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The 2021 Toyota 4runner Trail Special Edition Boasts Better Colors And A Cooler

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition in Army Green Review of Features and Walk Around

The TRD Pro has been the top-dog 4Runner model for seven years now. It’s the most hardcore in terms of capability and appearance, which perhaps has made it desirable enough to warrant the hefty price tag. There is another factor, however: There has been a new, special color each year, several of which were once offered on the FJ Cruiser. It was Inferno Orange for 2015, Quicksand for 2016, Cement for 2017, Cavalry Blue for 2018, Voodoo Blue for 2019, Army Green for 2020 and now Lunar Rock for 2021. And not only were these a one-and-done situation, not only were they unique to the TRD Pro, but they were also the only vaguely interesting color selections available. The rest of the palette has been white, gray/silver, black and perfectly acceptable but undistinguished blue and red. I can guarantee you people have purchased TRD Pros simply because of the colors. It’s definitely a bit silly, but I know I would, and I have a friend who entirely wanted the TRD Pro because of Army Green.

For the 2021 Toyota 4Runner, though, the TRD Pro isn’t the only version available with interesting colors and you don’t have to pay top dollar to get them. Quite the opposite really.

The new 4Runner Trail Special Edition is effectively a base SR5 that adds matte black badging, dark gray wheels from the TRD Off-Road, black fabric upholstery with tan stitching, the otherwise optional sliding cargo tray, a Yakima LoadWarrior roof basket and all-weather floor liners.

How Big Is The 4runner

Here is an area where the 4Runner is perfectly fine as-is. The cargo area floor is quite low for a truck-based SUV, while the space beyond is a big, boxy 47.2 cubic feet. Even when you add the novel slide-out cargo floor that reduces capacity, there’s still a gigantic amount of space. We know, we filled it up in our cargo area Luggage Test review, and then found that it smoked its off-roader competition. Maximum cargo capacity with the back seat lowered is 89.7 cubic feet, which rivals many three-row crossovers and surpasses various two-row models.

There are also clever cargo area features. The optional slide-out cargo floor makes loading and unloading super-simple, while the 4Runner-trademark power rear window allows you to secure long items like surf boards or lumber out the back while keeping the rest of the liftgate closed. It also allows for freer airflow in the cabin, and dogs typically love it as well .

Human legroom is quite good all around. The standard power driver seat offers plenty of adjustment, while the back seat is mounted at a nice height and reclines to an almost absurd degree. That said, headroom can be a bit tight up front should you opt for the sunroof. There’s a third-row seat available, but its space is extremely limited and it reduces cargo space. Really, if you want a third-row seat, crossovers like the Kia Telluride would be a better family-hauling choice.

The Trail Editions Lower Price Means Value

Speaking of pricing, the 2021 4Runner Trail Edition has a starting price of $38,740 for the two-wheel-drive model and $40,115 for the all-wheel-drive model. By comparison, the 4Runner TRD Pro starts at $50,745, which is a $10,000 difference for a skid plate, upgraded shocks, and a slight lift.

OK, so we can see where that extra money is going. But the good news here is that if you dont have the extra money to shell out for the TRD Pro, the 4Runner Trail Edition is within an easier reach. Even if it doesnt come as ruggedly equipped.

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Toyota 4runner Trail Special Edition

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition is made for those who enjoy and outdoors life on the go. The SUV offers features that are bound to prove useful for those who enjoy outdoor recreation activities like hiking, camping, fishing and more. The 4Runner Trail Edition is based on the trusted SR5 grade and comes in both four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive models. The 4Runner Trail Edition comes with features like a Yakima cargo storage box, 40-liter cooler with a lockable lid, sliding cargo tray, black exterior badging and TRD off-road wheels.

Trd Pro 5th Gen 4runner Setups & Their Owners Top 5 Must

Pin by Marquez Simmons on 5th Gen Toyota 4Runners

This Weeks Topic: Army Green 4Runners

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! I hope you all had a great week and are ready to wrap it up with some rare Army Green TRD Pro 4Runners. This suggestion was actually by one of you guys, our readers.

We received an email from John P. who just picked up a 2022 4Runner ORP in Army Green congrats dude, and welcome to the 4Runner family! He asked us if we could showcase some killer rigs so he could gain some inspiration for his new build.

I was only able to get submissions from 2020 TRD Pro owners, but Im sure he will find it super helpful! We asked each owner what their Top 5 mods were to help give you an idea of how to start on your new build. Lets dive in!

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What Are The 4runner Interior And In

After significant upgrades two years ago, the 4Runner cabin’s feature content and technology are reasonably consistent with what you might find in cars designed during this decade. That said, this remains an antiquated interior with its blocky design that dates back to Barack Obama’s first year in office. The plastics quality is also subpar for a vehicle that easily crests $40,000 and can top $50,000 â a RAV4 is nicer in some places. The various small bins and cubbies are also just a little too small for modern devices, having clearly been designed when we carried flip phones and iPods. There’s even old-school switchgear like the roller heated seat controls and one-blink-only turn signals. The SR5, Trail Edition and TRD Sport don’t even have automatic headlights or climate controls.

Nevertheless, it’s all put together quite well, controls are logically placed and there’s certainly something to be said for a rugged off-road vehicle that has a rugged interior. The standard 8-inch touchscreen is also of a typical size and has an acceptable amount of feature content, with standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa integration. Simple tasks like changing radio stations are generally easy to perform, but it’s not the quickest system nor the most modern in appearance. The Jeep Wrangler, and to a lesser extent Ford Bronco, put this infotainment system to shame.

The Current Generation Enters Year 13 With The New Trd Sport And Some More Features

  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition front
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition rear
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition front three quarter low
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition rear three quarter
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition wheel
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition front seats
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior upholstery
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior touchscreen home
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior touchscreen navigation
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior touchscreen audio
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior touchscreen apple carplay
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior gauges
  • Image Credit: James Riswick
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior manual climate controls
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior center stack storage
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior metalish dash trim
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior clock
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior steering wheel controls
  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition interior overhead controls
  • Autoblog Rating

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    Toyota Safety Sense P

    Pre-Collision System With Pedestrian Detection

    The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection is designed to help detect a vehicle or a pedestrian in certain situations. Using both a camera and radar, PCS w/ PD can provide an audio/visual alert to warn you of a possible collision under certain circumstances. If you dont react, the system is designed to automatically brake.

    Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

    Intended for highway use, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control lets you drive at a preset speed. DRCC is designed to function at speeds of 25-110 mph and uses vehicle-to-vehicle distance control, helping maintain a preset distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

    Lane Departure Alert

    Automatic High Beams

    The Automatic High Beams safety system is designed to help you see more clearly at night at speeds above 25 mph. The AHB system can detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and taillights of preceding vehicles, then automatically toggles between high and low beams accordingly

    Tire Pressure Monitor System

    When riding over sand or powering through mud, theres one thing you cant live without: tire pressure. 4Runners advanced Tire Pressure Monitor System sends you a notification when it detects the PSI level is low. That way, you can take care of your tires and get back to taking on the trails.


    What’s New On The 2021 Toyota 4runner

    2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition In Army Green

    The Toyota 4Runner is an integral member of the Toyota TRD Pro Series. The mid-size SUV provides shoppers with a capable option that is perfect for braving off-road trails. For 2021, the 4Runner TRD Pro receives a slew of updates to its design, adding a sharp Lunar Rock color to replace Army Green. The 4Runner TRD Pro received a makeover with features like its tires, aggressive spoke design, ride handling and more. The 2021 4Runner also features standard LED headlights across all grades.

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    What Are The 4runner Safety Ratings And Driver Assistance Features

    Besides ABS and eight airbags, every 2022 4Runner comes standard with forward collision warning with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and automatic high beams. Blind-spot and rear cross-traffic warning are available for the first time in 2022, and are included on the TRD Pro, Limited and Premium trims.

    In government crash tests, the 4Runner received four out of five stars for overall and frontal crash protection, five stars for side protection and a three-star rollover rating. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave it the best-possible rating of “Good” in all crash categories except the newest “small overlap front: driver side” category where it got a second-worst “Marginal.” This isn’t surprising given that the 4Runner was engineered long before this test was devised and manufacturers were obliged to design crash structures to accommodate it. The IIHS hasn’t updated its headlight rating yet for the ’21 4Runner and its newly standard LEDs. It previously got a “Poor” rating, making the change not especially surprising.

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    The Army Green Color History

    Army Green was originally offered on the 5th Gen 4Runner as the exclusive TRD Pro color back in 2020. I say exclusive because the following year, Toyota did what they had never done with the 4Runner platform, and offered this same color on the 2021 Trail Edition 4Runner. Toyota did do a limited run of Trail models, so the rarity factor was still there for an Army Green 4Runner.

    Then, however, the 2022 model year came and Toyota released Army Green to the masses by making it available on the Trail Edition, TRD Off-Road, Limited, and the TRD Sport Edition trim levels. This made a lot of future 4Runner owners very, very happy since Army Green is such a desirable color. The level of enthusiasm may not be the same for 2020 TRD Pro owners, though.

    Below you will find 6 OG Army Green TRD Pro 4Runners showcasing their top 5 mods. These rigs look awesome and have definitely paved the path for more incredible Army Green rigs down the road.

    Enjoy guys!

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    What Are The 4runner Fuel Economy And Performance Specs

    The 4Runner is only offered with a 4.0-liter V6 that produces 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque. That’s not a lot given how much the 4Runner can weigh and the fact that the lighter Toyota Highlander produces more than 300 horsepower. As such, the 4Runner is quite slow, and it’s not helped by a standard five-speed automatic transmission that does it no favors in terms of fuel economy.

    According the EPA, the 4Runner returns 16 mpg city, 19 mpg highway and 17 mpg combined regardless of drivetrain, which is pretty bad given its weak-sauce power output. And it gets worse. The TRD Pro’s off-road tires, heavier weight and blunter aerodynamics resulted in us averaging only 17 mpg in about 250 miles of highway driving in a TRD Pro. We saw the low teens around town. By contrast, we were seeing 18 to 19 mpg on the highway in the Trail Edition, which might not seem like a big difference, but it is.

    The optional four-wheel drive system provides high and low range. It is selected with a traditional mechanical shifter on TRD models, while the SR5, TRD Sport and Trail Edition utilize a knob that engages the same transfer case with a servo. Basically, it’s simpler to use and therefore friendlier for the less off-roading-versed owners more likely to buy those trim levels. The Limited also has the knob, but it controls a full-time four-wheel-drive system that includes a locking center differential.

    Toyota 4runner In Janesville Wi

    3rd gen questions. : 4Runner

    For years, shoppers have been drawn to the capable performance, high seating capability and reliability of the Toyota 4Runner. The SUV is a long-standing member of the brands lineup and has evolved into the stylish, dominant and off-road-ready 2021 Toyota 4Runner. This year, the Toyota 4Runner takes a turn toward enhancing off-road performance with a new Trail Special Edition and updates to its iconic TRD Pro grade. Let’s take a look at the 2021 Toyota 4Runner and when Janesville, WI shoppers will be able to find it at their local Toyota dealership, Hesser Toyota.

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    Built On The Sr5 Platform

    Ok, it looks a lot like the previous models at first glance but lets jump into the details.

    The Toyota Trail Edition is built upon the SR5 models in order to deliver the most value for your dollar and is offered in 2WD or 4WD. They have the same powertrain, 4.0L V6 paid with the 5-speed automatic transmission. This means were still boasting the same performance, 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque.

    The TE has a few color options: Army Green , Cement, Midnight Black, and Super White. Although these are not technically considered limited quantities, the volume of these models will be limited.

    Toyota is expected to only release 4000 4Runners with the TE distinction. Considering how few will be built, we suggest that if you want to purchase one of these, reserve it as early as possible to make sure you are not left out.

    The Toyota vision for 4Runner remains very much unchanged to this point, but thats not a terrible thing. Most of us love the rugged interior, usability, space, comfort, versatility, and distinct styling with one of a kind build quality.

    All in all, the 5th Gen 4Runner is pretty great and yes, it could be better. Did Toyota answer all our wants and needs this time around? No.

    The Trail Edition Has What You Need

    Ultimately, the 4Runner Trail Edition could prove to be a better buy than the TRD Pro if youre the type that likes to go off-road but doesnt need the serious capability that the higher trim provides. Lets face it, most 4Runner owners use their SUVs for commuting at least 90 percent of the time, so we recommend saving $10,000 and getting the Trail Edition instead.

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    The Toyota 4runner Trail Edition Looks As Tough As The Trd Pro

    The 2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition is mainly geared toward the outdoorsy folks, according to the automaker. It sure does look the part, with its 17-inch dark gray alloy wheels, black emblems, and Yakima roof rack. Additionally, the Trail Edition is available in four different colors: Midnight Black, Super White, Cement, and Army Green.

    If those last two colors sound familiar, thats because they were once offered on some TRD Pro models in the lineup. Thats an added plus if youre a TRD fan since you can now buy a 4Runner that looks the part, without having to pay the higher price for it.

    Runner Trail Special Edition Gear Up And Get Out

    2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Special Edition in ARMY GREEN! Too gimmicky or just right?

    Its that time of year again! The Chicago Auto Show debuted Toyotas new lineup of Trail Special Edition trucks and SUVs. Its no secret that we are thrilled to see this new addition to the iconic 4Runner, but was the hype worth it this time around?

    We all know that most Toyota truck owners love spending time outdoors exploring the vast array of trails and campsites at our disposal. Toyota is well aware of our interests, and in the spirit of speaking to that customer base, we are going to see the new Trail Special Edition trims released summer 2020.

    It seems they are bringing the model name back from the dead, reaching back to the early 5th Generation models . Well, today, we find out if the newly revived 4Runner lives up to our adventuring needs.

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    The 4runner Trail Edition Is Easier To Drive Every Day

    Despite the fact that you wont get all of the off-road bits in the Trail Edition as you would in the TRD Pro, one thing that you will get is a better daily driver. Since the Trail Edition doesnt have a higher lift, its easier to get in and out of. Additionally, it doesnt come with the same all-terrain tires as the TRD Pro, which is better for on-road commuting.

    Keep in mind that the Trail Edition is one step above the base SR5 trim, which means that its still the normal 4Runner thats better suited for daily driving right out of the box.

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