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Does Kohl’s Offer Military Discount

Kohls Veterans Day Discount

Military & Veteran Discounts | Veterans Benefits | Department of Veterans Affairs | theSITREP

For the Veterans Day special, Kohls offers a 30% discount on Veterans Day. This year the discount will be valid on Friday, November 11, 2022.


Although Kohls is offering a wonderful military discount offer, some products are excluded from the discount. These products are as follows:

  • Premium sunglasses and toys
  • Kohls care cause merchandise
  • Beauty and fragrance items

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Kohls Launches Military Mondays A New 15% Off Discount Every Week

The in-store discount rewards and celebrates active and former military personnel, veterans and their families every Monday, all year long.

Kohls is introducing Military Mondays a 15 percent in-store discount to thank active and former military personnel, veterans and their families for their selflessness and service to our nation. The Kohls discount is valid in-store every Monday all year long when customers show a valid Military ID, Military Dependent ID or Veteran ID at the point of purchase.

Kohls military discount has been strongly advocated for by store leaders and Kohls Veterans Business Resource Group as an opportunity to reward our active and former military personnel, veterans and their families for their sacrifice.

Through Military Mondays, we are proud to strengthen our support of our military families who have made sacrifices to ensure the safety of our communities, said Doug Arnoldi, Kohls vice president, district manager, and a champion for the military discount. We saw a need to better serve our brave military families, and this discount is our way to give back, and lighten the load, for families who have given so much.

To learn more about the incredible savings families enjoy when they shop at Kohls, click here.

Can I Combine Kohls Military Discount With Coupons

While the Kohls military discount cant be combined with other percent-off or age-specific discounts, it can be used alongside dollar-off coupons, including Kohls Cash, rewards, and promotional gifts. These discounts will be applied before the 15% off is taken.

For example, say you purchase a pair of Caterpillar work boots for $99.99. You have $10 worth of Kohls cash, which brings the price down to $89.99 when you had the coupons to the cashier at checkout. Then, the 15% off discount cuts an additional $13.49, bringing the price down to $75.50 which is almost 25% off, altogether!

Heres the breakdown of the order discounts are applied:

  • Dollar-off discounts
  • Dollar-off coupons, such as Kohls Cash, and other promotional gifts and rewards
  • 15% off military discount
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    Look At The Available Rebates On The Kohl’s Website

    Purchasing some items at Kohl’s may entitle you to a rebate from the vendor or the store.

    Look at the “rebate” page on Kohl’s website. At the time of writing this, rebates were available for electric shavers and electric toothbrushes. You have to mail in your proof of purchase to Kohls corporate office, but the additional discount can be worth the extra steps.

    Does Kohl’s Offer Military Discounts

    30% Off Kohl

    Kohls offers military discounts every Monday to active military members, veterans, police officers, and their families. Currently, this discount allows military members and their families to get 15% off of their purchases every week. Please be aware Kohl’s military discount cannot be combined with any other special offers or discounts.

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    Get A Price Adjustment

    If you buy an item from Kohl’s, and it goes on sale within two weeks of you buying it, you can receive a refund.

    You have 14-days to get your refund. Bring the original sales receipt to the customer service department. You will receive a refund for the difference in the prices.

    As always, exclusions apply. It’s not valid for prices advertised during Thanksgiving week. The item also cannot have been purchased as a Buy One, Get One or on sale as a BOGO.

    Kohls Honors Military And Veteran Families

    We support our associates, community and customers who have served with career opportunities, community initiatives, and a special military discount.

    Kohls is proud to support active and former military personnel, veterans and their families, and recognize them as important members of our team, our community and our customer base. We honor those who have served and sacrificed. Read below to learn more about the ways Kohls is supporting military and veteran families on Veterans Day, and throughout the year. To our veterans and military members we salute your dedication and thank you for your service.

    We Help Grow CareersKohls offers roles for veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses that require the unique skills, values and work ethic acquired in the armed forces. In support of recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, Kohls actively recruits at military bases and partners with veteran service organizations to help connect service members and their spouses to careers within our company.

    In addition, Military Mondays at Kohls offers a 15% in-store discount for active and former military personnel, veterans, and their immediate families every Monday all year long.


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    How Can I Find Out Which Products Qualify For The Kohls Military Discount

    When you visit a Kohls store, there will be clear signage to show you which products and brands are eligible for the Kohls Military Discount. For complete certainty, ask a Kohls employee for information on what qualifies in this ongoing promotion. The staff can direct you to the items that qualify.

    Kohls Military Discount And 2022 Veterans Day Savings

    Home Depot 10% Military Discount UPDATE

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    Kohls sells budget-friendly clothing of all styles, shoes, bedding, toys, electronics, home decor and more. The department store chain offers a 15% military discount every Monday, plus a special 30% off Veterans Day weekend sale event.

    Frequent Kohls shoppers can save even more by combining Kohls cash rewards with the stores military discount and Veterans Day sale event.

    Heres what you need to know.

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    Use Price Matching To Get The Best Deal

    Kohl’s allows you to price match. If you find a product listed for a cheaper price on the Kohl’s website, Kohls will honor the online price.

    Kohl’s also allows you to price match other retailers’ prices. Of course, there are exclusions to this policy. First, the lower price must be found at a brick-and-mortar store, not an online store. Thanksgiving week prices will not be matched. The products on the discount exclusions list cannot be price matched.

    Khol’s Military Discount For Veterans Day

    Starting Thursday, Nov. 11, and running through Sunday, Nov. 13, Kohl’s plans to double its regular military discount and give veterans, active-duty members and their families 30% off in stores nationwide.

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    Kohl’s plan pairs with Target’s veteran and military shoppers 10% discount, which is available Oct. 30 through Nov. 12 in store and online.

    Unlike Kohl’s, however, Target shoppers are asked to register via their Circle program for a specific coupon to use at the store. Target also does not offer a military discount year round, instead giving it around both Veterans Day and July 4.

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    Does Kohls Have A Senior Discount In 2022

    Kohls offers a 15% discount for their senior customers every Wednesday of the week. Senior citizens aged 60 or above can qualify for this discount after showing a valid ID and age proof. However, the senior discount is available on selected products like shoes, jewelry, and clothing. This discount is available at every Kohls outlet in the US.

    So, are you curious to learn more about the Kohls senior discount and how to avail yourself of it? No worries we have done the research for you! Read on for the answers to every question in your mind!

    Are There Other Stores That Offer Service Member Discounts

    30% Off Kohl

    Apart from Kohls, there are various other retail stores and chains in the US that provide military discounts. Some of them include Footlocker, Nike, Timberland, Under Armour and Adidas.

    Adidas provides military discounts both in-stores and online. The in-store discounts are all-year-round, that is 20%. The discount is up to 30% online. Various other stores including Timberland, and Under Armour provide discounts of 10% and 20% respectively, to service members and their family members as well.

    Nike also offers a discount of 20% and, Footlock provides a 15% discount on both in-store and online purchases.

    Kohls provides a military discount of 15% for in-store purchases to military and veterans, both active and inactive along with their family members. However, to avail of this discount, a valid ID confirming the status is integral. Apart from these discounts, Kohls also supports organisations, offer job roles, and share various stories of the veterans to honour their service.

    Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can a customer avail military discount at Kohls?
  • The customer should show a valid ID confirming their status as a veteran or their family member.

  • Can customers avail the discount online?
  • Customers can order products online and avail themselves of the discount, but they should pick up the same from the store.

  • Is the military discount available for all products?
  • What is the overall discount for service members?
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    How Does Kohls Military Discount Work

    Using the Kohls military discount is simple. Heres how it works:

    • Shop in a Kohls store on a Monday
    • At check-out, mention the discount and present your military ID
    • Be sure to keep an eye out in the store for signage indicating exceptions and exclusions to the discount

    For example, if you were purchasing a KitchenAid stand mixer at the regular retail price of $379.99. With the 15% off military discount, youd pay only $323, saving $56.99 not bad!

    If youre an immediate family member, youll still need to present the qualifying servicemembers ID to be eligible for the discount.

    Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts

    Are you wondering whether Kohls competitors offer senior discounts, too? Heres a list of some other similar companies that offer senior discounts and perks for their customers:

    • Harris Teeter: Harris Teeter offers a 5% discount for senior citizens aged 60 or above. This discount is available every Thursday.
    • Joann: Joann offers a 20% discount for senior citizens. The minimum age limit is 55, and the discount days vary from location to location.
    • Walgreens: Walgreens also offers a 20% discount for senior customers aged 55 or above. The deal is available both in-store and online, and the day changes as per the location.

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    What Other Stores Offer A Military Discount

    There are several companies that offer discounts for military personnel. Here are a few of the stores that offer discounts for service members.

    Adidas are a British sports company that make sports shoe in Adidas.

    Adidas Factory Outlets offer military members a 20% discount, as well as a 30% discount when they are buying online.

    Under Armour offers a lot of options for your wardrobe. With great comfort, fit, and the right support, your workout apparel will work for you.

    Under Armour is offering a 10% discount to service members both in-store and online for the month of November.

    While the link to the military ID is not a direct link, it will take the user to a page where the military ID can be generated for free.

    I dont know about this.

    Timberlands 20% discount is available to active military service members, members of the National Guard and reservists, and their immediate family members.

    Nike, a leading maker of athletic shoes, said it will lay-off 9% of its workers in the second half of this year after reporting a 30% drop in net profits.

    Nike provides a 20% discount to military members at physical and online stores. They have a form they can use for verification purposes.

    It is not a place to buy shoes.

    Footlocker is offering 15% off most items both in-store and online. When checking out online, click on the Use Military Discount link to verify your status and apply the discount.

    Can Families Of Service Members Use The Kohls Military Discount

    We got a 40% off coupon from KOHLs! Let’s GO SHOP AT KOHL’s!

    Kohls allow immediate family members to use the military discount. This means that you must be part of the same household and show a valid form of identification to prove this.

    Alternatively, you can come in-store with your family member who is a service member, but they must have their service ID with them.

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    Can I Stack The Kohls Military Discount With Other Kohls Coupons

    Yes, you can. Combine the Kohls Military Discount with certain Kohls coupon codes for even more savings. Make sure to stack your military discount with dollar-off discounts in-store. However, you cannot apply it with percentage-off coupons.

    Also, use Kohls Cash, rewards, and other promotional gifts alongside your military discount. Kohls applies these at the end of the checkout process.

    Shop During The Kohls Sale Events

    Kohls are known for their epic sale events throughout the year. If you want to enjoy maximum savings when you shop at Kohls, you need to check out their Sales Calendar. With amazing deals and discounts to be had across all departments and brands, including home, clothing, footwear, and jewelry, you can often combine these sales with Kohls coupons for even more savings.

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    Kohls Military Discount Guide

    Vets and active service members will be pleased to learn that beloved American department store Kohls does offer a military discount, though some caveats apply. This article explains how Kohls in-store military discount works and covers some of the most commonly asked questions about the discount.

    Does Kohls Have Military And Veteran Discounts

    30% Off Kohl

    The United States government issues many exclusive discounts to military personnel and veterans in a special way of appreciation and as a token of appreciation for the service that they receive as part of their military service.

    Ive been wondering does Kohls have family discounts? I know that there is a military discount and a veterans discount, but I dont know why? Lets find out!

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    Are There Any Kohls Products That Dont Qualify For The Military Discount

    While you can apply the military discount to most items available for purchase in-store, there are a few brands and categories exempt from this discount.

    These categories are as follows:

    As well as the above, you cannot use the Kohls Military Discount to pay off a Kohls credit card, for price adjustments, or to cover shipping fees.

    What Kohls Products Do Not Qualify For The Military Discount

    Since the military discount cannot be applied all the time, you will have to check with your local dealer or visit this link which will help you with the military discounts. However, if you know the brand and model you are buying, just call that particular brand and dealership and ask them about the military discount. Then apply that discount in your invoice for the particular brand and model.

    There are no categories for the military discount. You must apply for the discount once a new card is issued.

    Amazon, Apple, Costco, Ebay, Footlocker, Home Depot, Kohls, Lowes, Nordstrom, Staples and Target.

    It all comes down to the fact that Kohls Card members can only earn military or Kohls Cash rewards for their purchases, and these are only applicable for in-store purchases.

    Kohls is now adding something to their receipts to indicate to customers that they could be receiving a military discount if they purchase a certain amount of a certain product.

    This exclusion allows you to return an article for a refund if you are not sure if you want to keep it.

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    Is Kohls Senior Discount Stackable

    Do you know what the best part about Kohls senior discount is? Well, the discount is stackable, and you can combine it with other offers, coupons, and deals provided by the store. If you combine your senior discount with other deals, you can save more than the 15% discount you already have.

    Here are some coupons you can combine your senior discount with:

  • Promotional Gifts
  • However, remember that you cannot combine your senior discount with percentage-off coupons.

    How Else Can I Save When Shopping At Kohls

    The Home Depot: Military Discount 2022

    The Kohls Military Discount is not the only way to save money when shopping at Kohls. There are a whole host of tricks and techniques that you can apply to save when you shop in-store, at Kohls.com, and via the Kohls mobile app. Use them all to become the ultimate Kohls shopper and save money every time you shop.

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    Kohl’s Senior Discount Exclusions

    Discounts of any kind usually come with some fine print. Kohls discount details are online, but theyre not easy to find. Since it is difficult to find those details, here is a clear list of Kohl’s senior discount exclusions.

    First, Kohl’s senior discount is only available when shopping at the brick-and-mortar stores. The discount cannot be used for online purchases.

    Customers over 60 may not add their 15% off discount to another percentage-off discount. So, you cannot combine percentages to receive a higher discount. For example, if women’s activewear is 25% off, you cannot add your 15% senior discount and receive 40% off the product. But as we mentioned earlier, you can use your senior discount if an item has a dollar-off discount.

    Kohl’s website also says that you cannot use the discount on purchases you have already made. So you need to ask for the discount before paying. And if you forget, the only way to get the discount is to return the item and buy it again.

    Your discount can not be applied to your balance on a Kohl’s credit card. It also isn’t applied to taxes or taken off on gift card purchases.

    Kohl’s has a list of categories of merchandise and brands that are excluded from the senior discount. No discounts or promotional coupons can be used on these items.

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