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    Heroes May Die But Plastic Lasts Forever

    Its a complicated subject, the Army Men series. The 3DO Company released somewhere in the realm of 25 games between 1998 and 2002. When you consider some of the ports were made from the ground up and entirely distinctive to the platform they were released on, the actual number of unique games is probably around 35 or more. Im sure you can already see the problem.

    The problem was with all the early success of these Army Men games, the executives at 3DO thought they could ship an Army Men game every quarter and be successful, Michael Mendheim, creative director of Battletanx and the Sarges Heroes subseries, told me. Its obvious. The output was stunning, putting even historys most prolific market spammers, like Guitar Hero, to shame. What started as a promising series with a few hits on its hands quickly declined into one that was treated with scorn and derision by players and the press.

    The result is that the Army Men games are poorly remembered. Ive previously compared the series to a shotgun blast: a sudden and abrupt spread, sometimes causing a lot of agony. Few mourned the loss of the franchise, but I still visit to place flowers on its grave.

    Thats where Michael Mendheim comes in. In 1998, he was creative director on Battletanx, which was a hit for 3DO. He was then given creative license on his own Army Men title and envisioned a character-driven game with more of a story, and that became Sarges Heroes.

    Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2

    Army Men
    • NA: September 27, 2000

    Game Boy Color& PlayStation

    • NA: November 22, 2000
    • EU: November 24, 2000
    • NA: March 22, 2001
    • EU: April 6, 2001

    Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2 is a third-person shootervideo game developed and published by The 3DO Company for Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, PlayStation and PlayStation 2. The game is a direct sequel to Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes. Unlike the previous game which was more dark in tone, this game has more of a lighthearted storyline.

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    Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes

    • NA: September 28, 1999
    • EU: April 14, 2000
    • NA: February 23, 2000
    • EU: August 17, 2000
    Single-player, multiplayer

    Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes is a third-person shootervideo game developed and published by The 3DO Company for Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows. The player normally controls Sarge, a Sergeant in the Green Army and fights evil General Plastro and the members of the Tan Army. Both armies are named after the usual colours of toy army men. The game’s storyline is somewhat dark, partly because of General Plastro’s killings.

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