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Grader And Ncoic/oic Training

Army Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Evaluation Chart – Explained!!

All installations and commands must self-sustain the ACFT grader and NCOIC/OIC training requirements found in FM 7-22 and ATP 7-22.01. For more information, check out the ACFT Grader and NCOIC/OIC Training Validation in the Resources section at the bottom of the ACFT microsite.

Yes. After you have attended training you are encouraged to conduct training at your unit to validate others to the same level you have been trained. For example, a Grader can train other Graders, and an NCOIC/OIC can train another OIC/NCOIC and Graders.

TYes. MFT is not a prerequisite for ACFT Grader and NCOIC/OIC validation.

ACFT Implementation Timeline

What Is A Good Apft Score

It is the Army Physical Fitness Test score that is different for males and females. While performing this test a maximum score that can be achieved by any participant is 300. To pass the test it is not essential to get 300 points, you just need a passing score according to your age and gender. The APFT standards require at least 60 points in each element to pass.

Army Combat Fitness Test Score Chart

In late September 2019, the Army released updated Army combat fitness test standards. They are shown on the ACFT score chart below.

The chart demonstrates the standards required for each movement, as well as the minimum score required for different categories of soldiers. A score of 70 is the minimum for soldiers in “heavy” physically demanding units or jobs a 65 is for soldiers in “significant” physically demanding units or jobs and a score of 60 is for soldiers in “moderate” physically demanding units or jobs.

A 60 is also the overall Army minimum standard for passing the ACFT.

The test is scheduled to become the Army’s official test of record in October 2020.

The table is broken into points deadlift standing power throw hand-release push-up sprint, drag and carry leg tuck and two-mile run .

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Preparing For Us Army Physical Fitness Test:

The US Army Fitness test, also identified as the APFT. It is a three-part physical test. Passing the APFT is a condition for passing the Basic Combat Training. To know where you presently stand, use an army PT calculator to calculate your current APFT score. Compare your obtained scores with the army APFT score chart. It will help you out to get prepared for the test. Some of the essential steps for preparation are described below:

And Don’t Forget To Join Tf600 For Access To All Of The Training For 600 Tools Tips And Techniques You’ll Need To Dominate The Acft

ACFT Information


This website was prepared in a non official capacity. The opinions expressed on this website are the authors’ own and do not reflect the views of the Army, the Department of Defense, or the United States government. This site is not connected with any government agency. The information contained on this site is either open source, the author’s opinion, or total B.S. We are not doctors and will never pretend to be — any attempt to improve your fitness based on the information contained within this site should first be approved by a medical professional.

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Core Strength / Endurance Tests

Airmen have three options for the endurance portion of the PT test, standard situps, cross-leg reverse crunches, or forearm planks.

Airmen still have one minute to perform as many situps as they can. They will have two minutes for the cross-leg reverse crunches. Forearm planks are scored based on how long the Airman can hold the position, with a maximum score at 3:35 for younger age groups. See the links to the full testing score charts below for the times and scores for both genders and all age groups.

Train For Army Physical Fitness

Being prepared to meet Army fitness standards will give you the peace of mind you need to feel more confident. Here are some tips to ensure youre physically fit for any challenge:

  • Pace yourself and slowly increase your activity
  • Focus on cardio, strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition

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Last 2 Events On The Acft Score Chart

  • Leg Tuck: Start this event with mounting on the bar. Get a good grip, then, get your feet off the ground and start lifting your knees up to touch your elbows. For this event Junior recommends: You can keep your arms extended, or you can bend at the elbow and use your biceps to kinda stabilize yourself from swinging.
  • Two Mile Run: By far my least favorite event of it all, because I hate running, Junior said. Well, you cant like them all, nobody is perfect, right? Anyway, the point is that you should run two miles as fast as you can. Just be sure that you can run faster than the minimum time required according to the ACFT Scoring Standards for your MOS.

That was a detailed explanation of all the ACFT events by Junior. Then, he shares some good exercises that can help you to prepare yourself for the ACFT events.

What Is The Us Army Fitness Test

How to Prepare for Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) | ARMY PT TEST

The APFT or Army Physical Fitness test is referred to as a three-event physical performance test that taken into account to assess endurance. APFT is a basic test to measure physical strengths, abilities, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

Also, you can try this free IPPT calculator to calculate your Individual Physical Proficiency Test award for your push-ups, sit-ups, and even 2.4 km running time.

Soldiers are tested and scores assign to them based on three events consisting of the push-up, sit-up, and a two-mile run. For each event, the score range is from 0 to 100 points. The minimum Army PT score to pass each event of the test is 60 points. The total score is the sum of the points of these three events. If a soldier passes all events, the overall range of scores will be from 180 to 300. Army APFT chart represents the passing scores of army APFT standards according to the age of participants.

Army APFT standards 2020 consist on following elements:

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The Old Acft Score Chart Video

Hey guys, this video is about the ACFT Score and ACFT Scoring Standards. The first thing you need to know is that now the ACFT scoring is based only on your MOS. Previously, your gender and age were significant for the ACFT scoring, but now its ACFT Scoring by MOS, and the only thing that is taken into consideration is your MOS.

Now, based on your MOS, you have three different ways to score: heavy, significant and moderate. The ACFT score will always depend on what classification youre in. In case you do not know what classification you are in, there is a calculator on my website for your help. You just need to type your MOS and the calculator will show you what classification you are in.

Therefore, I will explain to you what every MOS specific means:

Moderate is the lowest level

Significant is the mid-range

Heavy means that your ACFT score would be the hardest

These numbers show just the minimum ACFT scores youll need to get based on what classification you are in. On the top of the table are the ACFTs maximums. The maximums are relevant for every category without taking into consideration the age, gender or MOS of the candidate.

Here is an example: Significant

Furthermore, I would like to explain a little bit more about the MOS scoring categories. I will take the mid-range Significant level and use it as an example for you guys.

Army Acft Score Tips Get To The Top Of The Chart

  • Alaimoana Paunga Jr. from Poly Physiques
  • How To Train And Score High On The ACFT Made by Junior Poly Physiques:
  • YouTube Channel: Poly Physiques

This video was made and is presented by Junior from Poly Physiques, a Soldier who successfully passed the ACFT testing. Actually, his score was pretty amazing. As we can see in the video, he passed the test with scoring maximum points on almost all of the events, except for the Two Mile Run event. That is actually a great score! Congratulations man!

Now, he wants to share his tips and tricks with everyone who is interested in passing the ACFT. He included in the video some useful stuff that can be helpful for you guys.

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Can You Fail An Event On The Acft

It is not essential to time the rest period between each event for the 2-Soldier and 4-Soldier stack tests because of the work-rest cycles. For a 90-day ACFT failure retest, the minimum rest intervals are crucial. Individuals who fail the ACFT for the first time will be retested and assessed separately.

Cadet Physical Fitness Test

Army Rotc Pfa Score Chart

The Cadet Physical Fitness Test is a 3 event test that consists of a 2 minute hand release push up event, 2 minute crunch or max plank hold event, and a 1.5 mile run.

*As of Fall 2021, the CPFT will include the Army standard Hand Release Push-up and the max hold plank event for all cadets.*

Please use this link to review the technique and standards for the Army’s Hand Release Push Up.

Follow the links here to find the full scoring charts for all 3 events: HPU, Plank, 1.5 mile run

The minimal scores required to pass each event are listed below:


Cadets must take the CPFT with their Battalion.

If you will not be here for your CPFT, you must take the CPFT BEFORE you depart.

If there is no scheduled CPFT before you depart you must coordinate with your Physical Readiness Officer BEFORE you leave.

Failure to take the CPFT on your scheduled date WITHOUT PRIOR COORDINATION will result in a “No Show”

There are Special Requirments needed to take a make up CPFT. See your Company Athletic Officer for details.

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More Tips On Scoring Big For The Acft

  • Deadlift For this event you can exercise on The back extension machine, or similar platforms that you have in your gym. You lock your heels under a pad or roller, with another pad to support your lower body as you recline face-down. Once you feel ready, you can use extra weights for this exercise by holding weights tight to your chest while doing this exercise.
  • Standing Power Throw Take dumbbell or kettlebell. Then, lie down on the bench only with your back supported by the bench and with your legs bended and your feet placed on the floor. Next, lift the weight and hold it up with your arms extended. Last, swing the bell over and behind your head with your arms extended all the time.
  • Hand release push ups For this event you can prepare yourself with doing The Arnold press. Start with your dumbbells positioned in front of your face, then pull them up until your hands are fully extended, and then bring them right back in your starting position. As Junior says: From experience, you are not only gonna be using your chest muscles, but you are gonna be using your shoulder muscles and you are gonna be super tired, so this is gonna help you improve,

How Do I Pass Army Basic Training

10 Pointers for Basic Training Understand the importance of following the rules. Your discipline is within your control. Your pal is focus. Dont be affected by it. Master working as part of a group. Be a pioneer in the fitness culture. Arrive fluent in the language. Learn the fundamentals of good nutrition.

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What Are The Apft Standards For Basic Training

In order to graduate from basic training, you will need to receive a minimum of 50 points for each event. You can not receive a score lower than 150.

While you wont need to pass the APFT before you enter Basic Training, you will need to be able to perform the following :


  • 3 Push-ups in 1 minute
  • 17 Sit-ups in 1 minute
  • 1 mile run under 10:30


  • 13 Push-ups in one minute
  • 17 Sit-ups in one minute
  • 1 mile run under 8:30

In addition, there is a standardized Occupation Physical Assessment Test that you must pass prior to entering Basic.

Your recruiter will administer this test. It includes a standing long jump, a seated power throw, a strength deadlift, and an interval aerobic run.

Its scoring is a little to complex to discuss here, but your recruiter will let you know how you do.

Example Calculation And Interpretation:


Take the example of a male who is 34 years old. He has done 65 pushups, 50 sit-ups. He completed 2 miles run in 14minutes and 20 seconds. His APFT will be calculated as follows:

  • Pushups score = 87 out of 100
  • Sit-ups score = 66 out of 100
  • 2 Mile run score = 90 out of 100
  • Total APFT score = 242 out of 300


As minimum 60 points required in each event to pass the test according to army APFT standards so the candidate will be considered passed. To minimize the risk of error army apft calculator can be used for the final calculation of the result.

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How To See Apft Score By Army Apft Chart:

APFT score chart displays all the army PT standards with the required ranges to pass the test for males and females. Other than the chart APFT score calculator can be used for easy calculations to determine your level of fitness.

Guidelines to see your score:

  • Find a chart according to your gender
  • Now, you ought to determine your age group at the top of the chart
  • Find the number of repetitions for each event along with the required time duration.
  • Compare your outcomes with the chart to determine your current position.

Standard for Maximum APFT Score In Each Event

76 15 min 54 sec

Note: The Army proclaims that you are at your highest physical condition between the ages of 27-31, which is why that age group has the highest standards

When Should I Start Preparing For The Army Physical Fitness Test

We highly encourage those that are considering the U.S. Army to start working towards your goals immediately.

Weve actually created a free guide on exactly how to lose weight for the military, which you can check out here.

Even if you may not be of age or ready quite yet to enlist it doesnt hurt to get yourself physically prepared.

Set baseline numbers for the number of push-ups and sit-ups you are able to complete in two minutes.

Do the same for a two-mile run. Then seek to improve upon those numbers.

Remember! Physical fitness is hard. It does take time to reach the results you desire if you are not physically active.

In fact, reaching APFT standards takes a lot of work from people in great shape.

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Army Combat Fitness Test Debuts With Major Changes To Scoring April 1

The Army is moving forward with its long-awaited Army Combat Fitness Test this year, but the service has officially dropped the tests attempt to set a gender- and age-neutral physical fitness standard as well as any pretense that its formally tied to combat tasks, beyond having combat in its name.

The shifts come following an independent review of the test by RAND that Congress ordered in the fiscal 2021 defense policy bill.

Among the tests changes are:

  • The ACFT has adopted age- and gender-normed scoring tables, similar to those on the old Army Physical Fitness Test.
  • The Army, backtracking, now says the test is a general physical fitness assessment not intended to predict success on the services Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills. That comes after RAND challenged the validity of data from the Armys 2019 tests at Fort Riley, Kansas, that the service said proved the link.
  • The leg tuck is no longer an event the plank, with a newly lowered standard, is the only core event.
  • A 2.5-mile walk has been added as an alternate aerobic event for troops whose medical profiles prevent them from running.
  • The ACFT will not immediately impact personnel actions. It has phased implementation deadlines ranging from Oct. 1 of this year to April 1, 2024.

Preparing For Basic Training

Army APFT Promotion Points

Basic training will consist of many physically and mentally challenging obstacles. Preparing your body now will help you be more successful when encountering the challenges of basic training.

Learn more about what steps you can take to physically prepare for basic training with our Get Savage Workout Series.

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Air Force Fitness Test Standards & Score Charts

The US Air Force recently updated their physical fitness assessment after almost 20 years. The new PT test includes several major changes, such as permanently removing the body composition waist measurement component from the assessment, and breaking the age groups into five-year bands instead of the previous test scoring charts that featured 10-year age groups.

The fitness test still includes the 1.5-mile run, pushups, and sit-ups. However, Airmen are now able to substitute these core testing activities with another activity designed to assess the Airmans physical fitness. These other test options include a timed shuttle run, hand release pushups, reverse crunches, and planks.

Faq Army Apft Standards

Army APFT standards are divided by gender as well as age.

In order to complete Basic Training, you need to score at least 50 points in each event for your age demographic.

Those that fail to reach 50 points in each event are still allowed to continue basic training, however, they must pass the Army Physical Fitness Test by the end of basic training.

Its a little different from Navy PRT standards which will immediately send home new recruits that fail to pass the physical fitness requirements.

We have put together this resource of commonly asked questions regarding the Army Physical Fitness Test to make sure you are prepared for basic training:

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