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Fun Facts About The Army

Why Do They Call Them Army Ants

Insane Facts You Never Knew About the US Military

The name army ant is derived from the aggressive predatory behavior of some species, which travel in large groups called raids. These raids can be composed of several million ants, and can cover large areas in search of food. The ants are very efficient hunters, and will attack other animals collectively in order to take them down. This type of hunting behavior is unique among insects, and is the primary reason why these ants are given their name.

How Did The Us Army Test Chemicals During The Cold War

During the 1950s and 60s, the US Army conducted chemical tests on civilian populations. Operation Large Area Coverage was designed to assess the threat of biological attacks by simulating germ dispersal in the air. Motorized blowers were placed atop buildings in St. Louis, San Francisco, Minnesota and the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia, spreading zinc cadmium sulfide into the air.

Cadmium was used for its dispersal potential, despite being a harmful carcinogen. It was mixed with silicate and small amounts of copper and silver, with the latter allowing it to better glow under ultraviolet light. While the tests were isolated to a few US cities, the effects were felt across a large portion of the country and as far away as Mexico and Canada.

The federal government claimed the tests were guarding the country against Russian aerial observation and attacks until 1994. The admission came after citizens complained of health issues, as long-term cadmium exposure can cause lung cancer and bone and kidney problems.

Nearly Half Of The Men Fighting Were Volunteers

James Neill was the battles official commander, but Colonel William Travis replaced him after Neill experienced family issues.

They didnt listen to Travis since so many of the men were volunteers who could quit at any time instead, they opted to obey Jim Bowie, who wasnt the leader.

Many problems arose from this circumstance. But when the Mexican army and Davy Crockett intervened, everyone was obliged to defuse the tense circumstances and focus on the combat.

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The Alamo Was Not Kept Intact

Santa Anna set the Alamos structural components on fire in early April 1836. The site remained in ruins for the following several decades as Texas first became a republic and then a state. Maj. E. B. Babbitt reconstructed it in 1854, but the Civil War cut his work short.

Adina De Zavala and Clara Driscoll worked together to restore the Alamo in the late 1890s. A campaign to reconstruct the monument in the manner of its 1836 design was initiated by them and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

Us Army Important Dates

#FunFact #FlagDay #HappyBirthdayArmy

While there are a lot of important Army dates , this is an abbreviated version that highlights early milestones.

The official birth of the Army through a resolution from the Continental Congress, making the U.S. Army older than the actual United States.

George Washington becomes Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.

Winter 1777-1778 Army training at Valley Forge given by Prussian officer Baron von Steuben.

Congress created the Department of War.

The Air Force leaves the Army and becomes its own branch.

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Why Does The Army Need A New Uniform Now

According to the U.S. Army website: The Army is currently the only service that does not have a uniform for everyday business environments. The Green uniform will become the everyday service uniform for all Soldiers the current Army Service Uniform will return to a more formal dress uniform role. Currently, the Army and Air Force each have one dress uniform, the Marine Corps has two dress uniforms, and the Navy has three dress uniforms.

Dogs Play A Critical Part Of Military Operations

In every major conflict, dogs work side-by-side with our U.S. soldiers. But, their work wasnt officially recognized until WWII. During WWII, Doberman Pinschers worked as scouts, and messengers in the Pacific theater. Todays military working dogs are a valued part of military operations. In fact, fully-trained bomb canines are worth upward of $150,000.

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Why Are Army Ants Blind

As mentioned, army ants are blind because they communicate with each other through pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals that can be detected by the antennae, and they allow the ants to communicate without being able to see their whole environment. This is beneficial for the army ant because it allows them to stay hidden while they hunt for prey.

That Includes The Cheese

50 Insane US Army Facts You Did Not Know

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense the organization responsible for maintaining and organizing the standing U.S. Army. It employs about 24,000 people in Arlington County, Virginia.

The current building was constructed during World War II. The size and scope of the military had expanded massively, in response to the ongoing conflict, and so the logistics and organizational efforts of the Department of Defense required a larger, more robust complex. Its for this reason that, unlike many other distinguished buildings , the Pentagon contains no marble. Italy is the worlds main source of marble but their materials were pretty much off the table, as the country fought alongside Nazi Germany and the other Axis powers.

Obviously, it would hardly have been convenient to put the entire war on hold, just so the Pentagon could get some good marble for its foyer. So they had to go without. Then again, considering the Pentagon is the worlds largest office building by a large amount, with about 6 million square-feet of space at its disposal, its not like the building isnt already impressive enough as it is.

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Wall Lockers And Contraband

Everything you own in basic is kept in something called a wall locker. These wall lockers are constantly inspected, and just like your uniform, must constantly be kept up to code. A standard punishment for a whole platoon or company would be having these wall lockers thrashed beyond imagination and then have to clean the mess back up and get it to code again. This makes hiding contraband very difficult. Contraband in basic isnt what you think. I had my mother hide candy bars in new packages of socks and underwear she sent to me. A snickers bar could go for as much as $20. It was a luxury in hell. Some morons even went as far as to drink Listerine or hand-sanitizer to try and get a buzz. Basic can lead to some desperate times.

Military Facts That May Surprise You

Whether youre involved in the military, you have a family tradition of veterans, or youre just a history enthusiast, the scope and power of the U.S. Armed Forces is truly fascinating. Our Department of Defense is arguably the most impressive organization in the world, and there is an unbelievable stockpile of information regarding our military and its history that will entertain and surprise the average person.

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India Has The Biggest Voluntary Army In The World

Not many people are aware that serving and reserve personnel have actually voluntarily opted for the service. There is a provision for conscription in the constitution, but it has never been used.

If you are wondering why not China is because Chinese army is conscription based, though recent recruitment have all been voluntary.

Battle Of Longewala: One Of The Greatest Last Stands In History

An Interesting Fact. #nutritionbowl #unitedstates #army

One of the greatest last stands, the Battle of Longewala was fought in December 1971 between India and Pakistan.

In the battle, only 120 Indian Soldiers with 1 jeep mounted M40 recoilless rifle held the fort against 2000 Pakistani soldiers backed by 45 tanks and 1 mobile infantry brigade.

Although heavily outnumbered, the Indian soldiers managed to hold their ground throughout the night.

During the day, and with the help of the Air Force, were able to completely rout the aggressors.

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The Us Military History Is Deep And Rich

See, history doesnt have to be boring! Theres your brief yet fun U.S. military history lesson.

Feel free to pass this along to your service member chances are theyll learn a thing or two as well.

While you dont need to memorize these random facts, it might be helpful to store the information away for your next trivia night or meeting with another service member.

And if you really want to dig deep into U.S. history, check out highlights of our countrys military events and significant historical documents in this online government archive. You could spend hours studying up on dates, facts, and historic U.S. events.

What are some of the more unique U.S. military facts you know? Drop them in the comments below!

The Revolutionary War Helped Create Modern Guerrilla Warfare

General Marion Inviting a British Officer to Share His Meal

Gen. Francis Marion nicknamed the Swamp Fox is credited with pioneering the tactics behind modern guerrilla warfare. A student of Maj. Robert Rogers 28 Rules of Ranging, he spent his military career molding the techniques to fit his own style of fighting.

This, paired with his experience during the French and Indian War, allowed him to create a form of combat instrumental to Americas victory over Britain. Many recount that he and his troops would launch surprise attacks against the enemy before leaving almost as unexpectedly.

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Military Facts You Probably Didnt Know

  • If the entire U.S. Army force was the population of a city, it would be the 10th largest in the country, having a greater population than major metropolitan areas including San Francisco, California Jacksonville, Florida and Austin, Texas.
  • The Department of Defense utilizes more than 30 million acres of land worldwide, which combined would make up an area slightly larger than the State of Pennsylvania.
  • The Pentagon has three times the floor space of the Empire State Building.
  • While the Pentagon has 17.5 miles of corridors, it only takes seven minutes to walk between any two points. U.S. Army photo by SPC Brandon Dyer
  • On a typical day, a Pentagon tour guide walks five miles backwards, while guiding visitors through the building.
  • The Ration D was the first emergency chocolate ration bar commissioned by the United States Army. Army Quartermaster COL Paul Logan approached Hersheys Chocolate in April 1937 for the production of the bar. He had four requirements. The bar had to: Weigh exactly 4 ounces, Be high in food energy value, Withstand high temperatures, and to keep Soldiers from snacking on the bars in non-emergency situations taste a little better than a boiled potato. Photo courtesy Library of Congress
  • It is estimated that each of the 2,700 U.S. military working dogs is individually responsible for saving 150 to 1,800 lives. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force
  • There Was A Unit Dedicated To Skepticism

    Why You Never Mess With Elite Special Forces

    The University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies was established in 2004, in response to a review about the shortcomings that led to the attacks on 9/11. Students from the Command and General Staff College were trained to challenge the concepts and planning brought forth by military officials to strengthen the decisionmaking process. Their official title? The Red Team.

    Unfortunately, this innovative course stopped in October 2021. With the US Army repurposing the $2.5 million set aside for the program, it no longer had the ability to train new students.

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    Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Army Basic Training

    It is a massive life decision to join the military. Even though a marriage can kill you, signing up for the Army means you may be in a conflict-zone months after signing your life, your rights, and your freedoms away. In the United States Army, which is the specific branch discussed today, once your signature is on that enlistment document, you become property of the U.S. government.

    So you passed your ASVAB , medical exam, and piss test , what happens next? Recruiters are paid very decent bonuses for each recruit enlisted and some will say all kinds of things to get you in. But whats the truth?

    Origins In The American Revolution And Early Republic

    In the early months of the American Revolution, the first regular U.S. fighting force, the Continental Army, was organized by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1775. It comprised the 22,000 militia troops then besieging Boston and an additional 5,000 militiamen in New York. It was placed under the control of a five-member civilian board, and U.S. military forces have remained in civilian control ever since. George Washington formally took command of these colonial troops on July 3, 1775, and soon discovered that the militiamen were largely accustomed to going home whenever a particular danger was past. In January 1776 the Continental Congress partially responded to Washingtons urgent appeals by establishing a single standing force directly raised from all of the colonies, distinct from the several colonial militias. These Continentals were enlisted for longer terms and were trained more thoroughly than the militias they provided Washington with a small but stable nucleus with which to work and proved to be his chief reliance in the dark hours of the war. They were the beginning of the regular army.

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    Check Out Our Service Flags Today

    Carrot-Top is proud to support our Army members, past and present. Show your support today with an Army flag to proudly display!

    We even provide a wide variety of military flag banners for use by the government in official capacities. Shop for our basic nylon flags that fly wonderfully in even the slightest breeze or our extra-durable polyester flags made to withstand severe winds. These flags, which come in a range of sizes and styles, are suitable for displaying outside your home, place of business, or organization as well as for patriotic occasions like parades and community events, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day. Types of military flags. The flags of our Military branches are a wonderful way to express your support for the armed forces. Flags representing the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and National Guard are included in this collection. Whether you’re honoring a veteran or supporting active members, you’ll be able to show your gratitude for their military service in an inspiring manner.

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    If The Us Army Were A City It Would Be The Tenth

    Pin by Austin Malchow on US Military

    There are just over one million soldiers currently serving in the Army. Just about half of that number is on active-duty and serving full-time, while the rest make up the reserve components of National Guard and Army Reserve. To put it in perspective, a city filled with soldiers would have more people in it than San Jose, California, Austin, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, and San Francisco, California.

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    Jenna Ortega Was Inspired To Act By Dakota Fanning’s Performance In The Film Man On Fire

    Ortega was inspired to act at the young age of 6 when she watched the 2004 action thriller “Man on Fire” with Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning.

    Fanning played Lupita Ramos, the young girl who former CIA agent John W. Creasy is hired to protect.

    As she told the Tamron Hall Show in 2021, Ortega wanted to become “the Puerto Rican version of her.”

    What Happens If You Pop An Ant Bite

    When you are bitten or stung by an ant, the ants saliva or venom enters your skin. Your body reacts to the foreign substance by creating a small blister at the site of the bite or sting. The blister contains a clear fluid that helps protect the area and keep it clean.

    If you pop the blister, you open it up to bacteria and other potential contaminants. This could lead to an infection. Additionally, popping the blister can cause pain and irritation. It is best to leave blisters alone unless they are causing you significant discomfort. If necessary, you can cover them with a bandage to prevent them from popping.

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    An Entire Island Of People Lost Their Homes For A Military Base

    The every inhabitant of the island of Diego Garcia, over 1,000 in total, was kicked out by the British government to make room for a U.S. military base to be constructed. The inhabitants were relocated to Mauritius, mostly in slum neighborhoods. Mauritius only accepted the islanders after payment of £650,000.

    Where Remember The Alamo Came From

    Army Ant ? | Amazing Animals

    After the Alamo conflict, Santa Annas attempt to reintegrate Texas into Mexico was thwarted only by the soldiers under Sam Houstons command.

    On 21 April, by chance or design, Houston encountered Santa Anna at San Jacinto, overpowering his forces and taking him prisoner as he fled toward the south. The first to shout were Houstons men. Remember the Alamo!

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    India Army Controls The Highest Battlefields In The World

    There are many battlefields in the world but one is beyond imagination. A normal human being cant survive long at such high altitudes and our body is simply dying at these altitudes. Such is Siachen, a glacier situated more than 5000 meters above sea level.

    At this altitude, the air has much less oxygen and a normal person can instantly get mountain sickness. A fruit can freeze and become inedible within seconds temperatures can fall to 60 degrees below zero, and snowfall can stack up to 36 feet.

    Not few but more than 10,000 soldiers from the Indian army are camped here. There have been more than 800 soldiers who have died here because of the extreme conditions and yet, they continue to serve their country.

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