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Basic Training in the Army National Guard

Fire Guard And Charge Of Quarters

Every night, at least two recruits from the platoon must be awake at any given time. Duties include patrolling their barracks area, watching for fires, cleaning the barracks and watching for recruits attempting to leave the barracks area. They wake the next pair of recruits at the end of their one-hour shift. This duty is called fire guard.

Fire guard stems back to the days of wooden barracks and wood-burning stoves. The fire guard would watch the stoves to make sure that the barracks would not catch fire. Since open flames are not generally used to heat sleeping areas any longer, present-day fire guard duty during Basic Training is more an exercise in discipline than a practical necessity, although if the weather gets cold enough, some groups conducting overnight outdoor training will still use a “pot bellied” stove which must be watched to prevent accidental fires. It is primarily used to ensure accountability of personnel and equipment during the night.

Which Boot Camp Is Easiest

Easiest Military Branch to Get IntoThe Basic Training Stage The Navy has Boot Camp, which lasts for 8 weeks. The Marine Corps has Recruit Training, which spans 12 weeks. The Air Force has Basic Military Training, which takes 8.5 weeks. The Coast Guard has Recruit Training, which lasts for 8.5 weeks.

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Army Basic Training Graduation

Most of this week will include inspections, out-processing, personal time, haircuts, family day and the graduation ceremony itself.

With your biggest challenges behind you, you can breathe a little easier, at least for now. Friends and family will be able to attend your graduation in person , and congratulate you on your accomplishment and joining the honorable legacy of a career in the Army.

Weeks One Through Three Phase 1 Red Phase

Louisiana National Guard recruits prepare for boot camp

In this adaptation phase, youll learn the fundamentals, traditions and ethics of what it means to be a soldier. You will learn how to comport yourself, how to address leadership and will be expected to recite the Warrior Ethos and the Soldiers Creed.

Youll receive briefings on basic first aid and sexual harassment and sexual assault awareness and prevention programs.

This phase includes intense physical training as well as road marches and formation marches. Youll be taking the Army Combat Fitness Test, which will challenge you on a strength deadlift, standing power throw, hand-release pushups, a sprint/drag/carry, leg tuck and 2-mile run.

An introduction to Chemical Radioactive Biological and Nuclear readiness also occurs during this phase. At the end of these three weeks, youll receive an Army Unit Patch to be worn on the left shoulder of your uniform.

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What Can I Send Someone During Basic Training

Speaking of mail, we cant think of a time in someones life when a written letter could mean so much to a soldier. Words of encouragement will sustain your soldier during this challenging time and make every mail call all that more exciting. Stick to simple stationery, and limit photos. Expect that mail could be delivered a few weeks after you send it.

Since the Army provides all the basics the soldier needs during BCT, care packages of treats and creature comforts are not, we repeat, not recommended. Not only will they be withheld until after graduation, but they could draw unwanted attention from a drill sergeant for the entire unit. Better to save those homemade cookies until after your soldier has gutted through all the physical and mental tests that await them.

Army Basic Training: What To Expect

Basic training is the first step in preparing you to be a soldier. It starts with basic combat training or Army boot camp. Then comes specialized training in your career field or you may go to Officer Candidate School to master Army leadership skills.

In basic training, youll learn teamwork, discipline, and how to handle a weapon, rappel and march. The work is physically and mentally demanding. Youll experience stress, and youll test your limits. Know what to expect and arrive prepared.

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One Station Unit Training

With some MOSs, both the BCT and AIT phases of training are accomplished back-to-back at the same location, with the same instructors, as well as with the same fellow recruits. This is called One Station Unit Training, or OSUT. For example, the Infantry MOS consists of BCT followed by 12 weeks of Infantry training, all within the same location. A similar program is followed for Combat Engineers and Bridge Crewmen, who train for 14 consecutive weeks, as well as Cavalry Scouts, Tank Crewmen, and Military Police.

A School For Every Soldier

National Guard | BCT – Basic Training Day 1

Engineer School

Become an expert in engineering by attending this school, where youll learn a wide variety of engineering skills that can include construction, bridge building, structural maintenance, and electrical repair.Related Jobs:

  • Combat Engineer

Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School

  • Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer
  • Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer

Ordnance Munitions and Electronics Maintenance School

  • Ammunition Specialist

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear School

  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialist

U.S. Army Intelligence Center

Become an expert in intelligence by studying foreign communications, translating, and reporting. At this school, youll learn to collect intelligence from human subjects through interviews, as well as how to gather and analyze intelligence from digital sources, like photographs taken from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.Related Jobs:

  • Counterintelligence Agent

Signal Corps School

Skills like signals and technology, as well as communications systems, will allow you to become knowledgeable in informational systems and worldwide networks. At this school, youll learn how to automate, transmit, and receive voice and data information.Related Jobs:

  • Information Technology Specialist

Adjutant General School

  • Human Resources Specialist

Department of Defense Fire Academy

Financial Management School

  • Financial Management Technician

Military Police School

  • Military Working Dog Handler

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Prohibited Items During Basic Training

1. Weapons of Any Type

This includes pocket knives, firearms, fireworks, clubs, batons, brass knuckles, etc.

2. Tobacco products and lighters

If you bring cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc., they will be confiscated.

3. Alcohol-based Products

This includes beverages or health products.

4. Food items

This includes gum, candy and chips.

5. Obscene or Pornographic Materials.

6. Nonprescription Drugs

Medications not prescribed to you by the military, including items such as foot powders, antihistamines, sleep aides, acne medication, etc., are not allowed while in basic training.

7. Narcotics, Illegal Drugs or Any Paraphernalia

All of these are prohibited from basic training and military service in general.

8. Expensive Personal Items

Such as cameras, tablets, fancy jewelry, etc. Youre allowed to bring your cell phone to use while traveling, but it may be locked away for safekeeping after you arrive.

9. Gambling Items and External Reading Materials

Army Guard Boot Camp Gifts

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Military Operations In Urban Terrain Training Site Calero

The MOUT training site is a facility designed to meet the training requirements of a company-sized unit in an urban environment. Camp Edwards MOUT site is 48 buildings constructed from connex containers, 1-2 stories high, with a mixture of rubble and complete structures. The village will provide for a residential area, school, marketplace, and worship area. It also has a building used for training classes and after action review sessions.

Soldiers learn how to clear rooms and buildings in built-up areas, conduct house-to-house searches by foot in hostile urban areas and distinguish between the characteristics of an innocent civilian and an embedded insurgent aiming to do harm.

Soldiers training at the MOUT engage is realistic scenarios that require them to travel in convoys and encounter role players posing as civilians on the battlefield or opposing forces.

How To Contact Someone During Basic Training

Fresh start for young grads of National Guard boot camp

While phone calls seem like an easy option, theres nothing easy about boot camp. Phone call frequency varies by unit and is at the discretion of the drill sergeants. Soldiers are usually allowed to make a quick call home when they first arrive and another when they are out reception. Dont take it personally that these first few calls are often limited to 30 seconds or so and that youll probably only have time for your soldier to pass along their mailing address.

Your soldier will have the opportunity to earn more phone time as they move through the training process. Calls could come at any time but never after 9 p.m. at their installation.

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How Long Is Army Basic Training

The complete Army basic training cycle is about 10 weeks, divided into three phases: Red, White and Blue, which last about three weeks each. After passing the final tests of the Blue Phase, your next step is the graduation ceremony, where youll get to celebrate your accomplishments with your friends and family.

Basic Combat Training Locations

The Army has five basic combat training locations:

  • Fort Benning, Georgia
  • Fort Knox, Kentucky

How your training location is determined:

  • Enlisted members: Your initial training will be followed with more specialized training at the same installation. This will determine your basic training location. For example, infantry and armor specialties complete basic and advanced training at Fort Benning. Military police and combat engineers complete both trainings at Fort Leonard Wood.
  • Female recruits: Your basic combat training location will be Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Sill or Fort Jackson. These installations have gender-integrated training.
  • Plan to become an officer? Youll complete your basic training at Fort Benning, then go straight into Officer Candidate School.

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United States Army Basic Training

United States Army Basic Combat Training is the recruit training program of the United States Army, for service in the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard.

Some trainees attend basic combat training along with their advanced individual training at one place, referred to as One Station Unit Training . A United States Army infantry recruit should expect a more intense, physically demanding basic training located at Fort Benning, Georgia through One Station Unit Training program that is 22 weeks in duration.

Other occupations also learn basic warrior tasks and skills and small unit tactics, but tend to focus on more of a balanced approach. These trainees receive basic combat training at different installations including Fort Jackson, South Carolina Fort Sill, Oklahoma or Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Basic training is designed to be highly intense and challenging. The challenge comes as much from the difficulty of physical training as it does from the psychological adjustment to an unfamiliar way of life. Initial entry training is divided into two parts: basic combat training and advanced individual training .

Training Is Our Profession

What New Army Soldiers Go Through On Day One Of Boot Camp | Boot Camp

The National Guard Training Center provides individual, collective, and joint training and instruction to New Jersey Citizen Soldiers, Airmen, and law enforcement professionals.

Located in Sea Girt, New Jersey, the 168 acre installation is home to the New Jersey National Guards 254th Regional Training Institute, Medical Command, Recruiting and Retention Command, 154th Water Purification Company, 63rd Army Band, Youth Challenge Academy, and the National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey.

Law enforcement professionals are an essential component of NGTCs daily operations. The New Jersey State Police, Department of Corrections, Division of Criminal Justice, and the Juvenile Justice Commission conduct their respective training academies, weapons qualifications, and continuing education courses on the post year round.

NGTC offers configurable classrooms and conference spaces to provide users with experiences that are versatile and mission-specific. The installation combines a walking campus, recently renovated barracks, and multiple life support features to units conducting training.

Since 1885, NGTC has cultivated a tradition of training excellence. Each year, thousands of service members and law enforcement professionals pass through the installations classrooms and training areas. Amenities available on-site include free or low-cost billeting, sustainment, laundry facilities, food services, and more.


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Tactical Training Base Kelley

The TTB is an individual military city that resides within the training site itself. The TTB is largely made up of staged military camps , modular units, and open field space. The entire city is designed to simulate military life in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Balkans.

Soldiers live in tents with modular units provided for shower and sink facilities. The base is surrounded by barriers filled with dirt and barbed wire, entry control points and guard towers. There is a modular mayors office from which the commanding officer manages the TTB.

The TTB is part of a larger concept called theater immersion training. Theater immersion training places units into an environment comparable to the one that they will encounter in combat.

It is designed to rapidly build combat-ready units led by competent, confident leaders and manned by battle-proofed soldiers who embody the Warrior Ethos. This training environment uses a multilevel approach that provides a combat training center-like experience that replicates conditions in the theater of operation.

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Army Basic Training: Everything You Need To Know

Congratulations! Youve signed on the dotted line, taken the oath and dedicated yourself to becoming Army strong. Being a soldier in the U.S. armed forces is one of the most noble acts of service in our nation, one that will shape your mind, body and spirit for the rest of your life.

But in order to tell your warrior story, youve got to start at the beginning: Army Basic Combat Training, aka Army boot camp. Its here that youll build the foundation for your Army career, learning skills such as how to march, repel and handle weapons, proper dress and grooming standards as well as the real-world meanings of discipline, teamwork and the Armys core values.

Army Basic Training is both physically and mentally demanding, but knowing what to expect before you get there will help you start off on the right foot for your Army journey. And at some point during basic, youll be grateful for any leg up you can get.

Know what you are looking for? Click the section to jump right to some of the most frequently asked questions and information!

8. Family Resources

What Comes After Military Boot Camp


May 25, 2017 By larryf

If youre interested in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard, have you wondered what comes after military boot camp or basic training? Youve been through the process, visits with your local recruiter, filling out paperwork and youre about to enter boot camp or basic training. Are you wondering what comes once this part of your training is over?

There are several possibilities after boog camp or basic training, depending on the branch of the armed forces you chose and the job you plan to pursue. Heres a look at what may come after boot camp for you.

Ending Basic Training Hell

For many recruits, basic training will seem much like hell. It will end however, and you will be in great shape both mentally and physically. However, if youre not prepared for whats next, it could come as a big shock.

Unless youre going into the Army as an officer, youll likely move on to AIT or Advanced Individual Training after basic training. You may get to take a few days leave before you move on to the next step, however.

The Marine Corps give you ten days of leave right after basic training before you enter into the School of Infantry. The Navy and Air Force make you go through your military job training before you get any leave, unless its the week of Christmas.

Job Training After Basic Training

Reserves After Basic Training

Leave and Vacation After Basic Training

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Discharge From Basic Training

A recruit can be discharged from the Army before the conclusion of Basic Training. Discharges that occur before the completion of 180 days of training are considered uncharacterized, which are neither honorable nor less than honorable.

  • An Entry Level Separation can occur when a recruit demonstrates unsatisfactory performance and/or misconduct. A recruit can only be ELSed after at least four weeks of training and two counseling sessions, except under extreme circumstances, such as a recruit deemed suicidal.
  • If it is found that a recruit is unable to train due to a chronic medical condition, he or she may obtain a medical discharge by the recommendation of an Army medical doctor.
  • A discharge due to any condition Existing Prior To Service may occur when a recruit is found to have a prior medical condition existing before enlistment. A recruit may receive a rare honorable discharge for an EPTS condition if they have been in Basic Training for more than 180 days.

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