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Bates Men’s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

Analysis Of 500+ Reviews For Bates Men\s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

Bates Ultra Lites Tactical Sport 8 Inch Boots Review (Bates Combat Boots Review)

BestViewsReviews analyzed 597,888 reviews for 559 products in the Boots category.

We analyzed a total of 599 reviews for this product out of which, 19 reviews were received in the last 6 months.

The analysis indicates that around 76% reviews were positive while around 20% of reviews had negative sentiment.

Bates 8in Tactical Sport Side Zip Boots

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The Bates 8in tactical sports boots are one of the most popular styles available. The boot provides an easy on-off motion due to the side zip and includes a cushioned insert for extra comfort. This boot features the following:

  • Durable leather and performance nylon upper
  • Moisture-wicking lining Removable cushioned insert
  • Ethyl vinyl acetate cushioned midsole
  • YKK nylon side zip Slip-resistant rubber outside Cement construction


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Analysis Of 2k+ Reviews For Bates Men’s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

BestViewsReviews analyzed 155,935 reviews for 476 products in the Men’s Military & Tactical Boots category.

We analyzed a total of 2,140 reviews for this product out of which, 159 reviews were received in the last 6 months.

The analysis indicates that around 77% reviews were positive while around 18% of reviews had negative sentiment.

Best Tactical Boots For Wide Feet

Check Out 10 Best Bates Tactical Sport Of 2022 Buyers Guide  Integra Air
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  • Looking for the best tactical boots for wide feet? read on for the best on the market.

    The best tactical boots have comfortable and versatile nature that turns your every move into an unforgettable experience. It is however not always so easy for people with wide feet to find the perfect fit when shopping for boots.

    Wide feet can be genetically passed from one generation to another or the effect of a developed condition such as diabetes or edema. Whichever the cause of your wide-feet situation, we understand your struggle with finding the right kind of boots and so do many shoe manufacturers.

    Tactical activities as those undertaken by law enforcers, FBI, emergency responders, and other adventurous individuals require the best quality and most comfortable tactical boots.

    Companies such as Bates, Danner, and Merrell have technologically improved boots with special designs to suit your needs. Features like cushioning, moisture-wicking, shock absorption, and removable breathable footbeds are some of what makes the boots featured in this article comfortable and perfect for you.

    What Users Have To Say About Bates Men\s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

    I bought these boots for work, I work in the waste field dump, and I liked how lightweight they are, I did waterproof the boot myself with some beeswax and a water repelling spray, I stepped in when I couldn’t get out of the way of the broken glass and concrete pieces

    These are the best shoes that I have ever owned and they are so easy to wear and put on and take off! I have a fat foot and it can cause my shoe to wear out if I push out the side.

    I have been using these for a year and a half now and I can honestly say that they have done everything I could have asked for in terms of performance and fit.

    They won’t look pretty for a while but you will notice the difference if fitted correctly. Sole has a good grip on surfaces and is Breathable.

    The boots are light so you don’t get foot fatigue when walking around and the lacing and zip combo make it easy to use.

    The Bates Tactical Sport Ultralite Just Got Better

    Bates DRYGuard waterproofing

    The proprietary Bates DRYGuard membrane delivers full waterproof technology while still being breathable to keep your feet cool and comfortable longer. DRYGuard is available in most Tactical Sport UltraLite styles. Non-waterproof styles also available.

    Side zip for quick on/off

    Designed with a side zipper that lasts day after day and can stand up to any mission. Side zip available in both 5” and 8” Tactical Sport UltraLite styles. Non-side zip styles also available.

    Lightweight for all day comfort and traction

    The lightweight rubber outsole is both slip resistant and oil resistant. Built to last, the deep lugs on the outsole give you the grip and traction you need in the roughest conditions.

    Bates Men’s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

    Giá trn gói v Vit Nam 2,805,000
    Giá sau thu ti M 1,951,000
    Thu và phí thông quan 488,000
    Phí vn chuyn v Vit Nam 366,000

    Lu ý: sn phm này có th phát sinh thêm chi phí vn chuyn cn c vào trng lng thc t

    70% Leather, 30% Nylon

    Durable leather & performance nylon upper

    Moisture wicking mesh lining

    All day comfort with removable insert

    Ultimate traction with slip resistant & Oil Resistant outsole

    • MUA HÀNG NGOI TI NHÀCh cn ngi nhà click chut, Zoday s lo toàn b vic nhp khu, vn chuyn, thông quan
    • THANH TOÁN AN TOÀNThanh toán m bo bng nhiu hình thc ngân hàng, th tín dng, th ATM, tin mt+ Xem chi tit
    • GIAO HÀNG TN NHÀGiao hàng tn nhà trên khp 63 tnh thành toàn quc, không mt thêm bt c chi phí nào

    Giao hàng tn nhà

    Giao hàng tn nhà

    Giao hàng tn nhà

    Giao hàng tn nhà

    Giao hàng tn nhà

    Giao hàng tn nhà

    Quý khách mua hàng xin lu ý:

    One of Bates most popular styles, this classic 8″ tactical boot features a side zip for easy on and off.

    Men’s Bates 8 Tactical Sport Side

    Bates 8″ Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boots Review

    Item #: E02261

    Based on one of Bates’ most popular designs, the new Tactical Sport line incorporates athletic cement construction to provide a flexible, high-performance fit in a hard-working tactical boot. The leather and nylon upper is ultra-durable, but the lightweight construction makes for a heavy-duty boot with the functionality and breathability of a running shoe. The cushioned midsole and removable insole offer comfort and stability for long days on the job, while the mesh lining promotes ventilation to keep your feet cool. The lightweight design, athletic fit, superior arch and heel support and tactical functionality make the 8″ Tactical Sport SZ an ideal universal work boot. This model features a YKK side zipper for convenience.

    Analysis Of 700+ Reviews For Bates Men’s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

    BestViewsReviews analyzed 155,935 reviews for 476 products in the Men’s Military & Tactical Boots category.

    We analyzed a total of 790 reviews for this product out of which, 195 reviews were received in the last 6 months.

    The analysis indicates that around 71% reviews were positive while around 22% of reviews had negative sentiment.

    Check Out Other Bates Products

    Not only does Galls offer quality Bates Boots, were also happy to carry Bates Oxfords, for the service professionals who demand comfort while in their dress uniforms. Galls also carries a variety of Bates socks for those who want their comfort level to extend beyond their footwear and a selection of undergarments and base layers. When it comes to the Bates brand, shop Galls for our wide variety of choices.

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    What Users Have To Say About Bates Men’s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

    They are pretty decent for the price, and I like that the laces go through the eyelets all the way up the boot, rather than those open hook type things that a lot of boots have.

    I have not had them a week, they are a lot more comfortable, and I have not had a problem with swelling after an active ride, they are a little tough to get on via zip, but I can probably address it after an active ride.

    The inside tongue goes all the way down to the tip of the toes, making them very soft and comfortable, as well as giving you a nice soft feeling on the top of your toes.

    The picture of the boots shows them looking sharp, they offer good support, and the zippers on the sides make it easy to get them on and off quickly.

    The 8′ Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot fits well, wears easily, and stands up to the most demanding tests, being a military combat veteran and having worn boots over the years as a civilian.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Tactical Boots For Wide Feet

    Top 10 Best Tactical Boots for Survival &  Law Enforcement
    • What do the letters EE mean in boots?

    Boots normally come in 6 width sizes: B , C , D , E , EE and EEE

    • Are Timberland boots for wide feet?

    Timberland boots normally come in two types of fit that is M for a medium fit and W for a wide fit. It is important to check the size charts on individual product pages for each product before purchasing for general information on the sizes and fit type.

    • How do I know if I need wide boots?

    Wide boots are worn by people with wide feet. To know if your feet are wide, place a paper on a flat, even surface and step on it. Trace out an outline of your foot with a pen or pencil then record your measurements and compare them against the boot-sizing chart. The width is the distance between the two widest points on your foot.

    Analysis Of 1k+ Reviews For Bates Men’s 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

    BestViewsReviews analyzed 113,961 reviews for 158 products in the Work & Safety Boots category.

    We analyzed a total of 1,842 reviews for this product out of which, 692 reviews were received in the last 6 months.

    The analysis indicates that around 77% reviews were positive while around 17% of reviews had negative sentiment.

    Sector They Are Suited For


    They are very lightweight and provide a spring in your step from all the padding. They are slightly water resistant, enough to keep your feet dry when running on wet grass

    Patrol Jobs

    Although not optimum for hours upon hours of high-intensity physical labouring jobs, these boots will work well for standing jobs so long as you replace the inserts when they start to wear thin

    Insider Tips

    Bates Boots: Men’s E02361 Black Ultralite Tactical Sport Waterproof Side Zip Work Boot

    Unless you’re on holiday, you’re most likely working. And even during vacation, you’re probably checking work emails – just in case. When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work! That’s how these ~Bates Men’s E02361 Black UltraLite Tactical Sport Waterproof Side Zip Work Boots feel about the job site. They’re built to tackle harsh working conditions, and they’ll keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day.

    The Bates tactical footwear features Bates DRYGuard waterproof technology that’s created to keep your feet dry and shielded against the elements. Made with durable suede plus performance nylon uppers, these men’s side-zip boots are your first line of defense against wet weather conditions. Inside, there’s a moisture-wicking mesh lining that will help your feet stay cool and dry, too.

    For all-day comfort, your feet will rest on cushioned inserts as well as on lightweight EVA midsoles for proper support. This UltraLite Sport design really is lightweight, weighing in at just 22 ounces on average. This pair is as lightweight and as durable as the original UltraLite style, but it’s even better.

    The 8-inch height will provide you with ample coverage, and the quick on/off ergonomic side zip makes sure you can get ready for work in a jiffy. For the ultimate traction, the rubber outsoles on these black waterproof boots are slip- and oil-resistant.

    Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Tactical Boots For Wide Feet

    Best Military Boots Buying Guide in 2022
    • Warm padding if you have wide feet as a result of diabetes or you plan on going out in the cold, make sure to wear boots with huge padding that will keep your feet protected from the cold.
    • Protection if you will be doing some strenuous activities, it is good to wear boots with protective toe caps that protect your toes from the pressure of compression impact.
    • Good foot support if you have a problem with pronation, boots with good balance and stability will help with the landing angle of your feet to prevent issues of Overpronation or supination
    • Waterproof or water resistance materials such as Gore-Tex are able to lock water out the boot hence keeping your foot dry and warm even in wet conditions.
    • Ankle support collars hold the ankle in position preventing ankle injuries in cases where your foot does not land in a stable position or angle. Your ankle should be well supported but at the same time flexible enough for easy movement.
    • Durability look for good material such as leather, suede, or nylon that is long-lasting to give you value for your money through long-term service.

    Now lets go through the best tactical boots for wide feet

    Bates Boots For Women

    Bates understands the need for comfortable, durable tactical and duty footwear for women, and Galls is proud to carry a wide selection of Womens Bate Boots to help meet the needs of these demanding service careers. With styles like the Women’s Tactical Sport 2 Mid, the 8 Tactical Sport Zipper Boot, Womens GX-8 Non-Metallic Waterproof Zipper Boot, and many other selections to choose from, Bates footwear is a great choice for service women who need protective boots while in the field or on duty.

    Learn More About Bates Boots


    Bates® Work Boots Deliver Comfort & Performance

    Bates® work boots are renowned for their durable construction, tactical features and smart design that ensures hours of comfortable wear throughout the day.

    Engineered for the great outdoors, Bates® boots deliver maximum performance in all weather conditions thanks to a non-slip rubber outsole that provides superior traction. Whether you’re shopping for lined, waterproof boots, or need a composite toe boot for dependable protection, Bates® will exceed your expectations in terms of value and resilience.

    At DICK’S Sporting Goods, you’ll find the latest styles and models of Bates® work boots for men and women.

    Protect your feet from workplace hazards with a lightweight and flexible boot that is praised by law enforcement and military officers for its innovative safety features. Ideal for camping, hunting or on-the-job maneuvers, Bates work boots are incredibly versatile and have the rugged looks and quality craftsmanship you’d expect in such a legendary brand.

    DICK’S Sporting Goods carries men’s work boots from all your favorite brands.

    Featured Categories

    The Ease Of A Side Zip The Protection Of A Composite Toe

    A durable waterproof side zip boot that is perfect for all seasons. This style features a non-metallic composite toe for protection and a cushioned insert for added comfort.

    Packed with performance, the Bates GX is built for the elements.


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