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Can You Join The Military With Asthma

Sample Medical Conditions That Might Stop Or Delay Me Joining

Can You Join The Army With ADHD or ASTHMA?

Gastrointestinal problems:

  • Chronic abdominal diseases like Crohnâs disease or ulcerative colitis.
  • Significant history of dyspepsia.
  • History of kidney problems such as malfunction of a kidney or kidney stones.
  • Recurrent renal colic.
  • History of deliberate self-harm or suicide attempts.

Skin problems:

  • An active skin disease like severe eczema or widespread psoriasis.

Other conditions:

Navy Policy On Asthma

OMK spoke with Officer Mendoza, a Navy recruiter stationed in Atlanta, Georgia, about the Navys policy on asthma.

This is what he had to say:

  • It is possible to enter the Navy if you have been previously diagnosed, but it can be very difficult. For starters, if you currently have asthma, it is not going to work.
  • The army has a very strict policy on this If you are currently being treated for asthma, it will not help.
  • Also, any history of asthma after age 13 will require an exemption.
  • The exemption process will take place at your Military Entry Processing Station, or MEPS.
  • Before enlisting, you will be asked to take what is known as a pulmonary function test or PFT.
  • A PFT is essentially a non-invasive test that shows how well your lungs are working.

If you can pass this test, you can join the Navy.

What Happens If You Get Diagnosed With Asthma In The Military

When applying for a job in the military, you will be required to undergo a medical physical. If you are found to have asthma and are accepted into the military, you will be assigned a primary care manager who will oversee your care. Additionally, you will be placed on a treatment regimen and take scheduled medications that are important to your health and wellbeing. You will have regular checkups to monitor your progress and to ensure your medications are working. The military provides access to a wide variety of treatment options and will work with you to find the treatment that works best for you. The military also has special requirements for smoky or dusty environments and will provide you with the appropriate medication and preventative care so that you dont have to worry while you are in those environments..

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Can You Get A Medical Waiver For Asthma

So now lets answer your question is your journey over, or can you possibly join the military with asthma? The answer is: it depends.

The military normally does not allow individuals who currently have asthma to join. However, there can be waivers for those who had asthma in their youth, provided it is still not present when they apply to join the military.

Now your situation is unique. You mentioned you had asthma as a youth, but havent had any issues since then. However, the doctor who recently examined you stated you still have asthma, but that it shouldnt be a problem for military service.

Therein lies the problem: the doctor recommended you as fit for service, and MEPS sent your examination and waiver application to the Surgeon Generals office, where the Surgeon General denied the waiver application.

Obviously they saw something they didnt like, or something that went against military medical standards for applicants. You can familiarize yourself with the DODI, or Department of Defense Instruction for Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction in the Military Services for a better understanding of which medical conditions are excluded from entry to the military, and which are eligible for waivers . This makes for dense reading, but arming yourself with this knowledge is essential if you want to keep trying to join the Air Force.

Joining The Military With Food Allergies

Can you join the army with asthma?

The Armed Forces are allowed to bar people with allergies because they are exempt from disability discrimination legislation.

Even if the military wasn’t exempt from this legislation, the ability to eat any food is considered an occupational requirement for serving personnel, so this discrimination would likely still be allowed. A history of food allergies is a disqualifying medical condition for individuals seeking to join the military.

People with venom allergies may be eligible if they have been desensitized with immunotherapy and no longer need to carry an EpiPen.

Although having allergies may lead to your disqualification from military service, do not lie about your allergies when applying. It is essential to be completely honest and forthright in your disclosure of these medical conditions to the military, as a failure to disclose a condition will automatically disqualify you.

If you are excluded from the military due to a history of food allergies, you can request a waiver and make an appointment with a military-approved allergist, who will require that you complete and pass an oral food challenge. Prospective recruits with oral allergy syndrome may also qualify for a waiver.

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Can You Bring An Inhaler To Basic Training

Yes, you can bring your inhaler to basic training. An approved and prescribed inhaler should be allowed.__% of recruits are taking some form of prescribed medication, and because the military exercises are even more rigorous than basic training, it is important to understand what is allowed and what is not. You should plan to bring all of your prescription medication with you, including inhalers. You will need to check with your recruiter to see what medications are allowed, if you are unsure. After the training is done, you have to pass a physical to enter the service..

How To Obtain A Medical Waiver

If you have a history of asthma in your childhood or have experienced symptoms of asthma after your 13th birthday, you are likely to need a medical waiver in order to enlist in the military. If this is something you are interested in doing, you can apply for a waiver by doing the following:

  • Complete and submit a prescreen form, which you can give to a military recruiter. The recruiter will then send the form on to the MEPS for further assessment. The MEPS will look at the form and decide whether to disqualify or arrange further testing.
  • If your initial prescreen form is not rejected by the MEPS, you will need to either provide proof that you havent had asthma symptoms or treatment since the age of 13 or, if you have had symptoms since your 13th birthday, submit your medical records in their entirety.
  • You will need to take a Pulmonary Function Test and have a physical exam so that a doctor can decide whether you are currently qualified to enlist.
  • After all the documentation and tests have been processed, you will have to wait for the recruiting commander to decide whether or not to request a waiver. The waiver will also have to be approved by multiple members of the relevant organization before the highest-ranking medical professional makes the final decision.

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Medical Records And Exams

When enlisting in any branch of the military, there is a point where you must undergo a medical examination, as well as a review of medical records by experts in the field.

As part of your initial request, you must declare any medical deficiencies and disclose related documentation showing the extent of the disorder.

Previously, asthma was an automatic disqualifying factor upon joining the military.

This means that it was not a factor that could be waived, which means that no matter what, you cannot enter.

With competition for benefits and wages in the civilian job market and ever-changing politics, branches like the Air Force and Navy decided to find ways to allow more people in and essentially increase their numbers.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

“Joining the Air Force with asthma?”

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is also an anxiety problem.

The disorder causes persistent mental or emotional stress which is usually a result of some form of trauma.

Unfortunately, PTSD is a common mental illness that gets diagnosed to patients who previously served in the military.

While it is rarer for people to try and join the military with PTSD it is not completely abnormal.

Unfortunately, the military considers PTSD a disqualifying mental health condition.

If youve been diagnosed with PTSD you likely wont receive a waiver.

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Your Testicles Have To Be Normal

You have to have normal genitalia to be in the military. According to the Tucson recruiting office, one man who was trying to join couldnt because his testicles were too big. As a result, he was permanently disqualified. However, thats not the only concern. The absence of one or both testicles, whether congenital, acquired, or unexplained absence of a testicle is also unacceptable according to military standards.

Air Force Disqualifying Medical Conditions

The United States Air Force is considered slightly more selective than some of the other military branches.

The branch also factors in the Speciality Code you are seeking, as some USAF jobs require top-secret security clearance or special qualification .

Expect your medical health conditions to be closely analyzed if you are in a position that requires a lot of trust or advanced physical fitness.

Speak to an Air Force recruiter if you have any of the following conditions:

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Should I Join The Military With Asthma

Even if your symptoms become milder as an adult, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology states that asthma cant be outgrown.

Asthma is a chronic condition in which many people may develop milder symptoms or fewer attacks as adults. Environmental or lifestyle conditions, as well as other respiratory health problems, can trigger an attack well into adulthood.

In general, the waiver guidelines and requirements related to asthma are similar across all branches of the military.

Here are some specific rules that you may encounter across different branches of the U.S. military.

What Are The 3 Types Of Asthma

Can I Join the National Guard With Asthma?

Asthma is an inflammatory lung disease that causes episodes of wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Fortunately, medical science has developed a classification system to describe the different types of asthma and their severity. The most common classification system is known as the Global Initiative for Asthma guidelines and divides asthma into three categories: Mild intermittent asthma: Presentations of wheezing and shortness of breath that occur occasionally with no permanent alteration in lung function. Mild persistent asthma: Presentations of wheezing and shortness of breath that occur frequently and may cause a mild alteration in lung function. Moderate persistent asthma: Presentations of wheezing and shortness of breath that occur frequently and may cause a moderate to severe alteration in lung function..

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Are There Physical Fitness Requirements To Join

Yes, there are physical fitness requirements to join the Army. The Armys Physical Fitness Test is used to assess the physical endurance of a recruit. APFT is a 3-part fitness event: 2 minutes of push-ups, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and a timed 2-mile run. Recruits must pass the APFT to graduate boot camp.

The APFT physical fitness requirements vary by age and gender. Reference the table below to find your minimum fitness requirements.

The Army will continue to use the APFT until further notice.

34 23:00

If you have any questions regarding the APFT or your physical fitness requirements, talk to your recruiter.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is one of the more difficult branches to join because it accepts far fewer new recruits than the other branches of the military. If you have a GED, it will probably be difficult to be accepted into the Coast Guard. You will have to undergo a credit check and pass a security clearance check.

Significant food or other allergies are a limiting factor to entry.

Coeliac disease

While coeliac disease is manageable day-to-day within New Zealand, in certain situations there may be limited dietary options for a prolonged period. In such situations there is a risk of complications ranging from gastrointestinal symptoms to nutritional deficiency. This has potential implications not only for the individual, but also those around them. The Defence Force has an obligation to minimise risk to the individual and the organisation wherever possible, and accordingly if you have coeliac disease you may not be admitted entry to the Defence Force.

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Does Any Military Branch Accept Recruits With Asthma

No military branch will accept recruits that have active asthma that may affect their ability to perform their duties. However, each branch has different requirements for whats acceptable.

The team at Operation Military Kids interviewed recruiters from each major military branch. Here’s what they had to say:

How Do I Recognise If I Have Asthma

Serving in the Army with Asthma?!?! ||

The most common symptoms of asthma are:

  • Activities are limited by coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath or cough.

As asthma is a variable condition, symptoms may vary depending on the time of day and from season to season. Not everyone with asthma will experience all of the symptoms described above. Everyones asthma is different and triggers for asthma vary between asthmatics. Apart from asthma, there are also other causes for persistent coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness or wheeze. So if you experience these symptoms it is important that you make an appointment to see your doctor for advice.

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Is Asthma Can Be Cured

Asthma is a condition characterized by spasms of the bronchi and shortness of breath. It is often a chronic condition and needs to be treated on a long term basis. The good news is that like any other condition, asthma too can be managed and controlled. Asthma can be cured through a combination of home remedies and proper medication. The key is to cure the asthma, not just manage the symptoms. However, the underlying causes, triggers and lifestyle factors all need to be identified and addressed before you can expect to be totally cured..

Can I Join The Armed Forces With Asthma

In most countries, young adults are eligible to join the military. However, you might like to check with the armed forces you are considering in terms of the health requirements they have. There are different requirements regarding health when you join the military, depending on the country you live in and the branch you join. In general, you can join the army with asthma, but you might be asked to postpone your enlistment until you are asthma-free for a period of time. It is important that you make sure you are in good health when you join the military..

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Considerations Unique To The Military

Active-duty personnel present unique challenges in the diagnosis and management of asthma. Service members should be questioned thoroughly on deployment and exposure history. A significant portion of the current military population has deployed to SWA in the past decade, many for multiple deployments. Research addressing respiratory complaints in the deployed military population is ongoing. To date, military research has demonstrated that while many service members with deployment-related respiratory exposures have a paucity of objective findings after pulmonary medicine evaluation, some demonstrate functional limitations consistent with asthma or airway hyperresponsivenesss.28 Further retrospective studies did not find a relationship between deployment and diagnosis rates or severity in asthma patients in the Army.29 A comprehensive evaluation is recommended for service members with dyspnea to include investigating for potential asthma- or exercise-induced bronchospasm, in addition to diagnoses such as vocal cord dysfunction, GERD, and OSA.2830

Can Police Take Antidepressants

Can I Join The Territorial Army With Asthma

Until now, people wanting to join the police have faced a mandatory two-year wait if they are on, or have been on, antidepressant medication. In practice, those taking the medication usually haven’t been allowed to become police officers. That restriction is now being lifted and replaced by a case-by-case assessment.

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What If You Currently Run Ads

According to Recruiter Mendoza, if you are found to have asthma while on duty, you will be discharged.

With that said, someone contacted us and said that this is not necessarily true.

Check out what he had to say below:

  • I would like to talk about the Navy that discharged you for being diagnosed with asthma while currently serving this is simply not true.
  • I have enlisted for 10 years and am looking forward to 20+ years of enlistment right now.
  • I was officially diagnosed with asthma earlier this year, and discharge was never discussed, except when I said that I dont want this diagnosis to cause me to be discharged from the service.
  • They are treating me with a single daily pill and an inhaler to use before physical exercise and also as needed.
  • They will not discharge me because I was diagnosed with asthma .

DBoydstun, comment left on August 1, 2019

The biggest concerns would be for anyone thinking of becoming a naval aviator , submarine, diver, or firefighter.

Navy policy is pretty straightforward on this too Any history of asthma , including childhood asthma and exercise-induced asthma, is considered disqualifying for aviation duties and training.

This includes even very mild asthma.

For all other fees , the recruit will perform a series of physical tests during MEPS.

If your doctor expects you have asthma, you will be referred to a specialist.

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Continue To Avoid Asthma Triggers

Preventing asthma symptoms from returning may also depend on avoiding your triggers and controlling your environment as much as possible. The following steps may help:

  • Take over-the-counter antihistamines during allergy season to help prevent symptoms of allergic asthma.
  • Keep pets out of your bed if youre allergic to animal dander.
  • Clean your home often, paying special attention to areas where dust can accumulate, such as carpeting, rugs, and curtains.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke.
  • Exercise in cold weather with caution.

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