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University Of North Georgia

GCU Celebrates Your Military Service

Online Degrees in Criminal Justice, International Affairs, Nursing

Dahlonega, Georgia

Undergraduate Tuition: $4,421

One of the best online military friendly colleges on our list is University of North Georgia. This accredited public institution offers online bachelors in nursing programs and several associate degrees. Classes are delivered entirely online and are taught by university professors. Military services are important to the university. Support services, tuition assistance, and help with scholarship programs and applications are offered to military personnel, veterans, and dependents. U.S. News and World Report ranks University of North Georgia #61 in best regional universities in the South, #56 in best value schools, and #22 in top public schools. Also, U.S. News ranks UNG #36 in best colleges for veterans.

Penn State W0rld Campus

  • Annual Tuition: $15,476
  • Graduation Rate: 66.3%
  • Financial Aid Recipients: 52%

The online campus of Pennsylvania State University, Penn State World Campus offers more than 175 online programs to aspiring undergraduate and graduate students. To serve its military students, the school has a dedicated team of advisors that help in admissions, benefits, and other forms of military support. The degrees offered include those for business, engineering, education, nursing, and homeland security.

University Of Arkansas Grantham

Grantham University is dedicated to quality education for students serious about preparing for a better, brighter future. Together, our constitution, mission, vision, and core values define both our purpose and our passion. Were here to serve.

Located in Lenexa, Kansas, University of Arkansas Grantham has been providing over 50 accredited online degree programs for 65 years. They are powered by four major colleges namely:

  • College of Arts and Sciences,
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science,
  • College of Nursing and Allied Health,
  • and Mark Skousen School of Business that provides a professionally relevant distance education with convenience, flexibility, and affordability.

You have all the equipment you need to earn your online degree on your brand new laptop which is provided by the university. Dedicated to your success, this is just another way the university makes sure youre successful.

University of Arkansas Granthams tuition rates are among the lowest in the country without compromising quality, with the military rate at $250 per credit hour. Grantham University is an important educational institution that provides a great resource of support systems for those that have active service in the U.S. Military.

The university has received recognition from Military Times Best, and GI Jobs as well as awarded as a Top Military Friendly School by Military Advanced Education and Transition for ten years consecutively.

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How Often Do I Need To Participate In My Online Course

Students taking online courses at the University of Arizona Global Campus are expected to attend every week of the course. Attendance is defined as posting in a graded discussion forum or submitting a written assignment, journal entry, quiz, or exam. In most cases, you should expect to academically participate in your course at least two times per week. Failure to meet academic participation requirements may negatively impact an assignment or course grade. In addition, you must meet minimum attendance requirements. Students enrolled in undergraduate introductory courses must attend at least once in any seven consecutive day period. Students enrolled in non-introductory courses must attend at least once in any fourteen consecutive day period in order to avoid being administratively withdrawn. Failure to meet academic participation requirements may negatively impact an assignment and/or course grade.

Can I Get An Online Degree For Free As A Veteran

Best Online Military Friendly Colleges in 2017

Most online degrees offer a discounted tuition rate for veterans. Upon their retirement, veterans are offered a benefit from Veteran Affairs known as the GI Bill, which will cover the cost of the tuition for the veteran. These VA-approved online schools college give veterans the ability to earn a quality education without having to pay out of their personal pocket for the funds. The GI Bill is available for veterans to use in either traditional classrooms or online classrooms. Most online college programs are considered equivalent to traditional programs and recognized by Veteran Affairs when paying for the classes.

There are some institutions that offer free tuition for veterans that do not require the use of their GI Bill, allowing veterans to save it for dependents in the future. These programs are known as the Yellow Ribbon Program, and they offer free online college for military and veteran students who are acclimating to civilian life after returning from the military. Still others offer scholarships just for veterans and their families. Depending on the residing state of the veteran, they are able to review a list of schools that participate in this program and determine which online program fits their career goals and needs.

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Will I Be Able To Use My Military Education Benefits Veterans’ Benefits Or Financial Aid To Pay For My Education

If you are eligible for military Tuition Assistance and/or veteran education benefits, you will have the opportunity to work with one of our experienced Military Financial Services Advisors to move through the process.To determine your eligibility for military Tuition Assistance please consult your base education office. While you are there, many education offices provide scholarship and grant information specifically created for service members, spouses and DoD employees.If you find you still need additional assistance, the University of Arizona Global Campus’ Military Financial Services Advisors can determine whether you can benefit from the various financial aid options offered. Financial aid programs include the Federal Stafford Loan, the Federal PLUS Loan and in some cases, the Federal Pell Grant.

Cuny School Of Professional Studies

This institution is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Their alumni over the years are carriers of top-level excellence and amazing skills. Military members are not left out, courses are not just available but tuition assistance is also granted to veterans and military personnel.

Online programs available include

  • Bsc Business and many more

Tuition: 4 year colleges-$7,200 annually

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Penn State World Campus

Penn State launched the World Campus in 1998 to make online degree programs available to students beyond the reach of our physical campuses. Today, Penn State World Campus specializes in serving adult learners, corporate partners, and the military.

Pennsylvania State University offers 197 online degree programs through the PennState World Campus. Considered as a military-friendly educational institution, Penn State World Campus is recognized as a top military-friendly institution that hosts more than 4,000 online military-affiliated students.

The universitys online degree programs range from several areas of study such as:

  • and Communication among others.

Penn State World Campus has an extensive support services system for the military and veteran students. They have a dedicated team of experts that will help navigate service members, military families, and veterans in admissions, benefits programs, impacts of deployment, and other military support offered by the university.

Also, the university provides Undergraduate Military Grant-in-Aid for all the members of the Department of Defense, U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Armed Forces as well as their spouses.

Penn State provides a variety of options to provide financial assistance for their education through the Financial Aid for Military and Veteran Students. A specially trained military support team is available to Penn State World Campus military students through their Military Support page.

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Best Online Colleges For Military Students

GCU Celebrates Your Military Service

Military students need programs that offer flexibility, a range of degree paths, and robust academic services. And they should feel confident that theyre getting top-notch value in their tuition dollars. Its all too easy to wind up spending more than you wanted, or settling for a school with fewer academic resources than you might need.

Luckily, there are plenty of affordable and quality options available. So how do you know which one is right for you? Military students have specific needs like flexible scheduling options and distance learning opportunities that make looking at our list of best online colleges for military students worthwhile.

But whether youre a veteran or a member of an ROTC program, here are some of the questions to keep in mind as you start your search:

Whats Your Educational Goal? The first step to finding an online college for military students is deciding what kind of education you want.

Do you want to get your associates degree before transferring into a four-year institution? Are you interested in earning your bachelors on campus or through an online program?

Are you hoping to earn credits towards a certificate or certification instead of earning a degree? These questions will help narrow down your search from thousands of schools into something manageable, allowing you to focus on schools that fit your exact educational goals and needs.

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What Is A Military

The term military-friendly pertains to a standard to effectively serve the educational needs of the military community, whether it is personnel on active duty, reserves, veterans, or their immediate family . With this, a military-friendly college offers the necessary service infrastructure to accommodate the special needs of the military community.

In the United States, the need for military-friendly colleges is underscored by the population of the military community. Veterans, who comprise the largest share of the military student populace, amount to an estimated 23.5 million, comprising around 9% of the national population . Meanwhile, the number of active personnel, as of early 2021, is over 1.4 million while the reserves, as of 2019, are 594,309 . The perpetually large number of potential students galvanized a lot of colleges to adjust their programs to suit the needs of military students.

While military students carry individual needs, there are factors that should be present for a school or program to be considered military-friendly.

Besides the primary requirements, learners would also benefit from a school that has a military student association or at least encourages them to start one. The community can help them adjust to the learning pace and other scholastic requirements.

Trident University International California

This is one of the top friendly military colleges, it was established in 1998 with about 6,861 students across the world with the main campus on your PC. Surprised? Well, its a private online university accredited by HLC with a great passion for the military with over 30,000 alumni.

At Trident, degree programs are available aa re masters degrees in 39 disciplines,21 certification programs, bachelors degrees in about 28 disciplines, and 2 partnering degrees. Some of these courses are

  • Health sciences
  • Homing Security
  • Business Administration and many more.

For tuition, Trident offers a schooling grant with 40% for undergraduate programs, 19% for Ph.D. programs, and 43% for graduate programs. The average tuition is $4,000.

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Does The Military Pay For College

The military has many tuition benefits for service members and veterans. Those on active duty and in the reserves can get tuition assistance to cover a portion of their college costs each year.

Some can receive even more by applying for Top-Up benefits. Also, there are two GI Bill options. They cover a large portion of educational expenses. To take advantage of military funding for college, its necessary for you to meet all the eligibility requirements. Depending on the programs you use, you may be required to have served for a certain length of time.

Top Online Schools For Active Military Families In 2022

Best Online Community Colleges For Military

People who serve in the countrys armed forces have rendered the greatest service for their country. They are ready to offer the ultimate sacrifice of protecting and serving the nation.

For military service members who want to pursue education or training while serving in an irregular schedule in the armed forces, it can be challenging and stressful. Are you interested in online courses for military families? If so, stay tuned!

Thanks to several military-friendly online schools and programs, military personnel, as well as their families can choose any type of degree depending on their interest and passion.

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Distinguishing The Best Online Colleges For Military Credit Transfer

Military training, courses, and specialty schools can transfer to college credits. This can result in saving active duty service members and veterans valuable time and money. Approximately 1,700 veteran-friendly colleges and universities provide a military college credit transfer for military experience.

The American Council on Education works with the Department of Defense to evaluate military experience, courses, and training. The goal is to best match military experience and knowledge to equitable college courses and credit. An ACE recommendation certifies that a particular military experience, course, or training has provided the necessary information and knowledge that would have been acquired in a particular college course.

To get started, request a copy of your military Joint Services Transcript. For the Air Force, you will need to obtain your CCAF Transcript instead of the JST.

We Are Military Friendly And For Us This Is Much More Than A Catch Phrase

For all of us at Granite State, Military friendly means dedicated professionals college-wide helping you be successful by:

  • We award the maximum credit for your military training based on American Council on Education recommendations and guarantee at least 64 credits to transfer from CCAF. We also offer other options that let you demonstrate college-level learning, such as workplace training and equivalency tests .

  • Military Tuition Discount

    We cap our undergraduate tuition rate at $250/credit so it matches the DoD Tuition Assistance Program. Graduate students receive a 15% discount on their cost per credit. Learn More!

  • Open AdmissionStart Anytime!

    We offer 8 opportunities each year for you to start your coursework. Take one course per term to qualify as a part-time student or take two+ courses to be considered full-time.

  • Accredited and Available 100% Online

    We are a public, nonprofit college thats regionally accredited. U.S. News & World Report ranks us among the nations best online bachelors degrees and graduate business programs, and every undergraduate and masters degree is available online.

  • Minimal Out-of-Pocket Expense

    Maximize your military education benefits with our affordable tuition and fees. Through our Active Duty Tuition Discount and participation in the Post 9/11 Yellow Ribbon program, were committed to supporting those who served regardless of residency status.

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Texas A& m International University

  • Annual Tuition: $4,744
  • Graduation Rate: 42%
  • Financial Aid Recipients: 67%

Texas A& M International University offers 17 online undergraduate and nine graduate programs. Some of the most notable bachelors programs are criminal justice, business, and nursing. The public university has a department that provides support services to military students, often assisting in admissions and benefits.

What Colleges Cater To The Military

CSUSB ranked Best Online Military Friendly College

An online college for military will accept military-related financial assistance like the GI Bill or Yellow Ribbon Program. These financial assistance programs can often fund most or 100% of a students education. A military-friendly school will also provide services that support veteran-specific needs. Look for colleges that offer counseling or peer support services and health services.

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Is Military College Free

The military operates several military academies, including the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

These military academies do not charge tuition for enlistees because the education students receive is part of their military training. However, students who enroll at these military academies must meet strict admission standards. They also agree to a term of military service to cover the cost of their education, which ranges from 5-8 years depending on the military academy.

Military service members interested in a college degree can also enroll at public or private colleges. Education benefits like the GI Bill can help students earning degrees at these institutions pay for college.

What Are The Educational Benefits That Military Personnel And Their Families Get

Military members receive unique benefits and programs in their chosen schools. The school provides a designated advisor with a military background that specializes in the needs of the members of the armed forces.

They offer a wealth of information including the benefits of military members that the school provides, types of financial aid, assist in the transfer of credits prior to the military education or training credentials, and military discounts for members of their families who are interested in pursuing a college education.

The school will assist in the military members GI benefits. They will aid in the eligibility of either the Montgomery GI Bill or the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Many schools provide workshops for veterans to help them transition into a distance learning format since some of them suffer from injuries/physical disabilities, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also, advisors can match a persons military skills with a degree that will help him/her transition into a civilian career. Individual orientations and counseling services for military members are readily provided by the school to give them the best and smooth-sailing learning experience.

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Do Dependents Of Veterans Get College Benefits

The spouse and dependents of a veteran may qualify for educational benefits if they meet specific criteria. The GI Bill provides college benefits for the child or spouse of a veteran who:

  • Died in the line of duty after September 11th
  • Has been discharged for a total disability caused during their service
  • Went missing in action
  • Was detained by a foreign government during their military service

If you have dependents, you can also transfer some of your GI Bill benefits to them while on active duty. To learn more about potential college benefits, you can consult with a veterans admissions specialist at your chosen college.

Southeast Missouri State University

Top 10 Online Colleges for Active Duty Military 2020  Top Ten Online ...

Veterans and distant learners can take advantage of the Southeast Online platform to finish a degree online. Veterans can take advantage of their Military Package including maximum credit hours granted for those in the military service, at least 24 transferable credits from the college experience, and delayed tuition and enrollment fees until the end of the term for recipients of CH 31 and CH 33 VA Education Benefit. Online degrees are available for undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can choose from these courses: Applied Technology, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Family Studies, General Studies, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Management, Interdisciplinary Studies, Nursing, Psychology, Social Science, and Technology Management. If youre pursuing higher education from your previous undergraduate degree, you can choose from graduate degree courses such as Applied Behavior Analysis, Applied Computer Science, and Criminal Justice to name a few.

Find your online program options for veterans offered at Southeast Missouri State University.

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