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Army Standards Height And Weight

Staying Fit In The Army

PFC Mason: “The Army’s Height and Weight Standards SUCK!” (Part 1)

Keeping within the height and weight standards of the Army are mandatory for all active duty and reserve soldiers. For most Army jobs there’s enough physical activity involved to ensure that a soldier’s weight and body fat composition stays low, but for those assigned to desk duty, it’s best to get into a regular physical fitness regimen to avoid putting on extra unwanted pounds.

The Army does not allow individual soldiers to have poor body composition for a prolonged period of time, as it may cause disruption to his unit.

For the individual soldier who is overweight, performance declines and the risk of developing work-related injury increases. They’re also at higher risk of long-term disease.

Graduate rates from basic are also tied to similar statistics also yielding a greater chance of injury and failure to complete training.

Appendix B Standard Methods For Determining Body Fat Using Body Circumferences Height And Weight

B1. Introduction

a. The procedures for the measurements of height, weight, and specific body circumferences for the estimation of body fat are described in this appendix.

c. When measuring circumferences, compression of the soft tissue is a problem that requires constant attention. The tape will be applied so that it makes contact with the skin and conforms to the body surface being measured. It will not compress the underlying soft tissues. Note, however, that in the hip circumference more firm pressure is needed to compress gym shorts. All measurements are made in the horizontal plane , unless indicated otherwise.

What Height And Weight Do I Need For The Military

  • What height and weight do I need for the military?
  • It´s important to remember that if you want to enlist the Armed Forces, youll need to meet physical requirements on top of getting your target ASVAB test scores. Because of that, each applicant will have to take a military aptitude test. Of course, in each branch of the Armed Forces the physical tests, as well as weight and height requirements, are different.

    Whatever branch youre applying for, your weight and height requirements will depend on your age and gender. In this article, well go over the basic body requirements to qualify for military enlistment.

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    Do You Meet The Army Height And Weight Standards Find Out Here

    Being a part of the U.S. Army comes with a variety of challenges, including the many physical challenges youll face throughout training and service. Youll need to be in peak physical condition, as Soldiers are placed in a variety of life-threatening scenarios, put through rigorous training, and may need to contend with hostile combat situations. The Army height and weight standards are in place to keep Soldiers in shape and to provide guidelines to our fighting force.

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    Maintaining Physical Fitness In The Army

    Army APFT Calculator / Body Fat Calculator

    All active service and reserve troops are required to adhere to the Armys height and weight benchmarks. In addition, almost all Army jobs require sufficient physical activity to keep a soldiers mass and fat mass composition low, but some of those delegated to desk duty should start a daily physical workout routine to avoid gaining excess body mass.

    Ordinary soldiers are not permitted to have bad body composition for an extended period of time in the Army because it could reduce the efficiency to his unit.

    Members of the military who are overweight undertake worse and are more likely to sustain work-related injuries. They are also more likely to develop long-term illness.

    In addition, graduate percentages from fundamental training are linked to comparable numbers, implying a higher likelihood of injury and inability to finish training.

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    C3 Making Nutrition Work

    Improving your nutrition will increase your mileage in many ways. You can even lose weight while improving performance. Your nutrition program will include the right number of calories to cause a steady loss of body fat with no loss of energy. Stay away from food fadsthey are usually boring, unhealthy, and too strict and will lead only to temporary weight loss. Compare the benefits of a sound nutrition with the consequences of crash diets, as shown in table C1.

    Table C1 Nutrition

    Sound Nutrition: Provides all required nutrients Crash Diets: Most often lack some nutrients

    Sound Nutrition: Gradual loss of body fat Crash Diets: Rapid loss of body water and muscle massnot body fat

    Sound Nutrition: Reinforces a good mental outlook Crash Diets: Symptoms of grumpiness, headaches, anxiety and fatigue

    Sound Nutrition: Improves health Crash Diets: Can cause depression, dehydration, potential serious illness and a slowdown in your bodys metabolism

    Sound Nutrition: Gives a sense of accomplishment Crash Diets: End in eventual weight loss and failure

    Sound Nutrition: Develops permanent good eating habits Crash Diets: Encourage unhealthy eating habits of temporary duration

    How Do I Prepare For The Army Physical

    The Armed force has a few Army height and weight standards for anybody considering a career as a warrior. It is best picked up through an appropriate count of calories and workout. Illustrations of destitute body composition are immature muscle bunches or over-the-top body fat.

    The philosophy of the US Armed Force in this range includes the idea that poor body composition has a negative impact on appearance and self-esteem, but has a positive impact on demeanor and morale. The Armed Forces selection writing allows candidates to advocate for inclusion in a wellness program that includes activities such as swimming, cycling, and running, all of which have been shown to have a positive impact on the physical health of US soldiers.

    Before beginning any wellness regimen, especially a comprehensive one, consult with a doctor. Dont rely on trendy diets or exercise programs that begin just a few weeks before your weigh-in date, for example. Your selection representative will advise you on what types of wellness programs will best prepare you for basic training, but you will use a modified version of such a program if you are unable to meet the physical guidelines specified above.

    We hope that this information about Army height and weight standards will be useful to you during the registration process or during the serving procedure. Remember to take our free ASVAB practice test if you want to pass the exam and join the US Army.

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    Us Marine Corps Height And Weight Requirements

    In the case of the Marines, the height requirement is slightly narrower and it changes slightly from time to time. As of 2020, the height requirement is 58-78 inches for men and 58-72 inches for women. The maximum weight allowed varies by height, from 148 to 267 pounds for men and 120 to 184 pounds for women.

    Army Male Height And Weight Standards

    What To Expect in the ARMY: ARMY HEIGHT & WEIGHT STANDARDS (AR 600-9)

    Max Weight, by age Height Min Weight 17-20 21-27 28-39 40+

    58 91 60 97 132 136 139 14161 100 136 140 144 14662 104 141 144 148 15063 107 145 149 153 15564 110 150 154 158 16065 114 155 159 163 16566 117 160 163 168 17067 121 165 169 174 17668 125 170 174 179 18169 128 175 179 184 18670 132 180 185 189 19271 136 185 189 194 19772 140 190 195 200 20373 144 195 200 205 20874 148 201 206 211 21475 152 206 212 217 22076 156 212 217 223 22677 160 218 223 229 23278 164 223 229 235 23879 168 229 235 241 24480 173 234 240 247 250

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    Meet The Army Height And Weight Standards With The Army Body Fat Calculator

    The Army Body Fat Calculator uses standards and calculations from the U.S. Army Standards of Medical Fitness to determine whether or not you fit within the standards laid out by the U.S. Department of Defense .

    Simply follow the instructions, including taking the average of your three calculations, to get a general idea of where you stand. Again, exceptions may apply, but you can compare your numbers with the percentages that fall within the standard as listed.

    Meeting the Army height and weight standards is an important step in joining and remaining in the branch. Its encouraging to see debates arise to better the method of measuring Soldiers while maintaining excellence.

    These standards are imperfect, but they help set the tone for how serious staying in shape is for Soldiers and all troops in the American Armed Forces.

    Army Height And Weight Requirements

    The Army has very specific physical fitness requirements. If you are thinking about joining and want to know what kind of shape you need to be in, these charts will tell you everything you need to know.

    Looking for the Physical Fitness Requirements?

    The chart below will show you what the weight requirements are for joining the U.S. Army. Check your height and weight to make sure you are in shape for the Army!


    Maximum Weight by Years of Age for Males


    Maximum Weight by Years of Age for Females


    Height will be measured in stocking feet on a flat surface with the chin parallel to the floor. The body should be straight but not rigid, similar to the position of attention. The measurement will be rounded to the nearest inch with the following guidelines: If the height fraction is less than 1/2 inch, round down. If the height fraction is 1/2 inch or greater, round up. Weight should be measured and recorded to the nearest pound. All measurements will be taken in the APFT uniform. Add 6 pounds per inch for males and 5 pounds per inch for females measuring over 80 inches tall.

    Maximum Allowable Body Fat

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    Whats The Weight Waver Allowance

    If a new applicant in the army exceeds the maximum weight limit, they may still be sworn in as a new recruit so long as theyre within the maximum body fat percentage for their age and gender.

    In general, the strenuous physical Army training is more than enough to ensure that soldiers stay within the weight and body fat composition. But if youre planning on becoming a new recruit, its important to start training early on to ensure that your weight requirements will be met once you take the MEPS.

    C11 Good Cookin For Good Lookina Memo To The Cook For Cutting Calories During Food Preparation

    Army Weight Chart

    a. The milk and cheese group.

    Use skim or lowfat milk in recipes when making puddings, sauces, soups, and baked products.

    Substitute plain, unsweetened lowfat yogurt or blenderized lowfat cottage cheese in recipes that call for sour cream or mayonnaise.

    b. The meat, poultry, fish, and dry beans group.

    TRIM fat from meat. Cook meats on rack so that fat can drain off.

    Roast, bake, broil, or simmer meat, poultry or fish without adding fat. Braise in covered pan on stove top or pan broil in a nonstick pan and add spices to enhance flavors.

    Remove skin from chicken or turkey.

    Chill meat broth until fat turns light and solid on top. With a spoon or knife, skim or peel fat off and discard.

    c. The vegetable and fruit group.

    Steam, boil, broil, or bake vegetables. Some fruits may be broiled or heated with spices added for flavor.

    Go easy on sauces, butter, and margarine. Season with herbs and spices. Crisp-cooked vegetables usually dont require as much seasoning as overcooked vegetables.

    Try lemon juice or vinegar on salads. Cut way back on regular salad dressings.

    Read nutrition information labels on food packages.

    d. The bread and cereal group.

    Use less fat and sugar than called for in recipes. Substitute lower calorie ingredients.

    Avoid recipes for baked products that require large amounts of fat and sugar.

    Check ingredient labels for fat and sugar content. Check nutrition information label for total calories in each portion.

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    Body Composition Guidelines For New Recruits

    Not only do trainees have to fulfill the minimum and maximum height standards, but they must also meet minimum and maximum weight standards. These specifications are determined by age, sex, and tallness. An male Army trainee aged 18 years old standing 5 feet 5 inches , accordingly, must weigh less than 163 lbs . On the other hand, a male Army candidate of the same height but aging 25 years old cannot weigh more than 165 pounds , and a male Army draftee of 5 feet 5 inches with the age of 30 years old cannot weigh more than 168 pounds .

    How Are Weight And Height Measurements Taken

    Army recruits take official weight and height measurements to determine a candidates physical condition.

    This is a compulsory part of the physical exam of the Military Entrance Processing Station that every candidate must follow and pass before being sworn in as a new recruit.

    Both height and weight measurements are rounded up or down to the nearest whole digit.

    The rounding off depends on whether it is more or less than .5lb or inch. For example, if your weight is 119.6lbs, the official weight that will be noted down will be 120lbs.

    If your weight goes over the required maximum limit, then the MEPS officials are able to carry out body fat percentage tests before letting you continue to be a recruit.

    These are the requirements that they must meet if they want to enlist in the army. The information is broken down into two categories: height and weight.

    Height requirements

    The U.S military has specific height range standards that all recruits have to fall in.

    The reason why they have such a strict height range requirement is that the military doesnt have a flexible budget or time to tailor-make customized uniforms and equipment for officers outside the set of that height range.

    In addition, the tanks, shipboard, and airplane duties will be too hard to conduct if someone doesnt meet the set of height standards. Therefore, if you fall outside this range, you will be rejected.

    Is there a growth allowance?

    This means that there is still room for growth.

    Weight requirements

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    The Debate Surrounding Military Fitness

    The Military Entrance Processing Station is a necessary process that all members of the military must go through in order to qualify for service. Here, youll be tested on your physical abilities to be sure that they are up to the Armys fitness standards.

    These standards, however, revolve around performance, not a chart gauging height and weight measurements that feel more than outdated.

    Some within the Armed Forces are even questioning current metrics being used versus looking at performance.

    While certain physical traits are necessary to achieve ideal physical performance, every body is different, and assessing all Americans in the same way can hurt the militarys cause. There have already been significant obstacles in recruiting due to candidates missing the Army height and weight standards.

    Weight waivers are available for those who fail to meet the Armys standards for height and weight, so long as they maintain a maximum body fat percentage that is underneath the standards for their age and gender.

    It should be noted that while the Army does have waiver programs, they are not universal. Candidates are chosen on a case-by-case basis.

    Opponents of the current standards are not against having a fighting force thats in fighting shape. Who would be? But rather, they are questioning the idea centered around making a certain weight to maintain standards.

    Army Height And Weight Standards Conclusion

    ARMY Height & Weight 2022 CHANGES | ACFT

    Being in the Army takes a lot of dedication and discipline. Part of this commitment is maintaining a healthy weight and level of physical fitness. The standards are put in place to make sure you will be able to perform your duties without too much trouble.

    If you struggle with your weight, it is a good idea to start getting into shape as early as possible. Training for the fitness test is a good way to shed those extra pounds before the physical. It is also a good idea to create meal plans that are nutritious and easy to follow.

    Until next time, good luck, and thank you for your service.

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    Us Army Height & Weight Requirements For Current Soldiers

    Why do we include height and weight guidelines for currently serving troops in an article discussing enlistment standards? Because as mentioned above, it wont be long before the recruit is tested again for body composition after going on active duty. These issues are a career-long concern for all soldiers.

    Previous iterations of AR-900 have included statements directed at currently serving soldiers that most today would consider to be derogatory. The 1986 version goes so far as to state, Excessive body fat connotes a lack of personal discipline, detracts from military appearance, may indicate a poor state of health, physical fitness, or stamina .

    The above statement from the 1986 edition doesnt take into account medical issues or other factors that may inform the diagnosis of an individual person as overweight.

    Language in the 2019 revision of AR-900 takes a far more nuanced approach, stating, Soldiers are subject to many demands and challenges that may impact individual readiness. The Army Body Composition Program provides commanders a systematic approach to enforce military standards across the unit while offering troops with the resources they need to return to an optimum level of individual readiness.

    The U.S. Army has the following requirements for height and weight for those currently serving:

    Any soldier failing to meet body fat standards after six months from date of entry to active service will be entered in the ABCP.

    Weight Limit Requirement For Men

    The weight limits in the army are higher for new recruits than those already serving in the military. The chart below refers to those that are already serving in the military. If youre a new recruit, the weight limit is slightly higher. But dont let that fool you. Once youre enlisted, youll need to lose those pounds quickly, so you might as well start that way!


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