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Quality Eyewear Is Worth The Cost

What are the Best Military Boots ? Review: Oakley, Rocky, Nike !

The first pair of Oakleys I got was a gift from my fiancé when I graduated college. She paid over $200 bucks for those stylish, polarized, and matte sunglasses that screamed the person wearing these is a Marine. They endured the hardship of The Basic School getting slammed around in my pack. My eyes thanked me as the sun pounded down on Twentynine Palms in the summer. Then three years later they became victim to the jaws of a 6 month old puppy who loves the taste of expensive things.

Im not one to buy expensive things, so I did what many of us would have done and grabbed a $15 pair of the Exchange. Two weeks later they broke in half. I grabbed another pair, this time for $25 thinking they had to be that much better than the $15 pair. A week later the lenses popped out.

I was stunned at how poor the craftsmanship was on sunglasses I was paying good money for. I was another $40 bucks in the hole.

, I still just couldnt bring myself to pay over $100 for sunglasses. The Exchange wasnt much better on prices.

After some research I learned about the Oakley SI program that gives great discounts to military, government, and law enforcement personnel. I purchased a great pair of shades for $70.

How To Get Oakley First Responder Discount

The membership in the Oakley Standard Issue Discount Program is entirely free. However, you must first apply for a membership to prove your eligibility. The best part is that the whole process is pretty straightforward.

To give you a helping hand, we are jotting down the registration process, rules, and limitations of the Oakley first responder discount. Read on!

First of all, you need to visit the Oakley SI website, , and then follow these simple steps:

Health & Fitness Discounts

Azalea: Active and veteran members of the Canadian Armed Forces can receive a 25% discount on select Azalea Laser Clinic services. Bring valid military ID .

Braceology: Braceology Orthodontics is offering a military discount of up to $1000 for CAF members and their dependents. Book an appointment and bring a valid military ID or CFOne card .

Docbraces: Active and retired CAF, including their family members, can get up to $500 off treatment fees at Docbraces Orthodontists. Contact or visit your nearest Docbraces clinic .

Golds Gym: Active and retired CAF members with valid ID are eligible for discounts at Golds Gym. Availability depends on gym location .

Peloton: Canadian military members can get 20% off their purchase of any Peloton Tread, Bike, and Bike+ product. Provide valid proof of service .

Spartan Fitness: Spartan Fitness offers a 15% discount to Canada Armed Forces members and their families. Bring military ID and CFOne card. Exclusions apply .

Supplement King: Canadian Armed Forces members can join the Supplement King Military Program to get discounts on select products. Available at participating locations only .

Go to:Discount Programs, Retail, Vacation & Travel, Transportation, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Financial, Pet & Animal Care, Food & Restaurant, Technology, Wedding & Party.

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Do Oakley Vaults Carry Si Products

Yes, certain Oakley Vault stores carry SI products, including sunglasses, at their discounted rates. Its not a guarantee, but if you keep an eye out, you may be able to find one.

This has gotten harder as the Oakley Vault website is no longer active. But if you live near a Vault store, its definitely worth looking.

S To Verify As A First Responder At Idme

oakley tactical sunglasses

1) Login/Signup at ID.me.2) Visit My IDs page and select First Responder.3) Select your First Responders status.4) Add your Name, Date-of-Birth, and SSN.5) Upload a document, that shows your full name and your position as a first responder.6) Once you are done with verification, your discount will be applied at the checkout.


on every order. Dont leave this amazing deal, you cant find it on every next Brand you visit.

Clearance Sale at Oakley

Oakley often provides Clearance sales, Promotional sales, Seasonal sales, and Holiday promotions. Make sure to visit their to find better discounts.

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How Do You Get Free Shipping From Oakley

There are several options for free shippingL all custom products, including custom Oakley Gascan, Oakley Holbrook, and Oakley Jawbreaker glasses, include complimentary express shipping. All orders over $100 are eligible for free expedited delivery, and you can rest assured that green shipping and APO/ FPO shipping are always free, as well. You can also find an Oakley promo code for free shipping with a quick internet search.

Oakley Discounts And Promotions For Law Enforcement

by Alison | Dec 10, 2022 | Oakley

Oakley is a popular sunglasses brand that is known for its stylish and functional designs. The company offers a variety of discounts to law enforcement personnel, including a 20% discount on all regular-priced items. In addition, Oakley also offers a variety of special deals and promotions specifically for law enforcement personnel.

The military and law enforcement in Oakley can take advantage of discounts. Some people who serve in the military receive extremely generous discounts at Oakley. You can check with Oakley customer service if your specific situation necessitates it. The following is a list of agencies that have been listed as having received the discounts. Customers frequently report receiving discounts of up to 50%, making the discount well worth the effort. You can select from a variety of tactical editions of Oakley goggles made for military use. For military and law enforcement personnel, the company provides discounts in recognition of their service and pride.

A government sales website is normally not advertised, but it is available on the website of the company. The company offers military-grade sunglasses for an average of 50% less than regular sunglasses. Members of the armed forces can take advantage of the discount by registering and mailing in a copy of their military ID.

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What Sunglasses Does The Us Military Use

There are no official sunglasses issued by the US to armed forces. That means soldiers can choose their own glasses. However, Oakleys are definitely the most popular sunglasses used by all US military branches. Plus the brand offers a variety of ballistic eyewear thats perfect for the field. Keep reading as we explain why Oakleys are so popular and our top picks for Oakley military glasses!

Who Is Categorized As A Very First Responder

Oakley® Standard Issue Tombstone Elite Ballistic Eyewear

The term initially responder describes those people who in the early phases of an occurrence are accountable for the defense and conservation of life, home, proof, and the environment, consisting of emergency situation reaction service providers as specified in area 2 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (6 U.S.C.


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Does Oakley Have A Police Discount Rate

And, at AFE, Oakley sunglasses are discount rate priced for and regional and federal police firm workers. You can likewise call our expert, qualified opticians at 1-800-850-5747 for support in discovering the ideal set of Oakleys for you.

Next To this, does Oakley offer very first responder discount rate?

Oakley SI is Oakleys discount rate program for U.S military service members, very first responders, specialists and so on. The program provides marked down Oakleys, with a lot of sets particularly customized for the requirements of those in the field daily.

Moreover, what is the military discount rate on Oakley? Oakley sunglasses has a federal government sales site that is generally not promoted. They use sunglasses that fulfill military requirements at about a typical 50% cost savings. Service members require just to sign up and fax a copy of their military ID to Oakley to be qualified for their discount rate

Keeping this in view, just how much is the Oakley Requirement Concern Discount Rate?

On Basic Concern, you can select them up for $113, a 21% cost savings. The polarized Oakley Gascan design glasses opt for $163 on Amazon. As a United States military SM on the Basic Concern website, you can get them for just $100 with totally free shipping.

Does Oakley offer firemen discount rates?

Associated Concern Responses.

What Is The Official Oakley Military Discount

Oakley does not offer a military discount on their normal site, at least not in the traditional sense.

However, they have something that may be even better than a military discount, and its called Oakley Standard Issue .

The site is only accessible for military members and provides discounts that tend to be around 50% off of regular prices.

It includes items such as eyeglasses, as well as bags and backpacks.

Oakley has a solid relationship with the United States Military, as they have been collaborating since the very beginning of the companys existence.

Oakley began working with the military in the 1980s to provide safe, comfortable, and high-performance products to service members.

The military trusted Oakley based on their previous innovation and product development, and they did not disappoint.

Oakley continues to give back through their Standard Issue program today.

The Oakley Standard Issue membership not only includes discounts and deals, but also includes access to exclusive products, including uniform-approved products, military grade eye protection, and special collections including the Thin Blue Line and the Thin Red Line.

They offer a special line of Military Prizm lenses to provide high-quality vision to service members. These glasses include the famous color and contrast boosting lenses in military-friendly designs.

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Oakleys 50% Off Discount For Service Members

What a great way to express your gratitude to veterans and their families. The company offers 50% off its sunglasses to service members and commits to providing quality products and customer service. Furthermore, the SI Uniform Collections Oakleys are ideal for both military and law enforcement uniforms. Thank you, Oakley, for your generosity.

Oakley Military And Law Enforcement Discounts

â Oakley Gloves Military Discount

If you are a fan of Oakley brand glasses and you work in some capacity for the government, you may qualify for Oakley military and law enforcement discounts. Even if you don’t work directly for the military, but instead work for a government agency, you may want to read on as there are many organizations that qualify for the discount.

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Oakley Standard Issue Discount: Get Up To 35% Off

There is a 20% discount available on the oakley standard issue. If youre looking for the best deal on sunglasses, look no further than the standard issue discount. You can save up to 35% on standard issue sunglasses, as well as free shipping on all orders, by purchasing on our website. Special discounts on top-quality sunglasses, as well as clearance items, will make it easier than ever to find the perfect pair. The standard issue discount can be obtained quickly and easily. After clicking the Shop Now button, you will be prompted to enter your first responders information through ID.me, a trusted partner of Oakley SI. If you are a member of the armed forces, you can get a discount on sunglasses from the military sales website. You will be eligible for the discount if you register and fax a copy of your military identification to Oakley.

Does Oakley Ever Have Sales

Oakley has a variety of sales year-round. The dedicated sales page features Oakley sunglasses, Oakley eyeglasses, and Oakley prescription sunglasses are on sale for deep discounts of up to 50% off retail prices. Oakley also has special seasonal sales, including their annual deep discount sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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How Can I Get Discounts On Oakley Sunglasses

The deepest discounts on Oakley sunglasses and Oakley glasses are on the Sales Page, with many Oakley men’s sunglasses and Oakley women’s sunglasses up to 50% off the regular price. Their MVP program also offers 50% of replacements for frames, and staged orders are eligible for free shipping and returns, so you can often grab a great discount. Don’t forget to look here for the latest codes, as well!

Does Oakley Have A Student Discount

Oakley Pro Visors – 360 View

Oakley has great student offers available on its website. Student discounts are available for Oakley sunglasses, Oakley safety glasses, and Oakley prescription sunglasses to suit a wide variety of needs and styles. Register and verify your student status to get started sign-up is free and all discount offers are available to students within the U.S.!

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Are Prizm Lenses Polarized

Not all PRIZM lenses are polarized The primary disadvantage to polarized lenses is that they shake off depth understanding due to the polarized filter that eliminates the horizontal wavelength discovered in glare. Aside from PRIZM Deep Water and PRIZM Shallow Water, the PRIZM sport lenses are not polarized

How To Join Oakley Standard Issue

Membership in the Oakley Standard Issue program is free, but you do have to apply. Luckily, its quick and easy.

To join, simply follow the steps below:

  • First, youll need a valid Military, First Responder, or Government ID or email address .
  • Next, head to the verification link below and create an account on the Oakley Standard Issue site:
  • Shortly after registering, youll receive a validation email to your military/government ID from step 1.
  • And Voila! Youre registered, and now youll be able to start ordering discounted Oakleys!

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    Do Oakley Prizm Lenses Scratch Easily

    Prizm lenses are made of the proprietary material Plutonite, which has a high level of impact resistance. Lenses in prescription sunglasses or standard Oakley Prizm eyewear for sports or everyday wear should not scratch easily. The color of the lenses in these sunglasses also will not fade over time.

    What Is The Oakley Si Discount

    â Oakley Gloves Military Discount

    Additional discounts on the Oakley Standard Edition are 15% off for new users. Standard Issue sunglasses are only $35, which includes free shipping. You can save up to 70% off clearance apparel, footwear, and accessories.

    Oakley A Cut Above The Rest

    The best sunglasses on the market today are those made by the well-known manufacturer, Oakley. Theyve also been designed to be comfortable, so you can wear them in any weather condition. If youre looking for the most stylish pair of sunglasses, you should definitely think about getting a pair from Oakley.

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    Standard Issue Radar Ev Path

    The SI EV Path is the Military version of the popular EV Path cycling frame. This shield lens design is a more modern take on the classic M frame. Featuring an O matter frame features Unobtainium earsocks for added grip. And the EV Path is available with Oakley prescription lenses. Plus check out our complete Radar EV Path review here.

    • Lightweight O Matter frame with Unobtainium earsocks for grip
    • Available with Prizm lenses to enhance contrast and color
    • Available with Oakley prescription lenses

    Is Oakley Prizm Worth It

    Are Prizm Lenses worth the money? There is not much doubt that Prizm lenses make a marked improvement in visual clarity, particularly with peripheral vision. There a key benefits for athletes in the filtering out of visual noise, improvement in depth perception and added contrast in colour wavelengths that matter.

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    Does Sunglass Hut Sell Fakes

    If Sunglass Hut is selling the frame, it is authentic. We have programs in place that prevent unauthorized sale of frames that are not authentic. Unfortunately there is not a way to foresee which pair of sunglasses you will receive in your shipment. If Sunglass Hut is selling the frame, it is authentic.

    Does Oakley Give Firefighter Discounts

    Oakley Ejector Satin Chrome/Prizm Sapphire

    Oakley: The Oakley Military and Government Sales program offers up to 50 percent off its eyewear, apparel and other gear for fire departments and EMS personnel with an active and valid ID.

    Are Oakley lenses bulletproof?

    Oakley Standard Issue products are designed for military, law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and active individuals who demand the best ballistic-rated eye protection. All Oakley SI lenses block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

    Is Prizm better than polarized?

    Oakley PRIZM Polarized lenses are great for glare reduction and recommended for water activities or driving. Aside from PRIZM Deep Water and PRIZM Shallow Water, the PRIZM sport lenses are not polarized.

    What is the Oakley SI discount?

    How discounted are Oakley Standard Issue prices? Typically, Oakley SI prices are about 50% of the retail price seen on Oakley.com.

    Who can use Oakley SI?

    The program is for U.S. active duty military, reserve, military veterans, federal and local law enforcement, fire, EMS and those holding military retiree credentials. We have developed a strong program over the past 20 years and strive to ensure that the integrity of the program is maintained.

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    Provide Your Identity And Employment Status

    First, you must ensure that you have a valid government, military, or first responder email address. Plus, you must have an official ID that proves your employment status.

    Step 2: Register as a Member

    After getting everything ready, you can start the registration and verification process by visiting . Enter basic information like your name, valid email address, and a scanned copy of your identification proof in the specified fields on the Oakley SI website.

    Oakley Military And Veteran Discount

    Oakley is proud to offer the highest quality items at a discounted rate to employees of the US Military and Government. Oakley Standard Issue membership is free and gives members access to unique Oakley products as well as a direct cost.

    On their main site, Oakley does not provide a military discount, at least not in the classic sense.

    Nevertheless, they have something called Oakley Standard Issue that may be even superior to a military discount .

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