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Can You Join The Military With Flat Feet

How Did Things Change

Cant join the military with flat feet. Is that why JonBs feet look like that?

You must have been wondering what lead to this huge shift in enlistment rules. Well, if you go through Vietnam War history, you would find a huge lack of enlistee for the war due to massive unpopularity.

People with flat feet found it a blessing because they were not forced to join the war. But the contentment didnt last long as the rulers decided to alter the rules.

The rulers were short on enlistees, and it caused much trouble for them. So under such circumstances, flat feet were removed from the list of disqualifying factors. Now people with flat feet were able to join the military and serve the nation.

Why Do Flat Feet Disqualify You From The Military

The change from soft, reversible flat feet to rigid fixed flat feet is also a change in the anatomical structure of the foot. There are over 20 bones on the foot. Each bone is weirdly shaped, so there must be a variety of rope that binds them together to form and walk.

These ropes are ligaments, commonly known as tendons. Juvenile type or flexible, reversible flat feet are some of these ligaments or tendons that are loose. There are still a few tight, an imbalance, and the bones have not changed. Therefore, in the early stage, the foot deformed when exerting force, and the appearance was normal when resting.

In the late stage, some tendons slowly broke that cannot be reborn. So, the deformity becomes stable. Here, if you continue to use it, bone grinding will occur which will eventually lead to bone damage. Then, it will develop into rigid flat feet in the late stage. Therefore, flat feet are progressively aggravated, and their pathological manifestations are different in different periods.

Is It True You Cannot Have Flat Feet In The Military

Regulations regarding physical requirements for admittance into the military typically depend on the laws of a particular country. In the US, for example, there are a number of different physical conditions that can affect a persons eligibility to serve in the military. One of the most common subjects of debate with regard to this issue concerns whether someone can have flat feet in the military. Someone who has flat feet can serve in the military, although it depends on the severity of a persons condition, and there are certain instances in which having flat feet will keep someone out of the military.

A person has flat feet when the arches of his feet flatten out rather than remain arched. This condition is also called pes planus or fallen arches. This can be extremely painful for some people, while others are able to live a relatively normal life with some corrective footwear to ensure greater comfort. The degree of severity of the condition typically indicates whether or not someone who has flat feet can serve in the military. This is usually decided by a doctor who examines new recruits for the military and decides on whether or not someone is fit to serve.

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How Can I Tell If I Have Flat Feet

To find out if you have flat feet, stand up. Your foot should rest comfortably on the floor, and your knees should not have to be bent. If you do have flat feet, your arch may collapse when you stand on it. The muscles and tendons in your lower legs are often not as flexible as they should be. Another sign is that your big toe dips slightly into the ground when you walk.

Can You Join The Army With Flat Feet

Can I Join With Flat Feet?

You can join the Army with flat feet, but you need to meet certain standards and have a waiver. Youll also need to go through a thorough physical examination, including an X-ray. If you want to join the Army and have flat feet, heres what you need to know:

  • You cant be overweight for your height .
  • You must be between ages 17 and 34 in order to enlist in this branch of service.
  • Youll need to pass a background investigation conducted by someone from Military Entrance Processing Command before they decide whether or not they will allow you into basic training as well as beyond that point if necessary based upon the results gathered during their initial investigation process which includes any criminal history concerns related specifically towards those convicted under federal law since October 31st 2011 after being released into society once again following incarceration periods served out during those time frames mentioned above .

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Why Are Flat Feet A Problem In The Military

So, why are flat feet such a problem for joining the military? Lets look at their connection to different foot and lower leg problems.

A study of 287 Israeli Defense Force trainees found that high arches are more likely to cause stress fractures than flat feet. Trainees with the highest foot arches got nearly 4 times as many stress fractures than flat feet.

And thats not all .

Another study of US Naval Special Warfare Training Center trainees also found that foot arch isnt linked to stress fractures.

On the other hand .

A study of 83 female infantry recruits suggests that a low arch could be a risk factor for sprained ankles.

As you can see, there is some evidence that having a low arch can put you at bigger risk of issues with the lower legs.

Heres a YouTube video that explains how flat feet can affect other parts of the body:

There is also the challenge of arranging special footwear in a military situation. This can make people with flat feet an inconvenience in the eyes of military recruiters.

In particular, flat feet can cause problems for training and performing military roles.

Marching, standing for a while and running can all be difficult with very flat feet. Even keeping your balance can sometimes be a challenge. These issues can make military operations a big challenge.

Can You Be A Cop With Flat Feet

While its true that nearly all departments have a minimum height requirement, they are often more flexible than most people think. Many applicants are able to show they are still fit to do the job with an accommodation letter from their doctor. These letters are required to prove the applicant can perform the required functions of the position with the condition, and can submit a letter stating that they are capable..

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Can You Join The Military With Flat Feet

Are you getting ready to join a branch of the armed forces? It is no secret that recruits have to be very physically fit to meet the challenges of basic training. It is also important to be able to meet the set height and weight requirements.

There are also certain medical conditions that make you ineligible for the military. While some of these conditions are treatable, others are hereditary and can be difficult to resolve. So, if you are wondering, Can you join the military with flat feet?, then its time to find out.


  • Can You Join The Military with Flat Feet? Conclusion
  • Make Living With Flat Feet More Comfortable

    Can People With Flat Foot Join The Army?

    Living with flat feet doesnt have to be uncomfortable, wearing a good and supportive pair of shoes can put less strain on your arches. A focus on foot and leg strength and conditioning can also reduce the strain on your arches. Both these methods can be planned and even implemented with your podiatrists help.

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    You Need To Take Care Of Your Teeth

    Your dental health is very important when joining the military you cant have too many cavities. According to the International Classification of Disease code, any dental issue that interferes with a normal diet, or includes complex dental implant systems with complications will disqualify you from service. Having braces can also temporarily disqualify you, also.

    The Us Marines Policy

    While training in this branch of the armed forces can be very tough, you wont necessarily be disqualified. However, you will not be permitted to enlist if you show signs of foot pain during your training. If this happens, you will need to consult a medical officer and complete certain tests.

    You will usually be taken to a Military Entrance Processing Station and instructed to complete a duck walk. This special way of walking is designed to put extra strain on the arches and can be painful.

    However, you are likely to be given a medical waiver if you can complete the duck walk without issues.

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    Can I Join Indian Army With Flat Feet

    In the Indian Army, you have to pass a number of physical tests to be eligible to get selected. You have to pass a complete medical examination, including a thorough eyesight test, a hearing test, a psychological evaluation, a dental examination, a chest X-ray, a urine test and a general physical examination . Flattened feet is a common ailment. It is a genetic trait that does not change. No matter how you treat your feet, it will not change that. You can get a second opinion from a sports medicine expert. If you have a reasonable chance of passing the physical tests, then you should give it a shot..

    Why Cant You Join The Military With Flat Feet


    Previously, flat feet were considered a disqualifying condition because it was a sign of low class and poor health, while high arches were deemed high class and full of vigor. Plus, many doctors believed it would hinder the individual from hiking and partaking in long marches.

    Flat feet were ruled out from being a disqualifying condition during the Vietnam War, when the military was short on men. Nowadays, many studies have even found that there are no big differences in the risks between low, medium, and high arch feet.

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    Will This Be An Obstacle Afoot

    It could be.

    Besides maintaining balance, arches are crucial as they absorb the shock and be your grip against the ground while you move around.

    Imagine a caterpillar. It needs to undulate its entire body to move, right?

    Having flat feet will make it harder for you to maneuver across the field as itll feel like your muscles are getting torn up just to do this, even fracture a bone!

    But that doesnt make it impossible.

    Training your arches to be stronger is feasible, especially if your flat feet are something you acquired due to another condition or circumstances.

    You could start it off by putting on well-fitted shoes with comfortable insoles for military boots, then try out rolling a ball the size of a golf ball across your foot, or maybe try out exercising to lose a few pounds if youre obese.

    Its up to your doctor if this is possible or not once you discuss your plan together.

    Can You Be A Soldier If You Have Flat Feet

    Can you join the Army if you have flat feet? You can indeed join the army with a pronated foot type, however this wasnt always the case. There is no official history timestamp for when flat feet stopped being a disqualifying condition for army enlistment but it occurred roughly around the time the Vietnam war began.

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    Can You Join The Military If You Are Flat

    The answer is yes. It depends on the country and if the flat feet are symptomatic or asymptomatic.

    Symptomatic flat feet is a condition where the flat feet are accompanied by pains and are linked to other conditions such as arch pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and change in gait during physical activities. Asymptomatic flat feet show no symptoms.

    In the USA currently, the symptomatic flat feet are a disqualifying condition that cannot be waived.

    People with asymptomatic flatfeet are not disqualified unless they show signs of pain or change in gait while running or marching.

    If there is no pain associated with the flat feet because the person is using prescribed orthotic insoles, there is a chance of disqualification since this means that there is a chance of developing pains on the flat feet in the long run and after rigorous training.

    This is because soldiers are always on their feet and sometimes need to run or walk long distances. It is also a measure to reduce the number of people who will eventually apply for disability compensations in the long run.

    What Is The Role Of The Military Entrance Processing Station

    #SE4E13 Secondary Conditions to Flat Feet

    MEPS is a military processing station. It is responsible for processing applicants for military service and conducting medical examinations on those applicants. MEPS also processes recruits who have enlisted in the armed forces, as well as members of the reserves who are called up during times of war or other conflicts.

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    Can You Join The Air Force With Flat Feet

    You can join the Air Force with flat feet. In fact, you must have a negative military profile in order to be eligible for enlistment as an Airman.

    If youve been told that your feet are too flat and therefore ineligible for service, dont let it get you down! There are lots of jobs that require a negative MP and well go through some of them here.

    The first thing to keep in mind is that just because someone else has gotten into the military with flat feet doesnt mean its going to happen for everyone. If a recruiter tells you otherwise, tell them about this articleit will help them understand how things work inside AFPC and reassure any young person who is worried about having their dream career dashed by an annoying physical condition like being born with floppy toes or whatever else makes them unfit according to current standards set forth by .

    Your Butt Cant Be Too Big

    Spinal disorders and conditions are taken very seriously by the military. Many of the jobs have stringent physical demands and standards, and having any sort of back issue can be detrimental to your health, and the readiness of the force. However, according to the Tucson recruiting office, as a result of spinal curvature misalignment, your butt can be too big for you to serve. Enough said.

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    Can You Join The Army If You Have Flat Feet

    You can indeed join the army with a pronated foot type, however this wasnt always the case. There is no official history timestamp for when flat feet stopped being a disqualifying condition for army enlistment but it occurred roughly around the time the Vietnam war began. They can no longer disqualify you from enlisting but you will still be put through various medical screenings and physical training. From there if your feet do become an issue and you start getting pain related symptoms as a result then this could affect your chances as sustaining an injury consistently can be a problem.

    What Makes A Foot Flat

    VA Disability Ratings for Flat Feet

    Before answering the question of whether you can join the military if you have flat feet, you first need to understand what makes a foot flat.

    So, right at first glance, youll notice if your feet are flat when you have low to non-existent arches down there.

    Now, you might not realize it but these arches play a crucial part in our balance.

    In babyhood, the arches are developed according to the bones of our foot alignment.

    The longer we train our feet, the stronger the connection gets until the arches can work alongside the tendons and ligaments while providing support!

    However, that support is removed from the equation with flat feet .

    There are a few causes for why that is.

    Having weak arches could be a bit tricky to pinpoint at first glance because you can say with full confidence that you do have arches as youve seen them while youre sitting!

    But once you stand up and your feet have to support your entire body weight, that changes everything as your flat feet would be more obvious.

    Of course, weak arches can be the outcome of your genes, especially if one or both of your parents have this condition, which gives it a high possibility youll get it, as well.

    On the other hand, this could be caused by yourself.

    How can that be? you might ask.

    Well, it could be as simple as having footwear with a compressed toe box or having an elevated heel that keeps your feet from resting naturally.

    Other conditions can serve as the root of your weakened arches.

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    Why Are Flat Feet Bad

    A flat foot is a condition that occurs when the foot arch becomes too low that they fully touch the ground when standing. The foot normally flattens when it carries the body weight in the standing position, but the flat foot does not retain the arch.

    Flat foot is usually associated with pains on the foot, the ankle, and back. This is because the bodyweight is borne poorly by the flat foot and therefore transfer the shock to the ankles, legs, and hips.

    A flat foot is not as capable as the normal foot in maintaining the stability of the body. As a result, the flat foot stands a higher chance of muscle strain since the muscles of other parts of the body recompense for the inability of the flat foot to help the body to be stable.

    Also, the flat foot does not allow the body to maintain a proper standing posture. When the arch of the flat foot falls, the legs roll inwards thereby putting pressure on the heels and ankles. This, in turn, affects the legs, hip, and back.

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