the sprint, drag and carry 1 leg tuck and 21 minutes, 7 seconds for the two-mile run.

    The standards for the leg tuck remain unchanged from the original plan.

    The minimum standard for Gold on the two-mile run sped up from 21 minutes, 7 seconds to 21 minutes.

    How To Do Hand

  • Start first by getting into your start position. Place your hands flat on the floor or ground directly beneath your shoulders and keep your feet together.
  • Now, Push-up, ensure to straighten your arms as you raise your upper and lower body at the same time. Make sure to keep your body in a straight line the entire time.
  • Return to the starting position once both elbows are fully extended with your hands flat on the ground beneath your shoulders.
  • Lift your hands about an inch off the ground for the hand release portion of the push-up.
  • Lastly, return your hands to the start position and complete the push-up.
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    Train For Army Physical Fitness

    Being prepared to meet Army fitness standards will give you the peace of mind you need to feel more confident. Here are some tips to ensure youre physically fit for any challenge:

    • Pace yourself and slowly increase your activity
    • Focus on cardio, strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition

    The Acft Is Tough But Critical

    Army Combat Fitness Test: Event 3: Hand Release Push up

    “Physical fitness is fundamental to sustained Army readiness,” Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston said. “We must have highly trained, disciplined and physically fit soldiers capable of winning on any battlefield. The ACFT, specifically linked to common warfighting tasks, will help us assess and improve the individual readiness of the force.”

    Get Started Now!

    The Rally Army Combat Fitness Test Equipment Package has everything needed for this new training for this test and it is priced right: $2,395.00.

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    Is The Army 2 Mile Run Hard

    The 2 mile run usually is the most challenging for most Soldiers. The same goes for the other branches. Again, my aim with this new course is to teach you the tactics the world’s top runners use. Also, to share with you strategies that the world-class runners I lived and trained with taught me. Remember, the faster you run from the 1.6km to the 3 mile distance the more competitive you will be at longer races. For example, the Army 10 miler.

    I have run 50:54 for 10 miles and was also a member of the 2010 Army 10 miler international championship team. So, cover the fundamentals you need to know in order to be as competitive as possible. Again, the focus needs to be on quality versus quantity. You could be running high mileage and still never meet your time goals. Running and racing are not the same. Anyone can run a few miles or kilometers. That being said, it is an art form in order to cover various distances fast. My aim is to help you drop significant time off of your current personal best.

    Exercise #: Sprint Drag Carry

    • Passing, 3:00 minutes
    • Perfect, 1:33 minutes

    This is a 5 x 50-meter shuttle event consisting of a sprint, dragging a 90-pound sled, lateral shuffle, carrying two 40-pound kettlebells, and another sprint.

    It was added to ACFT because it has tons of frontline applications, and was easy to learn. While not part of the previous Fitness Test, the Army has been doing shuttle-type interval training for decades.

    Maybe thats why it didnt present many problems to soldiers as they rolled out the army ACFT 3.0. Crossfitters out thereslam dunk for you.

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    How To Do An Army Sit

    To perform an Army sit-up, lie on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the ground forming a 90-degree angle.

    Your heels must stay on the ground, but your toes can come up.

    Also, keep your hands locked behind your head with your hands and arms on the ground.

    When commanded, you will raise up until your head is in line with the base of your spine.

    At this point, you lower your body until your shoulders touch the ground before repeating the movement.

    We found you a video that demonstrates this movement.

    Are They Harder Than The Standard Push

    ACFT Events

    As I covered in the above video, theres a lot going on the HRP that cut out much of the nonsense that occurred during the standard push-up test. So yes, theyre harder. Not only physically but also for your coordination. Heres why:

    Long sleeves can definitely help if you like to cheat at the top of the push-up.

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    File Usage On Commons

    Completed 17:39, 19 September 2019 3 min 54 s
    Completed 17:38, 19 September 2019 2 min 20 s
    Completed 17:37, 19 September 2019 1 min 47 s
    Completed 17:37, 19 September 2019 1 min 8 s
    Completed 17:37, 19 September 2019 59 s
    Completed 17:36, 19 September 2019 44 s
    Completed 17:36, 19 September 2019 35 s
    Completed 17:39, 19 September 2019 3 min 47 s
    Completed 17:38, 19 September 2019 2 min 7 s
    Completed 17:37, 19 September 2019 1 min 13 s
    Completed 17:36, 19 September 2019 49 s
    Completed 17:36, 19 September 2019 32 s
    Completed 17:36, 19 September 2019 28 s

    Now All Acft Participants Are Graded The Same Way

    The Army did away with adjustments for age, weight, height, and genderall soldiers will be scored on the same scale.

    Critics say single-scale raw scoring unfairly disadvantages smaller individuals and women. That disadvantage is most obvious in the three resistance events in the new ACFT standards Deadlift, Power Throw, and Sprint-Drag-Carry.

    Take the example of a 110-pound woman and a 185-pound man who both deadlift the minimum passing weight of 140 pounds. Both would receive the same score, even though their personal fitness levels are quite different. And a perfect score for deadlifting 340 pounds is probably not achievable by a 110-pound woman, regardless of how hard she trains.

    We believe that the Army needs a scoring system that assesses minimal combat readiness while rewarding individual fitness, two officers wrote in a letter in the Army Times, criticizing the lack of adjusting for individual body composition.

    Recognizing the physiological differences between men and women, the Army says it will add five performance levels within gendersgreen, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum- based on their percentile rank within their gender.

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    Testing No Longer Scores Differently By Age Or Gender

    Old-school Army fitness testing included separate scoring tiers for men and women and different age groups, but that’s no longer the case for now, Bloomberg reported.

    Previously, a man aged 22 to 26 needed 75 push-ups in two minutes for a perfect score, compared to 46 for a woman of the same age.

    The timed two mile run has been retained from the 1980s test, but adjusted so scoring is the same for all recruits. For perfect score on the run, you’d need to complete two miles in 13 minutes, 30 seconds the minimum passing score is 21 minutes.

    How Fast Do You Have To Run A 2

    Hand Release Push-Up

    It all depends on your countries Army. The US Army requires its Soldiers to run low 13s for the 2-mile distance in order to achieve maximum points. The maximum score you can achieve on the Army ACFT is 600 points. The minimums score needed to pass is at least 60 points. So, you will need at least 60 points on the hand release push up Army combat fitness test event and the other 5 events. My goal in creating the new Army combat fitness 2 mile running course is to ensure you do that.

    The key adaptation in doing faster running is to improve the body’s lactate tolerance. The faster you run the more oxygen is required . So, when training is conducted correctly you will get that 2 mile goal race pace to feel easier. Remember, a longer build up, the better. 16 to 20 weeks is optimal time to drop substantial time off of your current 1.6km to 3 mile time. Again, each country’s military have their own running standards. So, I set this course up to help you succeed regardless if in the US Army or not.

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    How To Actually Train For The Acft Hand Release Push


    Front, side, elbows, hands. There are many variations but if you cant hold a Front Plank on your elbows for 120 seconds, youll have a hard time being able to work for 2 minutes straight to get up to 60 reps. So goal #1 should be to smash some planks. Planks require no equipment and can be performed anywhere, except in a pool. I like planks from your elbows/forearms and/or your hands to replicate the top of a push-up. Planks can get sloppy fast. Its imperative that when you get in the upright position you are squeezing everything, front abs, side abs, back abs, taint abs, legs, upper back, shoulders you name, you squeeze it. This type of whole-body contraction pays huge dividends for you. Its super tough to squeeze everything like that for 2 minutes but if you can get to that point youll be in phenomenal shape for the test. Watch the video below to see how to do them properly, and here are a few more variations (3-Point Plank, Front Plank with KB Pull-Thru,Plank Walk-Ups over on my YouTube page for you to mix in as well to increase the challenge and the demands on your core, coordination, and balance. Start with doing Front Planks 1-2x per week for 3 sets of 0:15-0:25 seconds working to add a few seconds each week.

    Tricep Push-Ups:

    Ring Rows/Inverted Rows:

    Bench Press/Close Grip Bench/Incline Bench/Dumbell Bench:

    Like Ive always said, you cant cram for a test like this. So start training for it now.

    I Tried The New Army Fitness Test Push Up Variation And My Arm Muscles Are Never Going To Be The Same

    If you ever thought, “Boy, standard push-ups are too easy!”, you’ll love the newly revamped Army Fitness Test variation

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    The U.S. Army recently revamped its ACFT for the first time in four decades, and some of the more muscle-endurance style exercises have been shunned. To replace them, soldiers now have to perform three-rep max deadlifts, standing medicine ball throws, and hand-release push-ups, something I wanted to try myself as soon as I learned about its existence.

    There is so much to dissect about the ACFT I might have to write another article about how it evolved and why the exercises involved in the new test are better than the ones they replaced.

    For example, to achieve an “exceptional” score on the APFT test , you used to have to perform anything between 66-82 sit-ups in under two minutes , which is silly because sit-ups are by no means an excellent exercise to measure strength .

    I also tried the Army Combat Fitness Test knee tucks to see find out why they were scrapped.

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