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Army Civil Affairs Qualification Course

The Roots Of Civil Affairs In Un Peace Operations

U.S. Army Civil Affairs training in depth overview.

There were precursors for what was later termed civil affairs in Central America and in Cambodia during the 1991 to 1993 period. For example, the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia âs civil administration component was responsible for the supervision of administrative structures in Cambodia, ranging from public security to finance and information. However, the first component known officially as âcivil affairsâ was formed in 1992, with the United Nations Protection Force âs mandate in the former Yugoslavia.

The development and growth of civil affairs work has been a critical element of the development and growth of multidimensional peace operations. With the end of the cold war and the increase in peace operations required to respond to intra-state conflict, the UN was increasingly asked to tackle complex civilian tasks. These went beyond the quite limited role of liaising with political actors and the âgood officesâ work that had characterized civilian peacekeepers until that point. Cedric Thornberry, the first Director of Civil Affairs in a UN mission , described this new broader role as follows:

These key themes of helping to unify divided societies and helping states to exert legitimate authority are central to the continuing role of civil affairs today.

Award For Top Sof Student Goes To Civil Affairs Officer

Maj. Joseph A. Bedingfield, center, poses for photos after receiving the LTC Ronald C. Ward Distinguished Special Operations Forces Student Award, a Roman Gladius sword, signifying his selection as the top Special Operations Forces student for the Command and General Staff Officer Course Class of 2022 in a ceremony June 9 in Marshall Auditorium of the Lewis and Clark Center. Guest speaker Brig. Gen. Kelly M. Dickerson, left, deputy commanding general of the U.S. Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, N.C., and Ms. Beth Ward, wife of the awards namesake, presented the award.

Maj. Joseph A. Bedingfield received the LTC Ronald C. Ward Distinguished Special Operations Forces Student Award for the Command and General Staff Officer Course Class of 2022 in a ceremony June 8 at the Lewis and Clark Center.

The award is presented to the distinguished SOF student graduate of the resident CGSOC class. It is intended to honor military scholarship recognize excellence in scholarship as well as overall contributions to the SOF body of knowledge. The award is named after CGSC faculty member and Special Forces officer Lt. Col. Ronald C. Ward, who had a distinguished 31-year career in the U.S. Army in Infantry and Special Forces units. Ward was killed in a lightweight sport aircraft accident Oct. 8, 2010, during his assignment to the SOF cell of the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth.


Army Monuments Officer Training

In October 2019, the Smithsonian Institution and the U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command ) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to increase collaboration in protecting and preserving cultural property in armed conflict and develop a training program for Army Reserve Civil Affairs Soldiers. Though the Smithsonian has helped train USACAPOC personnel in the past, this new collaboration will build real long-term capacity, starting with the Army Monuments Officer Training at the Smithsonian in Fall 2020. Learn more about this important MOU here.

Interested in learning more about the original WWII Monuments Men? The Smithsonians Archives of American Art holds the personal papers and oral history interviews of a number of the Monuments Men as well as photographs and manuscripts from their time in Europe.

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Train For A Rewarding Career Leading Foreign Relations

The training to be a Civil Affairs Soldier is rigorous, but only to ensure the teams can survive in tough landscapes, quickly analyze threats under pressure, and develop solutions to difficult problems around the world.If you join Civil Affairs as a new active-duty or Army Reserve recruit, youll complete a seven-phase training program. If youre an active-duty or Army Reserve non-commissioned Officer or Officer, you begin at Phase Four.

Become A Registered Building Practitioner


Learn about the requirements to qualify, sign up for training and examinations, register and pay your Building Code fees.

requires the following individuals and firms to be qualified and registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing :

  • Chief Building Officials
  • Inspectors, including On-Site Sewage System and Fire Protection Inspectors
  • Certain classes of Designers
  • Registered Code Agencies such as private companies hired by municipalities to conduct inspections

To qualify and practise in the building and development sector a building practitioner must:

  • pass examinations for each of their practices
  • All registered practitioners are listed QuARTS Public Search Registry.

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    Nato Cimic And Us Civil Affairs

    NATO CIMIC and US Civil Affairs capabilities share the role of minimising the impact of military operations on the civil environment, as well as fostering reconstruction after operations. Despite this shared objective, the two capabilities differ in multiple points where improvement and dialogue are needed.

    Improving existing practices, such as instructor swaps, information sharing, and the publication of comparative studies, should be continued to enhance interoperability and prepare for future threats and future operational domains. A common understanding is to be sought between the capabilities through developing common doctrines, a shared terminology and methods to develop interoperability within NATO.

    As also indicated by the keynote speech provided by Brigadier General Kelly M. Dickerson, the participants of this CCOE Seminar called for a shared understanding and ways of working together with the ultimate aim to enhance NATO interoperability for resilience and future operations.

    Am I Eligible To Become Licensed A Review Of P Eng Requirements

    After plenty of talk about what my motivations might be, its time to get down to business. Yet before we start filling out forms, it would be smart to make sure that I actually have a chance of being awarded the license. In other words: am I eligible? The rules for this are set by your provincial or territorial licensing body, a list of which can be found here. By virtue of being located in Ontario, I am under the jurisdiction of the Professional Engineers Ontario or PEO, but youll find that the requirements are very similar across all the Canadian licensing bodies. The PEO has an informative page entitled Requirements for Licensure that provides a good summary. The P. Eng. requirements in Ontario are that you must:

    Be at least 18 years old

    Check. Is this the Doogie Howser clause?

    Be of good character

    Umm, I once held the door for an elderly person, so check? This requirement is given without elaboration. In reality, this likely means that if you have a checkered past that casts a shadow upon your professional competence or trustworthiness, the PEO reserves the right to deny your application on these grounds.

    Meet PEOs stipulated academic requirements for licensure -accredited program, or possess equivalent qualifications), and, if required, successfully complete any technical exams.

    Fulfill the engineering work experience requirements

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    Us Military Civil Affairs

    According to the U.S. Army, “The force that the Army employs to compete and win within the population is Civil Affairs.” With their knowledge of governance and diplomacy, Civil Affairs soldiers are the principal experts in assisting a commander on the conduct of civil-military operations, and the sole force trained and tasked to conduct Civil Affairs Operations.

    All Active Component Army Civil Affairs personnel undergo rigorous assessment and selection, followed by extensive training in foreign languages, advanced survivability skills, and negotiations techniques in order to operate autonomously as a small team, in any kind of environment, to achieve strategic end states. A Civil Affairs Team of 2 to 4 soldiers will often be the only U.S. military personnel in an entire country, working for the U.S. ambassador as well as their military chain of command.

    Reserve Component Civil Affairs personnel support the conventional military in post-conflict stabilization.

    Special Forces Regiment Distinguished Members

    Civil AffairsV4 960

    Master Sgt. Earl Plumlee, a Clinton, Oklahoma, native, was awarded the Medal of Honor on Dec. 16.

    Plumlee earned the Medal of Honor for his actions in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, while serving as a weapons sergeant with Charlie Company, 4th Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group.

    According to the MOH citation, Aug. 28, 2013, Plumlee responded to an explosion when Forward Operating Base Ghani was attacked and 10 insurgents wearing Afghan national army uniforms and suicide vests poured through a breach in the bases perimeter wall.

    Plumlee rushed toward the detonation site along with five other special operations soldiers in two mounted vehicles.

    Plumlees driver maneuvered his vehicle around enemy fire to shield three dismounted teammates, but two were injured.

    Plumlee used his body to shield the driver from enemy fire and exited the vehicle to engage insurgents 15 meters away.

    Without cover and with complete disregard for his safety, he advanced toward the enemy force, engaging multiple insurgents with only his pistol, Plumlees citation states. Upon reaching cover, he killed two insurgents. Plumlee left cover and continued to advance alone.

    Plumlee temporarily withdrew to take cover and join another soldier but soon re-engaged the enemy disregarding his own injuries.

    Joining a small group of American and coalition soldiers, Plumlee advanced to engage insurgents and ran to a wounded soldier to carry him to safety and render first aid.

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    No Sending Civil Affairs Reservists Through The Active Duty Training Pipeline Wont Solve The Armys Civil Affairs Problems

    Within the civil affairs community, pundits invariably propose the same two solutions to every problem with the Army Reserve civil affairs force: move Army Reserve civil affairs back to US Army Special Operations Command , and send Army Reserve civil affairs officers and NCOs through the active component qualification pipeline. The pundits, however, have a shortsighted perspective.

    I spent nearly three years as the commanding general of US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command and thus as the senior civil affairs officer in the Army. I have a pretty good understanding of the problems confronting the civil affairs community. And, honestly, the rote recitation of the same two tropes has grown tiresome and counterproductive. Neither of these two solutions will fix the Army Reserve civil affairs force or unite the civil affairs regiment, which many civil affairs soldiers believe is split along the active-Reserve fault line. As Army courses of action go, they fail the fundamental tests: they are not feasible, suitable, or acceptable.

    Thus, contrary to Harrells implication, Army Reservei.e., conventionalcivil affairs forces do not support special operations forces that is not their mission. Army Reserve civil affairs units may serve alongside SOF, as Harrell claimsbut so do any number of other conventional units.

    United States Marine Corps

    The Marine Corps currently has four permanent CA units: 1st Civil Affairs Group , 2nd CAG, 3d CAG and 4th CAG, all in the Force Headquarters Group of the . The 5th Civil Affairs Group and 6th CAG were created provisionally in 2005-06 for Operation Iraqi Freedom, but each were stood down after one deployment to Iraq. Artillery units augmented by Marines from the CAGs also deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2006-07 to serve in a civil affairs capacity. In 2010, the Marine Corps added an active duty civil affairs detachment at each of the three . The Marine Corps assigns civil affairs as a primary military specialty for enlisted and additional specialty for officers. The Marine Corps uses its own civil affairs doctrine and runs the Marine Corps Civil-Military Operations School at to train civil affairs Marines. MCCMOS also has career progression courses and MOSs for CMO Planners and CMO Chiefs . Additionally MCCMOS has a Stability Assessment Framework Course and a Civil Affairs Integration Course.

    There is some history to the Corps and Civil Affairs. “During WWII the Civil Affairs people of the 2nd Marine Division were behind the construction of Camp Churo on Tinian. They had the 18th Seabees build the camp for the 11,000 Japanese and Korean civilians that were on the island when it was taken”.

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    Syracuse Rotc Cadets Get First Opportunity To Attend Special Operations Civil Affairs Branch Assessment And Selection Course

    Madeleine Gordon

    Syracuse University Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Cadets Madeleine Gordon and Patrick Little became the first cadets from any ROTC college program to attend the U.S. Army Special Operations Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection Course in December 2020. Working alongside active duty officers and enlisted soldiers, Gordon and Little applied lessons learned inside and outside of the classroom and were selected as future special operations civil affairs leaders.

    Their success has helped pave the way for other cadets to attend the course in the future. Based on their first-ever attendance and selection, the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School will now expand the opportunity to all ROTC programs starting in the summer.

    Gordon and Littles selection to attend CAAS will allow them to become active duty civil affairs officers after completing an assignment in their first Army branch. Once they are eligible for promotion as first lieutenants, they will enter a role the Army describes as the Special Operations communitys warrior-diplomats. Using foreign language training, cultural expertise and skilled negotiation, civil affairs soldiers build formal and informal relationships to accomplish objectives in diplomatically or politically sensitive areas.

    Patrick Little

    Civil Affairs Into The Next Decade

    Small Unit Ranger Tactics High Resolution Stock Photography and Images ...

    In 2008, for the first time, the UN Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support developed and disseminated a policy directive that defines and conceptualizes the diverse work of civil affairs. This has provided the foundation for the development of this Handbook, as well as training and recruitment profiles to ensure that civil affairs components are strong, well-trained and well planned, ready to address the challenges ahead.

    This institutional framework will need to continue to evolve and develop in response to analysis of the ongoing shifts in the global security environment. The World Bank’s World Development Report 2011, for example, found that many countries are caught in a mutually reinforcing cycle of violence and poverty. It also found that more and more people are suffering from violence that is linked to lack of governance and rule of law, rather than to outright war. These changes in the global security environment have resulted in mandates increasingly requiring higher levels of civilian engagement on a wide variety of thematic and cross-cutting issues, ranging from governance, rule of law and institution-building through to early peacebuilding and protection of civilians from threats of violence.

    Civil affairs can be expected to remain at the forefront of the UN response to conflict, and to building the processes, structures, relationships and trust required to assist countries and communities to break the cycle of violence.

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    History Of Us Military Civil Affairs

    Throughout U.S. history the U.S. Army was involved in Civil Affairs and civic action. Civil Affairs has its organizational origins in military governments that were and are established when a country is occupied during war, but also encompasses the wide variety of mission sets focused on or leveraging the broader population of a given area in times of peace or war.

    What Is Civil Affairs

    Joint and Army doctrine defines civil affairs as designated active component and reserve component forces and units organized, trained, and equipped specifically to conduct civil affairs operations and to support civil-military operations, which in turn support broader U.S. interagency stabilization efforts. CA is the Defense Departments primary force specifically trained and educated to understand, engage, and influence the civil component of the operational environment, conduct military government operations, and provide civil considerations expertise.

    Far more than a force multiplier, CA is a national strategic land power capability to consolidate military and security gains into political and civil outcomes before and during as well as after decisive military action. Beyond its more storied role in transition management, from war to peace and from military to civilian lead, it engages partners and others in the human geography in support of national interests and policy objectives in all operations, phases, and levels.

    In todays people-centric irregular conflicts of influence and great power competition, CA has even greater importance as a unique economy-of-force capability that helps commanders preserve their combat power and concentrate its lethality only when and where necessaryand make good on the blood and treasure they may have to employ on the nations behalf.

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    Get Your Building Code Identification Number

    Before you can take any Building Code examinations you need to get a Building Code Identification Number by registering online.

    If you have difficulties with the online application or have accommodation needs, you may fill out and send a paper application form to:

    Qualification & Registration UnitMinistry of Municipal Affairs and Housing12th Floor, 777 Bay StreetToronto, ON M7A 2J3

    Paper application forms may take up to three weeks to process.

    Outgoing And Incoming Honorary Regiment Leaders

    Civil Affairs

    Also recognized Thursday were retired Brig. Gen. Ferdinand Irizarry, outgoing honorary colonel of the regiment retired Col. James Wolff, incoming honorary colonel of the regiment retired Command Sgt. Maj. Timothy Kohring, outgoing honorary command sergeant major of the regiment and Sandoval, incoming honorary command sergeant major of the regiment.

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    Core Role : Support To The Restoration And Extension Of State Authority

    Restoration of state authority is increasingly recognized as a key element of the stabilization of fragile states and a critical requirement for keeping and building peace. This is clearly reflected in many of the recent UN Security Council resolutions including, for example, Security Council resolution 1974 , which calls for the Government of Afghanistan âto improve governanceâ and âto pursue continued legislative and public administration reform in order to ensure good governanceâ. In the case of Haiti, meanwhile, Security Council resolution 1892 âcalls upon MINUSTAH, consistent with its mandate, to continue such support to strengthen self-sustaining state institutions, especially outside Port-au-Prince, including through the provision of specialized expertise to key ministries and institutionsâ.

    In exceptional circumstances, the Security Council has also authorized peacekeeping missions to temporarily assume the administrative and legislative functions of the state through provision of a transitional administration, as was the case in Kosovo and TimorLeste. However, it is important to emphasize the specificity of the circumstances under which these two missions were established and the fact that executive mandates are generally seen as a last resort in situations where a territory is virtually deprived of any functioning state institutions.

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