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Kings Of War Mechanics

New EasyArmy for Kings of War 3rd Edition

Kings of War features streamlined mechanics to keep large battles fast and straight-forward. Players complete their entire turn, activating every unit before passing play to their opponent. Turns consist of 3 phases, movement, ranged, and then melee. Kings of War uses 6-sided dice for all tests, with most unit characteristics being represented as target numbers to achieve on the dice.

The Kings of War rules are short, concise, and very beginner-friendly. Getting started is easy, giving you the capacity to learn the subtle tactics of movement and the strengths and weaknesses of yours and your opponent’s faction.

The focus of Kings of War is on large units battling each other. To reflect this, units are mounted on large bases according to their size. Units are considered single entities, and while they have numbers to reflect the size of the unit, individuals aren’t removed when damage is taken, which means that units can either be individual units on movement trays or can be built on scenic bases and dioramas. Damage is tracked with counters, unit the unit reaches a point where its nerve breaks of waivers.

Kings of War Starter Sets

Kings of War 3rd Edition has 2, 2-player starter sets available. Both sets include:

  • Kings of War Getting Started Gude
  • Kings of War 3rd Edition Gamer’s Edition Rulebook

Shadows in the North is the original 2-player starter set and contains the Northern Alliance and Nightstalkers.

Kings of War Rulebooks

Uncharted Empires

Kings of War Miniatures

The Newest Kings Of War Army Has A Fiery Disposition And Will Be A Force To Be Reckoned With On The Battlefield

Easyarmy.com squad, platoon, company and army list editors for miniature wargames, including flames of war, bolt action, konflict ’47, kings of war, kings of war historical, muskets & tomahawks, vanguard, blood & plunder, warpath firefight, warlords of erehwon Play an infantry grunt, a captain, or even the commander in chief in the dozens of army games you will find on agame.com. Home kings of war factions northern alliance.

Kings Of War Formations

The goal of this post is to review the new Formations available to Kings of War armies in the Clash of Kings 2022 update. This post will simply list and describe the formation for each army and well go over each in more detail as we get a chance to use them in play. Note: Some point costs of units may have changed in the update, we are using available data and Easy Army points until we see the final book.

Our compilation of the CoK 22 Spoilers, which is the current source of the data for this blog can be found here. The original source of the spoilers can also be found in that blog.

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New Kings Of War Book: $50

Lets hear what they have to say about the new book:

This epic gamers compendium brings together all the latest rules, errata, FAQs, and army lists for the worlds best fantasy tabletop game, Kings of War all in one convenient book. Also included in this bumper collection are all new ways to play Ambush! small scale games, Legendary huge games, and everyones favorite spectacle Siege!

This Book contains all the rules from the Third Edition Rulebook, Uncharted Empires, and the changes introduced in Clash of Kings 2022. It also includes all the updates and errata for those books and combines them into one tome.

In addition, the Rules committee has been hard at work to deliver the changes wed normally see in a Clash of Kings book

Siege rules make a return to Kings of War! Lay siege to your enemies and defend your fortresses.

New Ambush list-building rules provide a new way to play at lower point values. Great for quicker games!

The intuitive, easy-to-learn rules of Kings of War mean its possible to play epic battles with hundreds of miniatures in just a few hours. Hone your tactics without worrying about overly-complicated rules or removing individual miniatures when they die.

With Rules for Legendary Games over 3000 points, there are ways to play even bigger games! With Epic units, Colossal Titans, and Rare monsters joining the fray

That does it for this one now go get your new book!

New To Kings Of War Have Some Questions

Kings of War Undead Army

Hi so here are my questions. 1.) Whats a good starter army? Im really leaning to salamander or Forces of Nature but I want an army to help me learn the ropes and build up over time. I figured Elves or Goblins as secondary Choices. But I do have my old Bret army if humans or their equivalent is good for starting players. Im trying to find a forgiving army as I learn rules. 2.) I was wondering the current meta for the game, is it more leaning to shooting or combat? Just so I have an idea of how to build a list. 3.) I have the Main rule book and the uncharted expansions but do I need the Hapis Rift? Thanks in advance for any responses.P.S I have played games like Warhammer Fantasy 8th and 40k so thats the basics for my frame of reference.

hey, welcome to the fun house, I shall do my best to answer your questions but if its unclear feel free to to poke me for clarification.

1.) Good Starter armies are actually much harder to describe for KoW than for 40K or whamster which had definite tiers of armies. KoW is very well balanced so you can genuinely pick what you like and it will be a solid army. There are a few armies that require more finesse to use but you could easily start with any of your choices.

So to sum up, pick the army you want to play you wont find a complete dog some lists will just be a little more restrictive than others.

there are some great channels on youtube that give break downs of armies, Master Crafted Gaming and Direct Misfire, Dash 28

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Army Builder Ready For 3ed

It looks the long wait is over:

My main take away in text for people who cant watch the video yet.

Easyarmy is moved to mantic servers at mantic.easyarmy.com. It is currently in beta but will be released very soon.

Basic list building features are still free. The unit selection is based off of the book statblocks with a button for thumbnails of mantic models of the unit if available. Once added, they take on the standard easy army spreadsheet style in the list itself.

Subscription required to use the full features . This is mostly quality of life things it looks like: saving 100 lists, easy sharing. It also gives immediate access to updates as soon as they happen.One key feature of the previous version is locked behind the subscription, namely the rules pages from the old version are now subscriber only.

Very nice! I like that the layout is in line with the books. Its these details I really appreciate.

nice one, worth the waiting

now we just need Vanguard and Deadzone

For Vanguard one can still use the AB available at the old easyarmy site. I have not checked it but guess that only the recent abyssal dwarfs faction is missing an update there.

Whew ok. This has massively improved the whole experience of KoW for me really, just messing about with it yesterday. Inspired me to get my order in for all the metalised movement trays I need

Anyone else only able to create a single army in this? I cant create a second one.

Player Friendly One Rulebook No Codexes/battletomes

The rest of the main rulebooks pages are devoted to the lore of Pannithor , with histories and background for each faction, and finally the rules for those factions. Unlike Games Workshop games, everything you need to start playing is contained in the one book. One book to rule them all.

There have also been two supplements so far Uncharted Empires, which adds 9 new factions to the game, and Halpis Rift, a supplement focused on expanding the magic system, introducing fighting on other planes, and adding additional named characters to almost every faction. Halpis Rift also contains the 2021 balance updates, though the supplement part of it is generally not used in competitive/tournament play.

The library of books required for Warhammer 40,000 versus the singular tome of wisdom that is the Kings of War rulebook .

The general plan from Mantic seems to be one game supplement and one balance update a year, though COVID-19 disrupted last years roadmap and saw them both rolled into one. Usually there would be more games, and more feedback about the balance of the game, resulting in balance tweaks and the adding of supplement rules into the competitive scene.

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Keep An Eye On The Battlefield’s Terrain

Simple controls are an integral part of our war games, meaning youll have no trouble leading your army into battle. With 87 mantic miniatures, a painting guide and all the rules needed to play, this is a great place for players to begin their kings of war journey in the fantasy world of pannithor. The king’s return on pc.

Next Time: The Neutral Guys

Kings of War 3 minute army primer – Forces of Nature

Thats the Good armies of Kings of War! Theres something for every playstyle, but if these dont tickle your fancy then you might just find what you are after in the Neutral or the Bad. Look out for these articles in the coming weeks. And if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at .

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Why Not More Units Instead

Even after all that, you may find you dont actually want any items, and would rather focus on extra units instead. This is also a viable way to go. The more units on the field, the more options you have, but remember the important part is to consciously be thinking through and making these decisions. More units is definitely helpful, but so is a cavalry unit that can go through terrain unhindered.

Takeaways And Common Pitfalls

Hopefully walking you through the basics of how I think about list design, and some core concepts to keep in mind, is helpful. Generally, I find when I am drawn to an army it is because of one to two units that I really want to use. If you are the same, consider starting by thinking about what role these units serve and then building the list up around the unit.When thinking about your army, try to figure out its specific strengths and weaknesses and build accordingly.

Finally, while building your army think about deployment and movement. How and where the components will work together is essential to getting the most use out of them. A few common problems I see in beginners lists to keep in mind:

  • Too many magic items! Not every unit needs items, more bodies on the field is almost always better
  • Bane Chant is often the difference between winning or losing combats, make sure you take at least one source of it
  • You can never have too much chaff
  • Always, always build a delivery system for your hammers, the best hammers in the game can be blocked and then removed
  • Find your own style, its more important to play with units you are comfortable with and fit your own style and preferences than it is to use optimized units, if you want to do well in Kings of War

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Where To From Here

All the armies of Kings of War have their own similar units to those in the Kingdoms of Men, with some better, and some worse. Most armies lean into specific types of lists according to the units they have available. In our earlier articles we covered all of the Good, Neutral and Evil factions of Kings of War, including a summary of their strengths and weaknesses, and it is these that usually dictate what kind of army list a faction might bring. A Dwarf army full of Earth Elementals and Cannons is no surprise, but an Orc army of Skulks might struggle.

That all said, ultimately Kings of War is a game of fantastical battles between amazing armies that we all put the time in to lovingly bring to life. Any army that makes you excited to build, paint and play is the army that is worth playing. We just provide these examples and tips so that you can do the best that you can with the army that you love.

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at .

Why Play Kings Of War

A Green Tide Crashes Down For Mantic Games October Releases For Kings ...

Kings of War is a deeply tactical game aided by the simplicity of its rule set. It allows you to represent all the great battles of classic fantasy and run through them in an afternoon without sacrificing depth or fun. Positioning and maneuvering is vitally important, and where your skill can shine though, but there remains the randomness of all dice games. A lucky roll can see the collapse of a flank, while conversely, an unlucky one can see the enemy hold against all odds, giving a game that cinematic feel.

There will be moments where ranks upon ranks of infantry clash shield and sword, or titanic demons will sow ruin through desperate rabbles. Other times through deft tactical play, cavalry will plow into the flank of gibbering horrors, while the dark overlord is deftly smitten by a well-aimed lightning bolt from the opposing wizard. Assassins deftly weave their way between the clash and clamour of battle, and artillery rain down deadly projectiles on key targets.

We could go on, but we really want to emphasize just how epic Kings of War can feel when a battle is underway and the imagination gets going . What helps with this is that you can make almost any fantasy army you like there will be rules that fit it!

If this has got you excited, here are four detailed reasons that Kings of War is a fantasy battles game worthy of your attention:

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Getting Started For Warhammer Fantasy Players

Kings of War is a very different beast to Warhammer Fantasy. Its an easy transition because the key concepts and themes of the game are similar, however mechanics and tactics are vastly different.

KOW is a game you have to try. Every army is competitive, no one can break a list and being a general matters again. Caleb, KoW convert.

Kings Of War: Constructing An Army List

Gday, Goonhammer readers! This is the first in a series of articles covering the strategic thinking involved in each level of the thrilling fantasy battles game that is Kings of War. Starting from today with army list construction, we hope to provide a digestible breakdown of the decisions involved in putting together an army from the myriad of choices available to each faction. This is by no means an exhaustive guide, but we hope that this helps the newer commanders of tiny models quickly get to grips with the tactics involved in this early part of the game.

An army in Kings of War is always built with a distinct purpose in mind, with every unit having an assigned role. The correct use of these units can be the difference between victory and defeat, particularly as there are no auto-winning units or combos in Kings of War. Without a full understanding of how an army list works, and then applying it to the various battlefield situations that may arise, a player will always be on the backfoot.

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Kings Of War Vanguard

Where Kings of War is a full army tabletop battle game, Kings of War Vanguard is a smaller scale skirmish game, with a focus on individual warriors and heroes.

There are some differences with the rules though, and Vanguard uses 8-sided dice, and alternating activations, rather than full turns activations for players. It also introduces new power mechanics and a flexibility in actions to reinforces the focus on individual characters.

As with Kings of War, the rules are free digitally from Mantic, as well as army lists for the Kings of War factions and Vanguard token sheets. So all you need to add, in order to use your existing Kings of War army, are D8s.

The Kings of War Vanguard 2-Player Starter Set includes everything, including 2 forces the full rules, dice, dice, and a tape measure to get you playing.

With Vanguard being a skirmish game, fewer miniatures are required than Kings of War proper, so beginners may wish to start with Vanguard, and build up to a full Kings of War army.

Kings Of War Beginners Guide: Choosing An Army Forces Of Good

Kings of War 3 minute army primer – Undead

I initially envisioned writing a post that would cover all the Kings of War armies, so this article is written with that in mind. However, just the Forces of Good made for a pretty long article, so

With starter armies, as the game is pretty well balanced the real issue comes down to play style and a few nuances – some have rule combos or strengths/weaknesses that can take a while to master . Others are a touch sub par – not poor, but a more limited range of optimal builds

FoN is a solid army, with some pretty powerful builds/combos – and can include salamander models so useful way to start a couple of armies at once

Elves have some decent units and there are some top notch goblin builds out there.

The Breton type army can be covered by Kingdoms of Men, Brothermark or Order of the Green Lady – and to a certain extent Basilea and Rhordia – so plenty of scope.

Meta-wise, it sort of depends where you are. Combat is more a thing than shooting . The ranged side tends to be based around war engines & lightning, rather than unit shooting . You then get grind style lists – that win with attrition, as opposed to direct killing power – high defense, lots of cheap nerve, heal/wound recovery or a combo of all.

Also look at easyarmy – army builder which has full access to all unit rules, stats & updates.

1.) Whats a good starter army? Im really leaning to salamander or Forces of Nature but I want an army to help me learn the ropes and build up over time.

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