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Top 50 Most Affordable Military Friendly Online Colleges And Universities

CSUSB ranked Best Online Military Friendly College

In this article, we profile the 50 most affordable military friendly online colleges and universities.

In addition to their low undergraduate tuition rates, many of the schools on our list participate in tuition assistance programs exclusive to military personnel, veterans, and close family members. These colleges or universities offer academic military support teams, resource centers for military, or programs designed to assist military students with transfer credit. Also, many of the schools listed below have earned recognition from U.S. News and World Report as a top military friendly institution.

To be considered for our list of top 50 most affordable military friendly online colleges or universities, schools must offer at least one online bachelors program, have resources that cater exclusively to military personnel and/or veterans, and cost less than $30,000 annually. Tuition was collected from the National Center for Education Statistics . The schools are listed in order of raw affordability.

Below is our list of the top 50 most affordable military friendly online colleges or universities.

Cybersecurity Bachelor Completion Degree Campus & Online

The Cybersecurity program prepares information security professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to protect systems and information against an evolving landscape of potential hazards. The first half of the Cybersecurity bachelor’s degree program consists of an associate degree in Information Technology. The IT foundation of the program complements the second half, a completion program of in-depth cybersecurity courses.

Courses Include:

  • Cyber Crime and Incident Response & dash This course reveals the inner workings and strategy behind hazards such as computer and network intrusion, ransomware, industrial espionage, cyber terrorism, social engineering, fraud, and emerging threats.
  • Security Compliance and Privacy & dash This course explores the laws and compliance parameters that apply to various worldwide governing jurisdictions and independent industry bodies.
  • Threat Protection and Testing & dash Using automated real-time threat intelligence, students will learn to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and data.
  • Cyber Crime and Incident Response
  • Security Compliance and Privacy

University Of Colorado Denver

  • Annual Tuition: $14,940
  • Graduation Rate: 52%
  • Financial Aid Recipients: 82%

The University of Colorado Denver has the biggest graduate schools of business and education in Colorado and accommodates an estimated 13,500 students. Offering 28 online undergraduate programs, the public university has a dedicated office for military support services, which provides comprehensive assistance for military students. Its most notable degree options include public service, sociology, international studies, and criminal justice.

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How Does A Students Military Training Translate To College Credits

You must follow the policies of the university you intend to attend in order to earn credit for your military training. Colleges and universities are likely to accept military experience than not, but theres not a concrete rule or law for them to do so.

Generally, there are three steps to the process, as provided below:

  • Choose a college or university you plan to attend.
  • Colleges are free to determine their own policies regarding the acceptance of military experience for credit. As a result, active-duty service members and veterans looking to maximize the value of their experience must do their research before selecting a school:

    • Review the universitys military website or speak with an admissions counselor to learn how to maximize your transfer credits that the school is willing to accept.
    • Find the best major or program that fits your military experience.
    • Review the universitys military support resources, tuition assistance and scholarships, veteran benefits, and check all the services that they offer to make your educational experience more convenient.
  • Request copies of your military transcripts.
  • The admissions officer needs to understand how you spent your time in the military in order to determine the value of your military experience. This information can be found in your military transcripts. Therefore, ensure to secure this document upon your online enrollment.

  • Submit an application to every college or university you intend to attend.
  • Other Resources:

    Online College For Military Families

    Top 10 Best Online Schools for Military Members

    The spouses and dependent children of active duty military members and veterans are entitled to a number of benefits that can make earning an online college degree more affordable. In some cases, military family members who demonstrate significant need may be able to attend online college for free or at minimal cost.

    All five major branches of the U.S. military provide education-related financial assistance to spouses, and in some instances to dependent children as well. For example, the Army provides the Mrs. Patty Shinseki Spouse Scholarship Program for spouses of active Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard service members. Families of Navy and Marine Corps service members may be eligible for Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Education Assistance. Additionally, service members who are eligible for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits may be able to transfer some or all of their education benefits to a spouse or dependent.

    Military family members should check with the appropriate military branch to determine the eligibility requirements for the various types of assistance available. Explore our site for more tips on how to save money in college or student loan advice.

    Here are some additional funding sources for military family members:

    Eligibility requirements for these programs vary, so prospective online college students should check with their schools and their state’s Department of Veterans Affairs office to discover all possible options.

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    How To Choose An Online Military

    The best online colleges for military students offer affordability, online learner resources, and support. But how should you compare online schools for military service members and veterans? This section discusses the factors to consider when choosing an online college as a veteran or military student.

    Does Every College Accept The Gi Bill

    No, not every college or university in the United States will accept the GI Bill. With this in mind, current service members and veterans looking to find the best colleges for them should read our article about the colleges with the best student veteran resources and salary outcomes. Additionally, prospective students should use the WEAMS Institution Search tool in order to see if they accept military tuition assistance.

    In addition, the Department of Veterans Affairs has the GI Bill Comparison tool, which allows users to compare colleges for veterans or military members in order to see what types of benefits are available. The Yellow Ribbon Program, as previously mentioned, also helps active-duty officers and veterans receive additional financial assistance that’s not covered by the GI Bill.

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    The Spouse Education And Career Opportunities

    This is a program that offers military spouses resources to get back in education. It is an entire website dedicated to offer all the information and help necessary to pick the right university course for spouses.

    Its very helpful for those who find themselves lost in the jungle of information that is the Internet, as it provides a portal with all the relevant information.

    There you can learn more about possible career paths based on your skills and interests. You can also get help in picking the right college for you.

    There are other nice perks for participating in the MySECO program, such as free LinkedIn Premium, a Resume Builder, and access to relevant statistics and data about employment trends in your area and national wages.

    Determining The Best Online Colleges For Military Credit Transfer

    College Credit for Military Experience, Finish Faster (:15)

    Online colleges that offer military credit transfer provide an excellent opportunity for active duty service members and veterans. Other features that are common practices among the Best Online Colleges for Military Credit Transfer include: accreditation, GI Bill acceptance, additional tuition assistance specifically earmarked for active duty and veterans, graduation rates of at least 30%, and effective job placement.

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    Benefits Of A Military

    There are many reasons for service members to attend college, such as to improve job opportunities, pursue a passion, take advantage of the military’s education benefits, and advance a career.

    A large portion of these students took advantage of military benefits.

    Education benefits offered to military members can help increase their return on investment and make pursuing a degree more affordable.

    University Of Alabama At Birmingham

    • Annual Tuition: $13,230
    • Graduation Rate: 63%
    • Financial Aid Recipients: 95%

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a public university that offers a multitude of degrees and certificates from its 12 academic divisions. Online undergraduates can choose from notable programs like accounting, criminal justice, marketing, management, and information systems. The institution has a program called UAB Salute and the Office of Veteran Recruitment and Student Services that provide holistic support to military students.

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    How Often Do I Need To Participate In My Online Course

    Students taking online courses at the University of Arizona Global Campus are expected to attend every week of the course. Attendance is defined as posting in a graded discussion forum or submitting a written assignment, journal entry, quiz, or exam. In most cases, you should expect to academically participate in your course at least two times per week. Failure to meet academic participation requirements may negatively impact an assignment or course grade. In addition, you must meet minimum attendance requirements. Students enrolled in undergraduate introductory courses must attend at least once in any seven consecutive day period. Students enrolled in non-introductory courses must attend at least once in any fourteen consecutive day period in order to avoid being administratively withdrawn. Failure to meet academic participation requirements may negatively impact an assignment and/or course grade.

    Visiting Our Site From Outside The United States

    Top 50 Most Affordable Military Friendly Online Colleges and ...

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    Best Online Colleges For Veterans Of 2023

    Ever since the GI Bill of 1944, the U.S. has put a considerable effort into making sure that military members have access to a quality college education before, during, and after their military service. But with varying academic schedules, scholarships, and health services available, its important to make sure that the college you choose is compatible with your long-term career goals. Weve put together this list of the best online colleges for veterans in the U.S. to help you find the support you need to pursue a higher education.

    The 10 Best Online Schools For Veterans And Military Personnel: 2021 List

    This year has ushered in a new wave of technological trends in education, bringing learning closer to home. Now, nearly all communities can access quality college education remotely and earn a degree. That includes minorities like veterans and military personnel. If you are ready to get your degree remotely, check out the best online military-friendly colleges below.

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    Ranking The Best Military

    College Consensus rankings combine the results of the most respected college ranking systems with the averaged ratings of thousands of real student reviews from around the web to create a unique college meta-ranking. This approach offers a comprehensive and holistic perspective missing from other college rankings. Visit our about page for information on which rankings and review sites were included in this years consensus rankings.

    The Military-Friendly Online Colleges for Veterans category is limited to schools that, in addition to offering at least three fully-online bachelors degree programs, 1.) are active service member Opportunity Colleges members, 2.) have a recognized Student Veteran Organization, 3.) are Yellow Ribbon Program participants, 4.) employ a dedicated support contact for veterans, service members, and families, and 5.) offer credit for military training.

    Military and veteran students may also be interested in our ranking of the best traditional colleges for veterans.

    Visit sites to learn more about enrollment, tuition, and aid

    West Texas A& m University

    GCU Celebrates Your Military Service

    The West Texas A& M University online undergraduate program is at the top of online distance education for military students. This year U.S. News & World Report ranked WT A& M #12 in Best Online Bachelors Programs for veterans, #14 in Online Business Programs for veterans, and #32 for Online MBA programs for veterans. In past years the university was recognized by G.I. Jobs as a top military friendly school. With its strong support and counseling system for military service members, veterans and their spouses and dependents, West Texas A& M University is an excellent option for military students.

    As a university in the Texas educational system, tuition rates are set by the Texas Legislature. The rate for Texas residents is $50 per semester credit hour. The Border State rate is $80 per semester credit hour. This makes West Texas A& M tuition affordable at the outset. Military tuition rates are not provided, but with Federal benefit and tuition assistance as well as military scholarships and grants, West Texas A& M University is one of the most affordable online education options for military students.

    Personal and Family Support:

    West Texas A& M University has developed a strong personal and family support system. The university also offers transition and family support, support for student veterans, veterans health, and crisis and prevention hotlines.

    • AT& T Fallen Heroes Scholarship


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    What Advantages Can I Expect Through An Online Degree Program That Offers Military Benefits

    Are you ready to see what is next for you? Are you prepared to receive your college education? Are you ready for your country to now help you with a quality education? If so, you will find that most universities and colleges provide unique benefits for those who have served our country and are ready to transition into civilian life. Through special military programs, schools understand the importance of transitioning smoothly into a learning program to efficiently help you attain your career goals, and not only to the service member, but also, their families.

    As you research the right online distance learning program for you, you will need to work closely with an advisor, preferably one with a military background, that specializes in the needs of military service members. You should ask questions, such as how many service members they have enrolled, what benefits they offer, what sort of financial help you can receive, and can you transfer your prior military education and training credits? In addition, if your spouse is interested in a college education, do they also provide them with military discounts? As a veteran, you deserve the best!

    Financial Aid Options For Military Students

    What’s the best way to pay for military-friendly college? Fortunately, service members and veterans qualify for all kinds of financial aid and support.

    Based on military service, students may qualify for the GI Bill® and Yellow Ribbon Program, which can cover 100% of tuition and other education expenses. Military students also qualify for financial aid through military tuition assistance programs. In addition, military students can submit the FAFSA to receive college grants. And many scholarship opportunities fund service members and veterans.

    When researching financial aid as a military student, check which schools accept veteran and military financial benefits.

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    Things To Consider Before Enrolling In College Online

    Choosing the best online military college involves more than just considering the cost per credit hour and course offerings though those are as important to active serving military and veterans as they would be to average students. Its equally important to consider how dedicated a given college is to the military by closely examining its services.

    Look beyond the possible military discounts and explore the additional benefits for those who serve. Check out if the online military college has an office or department for military members or an office of veteran affairs. Determine if the school offers dedicated advisors for the military. If the college in question offers any of the above, contact that office or those officials directly and get a feel for their expertise and concern.

    Finally, if possible, reach out to military alumni and active students of the college, or even better, those studying directly in your intended field of study.

    Determining The Top Online Schools For Military Tuition Assistance

    Top 10 Best Online Schools for Military Members

    Tuition Assistance is a program where military service members can receive funds for college while serving. TA can cover up to 100% of the cost-per-credit hour for your education. Utilizing Military Tuition Assistance at a top online school is an excellent pathway to success.

    The following features are common practices among the Top Online Schools for Military Tuition Assistance:

    • Accreditation: Regional accreditation is best.
    • Principles of Excellence: The Principles of Excellence requires schools to follow guidelines such as not participating in deceptive practices or aggressive recruiting.
    • Graduation Rates: The best schools will be transparent in their graduation rates. Typical graduation rates are around 50%. Even 30% is considered acceptable but lower than that should raise concerns.
    • Program Availability and Flexibility: consistent availability for the chosen degree program. This allows students to complete their degree while still fulfilling obligations such as military service and family obligations.

    CollegeRecon is a military education and transition resource. We provide online tools and actionable info to better understand your Post-9/11 GI Bill and military and veteran education benefits programs.

    CollegeRecon is built exclusively for veterans, active military, the National Guard, Reserves, military spouses and dependents of the US Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and DoD to assist in their education journey.


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